Affiche The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show
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The legendary husband and wife comedy team of George Burns and Gracie Allen successfully took their show from radio to an eight year run on CBS. Neighbor Blanche Morton frequently joins Gracie in escapades which annoy accountant hubby Harry and provide George with an opportunity to offer a humorous soliloquy. Sadly, the show ended when Allen's health began to fail and she retired from show biz.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

S01E01 The Kleebob Card Game 00/00/0000 In the opening episode, Gracie and Blanche want to go to the movies and George and Harry want to go to the fights. George tries to trick Gracie with a made-up card game called ""Kleebob"".
S01E02 Gracie the Artist 00/00/0000 After going to an art museum, Gracie believes she can become a great artist. She begins her art career by painting a portrait of George.
S01E03 The Property Tax Assessor 00/00/0000 George Burns delivers a monologue on how he met Gracie while she bollixes the tax assessor and frustrates George and Harry with their football knowledge.
S01E04 Harry Morton's Private Secretary 00/00/0000 When Harry Morton hires a new secretary, Blanch and Gracie suspect that he has hired a beautiful girl. Meanwhile, a pretty high school student drops by the Burns home to interview George for her high school newspaper, Blanche and Gracie assume that the girl is the person Harry just hired.
S01E05 Gracie's Checking Account 00/00/0000 Gracie returns George's Xmas gifts before he has seen them because he always exchanges them anyway. The banker, Mr. Vanderlip has a talk with the Burnses about Gracie's odd check writing system.
S01E06 Gracie's Christmas 00/00/0000 At Christmas, Gracie tells about the Christmases she had as a child.
S01E07 Rhumba Lessons 00/00/0000 George and Harry need dancing instruction, but don't want it.
S01E08 Happy Hmm-Hmm 00/00/0000 Looking at the calendar, Gracie finds that a date has been circled. But why?
S01E09 To Go or Not to Go 00/00/0000 George and Harry Morton want to go duck hunting, but Gracie and Blanche want to go to Palm Springs.
S01E10 St. Bernard 00/00/0000 Gracie finds a stray St. Bernard dog so she brings him home. She tries to teach him tricks, such as how to fetch George's golf clubs which displeases George.
S01E11 Holding Out 15/02/1951 When Blanche discovers that Harry has been holding out money from his paycheck to go to the racetrack, she leaves him and stays with the Burnses.
S01E12 The Income Tax Man 00/00/0000 The income tax man gets frustrated trying to understand Gracie's tax deductions.
S01E13 The Vanderlips' Dinner Party 15/03/1951 The Vanderlips are having a dinner party, but have not invited Blanche and Harry.
S01E14 Gracie's Car Accident 29/03/1951 Gracie witnesses an car accident that involves gangster Johnny Velvet. Velvet and his attorney try to intimidate Gracie into testifying in his favor.
S01E15 George is Sick 00/00/0000 George is sick. People keep bringing him food to help him gain strength and recover.
S01E16 Teenage Girl Spends the Weekend 00/00/0000 Emily Vanderlip stays with the Burnses while her parents are out of town and Gracie tries to help her with her schoolwork.
S01E17 The Andersons Move In 10/05/1951 Harry Morton sells a lot in the neighborhood to some out-of-state people.
S01E18 The Vanderlips' Costume Party 24/05/1951 The Vanderlips plan to throw a lavish costume party, and Gracie looks to travel brochures to get some "ideas" for costumes for she and George.
S01E19 Mamie Kelly Gets Stuck 07/06/1951 Gracie's old school friend Mamie Kelly visits the Burnses.
S01E20 To Fish or Not to Fish 21/06/1951 Harry Morton would rather go fishing than visit Blanche's mother.
S01E21 Too Much of the Mortons 00/00/0000 George comes to the conclusion that he and Gracie are seeing too much of the Mortons. He devises a plan to trick Blanche and Harry to go out of town for the weekend so he and Gracie can use the Mortons' pool by themselves. Complications ensue.
S01E22 Silky Thompson Moves to Beverly Hills 19/07/1951 Gangster Silky Thompson wants to move into George and Gracies's neighborhood.
S01E23 Gracie's Vegetarian Plot 00/00/0000 Gracie and Blanche read a diet book. They invite the author to speak at the meeting of their club, the Beverly Hills Uplifters Society. Gracie and Blanche are so inspired by the speech that they serve their husbands nothing but vegetables.
S01E24 Space Patrol Kids Visit 00/00/0000 Trouble starts when Mamie Kelly and her three children park their trailer in the Burns backyard.
S01E25 Gracie Gives a Wedding 30/08/1951 Gracie gets into trouble ordering appliances from a real-estate client of Harry Morton.
S01E26 Gracie Prepares a Wedding 00/00/0000 Gracie invites problems by holding a home wedding.
S02E01 Gracie Goes to a Psychiatrist 00/00/0000 Blanche is worried after having a string of bad dreams, but is afraid to go to a psychiatrist. Gracie decides to go in her place, pretending to be Blanche, so she can tell Blanche what the psychiatrist thinks of "her" problem. However, Harry hears that his wife is seeing a "shrink" and begins to treat Blanche better than he ever had before. Gracie thinks that if Harry treats his wife better when he thinks she's crazy, maybe if George think's Gracie's crazy he'll treat her better, too.
S02E02 Beverly Hills Uplift Society is Out of Money 00/00/0000 Gracie and her Uplifters Society are locked out of their clubhouse because Gracie forgot to pay the rent.
S02E03 The Football Game 25/10/1951 Football game tickets bring about complications for the Burnses and Mortons.
S02E04 Surprise Birthday Party 00/00/0000 Gracie plans a surprise birthday party for George. The plan is that he is to invite all his friends to the Mocambo nightclub for a party but they are to decline his invitation, leaving him to think that nobody has remembered his birthday. However, Gracie being Gracie, things go awry quickly.
S02E05 Thanksgiving 00/00/0000 Gracie is having friends over for Thanksgiving dinner, including Harry Morton's business partner and his wife, Linda Lee. As it happens, a horse that Harry is betting on is also named Linda Lee, and Grace gets the two "Linda Lees" confused. Complications ensue.
S02E06 New Dresses for the Concert 00/00/0000 The Uplifters society is having a concert and Gracie and Blanche want new dresses.
S02E07 Christmas with Mamie Kelly 00/00/0000 George and Gracie's second Christmas show. Mamie Kelly and her children join the Burnses for the holidays. George dresses up like Santa for the children and Gracie tells the children the story of ""A Christmas Carol.""
S02E08 Gracie's Storeroom 00/00/0000 Gracie has a storeroom built so she can store canned fruits and vegetables. When the project gets out of hand, George hires someone to pretend he's a building inspector to tell her she doesn't have a permit and will have to tear the storeroom down.
S02E09 Blanche for President 00/00/0000 Blanche enters the race for the presidency of the Beverly Hills Uplifters.
S02E10 Dinner With the Vanderlips 00/00/0000 George and Harry have some trouble when the Vanderlips are invited over to the Burns home for dinner.
S02E11 Gracie and the Dented Fender 00/00/0000 Gracie finds a dent in the fender of the car. To keep George from noticing, she tries to convince George that the Burnses and Mortons should walk to a football game rather than drive.
S02E12 Trip to Palm Springs 00/00/0000 George and Gracie are taking a trip to Jack Benny's Palm Springs home. Blanche wants to go, but Harry says no. Blanche doesn't accept "no" for an answer.
S02E13 Gracie Loses Her Engagement Ring 00/00/0000 When Gracie misplaces her engagement ring, George decides to teach her a lesson.
S02E14 Harry and the Gold Digger 27/03/1952 To help Jane out of a tricky situation, Gracie sets up Harry von Zell with gold-digging Flossie Hardwick. Meanwhile, a pie promoter tries to sell George on a new gimmick to improve the show.
S02E15 The Good Old Days of Vaudeville 10/04/1952 George and Gracie recall the good old days of vaudeville to a producer who's making a documentary on the subject.
S02E16 Jack Benny Steals George's Joke 00/00/0000 A feud between George and Jack Benny is the result of Jack stealing one of George's jokes.
