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Put simply, The Goodies was a live-action version of a typical Warner Bros cartoon, replete with speeded-up footage, film trickery and violent slapstick. The characters bore the same names as the players and were caricature exaggerations of their real selves, hence Tim was the respectable establishment figure, an effete man who grew into a manic royalist; Graeme was the scatty, back-room boffin, the inventor of all manner of weird devices; and Bill was an aggressive, earthy, hairy individual who eventually tended towards environmentalism, socialism and feminism. Each week the three climbed aboard and promptly fell off their customised bicycle for three (the 'Trandem') before remounting to pedal off to their task.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Goodies

S02E01 The Loch Ness Monster AKA Scotland 01/10/1971 The Goodies help a suicidal zookeeper to locate a monster for London Zoo's Snowdon Monster House.
S02E02 Sporting Goodies AKA The Commonwealth Games 08/10/1971 The Goodies take part in the Commonwealth Games as the British team against the August Bank Holiday Islands - with the entire Commonwealth at stake.
S02E03 Pollution 15/10/1971 The land is covered in pollution and the Goodies suspect corruption.
S02E04 The Lost Tribe of the Orinoco AKA The Lost Tribe 22/10/1971 The Goodies are asked to find Professor Knutts who went missing whilst leading an expedition to find the Lost Tribe of the Orinoco in 1951. They eventually find him - in Sevenoaks.
S02E05 The Stolen Musicians AKA The Music Master AKA The Music Lovers 29/10/1971 Musicians are being kidnapped all over the country, so The Goodies become famous musicians too, eventually get stolen and come face-to-face with their arch-enemy - The Music Master.
S02E06 Culture for the Masses AKA Art For Art's Sake 05/11/1971 Tim's crusade to stop rich Americans from buying all of Britain's art treasures sees him bidding a huge amount of money for one painting, forcing the Goodies to take drastic action to pay for it.
S02E07 Kitten Kong 12/11/1971 The Goodies' Animal Clinic looks after various problem animals, including Twinkle the kitten who, thanks to Graeme's growth formula, grows to a massive size and terrorises London.
S02E08 Come Dancing AKA Wicked Waltzing 19/11/1971 Asked to be part of a formation dancing team, the Goodies find that dancing isn't as gentle and pure as they thought, especially when they encounter Delia Capone and her corrupt team.
S02E09 Farm Fresh Food AKA Health Farm 10/12/1971 Disgusted at the awful cuisine served up at Ye Olde Shepherds Restaurant, the Goodies head to the farm of Tim's uncle for some fresh country food, only to be further disappointed upon arrival.
S02E10 Women's Lib AKA Sexual Revolution 17/12/1971 Bill reports Graeme and Tim to the Women's Liberation Front after he disapproves of their treatment of Graeme's new totty. As a punishment, they are sent to work for Lord Charles (a Male Chauvinist) - Graeme as the butler, and Tim as the maid.
S02E11 Gender Education AKA Sex and Violence 31/12/1971 In response to a proposed appaling BBC film (for schoolchildren, mark you) on S-E-X education, Mrs. Desiree Carthorse - the self-proclaimed most powerful person in the field of television, if not the world - enlists The Goodies to make her version: ""How To Make Babies By Doing Dirty Things."" However, she dismisses it as too rude without even watching it. So a rebellious Bill starts making video nasties for the BBC.
S02E12 Charity Bounce 07/01/1972 The Goodies are bouncing on spacehoppers from London to Brighton for charity. However, they continue to bounce on around the world much to the horror of their tight-fisted sponsor.
S02E13 The Baddies 14/01/1972 The Goodies' bid to win the Nice Person Of The Year Award is being sabotaged by the mysterious Dr. Petal and his evil robot doubles of the Goodies and other famous people.
S02E14 Kitten Kong (Montreux edition) 09/04/1972 The Goodies' Animal Clinic looks after various problem animals, including Twinkle the kitten who, thanks to Graeme's growth formula, grows to a massive size and terrorises London.
S03E01 The New Office AKA Moving Day 04/02/1973 The Goodies need a new office, but after being ripped-off in the local estate agent they decide to build their own - a Graeme-designed mobile disused railway station.
