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'The Great War' shows you the history of the First World War in the four years from 1914 to 1918, exactly 100 years ago. Our host Indy takes you back week by week and shows you what was going on in the past. Learn more about the Allies and the Central Powers, archdukes, emperors, Winston Churchill, Franz Ferdinand, Wilhelm II, soldiers, battles and of the life aside the battlefield.


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S01E01 The Outbreak of WWI - How Europe Spiraled Into the Great War 28/07/2014 After the assasination of Franz Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary is determined to put a lid on Serbia once and for all. Germany wanted to go to war with Russia sooner than later, because it was a affraid of a strong Czar. In our first episode, Indy explains how the conflicts in Europe spiraled into a world war.
S01E02 Germany in Two-Front War and the Schlieffen-Plan 07/08/2014 Austria-Hungary starts the bombardment of Belgrade. What follows is a race of armies between all major powers in Europe. Nobody wants to be unprepared in case of an attack. Germany is implementing the Schlieffen-Plan to avoid a two front war by conquering Paris via Belgium. One thing gets clear in the first days at the Western Front: This war is going to be different - the modern warfare shows itself.
S01E03 To Arms! Deployment of Troops 14/08/2014 The first few days of war were a combination of failed organisation and chaos. The Austro-Hungarian supreme command lacks in combat experience, and their irrational actions in Serbia are causing turmoil among the Germans. At the Eastern and Western Front, early signs of problems can be seen, too, which the armies will pay a terrible price for, in the upcoming weeks.
S01E04 A New War With Old Generals – Carnage on the Western Front 21/08/2014 In the early days of World War 1, warfare is still based on ideas and ideals of 19th century generals. The technological progress during industrialisation clashes with obsolete war tactics. Tens of thousands of soldiers lose their lives in carnage at the Western front.
S01E05 The Rape of Belgium And The Battle of Tannenberg 28/08/2014 During their advance through Belgium, the German Army is committing atrocities against Belgian civilians. The Austro-Hungarian Army is perpetrating massacres against the Serbian civilian population to retaliate against Serbian guerrilla warfare. At the Eastern Front, German generals Hindenburg and Ludendorff succeed in one of the most important battles of World War I: The Battle of Tannenberg.
S01E06 Plans Are Doomed to Fail - The Battle of Galicia 04/09/2014 While the Germans are very close to reaching Paris, the Eastern Front proves to become a disastrous fail for the Austro-Hungarian forces. Conrad von Hötzendorf overestimated his skills and the strength of his troops. And after his too complicated plan in Galicia failed, the town of Lemberg falls into the hands of the Russians. Meanwhile, the war starts spreading into Asia, as Japan is besieging Tsingtao and New Zealand conquering German Samoa.
S01E07 Taxi To The Front – The First Battle of the Marne 11/09/2014 The German army is so close to Paris that French soldiers are brought to the front by taxis. Together with the British troops, the French are fighting the German advance near the Marne river. Meanwhile, the Austro-Hungarian army is retreating to the Carpathian Mountains after a catastrophic defeat against Russia with hundreds of thousands of casualties.
S01E08 Welcome To The Dirt – The Beginning of Trench Warfare 18/09/2014 After the advances and retreats during the early weeks of war, the front is coming to a grinding hold at the river Aisne. The German army is digging itself in on one side of the river and therefore a new, horrible chapter of World War One beginns: the trench warfware. To be prepared for this new kind of war, the British are recruiting over 400.000 soldiers, some of them still believing that the war will be over by Christmas.
S01E09 The Russian War Machine And The Race To The Sea 25/09/2014 Sparked by the desperate state of the Austrians, the Russian army goes on the offensive. General Ivanov even tries to us his numerical superiority to make up for the German victories of a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, the armies of the western front try to outflank each other as they race north to the sea. And in the North Sea itself submarine warfare really gets going while in the air, we see airplanes used in large military operations for the first time.
S01E10 Dying In The Mud - Autumn Is Taking Its Toll 02/10/2014 The autumn rain turns the battlefields into muddy landscapes. Mud in which the soldiers are hardly able to dig trenches and in which no artillery gun will stand. The first change of seasons is proving to be a big new challenge for the soldiers in Europe. While at the time, the longest siege of the war is starting, we can also see the first major battle in the south of Africa.
S01E11 Back For Christmas? - The Illusion Of A Short War 09/10/2014 In the trenches on the Western Front and in the mud on the Eastern Front, hundreds of thousands of soldiers die and with them dies the illusion of a short war. After heavy casualties, the armies are adapting to a longer conflict and are looking for new recruits. To convince them to fight they are taking advantage of national minorities and their hope of equal rights and self-determination.
S01E12 Learning From Napoleon – Russia, The Underestimated Enemy 16/10/2014 After defeating the Russian Army in the early weeks of the war, the German and Austrian generals hope to push the Russians back with combined forces. But, like Napoleon 100 years ago, they underestimate their enemy and his tactics and so the tides are turning at the Eastern Front. In the West, the last frontline gaps are closed and the British army is entering a small town called Ypres, which will eventually be the symbol for the carnage in Flanders for the next four years.
S01E13 A War To End All Wars - Home Front Propaganda 23/10/2014 The first weeks of war already took hundreds of thousands of lives and the daily struggle to survive in the trenches has by far nothing to do with the promised glory. Back home, propaganda is already working and grotesquely distorting the public's opinion about the war. While the British civilians feared a German invasion, some of the leading German scientists and intellectuals published the "Manifesto Of The 93" in which they rallied for solidarity with the Germans.
S01E14 Fresh Meat - The Search For New Recruits 30/10/2014 After some heavy casualties during the first months of war, the armies had to look for new recruits. While Great Britain undertook soldiers in military service to fill up their ranks, Germany was relying on reservists and inexperienced recruits. This fatal German mix was sent against smaller, but much more experienced British and French troops. The resulting carnage had no military effect, but was later on idolized by the German propaganda and is today known as the "Kindermord" (child murder) or Massacre of the Innocent.