S02E17 Gracie's Redecoration Scheme 08/05/1952 Gracie wants to redecorate, and to get George out of the house she tricks him into taking Harry Morton fishing. However, when Harry declines to go fishing, Grace has to come up with another plan to get rid of George.
S02E18 The Speech Writer 00/00/0000 Mamie Kelly and her obnoxious kids again park their trailer in George and Gracie's driveway and cause lots of trouble as they obstruct George's endeavor to write a speech.
S02E19 Divorce Attorney 00/00/0000 A prediction from a phoney swami results in Gracie engaging an attorney to divorce George.
S02E20 The Musical Scam 19/06/1952 Harry von Zell and George get conned into investing money in a musical which George is promised the lead role in.
S02E21 Dual Meanings 03/07/1952 When George announces he's getting a new "secretary," Gracie mistakes the desk for a person and hires a detective to uncover the identity of this woman. The investigator mistakes Harry Morton for George, further escalating confusion.
S02E22 The Great Gazatti 17/07/1952 Gracie tells a record company exec she's married to a famous singer and promises to bring him in. In Gracie's mind, George IS a famous singer.
S02E23 The $50,000 Lie 31/07/1952 The Mortons invite George and Gracie to the Happy Time Lodge, but George doesn't want to go so he comes up with a story that he has to come up with $50,000 that night and he won't be able to go if he doesn't get the money. Gracie overhears this and, thinking that she and George are broke, plans to rent out their spare rooms to boarders.
S02E24 The Stolen Racehorse 14/08/1952 Gracie goes to the racetrack and winds up buying a horse. The horse's former owners accompany Gracie back to the house and wind up moving in. Meanwhile, the police have been looking for the horse because the animal's "owners" are actually horse thieves--and they track it to George's house.
S02E25 The Spectacular Spectacle Debacle 28/08/1952 George tells Gracie that he ran into George Jessel at the Friars Club, but Gracie somehow misinterprets it into thinking that George thinks he needs glasses. She gets an eye doctor to come to the house to give George an exam, but it turns out that the doctor needs glasses more than anyone else does.
S02E26 Gracie and Blanche Want to Redecorate 00/00/0000 Gracie and Blanche want to redecorate their houses, but they know that George and Harry won't go for it. Gracie comes up with a plan to get George out of the house--she invites her relatives to stay for two weeks.
S03E01 Free Trip to Hawaii 09/10/1952 Gracie plays matchmaker for her wardrobe woman and Harry Von Zell, not realizing the woman is happily married.
S03E02 Dinner Party for Atomic Scientist 16/10/1952 Gracie gives a dinner party for a famous but somewhat eccentric atomic scientist, who never accepts invitations. However, the scientist hears that George was in Las Vegas at the time of the atomic testing and, thinking that George is a fellow scientist, accepts Gracie's invitation.
S03E03 Gracie Worrys about George's Sneezing 23/10/1952 George has been sneezing for a comedy routine, so Gracie takes a medical exam for him and the doctor concludes she's mentally ill. Meanwhile, a dieting Harry Morton hides food all over the house.
S03E04 Gracie Buying a Boat For George 30/10/1952 Harry Morton and Harry Von Zell try to persuade George that he's overworked and needs to buy a boat so he can go sailing on the ocean and relax. Their main reason, however, is that THEY want to go sailing and figure they can trick George into buying the boat. In order to do that, they concoct a scheme to make him think he's going crazy under the "pressures" of work by making him think he's someone named "Charlie Cochran".
S03E05 Gracie has George's Portrait Painted 00/00/0000 Gracie hires an artist to paint a portrait of George. But the painter is confounded when Gracie explains that she wants to give the portrait to George as a surprise gift.
S03E06 Gracie and Blanche Hire Gigolos 13/11/1952 Blanche and Gracie want to have a night out on the town with their husbands, but the boys aren't having any part of it. Frustrated after the men continually ignore pointed hints, the wives decide to hire a pair of male "escorts" to take them out, thinking that might finally wake up their husbands. Complications ensue.
S03E07 The Ballet Tickets 00/00/0000 Culture enters the Burns household as Gracie tries to get George to sponsor a ballet company. Some interesting mixups occur, and the episode ends with George and Gracie doing a dance number without music.
S03E08 Skating Pearsons Come to Visit 00/00/0000 A couple from George and Gracie's vaudeville days, "The Skating Pearsons" drop by for a visit. They're worried that their son, Joey, wants to get into show business, and ask George and Gracie to talk the boy out of it.
S03E09 Harry Thinks that the Swamp Has Oil 04/12/1952 To get Harry to buy Blanche a TV, Gracie tries to get him to buy some swampland--but Harry gets the idea that there's oil under the property.
S03E10 Gracie Writes About Silky Thompson 11/12/1952 Gracie fabricates a magazine article claiming George once beat up an infamous gangster who shows up at the Burns home in a very bad mood.
S03E11 Gracie Thinks George is Going to Commit Suicide 18/12/1952 Gracie discovers a note in George's pocket, which she misinterprets to be a suicide note.
S03E12 Von Zell Dates a Married Woman 00/00/0000 Harry Von Zell has inadvertently dated a married woman, but Harry Morton is the one in big trouble when Gracie inexplicably (to our logic) poses on the telephone as Von Zell's wife and gives the woman's husband the Mortons' address.
S03E13 Uncle Clyde 01/01/1953 George scrambles to rent the spare room before Gracie's uncle arrives for a visit, but everyone's plans incur some hiccups.
S03E14 Gracie Thinks Harry is in Love with Her 08/01/1953 Harry buys an anniversary present for Blanche and hides it at the Burns' home. However, Gracie finds it and thinks that Harry has fallen in love with her and is trying to win her from George. She sets out to come up with a scheme to "discourage" Harry and show him that he and Gracie are not meant for each other.
S03E15 Harry Wants to Trade His House 15/01/1953 Harry Morton trades his house for one across town. Gracie doesn't want to lose her best friend Blanche, so when the new neighbors move into the Mortons' house, Gracie does everything she can think of to convince them that they wouldn't want to live next door to a household as crazy as the Burns' one.
S03E16 Gracie Thinks She and George are Not Married 00/00/0000 Gracie has acquired the crazy notion that she and George were never legally married. Jack Benny, a witness to their marriage, visits the Burns household in an attempt to straighten Gracie out.
S03E17 Mayor Bowron Comes to Dinner 00/00/0000 Graice invites the mayor of Los Angeles for dinner. Fletcher Bowron, longtime Los Angeles mayor in real life, plays himself.
S03E18 George Jessel - The Cigarette Girl 00/00/0000 Gracie and Blanche are disturbed by their husbands' extracurricular activities: Harry has been playing poker late at night, and George went to Ciro's with Georgie Jessel, who bought a teddy bear for $50 from a cigarette girl.
S03E19 Gracie on a Train - Murder 00/00/0000 Harry Morton gets into trouble with the police as a result of Gracie's mistaken notion that a man she met on a train is planning to kill his wife.
S03E20 Gracie Tries to Marry Off Von Zell 00/00/0000 Gracie tries to find Von Zell a wife and children so he can save money on his income tax.
S03E21 Swamp Party 00/00/0000 Gracie has a very ""entertaining"" way of helping Harry Morton in his real estate business.
S03E22 Up All Night - Burgler 05/03/1953 When Harry Morton makes noise while coming downstairs to turn of his car's headlights one night, George thinks it's a prowler breaking in and goes to investigate. Then Blanche Morton hears George stumbling around and thinks HE'S a burglar. The police are called and wind up arresting Harry Von Zell!
S03E23 Buying a Ranch 00/00/0000 Gracie believes that George wants to buy a ranch. Harry Morton and his partner Casey want to be the ones to sell it to him. But George does not really want to buy a ranch, and, perhaps ill-advisedly, relies on Harry Von Zell to help him get out of it.
