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In 1980s Britain, with disaffected punks and skinheads taking to the streets, and the repercussions of racism triggering explosive riots, it is not the best time to be a member of Her Majesty's Constabulary - particularly if you are a woman. Set on location in colourful Soho and Covent Garden, The Gentle Touch tells the story of tough cop Maggie Forbes. But this is no conventional cops and robbers series - this is real life drama. At times shocking, at times moving, and always utterly gripping


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Gentle Touch

S01E01 Killers (1) 11/04/1980
S01E02 Recoil (2) 18/04/1980
S01E03 Help 25/04/1980
S01E04 Shock 02/05/1980 Maggie is assigned to investigate the death of a woman discovered in a love nest.
S01E05 Blade 09/05/1980
S01E06 Rogue 16/05/1980
S01E07 Melody 23/05/1980
S03E01 Gifts 06/11/1981
S03E02 Doubt 13/11/1981
S03E03 The Hit 20/11/1981 Detective Inspector Forbes has a marksman with a high-powered rifle loose on her patch.
S03E04 Scapegoat 27/11/1981
S03E05 Knife 04/12/1981
S03E06 Protection 11/12/1981
S03E07 Paint It Black 18/12/1981
S03E08 Affray 01/01/1982
S03E09 Black Fox, White Vixen 08/01/1982 A famous television actress received death threats.
S03E10 One of Those Days 15/01/1982
S03E11 Vigil 22/01/1982
S03E12 Damage 29/01/1982
S03E13 Solution 05/02/1982
S04E01 Right of Entry 22/10/1982
S04E02 Be Lucky Uncle 29/10/1982
S04E03 Cause and Effect 05/11/1982
S04E04 Auctions 12/11/1982
S04E05 Danny 19/11/1982
S04E06 Victims 26/11/1982
S04E07 The Meat Rack 03/12/1982
S04E08 Joker 10/12/1982
S04E09 Tough, Mrs. Rudge 17/12/1982
S04E10 Private Views 07/01/1983
S04E11 Pressures 14/01/1983 Maggie suffers severe stress when faced with a bloody multiple murder.
S04E12 Weekend 21/01/1983
S04E13 Who's Afraid of Josie Tate? 28/01/1983 When a loyal wife is determined to help her jailed husband get justice, Maggie is Forced to review the evidence.
S05E01 Finders, Keepers (1) 01/09/1984
S05E02 Losers, Weepers (2) 08/09/1984
S05E03 Do It Yourself 15/09/1984
S05E04 The COnference 22/09/1984
S05E05 The Good, the Bad and the Rest 29/09/1984
S05E06 Mad Dog 06/10/1984 When animal rights campaigners free some dogs from a labratory, but fail to realise that one of the animlas is dangerously ill, a children's birthday party becomes a terrible nightmare for Maggie Forbes.
S05E07 Wise Child 13/10/1984
S05E08 Appearances Can Be Deceptive 20/10/1984
S05E09 Secrets 27/10/1984
S05E10 Fox and Hounds 03/11/1984
S05E11 Cure 10/11/1984
S05E12 A Woman's Word 17/11/1984
S05E13 Exit Laughing 24/11/1984 A minor civil servant is found dead in exotic circumstances, and Maggie tries to protect his widow from publicity.