S01E15 The World at War - The Ottoman Empire Enters The War 06/11/2014 Three months after the outbreak of the war, another world power enters the conflict: The Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman war minister Enver Pascha, a supporter of a new Turkish self confidence, wants to gain advantages for a future Turkey by declaring war. Meanwhile, another ship of the German East Asian Squadron is surprising the Royal Navy by sinking two of their ships near Coronel, Chile. Regardless, the battles on the Eastern, Western Front and in Serbia are continuing.
S01E16 The Defensive War on the Western Front 13/11/2014 The German army dug in at the Western Front and waited for the next enemy attack at the Eastern Front. Even though the Germans outnumbered their opponents, they barely stand a chance against machine guns in no-man's-land. But they realize: to defend a position is a lot easier than to attack and conquer. Especially while fighting near Ypres. At the Eastern Front, things are going better for Chief of Staff Ludendorff: he breaks through outstretched Siberian lines. At the same time, Russian soldiers are faced with a new enemy and start the Bergmann Offensive in today's East-Turkey.
S01E17 The Enemy Within - The German Army's Power Play 20/11/2014 The commanders of the German army blame each other for the missing victories. Falkenhayn and Hindenburg both believe that they have the only solution to the problems. The German emperor feels more and more excluded when it comes to military decisions. His soldiers become pieces on a chessboard and the war of the 20th century also takes it's toll on some of the best commanders. The situation at the Western Front stays unaltered: the French and Germans fight each other between the trenches. On the contrary, at the Eastern Front the Russians and the Germans are battling in a heavy fight.
S01E18 Iron, Steel and Oil - The Fight For Resources 27/11/2014 Four months after the outbreak of the war, a new fight develops: the fight for the most valuable resources. The modern warfare and its war machines need one thing more than anything: oil. The influence is immense - on the battles and the life of the soldiers. Oil, iron, steel or cole resources can be a matter of life and death. Meanwhile, the situation at the Front is gridlocked, especially in the trenches of the Western Front. The Britain's advance into the Ottoman Empire and conquer the city Basra. Their goal is to secure their drilling facilities at the Arab Gulf.
S01E19 Mission Accomplished? - The Austro-Hungarian Empire Conquers Belgrade 04/12/2014 During the first week of December, Austria manages to capture Belgrad. Thereby Austria is the first nation to achieve one of its war aims. The victorious Austrians are joyful, but the Serbs strike back and the Austrian euphoria takes a sudden end. Meanwhile, the Russians fight against the German and Austrian troops in front of Cracow. But the Austrians are able to stop the Russian offensive and achieve yet another victory.
S01E20 The Naval Battle At The Falkland Islands - The Death of Maximilian von Spee 11/12/2014 Near the far away Falkland Islands the story of the German East Asia Squadron is coming to an end: in a naval battle nearly the entire squadron sunk and Maximilian von Spee dies together with over 2000 German seamen. Meanwhile, the war of attrition is still going on in Europe and Austria-Hungary has to learn that their conquest of Belgrade is not putting a lid on the Serbian resistance.
S01E21 The Raid On Scarborough - A Failed Attempt at Intimidation 18/12/2014 German admiral Franz von Hipper reluctantly carries out his orders to bomb British costal towns. And indeed, this attempt to intimidate British civilians only makes them more united. British propaganda gets another opportunity to portray Germans as bloodthirsty and brutal. Meanwhile, the French start a new offensive near Vimy on the Western Front.
S01E22 The First Battle of Champagne - Dying In Caucasus Snow 25/12/2014 Right before Christmas the allied powers begin the Champagne offensive, which will last several months. In the snow and the mud, and under horrible living conditions not only the soldiers suffer. The images of a war fought with honour and glory are finally over as even the white flag is used for ambushes. Far away in the mountains of the Caucasian, Russia and the Ottoman Empire are fighting a grim battle, too, in which many soldiers die during interminable marches in the snow wearing summer uniforms.
S01E23 The Ottoman Disaster - The Battle of Sarikamish 01/01/2015 The Champagne offensive is still going on the Western Front without any side gaining a decisive advantage. In the Caucasus, Enver Pasha is showing how far he's willing to go to achieve his goals. Against his military advisors’ recommendations, he decides to send more and more troops to Sarikamish. Without supplies and with temperatures constantly below -20 degrees, thousands of them freeze to death before even reaching the frontline. When the Russians finally encircle the Ottoman Troops, defeat is inevitable.
S01E24 In Dire Straits - Russia on Austro-Hungary's Doorstep 08/01/2015 The Austro-Hungarian army resembles a better militia after six months into the war. After defeats against Serbia and Russia and still under siege in Galicia, the forces are in dire straits. Many casualties, especially among the officers, mean that an effective warfare is impossible. And all this while the Russians are close to entering the Hungarian plains. On another front, the Russians are winning the battle of Sarikamish which ends in a disaster for the Ottoman Empire. On the Western Front, each side still tries to gain a decisive advantage.
S01E25 Onwards! - The Western Front Of Early 1915 15/01/2015 French general Joseph Joffre is stuck in a dilemma: the Champagne offensive has been going on for weeks now - without any expected results. Should he dig in and tolerate the enemy on French soil? Or should his soldiers continue to run up against the impenetrable German defences? Meanwhile, South African troops attack German South West Africa and in London, Winston Churchill's plan for an invasion of the Dardanelles has been approved.
S01E26 Zeppelins Over England - New Inventions For The Modern War 22/01/2015 For a decisive advantage on the Western Front, the military commanders of both sides are trying to use technological advances. And so this week, German Zeppelins are flying their first air raids on English towns. Winston Churchill is outlining his ideas for what would later become the tank. Meanwhile at the Western Front, the soldier Adolf Hitler is thinking about how this war is going to continue.