S03E24 George in the Army 00/00/0000 Gracie has the idea that joining the Army will be good for George, and enlists him. George is not worried, because a doctor is coming to the house to examine him and he knows he will fail the physical. At the same time, Harry Morton is applying for life insurance and also must be examined by a doctor. Let's hope there is no mixup.
S03E25 Gracie Reports the Car Stolen 26/03/1953 Someone whistles in George's dressing room and Gracie, believing the old show-biz superstition that it will mean three days of bad luck, hides George's car so that he can't make a scheduled trip to Palm Springs. George reports the car stolen, but eventually gets it back and sets off on his drive to Palm Springs--where he's arrested by the police because his car is still on the "hot car" list.
S03E26 Gracie Pretends She's a College Boy's Mother 30/03/1953 A young college student wants to impress his girlfriend by asking George and Gracie to pose as his parents. Gracie goes along with it but George refuses. Gracie talks Harry Von Zell into playing the role but, unknown to her, Blanche Morton talks her husband Harry into playing George. Unfortunately, both Harrys show up Gracie's house at the same time as the student and his girlfriend.
S03E27 Buying a Mountain Cabin 00/00/0000 Problems arise when Harry Von Zell decides to buy a cabin from a real estate agent who is a competitor to Harry Morton, and Gracie gets the wrong impression that George is the one buying the cabin.
S03E28 The Missing Fur Stole 00/00/0000 Lots of mixups, in both plot and dialogue, as Gracie mistakenly reports to the police that Blanche's new fur stole has been stolen.
S03E29 Spanish Lessons 00/00/0000 Spanish lessons for Gracie and Blanche lead to George getting into some very unexpected trouble.
S03E30 The Black Eye Fraternity 27/04/1953 Gracie jeopardizes Harry Morton's bank loan and George and Harry Von Zell's well-being when she mistakenly determines Mr. Vanderlip has been having an affair with his cook.
S03E31 Von Zell's Old Girlfriend Visits 00/00/0000 Von Zell's college sweetheart is planning to drop by. He has given her the impression that he is married, and Gracie wants to help him appear so. At the same time, Harry Morton has been too much of a doormat to his business partner, Casey, and this relationship needs to be straightened out (by guess who?).
S03E32 George Lecturing at UCLA 11/05/1953 George receives an invitation to lecture at a college, but when he overhears the Mortons and Harry von Zell making fun of him, he refuses.
S03E33 Gracie and Harry Morton -- Missing Persons Bureau 18/05/1953 Gracie gets involved with the missing Persons Bureau in trying to locate Harry Morton for his wife Blanche.
S03E34 Surprise Party Mix-Up 00/00/0000 Gracie throws a monkey wrench into a birthday party for Harry Morton.
S03E35 Cousins Perry and Pete 13/07/1953 George invites a pair of burglars to stay in their home after Gracie introduces them as her cousins.
S03E36 Gracie Thinks George is Going Solo 00/00/0000 Some amusement results when Gracie finds a telegram from 1923. In it, George is asked to do a Broadway show, but without his partner. Gracie does not notice the date on the telegram, and tries to figure out a way to make George feel free to do the show without her.
S03E37 Gracie Trying to Get George to Go On Trip East 00/00/0000 Gracie decides that she wants to go to New York with the Mortons for a vacation.
S03E38 Gracie Witnesses a Holdup 00/00/0000 Gracie has witnessed a bank robbery, and is scheduled as a witness against gangster Johnny Velvet. George is expecting to sing at a dinner for Ronald Reagan, but the guest list is dwindling.
S03E39 Locked Out of the House 10/08/1953 Thanks to Gracie's carelessness, the Burns and Mortons get locked out of their homes in the middle of the night, much to the chagrin of the locksmith's jealous wife.
S03E40 Gracie Falls in a Department Store 17/08/1953 Gracie trips and falls, as a result of her high heel getting caught in a hole in the rug at the department store. The store's management attempts to reach a monetary settlement with Gracie, but are thwarted by confused resistance.
S03E41 00/00/0000
S04E01 The Iron Deer 05/10/1953 When George declares he "can't see" how Harry Morton could spend $200 on an iron deer for his lawn, Gracie concludes George's eyesight is deteriorating.
S04E02 Gracie Helps Harry get a New Account 12/10/1953 Gracie interferes with Harry Morton's promotion by pretending to divorce him. Meanwhile, a chicken which Gracie plans to cook for dinner gets drunk and runs amok in the neighborhood.
S04E03 Gracie Gets a Jury Summons 00/00/0000 The prospect of Gracie being called for jury duty evokes much concern from all her friends.
S04E04 Gracie Thinks Blanche is a Kleptomaniac 00/00/0000 Gracie (mistakenly, of course) gets the notion that Blanche is a kleptomaniac and wreaks havoc by trying to cover up for her.
S04E05 George and Harry are Mad at Each Other 02/11/1953 A mutual acquaintance ticks off George and Harry Morton, so Gracie thinks they're mad at each other. To patch up their friendship, Gracie decides to turn them both against Harry Von Zell.
S04E06 Getting a Business Manager 09/11/1953 Gracie mistakes the Mortons' lawn man for the business manager she hired.
S04E07 The Raccoon Coats 16/11/1953 After Gracie gives away Harry Morton's fur coat, she goes to great lengths to procure a replacement
S04E08 Gracie Thinks Von Zell is Broke 00/00/0000 Gracie has the mistaken impression that Harry Von Zell is broke, and, of course, endeavors to help him.
S04E09 Gracie Going to San Francisco 00/00/0000 George and Harry Morton plan to enjoy the fruits of bachelorhood while their wives are out of town.
S04E10 Gracie Trades the House 00/00/0000 The Burns house is put in jeopardy when a mis-heard telephone conversation between George and Jack Benny gives Gracie the impression that George is quitting show business.
S04E11 George and Gracie go to a Movie Premier 00/00/0000 Gracie and George get a limited amount of tickets to a movie premiere, and pledge them to too many friends.
S04E12 Problem Husbands 21/12/1953 Gracie creates a family crisis, because she believes she must have one in order to appreciate other people's problems.
S04E13 Gracie's Anniversary Present 00/00/0000 Gracie decides to take flying lessons when she becomes convinced that George is planning to buy her a plane for their wedding anniversary.
S04E14 Uncle Harvey's Invention 00/00/0000 Uncle Harvey's latest invention, a solution to make plants grow to gargantuan proportions, is found to contain the makings for a perfect martini.
S04E15 George Reading Play to Be Done in London 00/00/0000 Gracie makes travel plans when she finds George reading a play due to open in London.
S04E16 Gracie Helps Mechanic With Girlfriend 18/01/1954 Gracie tries to dissuade the mechanic's girlfriend from swooning over celebrities by fabricating stories of George's cruelty and abuse, but she blabs to the wrong woman and the tall-tales become front-page headlines.
S04E17 Gracie Discovers George's Secret Weakness 00/00/0000 Gracie convinces herself that George must be in the class of the one man in five who has a secret vice. Burns & Allen do the vaudeville routine that made them famous, "Lamb Chops."
S04E18 Gracie Has to Sell George's Car By Five O'Clock 00/00/0000 Gracie misunderstands a fire inspector's order to get rid of some inflammable rubbish.
S04E19 Gracie Wins a Television Set 00/00/0000 A quiz show phones Gracie and offers her a TV set if she can answer a question. She can't, but she looks it up in an almanac, calls them back with the correct data, and demands a set.
S04E20 No Fan Mail for George 00/00/0000 After George has his feelings hurt when Gracie and Harry Von Zell get all the fan mail, Gracie asks Blanche to send him a fake letter to cheer him up.
S04E21 George and Gracie Going to Opera 'Carmen' 22/02/1954 Everyone is elated when Mr. Vanderlip invites them to the opera except for George, who's adamant about seeing a 3-D movie instead.
S04E22 Harry Morton Is Missing 00/00/0000 When Gracie and Blanche go to see a late movie, Harry Morton decides to catch up on some sleep but everyone thinks he has gone missing.
S04E23 Gracie Goes to Psychiatrist For Blanche's Dream 08/03/1954 Gracie visits a bewildered psychiatrist for dream analysis, which unexpectedly results in Blanche and Harry Morton each believing the other is crazy.
