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TGFT (Part 1): Alana, a teenaged girl from the year 3000, finds herself trapped in 1990 with Silverthorn, a criminal from the year 2500. Alone and confused, she befriends a spirited girl named Jenny Kelly. Together they attempt to track down the time capsule which brought her there. TOMORROW'S END (AKA "TGFT Part 2"/Season 2): Realizing that they have polluted the time stream with their experiments, the scientists from the year 3000 resolve to return Jenny and Silverthorn to their respective times. Troubles in the year 2500, however, lead to Alana and her guardian, Lorien, returning to a devastated future.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Girl from Tomorrow

S01E01 Future Shock 05/01/1992 Alana is a 14 year old living in the year 3000. Her guardian Tulista is the first person chosen to travel through time to investigate the year 2500, an era that went horribly wrong, to see exactly what happened. Alana, not wanting her guardian harmed, runs to the lab, trying her best to stop the experiment from proceeding.
S01E02 A Primitive and Dangerous Time 12/01/1992 Waking up the next day in the new time Alana is dazed and confused, trying to return to the capsule only to be stopped by a security guard.
S01E03 Sanctuary 19/01/1992 An officer takes Jenny home after Alana once again takes off. She tries to tell her mother about Alana, but she doesn't believe her about Alana being a time-traveller. Sneaking out later that night Jenny and Alana re-group and Jenny takes Alana home with her to safety.
S01E04 Sweetness and Fright 26/01/1992 Irene makes Alana enroll in school causing a new set of problems for both girls to deal with. After eating an eclair for the first time (and then Jenny's as well) Alana makes herself sick in science class. Meanwhile Petey has been into Alana's things and taken off with her transducer.
S01E05 Don't Tell Mum 02/02/1992 Chasing the limo on her bike Jenny finally reaches Alana when the car stops and the two escape together from Silverthorne. Back home and things are no better as Mr Rooney starts asking questions about Alana.
S01E06 Computer Games 09/02/1992 Once again in Mr Rooney's class the girls draw a little attention as they hack into the police database with the help of PJ to find out who the car is registered to.
S01E07 Stake-Out 16/02/1992 The girls stake-out Silverthorne but on the first day Jenny loses him. It's Petey who comes up with a new idea while they are putting junk into their shed. So the plan is set and this time when Silverthorne drives off, attached to the back of his car is a dripping can of paint.
S01E08 Newsprobe 23/02/1992 Petey manages to create a distraction allowing the girls to once again escape from Silverthorn. Back home, Jenny's mother Irene is getting set to go out guessed it...Mr James Rooney. While the girls go about telling Irene about the capsule, James turns up and she decides to tell him to truth about Alana. James has the idea to do a news story on the show 'Newsprobe'.
S01E09 Truth And Lies 02/03/1992 The news story back fires when Alana goes to do a second interview and the transducer doesn't work. The Children's Welfare department turns up to investigate, finding no record of Alana's birth. With no proof of family ties to the Kellys, they immediately take custody of her.
S01E10 Betrayed 09/03/1992 Alana manages to heal Silverthorn's brain tumour and he promises to send her home. Only instead he creates a force field around the capsule so Alana can't get to it, making it impossible for her to get home.
S01E11 Captain Zero Strikes Again 16/03/1992 Jenny keeps replaying the message Alana left for her on PJ. Both Irene and Jenny get James to take the day off teaching in order to help them find and rescue Alana.
S01E12 Last Stand At Kelly Deli 23/03/1992 Finally Alana can go home. The capsule is in the garage and everyone is saying their goodbyes. And then Silverthorn turns up and Irene tries to stall him as best as possible.
S02E01 Tomorrow's End - A Time Without Vegemite 13/07/1993 Jenny wakes up in the year 3000, fully recovered from her injuries. Meanwhile captive Silverthorn is claiming he doesn't remember a thing.
S02E02 Tomorrow's End - The End Of Everything 20/07/1993 Silverthorn locks everyone up and steals PJ from Alana. Jenny meets a guy named Nik who is curious to know everything about the 1990s. Silverthorn goes after them, Nik helping Jenny get away.
S02E03 Tomorrow's End - The Other Alana 27/07/1993 Alana and Lorien arrive just before their first selves do, hiding the capsule after the first Lorien locks the hatch with her palm print scan.
S02E04 Tomorrow's End - The Time Gate 04/08/1992 Alana and Nik find Silverthorn in his hideout testing the new Time Gate.
S02E05 Tomorrow's End - Sucked Into The Future 11/08/1993 Silverthorn lies to the Manager of Earth Globecorp, Draco, that the Time Gate is actually a "water synthesiser" and that he'll give Draco a hundred litres of water three times a week to keep him quiet about it.
S02E06 Tomorrow's End - The Grandmother of Invention 18/08/1993 When going back to Nik's place they see the modded Lorien, following her to a waste disposal site.
S02E07 Tomorrow's End - Escape from Globecorp 25/08/1993 Petey and Alana send a drone to Nik's place, telling Jenny that they need her help to get out of Globecorp.
S02E08 Tomorrow's End - A Chase Through Time 01/09/1993 The group goes back to Maeve's place, Alana trying to bring Lorien out of her trance.
S02E09 Tomorrow's End - Showdown at 'Eddie's Pools' 08/09/1993 Nik and Jenny go back to the warehouse, trying to stop Draco there. They build a barricade around the Time Gate, hoping it will work.
S02E10 Tomorrow's End - In the Nik of Time 15/09/1993 Nik explains he took the capsule back to 1990. They go to pick it up at the tip, but the police have impounded it.
S02E11 Tomorrow's End - The Great Disaster Begins 22/09/1993 Pretending to be filmmakers, Alana, Nik and Silverthorn take the capsule to the top floor of a building to travel back to 2500.
S02E12 Tomorrow's End - Kings of the Dinosaurs 29/09/1993 Alana doesn't know what to do, PJ can't interface with the rocket's navigation system from Earth.