S01E27 All Or Nothing - Winter Offensive In The Carpathians 29/01/2015 Konrad von Hötzendorf has to prevent the Russian army from entering the Hungarian plains. So, he starts a huge offensive in the Carpathian Mountains - in mid winter. He also wants to demonstrate his power to Italy and Romania who are considering entering the war for the Entente. Meanwhile, in the Northern Sea the first Battle of Dogger Bank takes place which leads to the sinking of the German ship SMS Blücher.
S01E28 Gas! - A New Horror On The Battlefield 05/02/2015 After more than 6 months of stalemate, the German Empire is playing two new cards to gain a decisive advantage. On the Eastern Front, the Germans use gas on a huge scale for the first time. While the attack fails, the foundation for gas warfare is laid. At the same time Kaiser Wilhelm II agrees to unrestricted submarine warfare – any ship can be sank at any time.
S01E29 Stopping Russia - Hindenburg's Final Offensive? 12/02/2015 This week, well over 1 million soldiers are on the advance everywhere in Europe. General Hindenburgs tries to beat the Russians once and for all at the Masurian Lakes. Austria-Hungary is fighting the Russians with German support in the Carpathian mountains and on the Western Front the Champagne offensive is still going.
S01E30 Hindenburg's Cunning Plan - A 2nd Tannenberg 19/02/2015 After more than six months of war, the first big mutiny breaks out in Singapore. The endless battles in which big powers sacrifice thousands of soldiers are leading to an organised resistance for the first time. Indian troops refuse to board a ship because they don't want to fight other muslims in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the great offensives at the front in Europe continue.
S01E31 Prelude to Gallipoli - Naval Bombardement of the Dardanelles 26/02/2015 To break up the stalemate and get a decisive advantage, France and Great Britain open up yet another theatre of war in the Dardanelles. The plan is to seize the strait and open eventually open up the Bosporus in order to ship supplies to the Eastern and Balkan front. And so begins the naval bombardment of ottoman forts as prelude to a big offensive which will we know to today as Gallipoli.
S01E32 Playing With Fire - The First Flame Thrower 05/03/2015 Modern war already took place in the sky and under water but the waring nations also wanted to gain an advantage in the trenches. So this week, we see the first use of another merciless invention on the battlefield: the flame thrower. The battles on the Western Front, in the Carpathian's and near the Dardanelles continued nonetheless.
S01E33 The Battle of Neuve-Chapelle 12/03/2015 The British Expeditionary Forces are starting their first major offensive since the beginning of trench warfare. Near Neuve-Chapelle they attack the Germans and try to "bite and hold" their position. This battle will be the blueprints for future British offensives. On the Balkan, Serbia is facing a different enemy: Typhus. The catastrophic sanitary conditions enable the disease to spread across the whole country.
S01E34 A Slice of The Pie - Splitting Up The Middle East 19/03/2015 Even though the Entente offensive near Constantinople didn't really take off yet, the allied powers were already dreaming about splitting up the Ottoman Empire between themselves - and even promised territory to other nations. In the meantime, Austria-Hungary started its third offensive in the Carpathians to free the besieged army in Galicia.
S01E35 The Fall of Przemy?l - Changing Strategy On The Western Front 26/03/2015 The generals at the Western Front are slowly starting to adapt to the modern war. The battle of Neuve-Chappelle will be a blueprint for future operations and further improvements are supposed to finally bring the decisive advantage. In the meantime, after 133 days, the fortress of Przemy?l capitulates - the longest siege of World War 1.
S01E36 Between The Fronts - War Refugees 02/04/2015 Not only the soldiers are suffering on the Eastern and Western Front, the Dardanelles or since this week also in Macedonia. More and more civilians become refugees in this modern war. Even far away from the battle grounds they are not safe anymore when German submarine sink civilian ships.
S01E37 The Armenian Genocide 09/04/2015 The leaders of the Ottoman Empire are looking for a scapegoat after their collosal defeat in the Caucasian Mountains a few month earlier. They start the systematic relocation and disarm Armenian troops among their ranks to end all calls for Armenian independence. Today's estimates place the death toll of the genocide up till 1.5 million men, women and children.
S01E38 Hybris - A General's Worst Enemy 16/04/2015 This week, generals on three different fronts show that they are not able to realise their mistakes. Basra falls to the British, the quick victory at the Dardanelles is getting more and more unlikely and the Russians are loosing their advantage in the Carpathians. But not the commanders have to pay the price for their mistakes, the soldiers have to.
S01E39 Gas On The Western Front - Baptism of Fire for Canada 23/04/2015 After experiments on the Eastern Front, the German Army is using poison gas for the first time on the Western Front. At the beginning of the 2nd Battle of Ypres, the wind blows in a favourable direction; the wide spread use of chlorine gas has a devastating effect on the French troops. Even the Germans are surprised by it. The incredible sacrifice of the Canadian troops make it possible to defend Hill 60 in the end.
S01E40 The Sea Turns Red - Gallipoli Landings 30/04/2015 Completely underestimating the Ottoman army at the Dardanelles, the British commanders decide to let the ANZACs take the Gallipoli peninsular as a gateway to the Bosporus and Constantinople. After the landing in ANZAC Cove and on Z Beach one thing comes clear though: Mustafa Kemal and his troops will fight for every inch of this piece of rock.
S01E41 Sinking of the Lusitania & The Gorlice-Tarnów Offensive 07/05/2015 Ignoring the warnings and cruising carelessly slow the RMS Lusitania is hit by a torpedo of the German U-Boat U20. Almost 2000 people die during the sinking of the Lusitania. At the same time the German and Austro-Hungarian army start a combined surprise offensive in the Carpathians. The Gorlice-Tarnów Offensive is a huge success for German commander August von Mackensen.