S04E24 Gracie's Old Boyfriend Comes to Town 00/00/0000 Gracie's former boyfriend, a star athlete and basketball coach, comes to visit.
S04E25 Gracie Tries to Get George in College 22/03/1954 Gracie decides to enroll George in college. Meanwhile, George's production manager frantically searches for someone who can get Gracie out of a traffic ticket.
S04E26 Columbia Pictures Doing Burns and Allen Story 00/00/0000 Columbia is doing the Burns and Allen story and everybody wants to get into the act.
S04E27 An Elephant Sits on Gracie's Fender 00/00/0000 An elephant has actually sat on the fender of Gracie's car, and everyone is having trouble believing her.
S04E28 George Gets Black Eye from Open Door 00/00/0000 George's business manager, Al Simon, puts his brother on the payroll and he ends up breaking his leg on ski trip. When the insurance adjuster comes over to investigate, Gracie misleads him into thinking George has filed a fraudulent claim.
S04E29 Dolores DeMarco, George's Ex-Vaudeville Partner 19/04/1954 To avoid a lawsuit, George dodges a man who spends the day patiently waiting on the front porch. Meanwhile, jealousy and mistaken-identity drive Gracie to extremes when the young daughter of George's ex-girlfriend visits.
S04E30 Vanderlip Buys Black Negligee for His Wife 26/04/1954 Mr. Vanderlip wants to buy his wife a negligee but tells George he would be embarrassed to go into a ladies' shop. George offers the services of his personal shopper but when Gracie overhears him ordering it on the phone, she thinks he is stepping out on his wife and decides to try and stop him.
S04E31 Gracie and George Have Mystery Anniversary 03/05/1954 Gracie throws an extravagant 9th "Hmm-Hmm" anniversary party, having forgotten the event that she's celebrating. A cook and butler hired for the occasion are bemused by Gracie's eccentricities.
S04E32 George Resting For Insurance Exam 10/05/1954 George tries to get a full day's rest before his doctor's exam, but he soon finds friends, family, a telephone repairman, roofer and electrician tromping across his bed.
S04E33 One Week to Live 00/00/0000 Gracie gets the mistaken notion that Harry Morton has only a week to live.
S04E34 Gracie Buys Old Movies For Television 12/07/1954 George passes on an offer to buy the rights to some old films, but Gracie decides the deal would be in his best interest after consulting a psychic.
S04E35 Emily Vanderlip's Elopement 19/07/1954 Although Emily Vanderlip has no desire to elope, Gracie pushes the matter until everyone's upset and Harry Von Zell is in police custody.
S04E36 Gracie Runs For City Council 26/07/1954 When a councilwoman asks for Gracie's support, she mistakenly thinks she's being asked to run for city council herself.
S04E37 Burnses and Mortons Choosing Movie to Attend 00/00/0000 Gracie and Blanche are at the post office and decide that they are going to double date to see a movie, deciding which movie to see is a difficult and becomes more so as the evening progresses.
S04E38 Gracie Buys a Toaster Wholesale 00/00/0000 Gracie needs a new toaster. When George suggests that she consult a fellow club member who deals in wholesale appliances, Gracie finds that it is easy to save money.
S04E39 Mortons Exchange Houses with the Gibsons from New York 00/00/0000 Harry and Blanche's friends from New York precipitate a housing crisis when they come to stay in the Morton house.
S04E40 George Teaches Gracie Not to Spread Rumors 16/08/1954 When Gracie reads part of a telegram left by a woman at the Western Union office, she thinks the woman is dying and wants to contact the woman's relatives. George convinces her not to spread the rumor about the woman, but she ends up starting a different one about George.
S05E01 George Invites Critics to Watch First Show of Season 04/10/1954 George and Gracie start their fifth season by inviting some reporters over to see a telecast of their show. George, trying to establish good relations with the press, rehearses Gracie in the proper things to say. Gracie, being Gracie, helps out by bringing some strangers home to join the party.
S05E02 Gracie Goes to the Do-It-Yourself Show 00/00/0000 Gracie hires a carpenter to build a dresser. She then tries to fool her neighbors into thinking George built it by himself.
S05E03 Gracie Gives Wedding in Payment of a Favor 18/10/1954 Gracie throws an extravagant wedding, but George can't figure out why his wife has taken on this responsibility.
S05E04 Gracie Gives a Baby Shower for Virginia Beasley 00/00/0000 When Gracie finds out that their postman's daughter Virginia is having a baby, she decides to have a shower for her.
S05E05 Auto License Bureau; George Writes a Book 00/00/0000 Gracie tries to get a driver's license at the bureau. George has been asked to write a book.
S05E06 George Trying to Keep Doctor's Appointment 08/11/1954 George has an appointment to take a physical exam, but each time he's prepared to leave a distraction pulls him away from his car and Gracie absconds with his keys.
S05E07 Gracie Thinks She and George Are Moving to New York 00/00/0000 When Gracie fears that they might have to move to New York for business reasons, she consults Mr. Beasley the postman, and concocts a crazy story about George witnessing a robbery.
S05E08 Shoplifter and The Missing Ruby Clip 00/00/0000 Trouble arises when Gracie gets the impression that Mrs. Vanderlip has stolen a ruby clip from a department store and tries to help her avoid apprehension.
S05E09 Gracie Saves Blanche's Marriage 00/00/0000 Blanche checks her weight on a scale that prints the results on a card. Embarrassed to learn that she's gained a few pounds, Blanche tries to hide the small printout. Gracie, confused by her friend's secretive behavior, concludes that Blanche is having an affair.
S05E10 Burnses & Mortons Going to Hear Antonelli Concert 00/00/0000 George tries to get out of attending a concert by getting Gracie involved with a jigsaw puzzle.
S05E11 George Gets Call from Unknown Victor 13/12/1954 George gets several calls from an unknown man named "Victor". Gracie struggles to pass on the message.
S05E12 Harry Morton's Alumni Banquet 00/00/0000 Harry Morton's college alumni association is having a banquet, and Harry has promised them he can get George to act as Master of Ceremonies. This circumstance plus Gracie's offbeat logic lead to much confusion, including Gracie confusing the staid members of the Dartmouth Club.
S05E13 Gracie Thinks Bob Cummings Is in Love with Her 00/00/0000 Actor Robert Cummings stops at the Burns' home to pick up George for a round of golf, and makes a remark, in jest, to Gracie. True to form, Gracie takes the actor seriously and immediately goes into action.
S05E14 George's Mother-in-Law Trouble 03/01/1955 George decides to invite his mother-in-law for a brief stay, but a misheard conversation at the post office leads Harry Von Zell to spread word that the forthcoming visit has caused an enormous fight between George and Gracie.
S05E15 George and the Glendale Eagle Publicity Stunt 00/00/0000 George fakes a sprained ankle to get out of a publicity stunt, which Gracie got him into in the first place.
S05E16 No Seats For Friar's Club Dinner 00/00/0000 The Friar's Club testimonial dinner for George and Gracie is sold out, but Gracie is intent on figuring out a way to get the Mortons and the Bagleys in.
S05E17 Blanche and Clara Bagley Leave Their Husbands 24/01/1955 Gracie offers the Burns' guest room to two friends who are feuding with their husbands.
S05E18 Gracie Gets a Valet for George 31/01/1955 Against her husband's wishes, Gracie hires a valet to help George with everyday tasks such as getting dressed.
S05E19 Vanderlip Leaves His Parakeet with George 00/00/0000 Chester Vanderlip asks George to watch their family pet while they go on a trip to a bankers convention. When Gracie finds the bird, she thinks it's her anniversary gift from George.
S05E20 Blanche's Brother, Roger the Moocher, Comes to Visit 00/00/0000 Blanche's freeloading brother comes to stay with the Mortons. Nothing is safe around him, including Harry Morton's clothes, George's cigars, and Harry von Zell's girlfriend.
S05E21 George and the Missing Five Dollars / Baby Pictures 00/00/0000 George's apparently compulsive behavior as he appears to be searching for a lost five dollar bill leads to trouble, as Gracie, the Mortons, and Von Zell all try to help him regain his sanity.