S03E02 A Hunting We Will Go AKA Hunting Pink AKA Where There's a Will ... 11/02/1973 Tim is off to spend the weekend at Tally Ho Towers with his rich Great Uncle Butcher-Fitzsimmons. He is dressed as a Guardsman in the hope that this will impress the old man into leaving Tim all his money in his will. Bill and Graeme think this is despicable, disgusting - and a very good idea, so they invite themselves along.
S03E03 Winter Olympics 18/02/1973 The Goodies agree to be Britain's team in the Winter Olympics at the North Pole (there's apparently been a lot of snow there recently).
S03E04 Black Magic AKA That Old Black Magic AKA Which Witch is Which? 25/02/1973 Witch Hazel's problems with casting spells leads the Goodies to help her to contact lost souls via a séance and Graeme's mystical powers eventually see him turned into a gibbon.
S03E05 The Lost Island of Munga AKA For Those in Peril on the Sea AKA A High-Sea Adventure 04/03/1973 Graeme's urge to recreate an early Viking expedition and find the Lost Island Of Munga sees the Goodies shipwrecked and at the mercy of an old foe from a previous show.
S03E06 Way Outward Bound AKA Outward Bounds 11/03/1973 The failure to find any kids willing to go to an adventure school forces the Goodies to attend disguised as children, only to find that the school is being used for a far more sinister cause.
S03E07 Superstar 07/07/1973 Appalled at the offensive songs in the hit parade, the Goodies perform a sickly sweet song on the Maxie Grease Show. But Bill is exploited and turned into a superstar by an unscrupulous agent.
S04E01 Camelot 01/12/1973 Tim's Uncle King Arthur (actually Arthur King, but appearing as ""King, Arthur"" in the phone book) is away on holiday and the Goodies have to look after his home, firstly turning it into a tourist attraction, then having to defend it from the clutches of the local town planner.
S04E02 Invasion of the Moon Creatures AKA The Planet of the Rabbits 08/12/1973 Graeme's attempt to send rabbits to the moon seems to be a failure until Bill and Tim's space voyage discovers plots of vegies and the menacing presence of Big Bunny.
S04E03 Hospital for Hire AKA The National Health Service 15/12/1973 A bad experience with the hospital system forces the Goodies to become doctors themselves and attempt to fix up the health system with the help of Graeme's magic elixir.
S04E04 The Goodies and the Beanstalk 24/12/1973 The Goodies have hit rock-bottom and are forced to sell Buttercup for a tin of baked beans. In an act of desperation, Graeme plants one of the beans ...
S04E05 The Stone Age AKA Archaeologists AKA Tyrannosaurus Rex AKA Pot Holing 29/12/1973 Graeme discovers an ancient tunnel below the Goodies' office and his penchant for potholing soon finds the Goodies stuck inside the stomach of a prehistoric tyrannosaurus rex.
S04E06 Goodies in the Nick AKA The Great Goodies Bank Robbery 05/01/1974 A timid policeman needs the Goodies' help in boosting his tally of arrests, but their fiendishly cunning bank robbery sees them locked away in prison and desperate to escape.
S04E07 The Race 12/01/1974 A wrong turn to Skegness sees the Goodies winning the Tour de France cycling race, so they decide to also enter Le Mans and convert their disused railway station office into a car.
S05E01 The Movies AKA The British Film Industry 10/02/1975 The Goodies buy a movie studio and attempt to revitalise the British film industry, but ultimately descend into chaos when they each try to shoot their own film at the same time.
S05E02 Clown Virus 17/02/1975 A job to dispose of a harmless can of ""tomato soup"" for an American military base sees the whole British population turned into clowns and ripe for an invasion by US troops.
S05E03 Chubbie Chumps AKA Radio 2 AKA The Beauty Contest 24/02/1975 Tim has become rather flabby while the others have been away fishing, but trims himself down thanks to a brainwashing radio DJ and enters the Miss Housewife Of The Year Contest.
S05E04 Wacky Wales 03/03/1975 An invitation to an eisteddfod in Wales has the Goodies in all sorts of trouble with the Reverend after they dare to break many of the puritanical local laws and actually try to entertain people.
S05E05 Frankenfido 10/03/1975 Graeme's dog breeding venture gets out of hand and Tim's only chance to win at Crufts is to dress Bill in a dog costume, which forces Graeme to custom-make a shaggy monster of his own.