S01E42 Artillery Crisis on the Western Front - The Fall of Windhoek 14/05/2015 The 2nd Battle of Ypres is still going but no side can gain a decisive advantage. The main reason on the British side is a lack of artillery ammunition. Even the delivered shells are not working correctly. But even the German supply lines are stretched thin. At the same time German South-West Africa falls to South African troops under Louis Botha.
S01E43 Przemy?l Falls Again - Winston Churchill Gets Fired 21/05/2015 The big success of the Gallipoli Campaign never came, thousands of soldiers died and so Winston Churchill is forced to resign. At the same time August von Mackensen is pushing back the Russians and forcing them to hide in Przemy?l fortress - the same fortress they just conquered from the Austro-Hungarians a few weeks earlier.
S01E44 Frontline in the Alps - Italy Declares War 28/05/2015 After the defeats of Austria-Hungary against Russia, Italy is seeing her chance to grab disputed territories from them. Even though they are not prepared for a full scale war economically or militarily, the declare war against the Central Powers. So, just one month after the landing at Gallipoli, yet another front is opened in Europe. Meanwhile the Russians are still on the run from August von Mackensen and in Gallipoli the fighting stops to collect the dead.
S01E45 The Key To Success Is Artillery 04/06/2015 When Przemysl falls for the 2nd time and when the British and ANZAC troops fail at Gallipoli again, one thing becomes clear: Artillery is the key for future battles. August von Mackensen had used it with great success at the Gorlice-Tarnow-Offensive and the French even diverted one million men to shell factories. Meanwhile German Zeppelins bombed London and the US sent submarines for aid.
S01E46 Rex Warneford Destroys A Zeppelin - Austria Digs Into the Mountains 11/06/2015 Reginald Warneford is important to Britain's war effort. Not just because he shot down a German zeppelin, but because he is made a hero in times when heroes are needed. He receives a Victoria Cross soon after his victory because the commanders know about the average life span of pilots in World War 1. Meanwhile, the Austro-Hungarian army digs into the alpine rocks to fend of the Italian Attackers and Gallipoli continues to be a butchery without any progress.
S01E47 Cavalry, Spies and Cossacks 18/06/2015 The war seems like a romantic novel this week: In the East the Russians are saved by Cossack Cavalry while August von Mackensen's artillery is plowing through Galicia. In the meantime, the British discover a German spy ring in London and the French gain a few miles in the west.
S01E48 The Austro-Hungarian Empire Strikes Back 25/06/2015 Just a few weeks ago Austria-Hungary's military laid in shambles. But with German support from August von Mackensen and other German generals, the tide is turning on the Eastern Front. Even Lemberg can be conquered again and the Russians are still on their Big Retreat.
S01E49 On the Move but going Nowhere - Optimism is Failing! 02/07/2015 Two months after landing in Gallipoli the fight has become a trench warfare. In Mesopotamia British troops were losing the optimism, they had felt just a few weeks ago. The change of seasons brought more heat, turning the weather from bearable to excruciating. Heat became a deadly foe. While the German crown prince Wilhelm unsuccessfully tried to break through the Western front in the Ardennes, the Austro-German force managed to drive back the Russians in the East.
S01E50 Adapt or Die - The Artillery Barrage 09/07/2015 The Great Retreat of the Russians during the last weeks has shown one thing: Artillery is the key to success. More specifically, a new kind of artillery tactic called the artillery barrage which focuses shelling on one part of the front. August von Mackensen had actually stolen this approach from John French. The Entente tried to use it on the Western Front a few months earlier without the expected breakthrough.
S01E51 The Tumbling Giant - Russia's Army On The Verge Of Collapse 16/07/2015 The German-Austrian offensive on the Eastern Front had undone all of Russia's territorial gains in the last weeks. Lemberg had fallen and the German troops were at the gates of Warsaw. The Russian casualties were in the millions, especially equipment and officers were becoming scarce. And exactly now, the German high command (OHL) prepared an all-out offensive along the entire frontline. At the same time in Gallipoli, one failure followed the other. How long would the Entente be able to continue this exercise in butchery?
S01E52 Scorched Earth - Russia's retreat goes up in flames! 23/07/2015 This week Russia premieres her tactics of „Scorched Earth“. A new strategy of burning their own land is to avoid enemies profiting from their conquests. Russia had been retreating from the German and Austro-Hungarian armies for nearly three months now. Continuously losing huge areas of land and hundreds of thousands of men on the Eastern Front. As a consequence, millions of civilians had to flee their homes. At the same time allied troops at Gallipoli are weakened by infections and disease due to lack of hygiene and heat while Italy repeatedly failed to take out Austrian strongpoints.
S01E53 Russian Roulette - Germany Helps The Bolsheviks 30/07/2015 After Russia's Great Retreat and the defeat on the Eastern Front, the Russian Army is demoralized and even revolution is in the air. Germany is fanning the revolutionary flames by sending Bolshevik prisoners of war back to Russia - equipped with money to support the Bolshevik cause. Meanwhile, the the war is continuing on the Western Front. Even small skirmishes are turning into atrocious battles with little gain for either side. A great offensive is not in sight.
S01E54 Warsaw Falls - The Fokker Scourge Begins 06/08/2015 After the Russian defeats on the Eastern Front, Warsaw falls. The first time in over 100 years a new foreign power occupies the city. The German onslaught in the East seems to be unstoppable. Also on the Western Front the Germans are causing havoc with the new Fokker-Eindecker planes which start the so called Fokker Scourge. The British pilots even start to call their airplanes Fokker-Fodder. At the same time, the battle in Gallipoli continues with ever more troops landing while neither the Ottomans nor the ANZAC troops can gain any advantage.
