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After a short-lived U.S. edition of That Was the Week That Was ran on NBC, Frost returned to the BBC with a splendid satire-and-sketch series called The Frost Report. The writing staff chosen for The Frost Report (see below) were, in many ways, the finest comedic minds of the 1960s United Kingdom. Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Frank Muir, Barry Cryer, and Dick Vosburgh would go on to performing careers of their own.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Frost Report

S01E01 Authority 10/03/1966
S01E02 Holidays 17/03/1966
S01E03 Sin 24/03/1966
S01E04 Elections 31/03/1966
S01E05 Class 07/04/1966
S01E06 News 14/04/1966
S01E07 Education 21/04/1966
S01E08 Love 28/04/1966
S01E09 Law 05/05/1966
S01E10 Leisure 12/05/1966
S01E11 Medicine 19/05/1966
S01E12 Food and Drink 26/05/1966
S01E13 Trends 09/06/1966
S01E14 Frost Over England 26/03/1967
S02E01 Money 06/04/1967
S02E02 Women 13/04/1967

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