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Dr. Richard Kimble is framed for his wife's murder by a mysterious one-armed man. During sentencing Kimble escapes intending to catch the one-armed man and find out why he was framed. Following in hot pursuit is Inspector Philip Gerard, who is intending to bring in Kimble alive. But Gerard and the one-armed man are not the only thing Kimble has to worry about. The father of his late wife has hired bounty hunters who are willing to break the law to catch him, and in the age of internet tracking and high-tech surveillance, it's not as easy to hide as it used to be.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Fugitive

S01E01 Pilot 06/10/2000 Forced to flee, Dr. Richard Kimble pursues the only man who can prove his innocence, the One-Armed Man. Lt. Gerard tracks Kimble to Miami, where Kimble has innocently become entangled in a construction scheme that could cause someone their life, and Kimble the chance to bring his wife's killer to justice.
S01E02 The Hand of a Stranger 13/10/2000 Kimble tracks the one-armed man, Fred Johnson, to Savannah, Ga., where all of his money is stolen by a man, Garrett Davis, desperate to help his wife who has Parkinson desease, but he and Kimble find a way to help each other. In the meantime, Lt. Gerard has flashback of his wife's accident in which she died. Kimble is forced to fight for his life again when he confronts the one-armed man in his hotel room.
S01E03 Guilt 20/10/2000 Dr. Kimble, now in Manchester, South Carolina, assumes the identity of Raymond Lee Pettiford and gets a job at a bar. In his first day at his new work, a group of high school boys walk in asking for liquor. Kimble says no and everything ends up in a fight. One of the boys is Zach Lardner, the sheriff's son. The sheriff is doubtful about who actually started the fight and is suspicious about Jesse, the other bartender who came from Detroit after 18 months in prison. In an attempt to get back at Jesse, Zach and a friend steal the waitress's car to blame Jesse for it so he can go to back to jail. But Zach speeds too much getting a cop after him. They speed up and the officer crashes and dies. Jesse is arrested for being the main suspect, and Sheriff Lardner investigates Kimble. Meanwhile, Gerard is trying to get some evidence that might lead him to the one-armed man. But he is still after Kimble, and a fax with Kimble's face is sent to South Carolina. Jesse sees it and hides it before anyone sees it. Sheriff Lardner tries to get his son's fingerprints, and Zach confesses that he is the one who stole the car, not Jesse. Jesse is released, and thanks Kimble for his help.
S01E04 Far From Home 27/10/2000 Now in Charleston, South Carolina, Kimble is still after the man who murdered his wife. This time, Kimble got a job at a hotel using his fake ID (Ray Petterford). He meets a pregnant woman named Mia while doing his laundry, and accidentally finds her wallet. Trying to be a good person, Kimble calls her house and tells her husband he found it. Her husband goes to the hotel after Kimble, thinking his wife is sleeping with him. After making a scene, Kimble realizes that he has to save Mia from her abusive husband and runs away with her. When their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, an officer stops by offering help, and Richard gets nervous and screams at Mia saying they don't need any help. Meanwhile, Gerard tells Richard's lawyer that the man Kimble says is the murderer has been dead for several years. Helen's father urges Gerard to get Kimble. Kimble and Mia find a mechanic who will fix their car, and while waiting, Mia sees Kimble's picture on the paper. She calls the police. Her husband arrives and accidentally gets his leg perforated while fighting with Richard. The cops arrive and Dr. Kimble has to decide wether to run or save the man's life. He decides to save him, and the police take him to the hospital. Kimble manages to run away from it with the help of a regretted Mia. Once again, Dr. Richard Kimble has managed to escape the police.
S01E05 DrRichardKimble.Com 03/11/2000 While trying to hide from local police in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Kimble meets Chuck Brixius, an ultra-shy computer nerd who has developed an intricate website dedicated to proving Kimble's innocence. On the run, Kimble's physical condition worsens and he begins seeing beautiful visions of Helen, his beloved deceased wife. Defenseless, Kimble must muster the strength to go on, as Lt. Gerard quickly closes in.
S01E06 Miles To Go 10/11/2000 While trying to track down the one-armed man in Northern Maine, Kimble gets a job working for a logging company. During a freak accident, a man is killed tragically, and the person responsible for it flees from the scene of the crime and takes Kimble as his hostage.
S01E07 St. Christopher's Prayer 17/11/2000 Knowing Gerard is watching, Kimble risks his freedom in order to see his terminally ill father one last time. However, Gerard is one step ahead of Kimble and stakes out the house, prepared to finally catch his man.
S01E08 Sanctuary 24/11/2000 While in Pennsylvania, Kimble hides out with an ex whose boyfriend discovers the arrangement and inadvertently passes the information to a bounty hunter hired by Kimble's father-in-law.
S01E09 Liar's Poker 08/12/2000 In Atlantic City, Kimble meets a down-on-his-luck gambler, who unwittingly puts Kimble in danger with a loan shark and Vasick the bounty hunter hired by Kimble's father-in-law.