S01E55 The Ruse at Gallipoli and the Siege of Kovno 13/08/2015 Another 20,000 soldiers fresh from the barracks are supposed to turn the tide at Gallipoli. But Mustafa Kemal is an Ottoman commander to be reckoned with. With a tactical ruse and the right timing, he surprises the inexperienced ANZAC recruits with a bayonet charge. As the sand of Chunuk Bair turns red, one thing is clear, Gallipoli is still not taken. On the Eastern Front the Germans lay siege on Kovno and are about to encircle the Russian troops near Brest-Litovsk. The German offensive on the Western Front is not nearly as successful though.
S01E56 Escalation At Sea and Russia Up Against the Wall 20/08/2015 The Entente was in desperate need of American supplies and so the German submarine campaign in the Atlantic was a real problem. The British started to run false flag operations with so called Q-Ships to hunt down U-Boats which lead to the so called Baralong Incident this week. In the meantime, Russia was standing up against the wall as the fortresses of Kovno and Novogeorgievsk were falling to the Germans leading to a catastrophic loss in men, equipment and supplies.
S01E57 The Battle of Hill 60 - Lunatic Persistence in Gallipoli 27/08/2015 Peter Hart described the state of the Gallipoli campaign in 1915 as "lunatic persistence in the face of the obvious" - and the Battle of Hill 60 proved just that. Outgunned and with a lack of artillery support, the battle was one of the bloodiest days on the peninsular near Constantinople. The Ottoman capital was still out of reach for the Entente to capture. Meanwhile, the war spread to the Indian border region and on the Western and Eastern Front the carnage continued in the air and on ground.
S01E58 The Western Front Awakens - The Tsar Takes Over 03/09/2015 The Western Front has been relatively quiet the whole summer while the Russians were on their Big Retreat. The French and British generals have been busy trying to find a new strategy to overcome the stalemate. The Germans weren't sitting idle while awaiting the next big French offensive, they fortified their positions even using concrete. At the same time in the East, Tsar Nicholas II personally takes over military command and fires Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich for the catastrophic casualties the Russian Army faced this summer. But his timing could not be worse.
S01E59 The Socialists Call for Peace - But the Plans Do Not 10/09/2015 While the Socialist movement gathers in Switzerland and calls for peace on the Western Front, on the Eastern Front and the Balkans the signs are set for the opposite: An escalation with new offensives. The French and British want to attack near Artois and in the Champagne, Germany wants to finish the war weary Russian Army. At the same time Bulgaria agrees to attack Serbia within the next 30 days. Even in London the war can still be felt when German Zeppelins continue to drop bombs on the British capital.
S01E60 The State Of World War 1 - As Reported by A Newspaper 100 Years Ago 17/09/2015 This week Indy dissects a contemporary source from autumn 1915 - the Hobart Mercury Newspaper from Australia. You can find the whole newspaper right here: While the French and British prepare a new offensive on the Western Front, their Entente ally Russia is still suffering in the East when Germany is moving on the last big Russian city of Vilnius. Even though the propaganda says otherwise, the situation for the ANZACs in Gallipoli still looks grim.
S01E61 The German Occupation of Lithuania - Unrest in Russia 24/09/2015 When the Germans take Vilnius, they set their plans of "germanizing" the whole area into motion. Erich Ludendorff believes that Courland and other areas near East Prussia are culturally German and that he's returning them to the Fatherland. While the Russian Army is now in a much better defensive position after their Great Retreat, civil unrest across the country is becoming a problem. Huge losses and the difficult supply situation are making it difficult to maintain order. At the same time, Bulgaria is mobilizing her troops, foreshadowing yet another front in this World War.
S01E62 The Battle of Loos - New Offensives On The Western Front 01/10/2015 After weeks of preparation the French and British Armies unleash a new offensive on the Western Front. Not only is it supposed to relieve pressure on the Russians on the Eastern Front but the Entente wants to achieve the decisive breakthrough. The French actually break through German trenches only to realise that they have a second line of trenches completely in tact right behind the first line. The British attack at Loos also turns into carnage even though the British use gas for the first time.
S01E63 Serbia Is Invaded Once Again - The Entente Lands in Greece 08/10/2015 The Central Powers want to open a direct supply connection between Berlin and Constantinople. So, they start a new offensive on Serbia to defeat them once and for all. It's an open secret that Serbias neighbour Bulgaria will soon join the war so the Serbians are in dire need of help. With no other option, the Entente lands troops in Salonika, Greece. The whole situation on the Balkans is sprialing out of controle once more. Meanwhile the new offensives on the Western Front continue while the Eastern Front cools down.
S01E64 Learning Lessons From Loos - Bulgaria Enters The War 15/10/2015 By the numbers the Battle of Loos was a defeat for the British Army but they learned valuable lessons for the future on the Western Front. The creeping artillery barrage is used for the first time successfully and it is apparent that assault tactics have to be rethought completely. On the Balkans, Bulgaria officially declares war on Serbia and joins the Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. On the same day they invade Serbia which is now in real trouble.
S01E65 The Crime That Shook the World - The Execution of Edith Cavell 22/10/2015 Edith Cavell was a British nurse serving in a nursing school in occupied Belgium. She was executed by the Germans for treason and espionage in Brussels. Her death and the surrounding atrocity propaganda caused a public outcry all over the world. At the same time the First World War continued like never before. The Third Battle of the Isonzo didn't bring a decision between Austria-Hungary and Italy, in Gallipoli the troops were slowly withdrawn and the the Champagne offensive of the French army was still in full swing.
S01E66 Russia Stems The Tide - Winter Is Coming 29/10/2015 After the Great Retreat during the summer, the Russians are finally able to fight back the Germans at Dvinsk. With a new type of trench warfare, they are able to render August von Mackensen's artillery useless and only take on small numbers of Germans at the same time. The German army is successful in Serbia though and so the situation for the Serbs looks grim. Meanwhile Benito Mussolini writes in his diary that the worst enemy is not Austria-Hungary, but lice. All of the soldiers and generals know one thing: Winter is coming.