S05E22 Gracie Becomes a Portrait Artist After Museum Visit 00/00/0000 Gracie wants to help George learn about art, so she visits a museum and gains enough knowledge to get mixed up about the subject.
S05E23 George and the 14-Karat Gold Trombone 00/00/0000 A trombone entrusted to George causes a lot of trouble for the two Harrys.
S05E24 The Romance of Harry Morton and Countess Braganni 14/03/1955 When Countess Braganni moves in next door, Blanche becomes convinced that her husband is vying for the countess's affections.
S05E25 The Mistaken Marriage of Emily Vanderlip and Roger 21/03/1955 Gracie mistakenly concludes that Blanche's devious brother Roger is going to marry Emily Vanderlip, so Roger uses the ensuing confusion to try to extort money from George.
S05E26 Gracie Adopts Great Dane Dog 00/00/0000 Gracie tries to help Joey Bagley by concealing his dog; meanwhile, George is under the mistaken impression that Gracie's Uncle Harvey is visiting.
S05E27 Gracie Tries to Select George's Next Wife 04/04/1955 Gracie is under the wrong impression that she is ill and will soon die, so she auditions potential future wives for George.
S05E28 Gracie Gets a Ticket Fixed By The Judge 00/00/0000 Gracie's parking ticket leads to trouble with the law for George, Von Zell, and the Mortons.
S05E29 Gracie Hires a Safecracker for Her Wall Safe 00/00/0000 Gracie decides to surprise George by having a wall safe installed to store their valuables but immediately locks the combination inside the safe so she doesn't lose it. Since the locksmith is out of town and she also locked some of George's important papers in the safe, she has to resort to hiring a safecracker to retrieve them before George finds out.
S05E30 Gracie Consults Dr. Kirby's Problem Clinic 25/04/1955 After a friend confides that her presumed-dead first husband is still alive, Gracie visits a TV therapist to try to find a solution to the predicament.
S05E31 Gracie Wants the House Painted 00/00/0000 Gracie would like to have the house painted coral, but George wants it to stay white. Once again, Von Zell and the Mortons get involved in a confusing situation, along with some befuddled house painters.
S05E32 Gracie Plays Talent Scout For Impressionist 00/00/0000 Gracie lends a hand when a grocery delivery boy displays his talent for doing impressions.
S05E33 George and Gracie Try For a Day At The Beach 00/00/0000 George and Gracie try to make their way to the beach, but are detained by an ever-escalating series of problems.
S05E34 The Uranium Caper 00/00/0000 An unsuccessful uranium prospecting expedition by the two Harrys sets the stage for a showdown between them and George over partnerships in non-existent mines.
S05E35 Blanche and Brother Roger Move in With The Burnses 00/00/0000 How dare Harry Morton insult Blanche's freeloading gold brick of a brother. Blanche moves herself and Roger in with George and Gracie.
S05E36 Gracie Believes George Has a Criminal Record 00/00/0000 Danny Goodman, an old vaudeville partner of George's, comes to visit. Trouble starts when they decide to dress in prison outfits and reprise their ""jailbird"" song and dance routine.
S05E37 Gracie Gets an Extension Visa for Jeanette Duval 00/00/0000 Gracie gets Harry Von Zell in big trouble when she tries to help a lovely French young woman with immigration problems.
S05E38 Gracie Tries to Cure Roger of Amnesia 00/00/0000 Blanche's ne'er-do-well brother Roger suddenly develops a case of amnesia just when it looked like he would be vacating the premises.
S05E39 Lucille Vanderlip Gives a Barbeque Party 00/00/0000 Lucille Vanderlip is planning a barbeque party, but George is convinced that Gracie is really throwing a party at home.
S05E40 The Burnses and Mortons Going to Hawaii 00/00/0000 George and his neighbor, Harry Morton, try to avoid spending time with Harry's pesky brother-in-law, Roger. They'll even take their wives to Hawaii, if they have to.
S06E01 The Burnses And Mortons Go To New York 00/00/0000 George, Gracie, the Mortons, and Harry Von Zell are travelling by train to New York City to take up residence in the St. Moritz Hotel. Famous atomic scientist Professor Eldridge is also on the train, traveling incognito. Von Zell has an idea to pair the professor with Gracie for an ironic publicity photo. But mixups occur as he and George try to determine which passenger is actually the professor.
S06E02 Ronnie Arrives 10/10/1955 Ronnie Burns arrives in New York, determined to shun comedy for dramatic acting.
S06E03 Ronnie Meets Sabrina 17/10/1955 A beautiful young gold digger woos Harry Von Zell and then sets her sights on Ronnie, who perceives a date with this slightly "older woman" as the exact life experience that he needs to effectively portray a character in his latest play.
S06E04 Changing Names 24/10/1955 As part of his plan to become a dramatic actor, Ronnie changes his name to Cobb Cochran, so Gracie changes her name to Lola Benedict, but a misunderstood phone call leads everyone to believe George is cheating on Gracie with Lola.
S06E05 Harry Morton's Cocktail Party 31/10/1955 While visiting the book store to push George's autobiography, Blanche wallops a man whom she mistakes for a masher, not knowing he's the same guy that Harry has made business-dinner plans with. Meanwhile, Ronnie decides to get a motorcycle.
S06E06 The Musical Version 00/00/0000 George is excited as plans for his book to be made into a Broadway musical materialize. This episode contains some nice music and even has some dancing by George and Gracie.
S06E07 Ronnie Moves To The Village 00/00/0000 Ronnie wants to move in with his friend Jim and his artist father, who live in Greenwich Village. Gracie tries to keep him from moving by emulating beatnik dress and decor.
S06E08 Gracie Helps Lola 00/00/0000 Lola the waitress is having trouble getting her cab driver boyfriend to propose marriage. Ronnie's drama teacher is coming to the hotel to meet George and Gracie. These two storylines collide as Gracie does some impromptu waitressing at Rumplemeyers.
S06E09 Anniversary Party 28/11/1955 It's George's and Gracie's anniversary, and a party is planned. However, Mr. Boardman and his wife start having an argument, and in Gracie's effort to "fix" it, she winds up "unfixing" everyone else.
S06E10 George Becomes a Dictator 00/00/0000 Everyone gets involved in Ronnie's acting dilemma: he must choose between a comedic and a dramatic role.
S06E11 Ronnie's Elopement 00/00/0000 Gracie thinks Ronnie is planning to elope with a beautiful salesgirl.
S06E12 Company For Christmas 00/00/0000 Christmas is coming, and Blanche and Harry have differing ideas as to which family members they want to invite to join them in the St. Moritz Hotel. The hotel is packed, and Gracie adds to the problem by trying to help.
S06E13 Gracie Pawns Her Ring 00/00/0000 Ronnie's friend, Jim Boardman, has written a bad play and the boys petition George to finance it. Gracie decides to help them get the money.
S06E14 Appearances Are Deceiving 00/00/0000 The ""Puritanical"" father of one of Ronnie's girlfriends witnesses them rehearsing a scene from a play and gets the wrong impression. Gracie and Blanche straighten everything out, with a scheme which accidentally involves Harry Morton.
S06E15 Let's Dance 00/00/0000 Ronnie's drama school is having a dance, and Gracie wants to help out. Von Zell tells Gracie that any man in the hotel would like to go with Marie, the cigarette counter sales girl. This bit of information proves dangerous, as Gracie concocts a crazy scheme to sell tickets.
S06E16 George Goes Skiing 16/01/1956 After Mr. Boardman takes Jim and Ronnie skiing, Gracie tells George that he needs to take more of an interest in Ronnie's life, so George hits the slopes.
S06E17 Ronnie Gets An Agent 00/00/0000 Ethically-challenged agent Jack Devlin attempts to lure Ronnie into signing with him, with the hope of landing jobs for his clients on the Burns and Allen Show.
S06E18 Politeness Never Pays 30/01/1956 Gracie and Blanche want their husbands to be gallant, as they were during their courtship.