S01E10 Lagniappe 05/01/2001 Kimble is in New Orleans after evidence that the one-armed man is not dead. He tries to pass as his brother to obtain medical records of his death, but two hospital workers catch him using a fake id. In order to obtain the files, he now has to pay them bribery. Kimble reconsiders an offer to work at an illegal clinic on the back of a herbal medicine store. There he is able to show his medical skills, and soon develop a romantic environment with the clinic's ^doctor^, Nettie. Nettie's boyfriend is a cop and doesn't like Kimble at all, so he forces him to go away. In the last minute a woman rushes into the clinic needing a cesarean, and Kimble must choose between his freedom or helping the unborn child. Before leaving town, Kimble makes one last stop at the hospital to buy the one-armed man's files, and finds out he had a wife.
S01E11 New Orleans Saints 12/01/2001 Kimble comes upon the piteous Renee while rescuing her from an apparent mugging in New Orleans. Renee thinks her husband is dead, and Kimble learns that her assailant was an insurance investigator looking into the $100,000 settlement she collected. Kimble comes clean about who he is, but when the one-armed man returns to town, the motives of everyone become clear.
S01E12 Safekeeping 26/01/2001 Kimble's peaceful life with Nathan, a kindly farmer in Topeka, Kan., and his daughter, Mallory, is disrupted when Mallory's mother, a recovering alcoholic, returns to reclaim her family. Meanwhile, Vasick taps the phone of Kimble's lawyer, tipping him off to Kimble's location. Gerard, who as a result of his Internal Affairs investigation learns of this, must get to Kimble ahead of Vasick.
S01E13 And In That Darkness 02/02/2001 Now in Memphis, Tennessee, Kimble is taken away by the police while sleeping on a public bench. He's admitted into a psychiatric institution, where he's diagnosed as schizophrenic. While planning on how to escape from the clinic he meets Grace, a former pianist who's suffering from depression. Kimble sees the true causes of her illness and modifies her medication prescription in order to help her come back to her normal mental status. That raises suspicion on Kimble, and before the doctor has a chance to send his picture to Gerard, Kimble escapes. Meanwhile, Gerard decides not to let his career end just because he shot Vasick. He discovers incriminating evidence on the people who are trying to destroy him, while struggling with his wife's death. He reveals the story of his wife's murderer, who got away from prison due to bribery of judges and attorneys.
S01E14 Past Perfect 09/02/2001 In Aurora, Illinois, with the help of the new task force, Gerard discovers that Kimble has been communicating with his old prison cellmate, Steve, and his mother, Delores via the USA Today personal ads. Unaware that Steve and Delores are the same people who helped Kimble elude Illinois police blockades and Gerard's clutches months earlier, Gerard plants misleading information about the one-armed man in Steve's prison, knowing that Steve will get his mother to alert the fugitive. As Gerard waits for the man he's desperately hunted for almost a year, an unknowing Kimble heads right for the trap.
S01E15 Jenny (1) 16/02/2001 Kimble breaks into an ostensibly closed-down inn in Cliffside, Calif., to hide and unexpectedly meets Jenny Butler (guest star Stacy Edwards, Chicago Hope), the beautiful owner. After they both reveal that they have recently lost loved ones, Jenny hires Kimble to do some repairs. As the friendship between Jenny and Kimble grows into something more romantic, the Hennesseys, a ruthless bank-robbing couple on the run, plot to use Kimble's identity to their advantage.
S01E16 Strapped (2) 23/02/2001 After taking Jenny hostage, bank-robbers Donny and Lynnette Hennessy force Kimble to help them rob a local bank. However, due to the Hennesseys' infamous record, Gerard gets wind of Kimble's involvement with the scheming duo. Now, as Kimble runs out of time to save Jenny while he tries to elude Gerard, he must also decide whether or not he and Jenny can actually have a future together.
S01E17 Sea Change 30/03/2001 Dr. Kimble tracks down the one-armed man in San Francisco but now must try to save his enemy's life.
S01E18 Tucker's Gift 06/04/2001 Kimble helps a dying man fulfill his final wish.
S01E19 Flesh And Blood 13/04/2001 Dr. Kimble learns his sister Maggie has Leukemia he contacts his friend Dr. Diana Thayer to find out if he is a match for a bone-marrow transplant.
S01E20 Smith 282 20/04/2001 Becca Ross, Helen Kimble's sister, confesses to Richard that she received e-mails from a man who clamis to have witnesses Helen's murder. Kimble decides to help a woman at a busy Boston street corner, fearing that she is being followed
S01E21 Götterdämmerung (1) 25/05/2001 Helen's inheritance money is finally available and her sister hires a very expensive (but very good) lawyer to take Richard's case. They plan on sending Richard to Switzerland to live there while the case unfolds. Richard gets a fake passport, but just as Becca is wiring money to an account in Zurique she is arrested by Gerard, who is closer and closer to put his hands on Richard. Gerard puts police officers in several airports looking for Kimble. Meanwhile, the one-armed man gets irritated once he sees his picture in an article on the newspaper about Kimble's case. The one-armed man goes after Richard's nephew and gives him a note saying that if Richard doesn't turn himself in, he'll get the kid..
S01E22 Thanatos (2) 25/05/2001 Kimble finally turns the tables on the OAM, taking him hostage with plans to deliver him to Gerard, but complications along the way threaten the doctor's last chance at freedom