S01E67 The Third Battle of the Isonzo - French Despair On The Western Front 05/11/2015 For the third time the Italians had tried to conquer the Austrian positions at the Isonzo front and for the third time they had failed. And like the other defeats before, the Third Battle of the Isonzo came with an extreme amount of casualties due to the difficult terrain in the Alps. At the same time, Lord Kitchener visits the front in Gallipoli and realizes that evacuation is the only logical decision to make. On the Western Front, the French had suffered well over 200.000 casualties during the autumn offensives at Artois and in the Champagne.
S01E68 Serbia's Last Stand Against The Central Powers 12/11/2015 Serbia's Army cannot hold out much longer against the invasion of the Central Powers. Germany, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria are relentlessly pushing forward through the Balkan country. The French are trying to help from the south but a river proves to be an obstacle they cannot overcome. In the Alps, the 4th Battle of the Isonzo starts one week after the 3rd had failed and in West Africa, the Battle of Banjo takes place as one of the last battles of the German colony Kamerun (Cameroon).
S01E69 The Forgotten Front - World War 1 in Libya 19/11/2015 12 war zones were not enough for this global war and this week an often forgotten theatre of war opens in Libya. Local Arab tribesmen fight against the British in guerrilla war. As if the Italians did not have enough problems at the Isonzo Front where Luigi Cardona is still sending his men into certain death against the Austrian defences. The situation for the Serbs is grim too and on the Western Front the carnage continues unchanged.
S01E70 Pride Comes Before The Fall - British Trouble in Mesopotamia 26/11/2015 Far away from the Western Front, the British Indian Army gets intro trouble in Mesopotamia against the Ottoman Empire. In the Alps, the Fourth Battle of the Isonzo is proving just as disastrous to the Italians the other three before. And in Serbia the situation is getting darker and darker as Nis is falling to the Central Powers. All while the flying aces of World War 1 are fighting it out in the skies over the Western Front.
S01E71 The Serbian Exodus Through Albania 03/12/2015 Serbia's last stand is over and the remaining forces and civilians have to leave their home country across the inhabitable trails of the Albanian Alps. So, a whole nation is on the run while their enemies celebrate their successful military operation. The German Army is gladly relocating the much needed troops to other fronts while they leave the Austrians and Bulgarians to deal with the new situation on the Balkans.
S01E72 Britain On The Run - The Siege of Kut Al Amara 10/12/2015 Serbia is breaking under the pressure of the Central Power invasion and the last troops and civilians flee through the Alps. The final decision to evacuate Gallipoli is made and the British Indian Army gets under siege in the town of Kut Al Amara in Mesopotamia. The end of 1915 certainly looked grim for the Entente. The morale in Italy was also at a low point after the Fourth Battle of the Isonzo river ended like the three before.
S01E73 Despair And Mutiny On The Italian Front 17/12/2015 The morale of the Italian Army at the Isonzo Front is on an all time low. Catastrophic defeats against the Austrians, bad and broken equipment, unsanitary conditions, no supplies, no front leave and recreation for the soldiers. This week the first troops under Luigi Cardona are mutinying. At the same time the Entente is in real trouble against Bulgaria on the Macedonian Front and the evacuation of Gallipoli is still in the planning phase.
S01E74 The Beginning Of The End - Evacuation At Gallipoli 24/12/2015 While the Western and Eastern Front freeze over and the armies there have to fight the harsh conditions as much as the fight the enemy, the evacuation of Gallipoli is set into motion. After months of stalemate, the disease ridden offensive is finally called off. Unlike the rest of the operations there, the evacuation is actually following a thorough plan.
S01E75 Preparing for 1916 - The Year of Battles 31/12/2015 1915 was a year for the Central Powers except on the Western Front where the stalemate continues. But plans are being made on both sides to gain an advantage. Preparations for huge offensives are on the way and one French fortress is the focus of the German Army: Verdun.
S01E76 Prelude to Verdun And The Road To the Somme 07/01/2016 1915 was a year in favor of the Central Powers. But in early 1916, the Russians, British and French were sending more fresh troops into battle than ever before – and better equipped too. French General Joseph Joffre was confident that a huge combined offensive at the Somme in summer would turn the tide. But German Chief of Staff Erich von Falkenhayn had his own plans to bleed the French dry at Verdun.
S01E77 The Invasion Of Montenegro - The End of Gallipoli 14/01/2016 It already started around Christmas but this week the evacuation of Gallipoli is complete. While the evacuation was a success, the overall defeat is inarguable for the British. On top of that the Ottomans can now send 40.000 soldiers to the siege of Kut in Mesopotamia where the British are still awaiting relieve. At the same time the Austro-Hungarian Army starts its invasion of Montenegro and the Western Front is still quietly awaiting the offensive at Verdun.
S01E78 The Fight for Montenegro & The Disaster Of Kut 21/01/2016 The Russians try to take Czernowitz, the Capital of Austrian Bukovina but thousands upon thousands of Russians were killed in action. While in Montenegro, Austro-Hungarian troops under commander in chief Franz Conrad von Hotzendorf take control of the Balkan state of Montenegro. A relief force led by Lieutenant-General Fenton Aylmer had to return to base after a big loss against the Turks, while in South Cameroon, so the Germans retire into Spanish territory.
S01E79 The Kaiser's Birthday - Hypocrisy in Greece 28/01/2016 Even though Britain went to war over the violation of the Belgian neutrality by the Germans, the neutrality of Greece seems to be of no concern to the Entente. The military presence on Corfu and Salonika is growing and growing. And even though there is no fighting there, the soldiers have to suffer since general Malaria is taking his toll. In the week of the Kaiser's birthday, the diplomatic tensions between the USA and Germany are increasing and on the Western Front Trench Foot is becoming a real problem.