S06E19 Alice Gets Married 06/02/1956 When Alice, Harry von Zell's old girlfriend, comes to see him in New York, he believes that she plans to propose marriage. Gracie manages to complicate matters by spreading a rumor that he secretly wed Marie, the cigarette girl.
S06E20 George Needs Glasses 00/00/0000 Gracie mistakenly believes that George's vision is failing. When he is reluctant to have eyeglasses prescribed for him, she consults an eye doctor. He suggests that George might be worried about his appearence, so Gracie comes up with a ridiculous plan to make George see that wearing glasses is in style.
S06E21 The Indian Potentate 00/00/0000 An Indian Maharajah and his ""retinue"" have checked into the St. Moritz Hotel, and Gracie and Blanche cannot contain their curiosity about him and his wealth.
S06E22 The Ladies Club 27/02/1956 Harry Morton is so terrified that his career will be ruined if Gracie joins an elite women's club that Blanche makes a fool of herself. Meanwhile, Ronnie and his parents baffle everyone when they practice the Stanislavski acting method.
S06E23 Cyrano De Bergerac 00/00/0000 Ronnie is practicing the role of Cyrano, but has trouble coming to grips with a lack of self esteem resulting from comparing his own performance with a recording of the master Cyrano portrayer, Jose Ferrer. Von Zell comes up with a novel solution, which hinges on George's acting ability.
S06E24 The Stolen Plants 12/03/1956 After Gracie walks off with some plants from Central Park, Harry Morton declares she has committed a crime, so she decides to turn herself in. Meanwhile, Ronnie takes up fencing for his latest stage outing.
S06E25 The English Playwright 00/00/0000 A famous playwright happens to be staying at the St. Moritz Hotel. Ronnie would love to get a part in his current production, and Gracie tries to help in her typically illogical way.
S06E26 A Weekend On Long Island 26/03/1956 When Ronnie makes plans to hold a party for his class in the family's suite, Gracie decides to accept Blanche's invitation to Mrs. Sohmers' party at Oyster Bay. The problem is that neither Blanche nor Mrs. Sohmers invited her.
S06E27 The Newlyweds 02/04/1956 When Emily Vanderlip arrives in Manhattan after eloping with Airman Second Class Frank Foster, the newlyweds and Burns men attempt to keep Gracie from finding out about their nuptials, fearing that she'll blab to Emily's parents.
S06E28 Night of Vaudeville 09/04/1956 Ronnie's drama school is losing money and decides to put on its usual production of "Othello" to raise funds. However, Gracie talks them into doing a variety show instead, the type of vaudeville skits that she and George used to do.
S06E29 Burlesque 00/00/0000 George is in trouble for supposedly influencing Jim Boardman to get a job in a burlesque show.
S06E30 The Right People 00/00/0000 Mrs. Sohmers shows her snobbishness as she objects to a possible marriage between Ronnie and her daughter, Pat. Meanwhile, Gracie suddenly rises in social status when she befriends prominent horse breeder Alfred Tyler Griffin.
S06E31 The Magic Act 00/00/0000 Ronnie has been offered a contract for a part in a movie. Gracie mistakenly believes that the offer is for George. She decides that she must get a job to make George feel better about doing the movie without her.
S06E32 The Paris Creation 00/00/0000 Gracie needs a slight alteration to a designer dress she bought. George insists that she take it to the designer to have it fixed, not realizing that the designer is in Paris.
S06E33 Back From Paris 00/00/0000 Behind George's back, Gracie concocts plans to bring twenty four of designer Broussard's dresses from Paris to sell in New York.
S06E34 The Twenty-Four Dresses 00/00/0000 Gracie needs financing for the dress shop she intends to open. George wants the dresses sent back to Paris. Gracie counts on Mrs. Sohmers for help.
S06E35 Ronnie Is Lovesick 00/00/0000 Gracie thinks that Ronnie is planning to join the French Foreign Legion because his French girlfriend left him.
S06E36 The Night Out 00/00/0000 George gets locked in a steam room overnight. Harry Von Zell has borrowed George's overcoat to wear on a date with a young woman and leaves it at the Stork Club. These two circumstances result in a big misunderstanding between George and Gracie.
S06E37 Questions And Answers 00/00/0000 In order to become a member of the Ladies of Oyster Bay, Gracie must be quizzed on her knowledge of literature by a committee of members. Mrs. Sohmers comes up with a surprising plan to help her, but complications arise.
S06E38 The Triple Surprise Party 18/06/1956 To prevent Gracie from ruining Harry Morton's birthday party, George tells her he's throwing a party for Ronnie. To ensure he shows up, Gracie tells Ronnie the party's for George. Meanwhile, Harry Von Zell presumes he's the guest of honor.
S06E39 Mrs. Sohmers Needs a Psychiatrist 00/00/0000 Dabbs Greer plays a psychologist who is helping Mrs. Sohmers cope with anxiety created by her association with Gracie. Then he meets Gracie and is thrown for a loop. This episode features identity mixups of Blanche with Gracie, and George with Von Zell.
S06E40 The Switchboard Operators 00/00/0000 In an effort to keep Harry Morton from accepting a new position which would involve extensive travel, Gracie and Blanche take over the hotel switchboard.
S07E01 Return To California 01/10/1956 The Burnses, Mortons, and Harry von Zell unexpectedly return home to California, only to be surprised by Ronnie and the twenty co-eds, who he's allowed to take up residence in their homes without their prior knowledge or approval.
S07E02 The Shakespearean Paper 00/00/0000 Ronnie has an assignment to write a paper on his favorite Shakespearean play. Unfortunately, Harry Von Zell inspires Gracie to meddle, and the results are disastrous for Ronnie.
S07E03 The Woman In The Car 15/10/1956 When Gracie borrows the Mortons' car, she leaves behind a parking ticket upon which the officer has scribbled an unusual note. Blanche finds the citation and concludes Harry's been having an affair with a "very cooperative" woman.
S07E04 The Interview 00/00/0000 Two separate plots in this episode: George is interviewed by a bewildered TV Guide writer and Mrs. Sohmers, on a visit to Beverly Hills, wants to meet her favorite actor, Francis X. Bushman.
S07E05 The Initiation 00/00/0000 Mrs. Sohmers is staying with the Mortons while she looks for a house to buy in Pasadena. She specifically wants to avoid living too close to Gracie. Concurrently, Ronnie is undergoing a fraternity initiation which requires him to say and do the opposite of what anyone would expect.
S07E06 Ronnie's Bashful 00/00/0000 Von Zell is dating a 28 year old woman, which evokes much analysis and criticism from George and Gracie. And when Ronnie stays home instead of attending a dance, Gracie gets the impression it is due to his shyness, and comes up with a crazy scheme to help him.
S07E07 The Big Stamp Robbery 00/00/0000 Harry Morton's prize ""Madagascar Imperial"" postage stamp falls into the wrong hands when Gracie needs to mail a letter.
S07E08 George's Gray Suit 19/11/1956 Gracie ships George's new gray suit to Roger, but when George gets wind of it, he intercepts the package. Meanwhile, Gracie concocts a phony story about a burglary and gets everyone involved - even the police.
S07E09 Von Zell's Raises 00/00/0000 Von Zell is happy to remain a bachelor, but rumors of an impending marriage prompt George to give him raises at just the wrong time.
S07E10 The Refrigerator Salesman 00/00/0000 Ronnie has a temporary job selling electric razors in the Wilshire Department Store for the Christmas season. Through Gracie's meddling and some misunderstandings, he becomes an ace refrigerator salesman, and this has quite an impact on George.
S07E11 The Girl Behind The Perfume Counter 00/00/0000 Gracie mistakenly believes that Ronnie is dating an older woman, and constructs one of her off-beat strategies to amend the situation.
S07E12 Ronnie Quits College Because His Father Goes Broke 00/00/0000 Gracie thinks she can prevent Ronnie from quitting college by demonstrating to him that George has suffered financially by not having a college education. With the help of Harry Von Zell, she fabricates a sensational story that has the Mortons and Mrs. Sohmers in an uproar.