S05E06 Scatty Safari AKA The Existance of Rolf Harris 17/03/1975 The main attraction at The Goodies Star Safari Park, Tony Blackburn, is hearing the call of the wild and pining for his freedom. The trio realise that they can no longer keep such a magnificent beast in captivity, and release him. But who should they get to replace him?
S05E07 Kung Fu Kapers AKA Ecky Thump 24/03/1975 Bill reveals himself to be a Grand Master of the infinitely more subtle and superior Lancastrian martial art of Ecky Thump.
S05E08 Lighthouse Keeping Loonies AKA The Lighthouse Men 31/03/1975 The Goodies answer an advert for ""a little light housekeeping"" and find themselves stuck for five years in charge of an ""overgrown lamppost.""
S05E09 Rome Antics 07/04/1975 In 55AD the early Goodies venture to Rome to provide entertainment for the fruit-fancying Emperor, but are eventually confronted by Attila the Hun and the invading Barbarians.
S05E10 Cunning Stunts AKA Fleet Street Goodies 14/04/1975 Bill is fired from the Goodies' newspaper for being a hopeless reporter and after he is rejected by the love of his life, he decides to end it all by entering the Eurovision Raving Loony Contest.
S05E11 South Africa AKA South African Adventure AKA Apartheight 21/04/1975 The Goodies are forced to emigrate to South Africa where the absence of black people forces a new form of segregation called apart-height, mainly affecting short people like jockeys and Bill.
S05E12 Bunfight at the OK Tea Rooms 28/04/1975 With hardly a penny to their name, the Goodies go prospecting for gold - and discover Cornish cream.
S05E13 The End AKA Encased in Concrete 05/05/1975 The Goodies are trapped inside a 350-foot block of concrete, with ""turps for burps"", changing religion, cannibalism and I-spy all on the agenda while being stuck at close quarters for so long.
S05E14 Goodies Rule - OK? 21/12/1975 The unwanted Goodies finally hit the big time after years of failure, only for the government to topple and all forms of fun to be banned, requiring a civil uprising and a puppet government
S06E01 Lips, or Almighty Cod 21/09/1976 An extension to the Eskimos fishing limits soon has Britain codless, so the Goodies smuggle a cod back from Greenland and grow it to a huge size, but still have to ward off the Eskimos.
S06E02 Hype Pressure AKA The Rock and Roll Revival 28/09/1976 Tim's nasty tv talent show is a flop after Bill and Graeme's folk singing is a hit with the judges, so Tim sets about creating the rock ‘n roll revival and becomes a loony tv director.
S06E03 Daylight Robbery on the Orient Express 05/10/1976 Goodies Holidays is creating an exciting mystery tour aboard the Orient Express for the Detectives Club, but things go astray when the train is hijacked and taken to the Le Boring Contest.
S06E04 Black and White Beauty 12/10/1976 Graeme has established a rest home for clapped-out old animals and is sent a pantomime horse, which Tim trains before it is callously stolen by Bill to enter in the Grand National.
S06E05 It Might As Well be String 19/10/1976 A series of too-honest ads sees revenue for the Goodies' advertising agency plummet, until Tim discovers the joys of string, and Bill and Graeme set about ripping him off.
S06E06 2001 and a Bit 26/10/1976 The futuristic sons of the Goodies have become bored with the extremely violent forms of modern entertainment and seek to revive something truly civilised from their fathers' era – cricket.
S06E07 The Goodies Almost Live 02/11/1976 A concert featuring many of The Goodies' best known songs, including Cactus In My Y-Fronts, Funky Gibbon, Black Pudding Bertha, Bounce, Last Chance Dance and Wild Thing.
S09E01 Snow White 2 AKA Pantomime 27/12/1981 The Goodies are kicked out of the Seven Dwarves for being too tall and are lost and unemployed until they attempt to enter the castle controlled by the princesses.
S09E02 Robot AKA Automation 09/01/1982 Due to dire financial conditions, Bill is fired and replaced with a baby robot; however Tim and Graeme need help with raising the robot and hire a strange bearded Swedish nanny to look after it.
S09E03 Football Crazy 16/01/1982 Bill the soccer hooligan is in fine form as Tim becomes Chief of Police in a bid to stamp out such boorish conduct, with football then becoming so boring that its fans flock to the ballet instead.