S01E80 Germany Aims For Verdun - Russia Goes South 04/02/2016 The preparations for the huge German offensive at Verdun are almost complete. Thousands of artillery pieces are moved, millions shells brought to the front. Erich von Falkenhayn would soon unleash is offensive on the Western Front. At the same time, Russia headed south to the Caucasus once more in search for a desperately needed victory against the Ottomans.
S01E81 The Generalissimo Goes Forth 11/02/2016 The situation for the Italian soldiers was dire during the winter battles, but even though Luigi "The Generalissimo" Cadorna maintained a tight grip on the strategy used, the equipment of the Italian soldiers was greatly improved. At the same time, the Russians were advancing on Erzurum in the Turkish Caucasus and war at sea counted a few more casualties on all sides.
S01E82 The Ghost Of The Lusitania - Russia Takes Erzurum 18/02/2016 The sinking of the Lusitania is still causing diplomatic tensions between Germany and the USA. While the Germans insist they were forced by the British blockade to adopt unrestricted submarine warfare, the Americans think otherwise. In the meantime the Russian Army is taking Erzurum in the Caucasus and the big offensive at Verdun is delayed for a week.
S01E83 The Battle of Verdun - They Shall Not Pass 25/02/2016 The Germans start the biggest battle in history with an artillery barrage of over 1000 guns on a 20 km front. The Battle of Verdun is the first major German offensive since the Race to the Sea and Erich von Falkenhayn has high hopes to break through the French lines. Right before the offensive starts, the French are able to reinforce their defences, so they are barely able to hold the line. The French credo is: "ls ne passeront pas!" – they shall not pass!
S01E84 The US Arms Industry - The Fight for Douaumont 03/03/2016 The fierce Battle of Verdun continues but as the Germans under Crown prince Wilhelm push harder and harder, the German casualties begin to rise to the same levels as the French. The French Army is only kept alive through the sacred road which brings men to the front without a pause. One French soldier that gets captured around Verdun, is Charles De Gaulle. At the same time, on the almost forgotten Libyan Front South African cavalry saves the day like in the glorious past of the British Army.
S01E85 Equilibrium of Carnage at Verdun - Portugal Joins The War 10/03/2016 The fierce battle of Verdun is still going on and the initial surprise momentum of the German Army under Erich von Falkenhayn is lost. Battles for hill tops and forts turn into carnage where even the winning side is loosing too much men to go on. The Siege of Kut is growing ever more desperate as the there is virtually no food left for the British Army. And in all that Portugal is joining the war.
S01E86 Battle of the Isonzo - Discord Among The Central Powers 17/03/2016 The alliance between the Central Powers of World War 1 doesn't seem to be as strong anymore. The Bulgarians, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany are following their own goals without really helping out the other. Erich von Falkenhayn is obsessed with Verdun, Conrad von Hötzendorf wants to go on the offensive again after the 5th Battle of the Isonzo and the Bulgarians don't have the resources to pursue their own goals. At the same time the unrestricted submarine warfare of the Germans is taking a deadly toll.
S01E87 Russian Spring Offensive - Confusion at Fort Vaux 24/03/2016 The Russians want to relieve the pressure of their French allies at Verdun by starting a huge spring offensive near Lake Narroch. But this is not the only reason: The spring thaws are coming and the Germans on the Eastern Front have the high ground. At the same time, the epic struggle at Verdun is continuing: Neither the French nor the German Army can gain a decisive advantage at Fort Vaux. At sea, the British use the depth charge successfully for the first time and the German ship Greif tries to run the British Blockade.
S01E88 Verdun - A Nightmare to Annex 31/03/2016 After the huge failure at Mort Homme the Germans decide to take Cote 304 and therefore go to the western edge of the Verdun salient to make progress. On the Eastern Front the Russian 5th army loses 28,000 men in the Lake Naroch offensive and runs in its own artillery fire while at home, the Russian minister of war will be sacked. On the sea, German U-boats strike down a hospitalship and a ferry, which they thought were troopships.
S01E89 Zeppelins over Britain - Terror in the Skies 07/04/2016 As the other fronts are relatively quiet, the war is taken to the air. Zeppelins bombard Britain, the Italian and Austro-Hungarian air forces were fighting on the Italian Front and Greece was bombarded. The British and Greek civilians were now too casualties of this war with no end in sight. Though the Kaiser thinks the decision will be made at Verdun in the near future.
S01E90 The Meat Grinder at Verdun - Brusilov's New Plan 14/04/2016 The Russian offensive at Lake Naroch were an utter failure but the Russian General Aleksei Brusilov is already gearing up for the future mother of all offensives on the Eastern Front. At the same time the meat grinder at Verdun is sucking in German and French troops alive. Erich von Falkenhayn realised that his initial idea probably won't work but he still tries to capture the Mort Homme and Cote 304. In far away Mesopotamia the siege of Kut is still going on even though the British and Indian soldiers are already killing the hunger with Opium pills.
S01E91 The Muddy Graves of Russia and Kut 21/04/2016 With the spring in Russia and the Caucasus came the thaws on the Eastern Front and all the way down to Mesopotamia. The soldiers had to adapt to survive let alone fight. The Battle of Verdun still rages on though the French are not moving more airplanes to the area to break the German air superiority.
S01E92 Dividing Up The Middle East - The Sykes-Picot Agreement 28/04/2016 The secret agreement between France, Britain and Russia that was signed this week 100 years ago was a turning point in the relations to the Arab world. It negated all future promises made by the British and still has consequences 100 years later. The Middle East was becoming more and more important to the British in 1916 and people like T.E. Lawrence are starting to become major players in the background.