S07E13 Christmas In Jail 00/00/0000 In flashback mode, George tells the story of how he became incarcerated on Christmas Eve. The issue of Christmas gifts has once again seriously complicated George's life.
S07E14 The Costume Party 00/00/0000 Von Zell, Harry Morton, and George throw a party to interest banker Mr. Vanderlip in an investment. Blanche's brother Roger influences the outcome.
S07E15 Gracie and the Bullfighter 07/01/1957 When Ronnie expresses an interest in bullfighting, Gracie and Harry Von Zell head to Tijuana to bring back a bullfighter, but Ronnie's interest quickly wanes. Meanwhile, the Mortons try to dupe George into believing Gracie has left him.
S07E16 The Ugly Duckling 14/01/1957 Gracie decides to give Ronnie's brainy friend Mildred a makeover and send them to the prom together. Meanwhile, a fight ensues when Harry Morton unintentionally insults his wife's looks; and George shows off his magic Genie.
S07E17 The Aptitude Test 21/01/1957 After Ronnie explains the aptitude test that he has recently taken, Gracie decides showbiz is the wrong career for George and he would be much happier being a farmer.
S07E18 Going To Palm Springs 28/01/1957 Ronnie Burns and his friend, Ralph, make plans to get away to Palm Springs with seven girls - and without adult supervision. Meanwhile, Harry Von Zell comes down with laryngitis.
S07E19 The Matrimonial Bureau 00/00/0000 Gracie gets a crazy idea that she must find a wife for Ronnie before he reaches the age of twenty one. When she enlists the aid of a matrimonial bureau, George and Von Zell get embroiled in the ensuing mixup.
S07E20 The Fortune Teller 00/00/0000 Gracie's misunderstanding of a tea leaf reading gives her the impression that George has come into a fortune. She acts on this ""knowledge"" by presenting Ronnie with an extravagant gift.
S07E21 Fighting For Happiness 18/02/1957 Gracie and Blanche fight with their husbands for the joy of making up.
S07E22 The Termites 00/00/0000 Gracie wants to have the bedroom redecorated without George's knowledge, but runs into some difficulty getting George out of the house for the required two days. Ralph comes up with a novel solution.
S07E23 The $15,000 Error 04/03/1957 The Burns' decorator tells Gracie that he has an opportunity to buy an art collection for $15,000, and asks if he can receive payment early - but Gracie misunderstands and thinks she owes him 15 grand.
S07E24 The Ring 00/00/0000 In this episode, we meet Mr. Jansen the plumber, who comes to retrieve Gracie's lost engagement ring. But the ring is not where he expects it to be. George attempts to have some fun by telling lonely Mr. Jansen that Blanche is an eligible widow, but the results are not what George envisioned.
S07E25 The Plumber's Friend 00/00/0000 Gracie plays hostess to plumber Mr. Jansen's four daughters, Jean, Joan, June and Joy, while he travels to San Diego to meet an eligible widow. This causes a bit of trouble for Ronnie, who is already having problems with his girfriend, Kathy, due to her jealousy.
S07E26 Going To Houston 00/00/0000 Gracie meets Brian McAfee in this episode, and attempts to convince his father that Brian should stay in college.
S07E27 The Stray Dog 01/04/1957 While staying in a hotel in Houston, the hotel manager's French poodle follows Gracie to her room. She assumes it's a stray and wants to keep it. Guests are not allowed to keep animals in the hotel, so she and Blanche decide to hide the dog from George and the hotel staff.
S07E28 Ronnie Gets a Movie Role 08/04/1957 When Ronnie accepts a role in the film "Bernardine," Gracie fears George will be furious that their son is putting his education on the back burner, so everyone bends over backwards to cover for Ronnie.
S07E29 The Plumber's Union 00/00/0000 Gracie tries to help Mr. Jansen find a wife by placing a personal ad. She misrepresents his age by about fifteen years, and this brings about some confusion.
S07E30 Harry's Homecoming 00/00/0000 Gracie and Blanche feel that their husbands are not romantic enough. Harry comes home a day early from his business trip and George instigates a crazy impersonation scheme involving Harry and Blanche.
S07E31 The Publicity Romance 00/00/0000 The movie company for which Ronnie is working has created rumors of a romance between him and an Italian actress for publicity purposes. His real girlfriend, Kathy, has a hard time accepting this.
S07E32 The Texan Lady Macbeth 00/00/0000 Bonnie Sue McAfee, Brian's sister, has arrived in Hollywood with the intention of becoming a motion picture actress. After speaking with Brian, Gracie embarks on a crazy plan to discourage Bonnie Sue from show business. Bonnie Sue demonstrates her acting ability and supposed lack of Texas accent by performing a scene from Macbeth.
S07E33 Ronnie's Boat 13/05/1957 Ronnie wants to buy a 22-foot cabin cruiser but he needs his father's credit, so Gracie enlists her friends to convince George that it's a wise investment. Meanwhile, a man from the BBC comes to town to renew the contract for the show.
S07E34 A Trip To Tahiti 00/00/0000 Ronnie and Ralph are planning to sail to Tahiti in Ronnie's boat. George's authorization of the questionable trip becomes a controversial issue. Gracie gets Von Zell and the Mortons involved in the polemic, while June and Joy Jansen pay an important visit to the Burns household.
S07E35 The Home Graduation 00/00/0000 It looks like Brian McAfee once again is not going to graduate, and this may be his last chance. Gracie gets an idea for helping Brian when she listens to Harry Morton's story of how he was awarded his Dartmouth diploma in absentia.
S07E36 Blanche's Mother Arrives 00/00/0000 Blanche's mother comes to visit, amid some turbulence in the Morton household due to Harry's cancelled business trip. Gracie initiates another identity mixup, this time between Natalie (Blanche's mother) and Marie, a French exchange student at Ronnie's college.
S07E37 The Wading Pool At Acapulco 00/00/0000 Ronnie and Ralph have a potential job as lifeguards at an Acapulco hotel. Gracie wants George to go to Acapulco also, but he is not interested, and has to find a way to get out of it.
S07E38 The Marital Mix-Up 17/06/1957 Gracie plays Cupid by trying to find a wife for their plumber, Mr. Jansen.
S07E39 A Pain In The Back 00/00/0000 George feigns a bad back in order to avoid going fishing with Harry Morton, despite Gracie and Blanche's plan to get the two husbands to become friends. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Ralph are contemplating going to a Calypso party.
S07E40 Ronnie's Twenty-One 01/07/1957 On his 21st birthday, Marie Bordeau asks Ronnie to marry her so she can stay in the country. Meanwhile Gracie goes to get Ronnie's birth certificate changed; and George tricks Harry Von Zell into doing his chores.
S08E01 The General 00/00/0000 George is planning to follow the current trend in TV and do the show as a western, but, as often happens, the distinction between the show and reality is blurred, and somehow we wind up with a plot which focuses on guest star Douglas Dumbrille's portrayal of a stern army general who wants his son to go to West Point rather than to get married. Gracie provides her ""help"" and the conflict is resolved (in spite of it).
S08E02 Too Much Pot Roast 00/00/0000 Ronnie has trouble concentrating on his college studies due to his obsession with his female classmates. Gracie provides a solution.
S08E03 The Texan Italian 00/00/0000 Gracie attempts to make over Bonnie Sue McAfee into an Italian actress in an effort to advance her movie career.
S08E04 An English Tea 00/00/0000 Gracie tries to impress the mother of Ronnie's English girlfriend by renting copies of old masters paintings to decorate the house and arranging for Harry Morton to impersonate George.
S08E05 September And May 28/10/1957 After June Jantzen seeks advice about her father, whom she mistakenly thinks is dating a woman half his age, Gracie concludes that Ronnie's newest girlfriend is cavorting with all of the older men in the neighborhood.
S08E06 The Star Maker 00/00/0000 Gracie gets a really convoluted idea to help Brian McAfee pass a difficult exam: she tries to get Brian's bright classmate, Alfred Kramer, to change his name to Brian McAfee before the exam is given. This way ""Brian McAfee"" will excell. Gracie comes up with a very unusual plan to get Alfred to change his name.