S09E04 Big Foot AKA In Search of Bigfoot AKA In Search Of ... Arthur C. Clarke 23/01/1982 The Goodies set off to the Canadian Rockies in search of the mythical Arthur C Clarke, but find all sorts of other weird creatures including the legendary Bigfoot.
S09E05 Change of Life 30/01/1982 The Goodies are preparing to close their business due to old age until the threat of the robot taking over forces them to undertake the Standard Test to see if they are still capable of being Goodies.
S09E06 Holiday AKA The Holidays 06/02/1982 A supposedly relaxing holiday in the seaside village of Dunsquabblin turns very stressful when the Goodies are trapped inside for 17 days due to heavy rain and snow.
S09E07 Animals are People Too AKA Animals AKA Pets 13/02/1982 Graeme's pet shop has a special new line - people dressed up as animals, but they also suffer from being dumped so Tim sets up a protection society, while Graeme cruelly puts the strays to work.
S00E01 Return of the Goodies 30/12/2005 The Goodies finally return to television after nearly 25 years with a compilation of classic clips, interviews and new material.
S00E02 A Collection of Goodies 24/09/1972 A lack of finances sees Tim filling out a Tax Evasion form for the Goodies, with Graeme’s computer providing timely reminders of the bizarre items which he is trying to claim for.
S00E03 DVD Extras - Five Minute Christmas Clip 25/12/1972 The Goodies Travelling Instant Five-Minute Christmas, clip from "Christmas Night with the Stars"
S00E04 DVD Extras - Gymnasium 27/02/1972 Originally shown as part of the 'Engelbert With the Young Generation' series and subsequently compiled into 'A Collection of Goodies' (aka 'Special Tax Edition').
S00E05 DVD Extras - Crackerjack Clip 01/12/1978 The Goodies sing "A Man's Best Friend is His Duck" on Crackerjack.
S00E06 DVD Extras - Broaden Your Mind 15/12/1969 Very little exists of the 1968/1969 pre-cursor to The Goodies. Presented here are the 35mm film inserts to one show that would have been seen at various points in the episode interspersed with other material recorded on videotape in the studio. This material is sourced directly from the original film and is presented without the audience reaction, which would have been part of the original broadcast.
S00E07 DVD Extras - Out-Takes 00/00/0000
S00E09 Comedy Connections - The Goodies 00/00/0000
S00E10 The Goodies 40th Anniversary - In Conversation 11/07/2010
S00E11 DVD Extras - Digital Restoration Feature 1 00/00/0000 Scenes and commentary on the problems facing the restoration team.
S00E12 DVD Extras - Storyboard for The Goodies and the Beanstalk 00/00/0000
S00E13 DVD Extras Easter Egg - Timeclock 00/00/0000 Short clip explaining the pre-aired timeclock counting down to live for broadcast of one of the episodes. Includes audio of Bill Oddie and Tim Brooke-Taylor yelping and scrambling to get ready with 10 seconds to air.
S00E14 DVD Extras Easter Egg - Station Ident 00/00/0000 BBC station identification leading in to opening credits.
S00E15 DVD Extras - Digital Restoration Feature 2 00/00/0000 Existing 16mm film elements were examined by Amanda Whitby and digital copies of the existing analogue videotape recordings were compared to ascertain the best source, along with some new transfers from the original 2-inch mastertapes. Colour grading, noise reduction and reconstruction of 'Come Dancing' episode by Jonathan Wood.
S00E16 Goodies Music Archive - Funky Gibbon 22/04/1975
S00E17 Goodies Music Archive - Black Pudding Bertha 23/06/1975
S00E18 Goodies Music Archive - Nappy Love and Wild Thing 11/11/1975
S00E19 Goodies Music Archive - Make a Daft Noise for Christmas 09/12/1975
S00E20 The One Show 04/11/2010 The Goodies were once again reunited when the BBC one show, entitled "The One Show", brought them back. It concluded with Tim riding a tandem alone while the others stared / watched. Show air date was November 4th 2010
S00E21 Goodies Music Archive - A Man's Best Friend is His Duck 00/00/0000
S00E22 The Goodies 1988 Comic Relief Sketch 05/02/1988
S00E23 The Goodies on London Tonight 00/00/0000