S08E07 The African Hunter 11/11/1957 When a swooning Gracie invites a game hunter to spend the week at the house, George concocts a bizarre scheme to scare him away.
S08E08 One Little Fight 18/11/1957 Ronnie and Ralph have a brief falling out over a girl, so Gracie, oblivious to the fact that the boys have already made up, stages a huge fight with Blanche to show him how silly it is to quarrel with one's best friend.
S08E09 With Or Without Glasses 00/00/0000 Three weeks ago, Gracie persuaded Alfred Kramer to stop wearing his glasses. Now, she must do the reverse, so that Alfred can bring his grades up to par.
S08E10 A Box Of Cigars 00/00/0000 Ralph's girlfriend, Imogene, is a candidate for homecoming queen, and he and Ronnie are campaigning for her. Gracie suggests that they hand out cigars to potential supporters, and gets Von Zell involved in a scheme to appropriate George's new box of cigars for this purpose.
S08E11 Misery Loves Company 00/00/0000 Ralph's girlfriend, Imogene, has deserted him and he is down in the dumps. Gracie feels compelled to help make him feel better by demonstrating to him that everyone else feels as miserable as he does.
S08E12 A Hole In The Carpet 00/00/0000 Gracie trips and falls in the Wilshire Dept. Store and gets into some convoluted negotiations with the store's insurance adjustor.
S08E13 How To Wrap A Mink 00/00/0000 Ronnie is working at the Wilshire Dept. Store as a wrapper, Harry Morton and George are planning cheap gifts for their wives for Christmas, and Harry Von Zell has an old racoon coat. These circumstances, plus Gracie and Blanche's desire for mink, sustain this lively episode.
S08E14 Invitation To The Party 00/00/0000 A mis-delivered party invitation creates a sensitive situation as Gracie attempts to mitigate the problem and enhance Blanche's popularity.
S08E15 The Stolen Car 00/00/0000 Ronnie is attempting to become a reporter on the college paper, but needs to come up with a sensational story. Brian McAfee has just been given a new Lincoln, and Gracie has some ideas about using the car to help Ronnie get a scoop.
S08E16 Ronnie Finds a Friend An Apartment 00/00/0000 George and Gracie come to an erroneous conclusion when Ronnie helps a school buddy find an apartment
S08E17 McAfee And The Manicurist 00/00/0000 Mr. McAfee has become infatuated with a manicurist. Bonnie Sue, believing the woman is only after her father for his money, consults Gracie for advice. Harry Von Zell once again gets involved, and this time he really gets into trouble due to George's meddling with the plan.
S08E18 Too Many Fathers 00/00/0000 Jerry Gilbert has given his girlfriend, Sandy, the impression that the Burns' house belongs to his parents, and Gracie decides to further the charade by posing as his mother. But who will play his father? Could it be George, or Von Zell, or Harry Morton perhaps?
S08E19 The Accident 00/00/0000 Harry Morton's safety record is in jeopardy as he collides with another car while driving with Gracie as a passenger. Complications arise when the driver of the other car is a young lady who attracts the interest of Ronnie.
S08E20 The Japanese Texan 00/00/0000 Gracie and George plan to celebrate their ""tenth"" (but no one knows exactly what tenth it is), and Bonnie Sue demonstrates her acting prowess as she attempts to land a part as a Japanese girl in one of producer Walter Sinclair's movies.
S08E21 Hypnotizing Gracie 00/00/0000 Despite inner misgivings, George Burns allows Gracie to meet a hypnotist and his worst fears are realized when Gracie emerges from the meeting with a completely different personality.
S08E22 Gracie Is Brilliant 00/00/0000 Gracie's still a brain trust tonight, and she's about to make a killing on a quiz show. Talking with neighbor Harry Morton is more interesting now than jabbering with Blanche and husband George. It's all good fun, but the best scene comes at the beginning when George cooks breakfast for Gracie.
S08E23 Ronnie's Fan Club 00/00/0000 The story revolves around ten year old Edie Westrope, who is the president and only member of her own Ronnie Burns fan club. And, by the way, she happens to have a gorgeous older sister.
S08E24 Frozen Passion 00/00/0000 George discusses the production of a movie with producer Jack Bradley. Gracie attempts to cast family and friends in the movie. Things get more complicated as Harry Morton's father pays a visit.
S08E25 High Blood Pressure 00/00/0000 A very frustrating episode for George: first, he has a lot of trouble getting out of the house to play golf, and then Gracie decides to use him in a scheme to help Mr. Jansen the plumber pass a physical exam.
S08E26 Softening The Professor 00/00/0000 A spring show tonight as Harry von Zell falls in love, neighbor Blanche Norton buys an expensive outfit, and son Ronnie Burns cuts his college classes. Gracie helps each one and fouls them all up nicely.
S08E27 The Publicity Marriage 00/00/0000 Ronnie has a young girl pestering him, and when Gracie tries to stop her by saying Ronnie is married, the news hits the papers. Lots of scenes with the youngsters tonight, and not quite enough of Gracie and Blanche.
S08E28 Blanche Gets a Jury Notice 00/00/0000 Harry Morton is happy to learn that wife Blanche has been summoned for a month's jury duty. When he calls the judge to be sure they accept Blanche, Harry is only thinkin g about enjoying a month of peace and quiet. But the judge suspects it is a ruse to avoid serving on a jury. In the confusion, Gracie manages to get her name on the list for jury duty too.
S08E29 Gracie And The Jury 00/00/0000 Gracie creates mayhem as a juror on a counterfeiting case. She confounds the judge and her fellow jurors with her usual antics, and her mishandling of the evidence ultimately gets Harry Von Zell into big trouble.
S08E30 Ronnie Makes A Record 00/00/0000 George convinces a recording executive that son Ronnie should make a record. But Gracie thinks George is the one who wants the record contract.
S08E31 Ronnie's Royalty Check 00/00/0000 Gracie worries that Ronnie will spend his money foolishly when he receives the first royalty check for his new recording. Then a pretty blond singer pays visit a visit to Ronnie, and Gracie is sure the girl is after his money!
S08E32 A Visit From Charles Vidor 00/00/0000 Movie director Charles Vidor pays a visit to George. He is looking for a master of ceremonies for the annual dinner of the Screen Directors' Guild.
S08E33 Ronnie Goes Into The Army 00/00/0000 It looks as if Ronnie is going to be drafted, so Gracie decides to prepare her son for the discipline of Army life. She adapts the Burns household to a military routine, in the hope that Ronnie will become acclimated more easily.
S08E34 Locked Out 00/00/0000 In an attempt to help her family, Gracie upsets George's dealin gs with a television executive, and almost breaks up Ronnie's romance with a hat-check girl. George feels it's the last straw when Gracie also loses the house key, at exactly the wrong moment!
S08E35 The Week In New York 00/00/0000 Gracie makes plans to go to New York with her friend Blanche, but she doesn't tell George about the proposed trip until she's ready to leave. Ronnie decides to take advantage of his mother's absence to plan a birthday party for his girlfriend.
S08E36 The June Wedding 00/00/0000 When Ronnie mixes up the hotel reservations for his newly married friends Frank and Linda, George and Gracie feel it's their duty to invite the newlyweds to spend part of their honeymoon in the Burns home. During their stay with the Burnes, the young couple casts a romantic spell over Gracie, Blanche and Bonnie Sue, Ronnie's girl.
S08E37 Summer School 00/00/0000 Ronnie is making plans to have a Ronnie Burns Entertainment Troupe at Big Bear Lake during his summer vacation. But when George finds out what Ronnie's grades were, he decides that Ronnie should attend summer school instead.
S08E38 The Grammar School Dance 00/00/0000 Ronnie's romance with a current flame runs into a snag when he is coerced into escorting a young girl to a grammar school prom.
S08E39 The Exchange Student 00/00/0000 A visit from a foreign-exchange student throws the Burns household into turmoil. Ronnie fears his girl friend Bonnie Sue will desert him in favor of the handsome Frenchman.