S01E93 The British Surrender At Kut - Germany Restricts The U-Boats 05/05/2016 After 140 days, the Siege of Kut ends with the biggest surrender of British forces in history. The remaining soldiers are starting their long march into captivity. Meanwhile the Italian front lights up again as Luigi Cadorna plans a new offensive and the Germans give in to diplomatic pressure and stop their unrestricted submarine warfare.
S01E94 The British Death March in Mesopotamia 12/05/2016 After the Ottoman victory at Kut, the suffering for the British and Indian prisoners is not over. They embark on a death march towards their prison camps. Sick, hungry and with no protection from the blazing sun, the soldiers have to suffer again and again. Meanwhile, the Eastern Front is still drowning in spring thaws and in Verdun, the French rotation system proofs its strategical advantage.
S01E95 Conrad's Cunning Plan - Hiding In Plain Sight 19/05/2016 Austro-Hungarian Chief of Staff Conrad von Hötzendorf had a plan to finally force a decision against the Italians. He massed troops and artillery in a different sector of the front planning a surprise offensive. And even though everybody knew about his cunning plan, Italian Chief of Staff Luigi Cadorna believed everything was a ruse and fired a general instead of preparing against the attack.
S01E96 Cutting Germany's Wings- The Dawn Of The Air Force 26/05/2016 The age of the solitary flying Ace is coming to end this week as the French are demonstrating what an Air Force can do. Equipped with Nieuport 11 fighters, they give the Germans a hard time above Verdun. On the ground, the Germans still obliterate whole battalions with their artillery but cannot gain any ground themselves. The Austrian offensive in Italy is still advancing and Luigi Cadorna is quickly scraping together troops for a defence.
S01E97 The Battle of Jutland - Royal Navy vs. German Imperial Navy 02/06/2016 The Battle of Jutland or the Skagerrakschlacht was arguably the biggest naval battle in history and a turning point of World War 1 as the German High Seas Fleet failed to break through the Royal Navy's blockade of the North Sea. The set trap of U-Boats fails to spring and even though more British ships were lost in the battle, it was a tactical defeat for the Germans.
S01E98 The Brusilov Offensive - The Arab Revolt 09/06/2016 The Brusilov Offensive is unleashed on the Eastern Front this week 100 years ago. General Aleksei Brusilov wants to crush the Austro-Hungarian Army and uses a variety of new tactics for his plan. At the same time, the Germans take Fort Vaux during the Battle of Verdun and in the Middle East, the Arab Revolt is declared.
S01E99 What If - Two Pivotal Moments of World War 1 16/06/2016 This week 100 years ago the whole war hangs in the balance, the Germans are about to break through the lines at Verdun, the Russians actually break through the Austro-Hungarian lines but fail to seize the opportunity further north. It all boils down to the lack of communication between Erich von Falkenhayn and Conrad von Hötzendorf which created a situation in which Falkenhayn has to save Conrad's Army and loses his momentum at Verdun.
S01E100 The Death of Max Immelmann - Haig's Final Offensive 23/06/2016 100 weeks of war. 100 weeks and not decisive breakthrough in sight. British Commander Douglas Haig is looking for the final showdown on the Western Front. He wants to relieve the French fighting in Verdun and break through the German lines once and for all. Up in the sky, the first German Flying Ace, Max Immelmann, dies in a plane crash and on the Eastern Front, the Brusilov Offensive is still steamrolling the Austrian defenses.
S01E101 British Artillery At The Somme - Brusilov Offensive Implodes 30/06/2016 This week 100 years ago, the British Army starts their preparations for the Battle of the Somme with a week long artillery bombardment which fails to weaken the German defensives considerably. At the same time the Brusilov Offensive in the East implodes as Russian General Evert fails with his offensive against the Germans even with superior numbers
S01E102 The Battle of the Somme - Brusilov On His Own 07/07/2016 After months of preparations and a week long artillery bombardment, the Battle of the Somme is unleashed on the Western Front. The great British and French offensive, brainchild of General Sir Douglas Haig, which is supposed to crush the Germans on the Western Front once and for all. But the initial infantry attack is a disaster. And on the Eastern Front, General Alexei Brusilov realizes that his northern flank support is not worth the name.
S01E103 Meatgrinder At The Somme - Battle of Mametz Wood 14/07/2016 The stalemate of the Somme continues as the uncoordinated British attacks only gain little ground. This war of attrition was costly for the defending Germans too though. German Chief of Staff Erich von Falkenhayn demanded that every meter lost should be recovered immediately. The same stalemate continued at the Battle of Verdun where the Germans attacked with poison gas this week 100 years ago.
S01E104 Australia's Darkest Hour - The Battle of Fromelles 21/07/2016 North of the Somme-Battlefield, the newly arrived Australian troops are supposed to prevent German forces to reinforce their comrades in the South. The following Battle of Fromelles is described as a the worst 24 hours in Australian history as the troops are sent against German defenders in a disastrous attack. At the same time, the French and Germans are licking their wounds at Verdun and the Russians are continuing their attack on the Eastern Front.
S01E105 Happy Birthday World War 1 28/07/2016 2 years. It has been 2 years since Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia which led to a downwards spiral that we now remember as World War 1. And this week 100 years ago, the three biggest battles in human history are being fought simultaneously: The Battle of Verdun, the Battle of the Somme, the Brusilov Offensive. Happy Birthday.
S01E106 Germany's Grandeur - Analyzing the War Effort 04/08/2016 It has been two years since the global escalation that lead to World War 1. Three of the biggest battles in history are fought simultaneously now and there is no end sight. When asked about the state of the war, the nations are still determined but the German position is still full of grandiose exaggerations.
S01E107 Italy Breaks Through - Cadorna's Triumph 11/08/2016 Italy's war in the alps wasn't very successful so far but this week they took Gorizia, a major triumph for the Duke of Aosta and Italian Chief of Staff Luigi Cadorna.
S01E108 Cadorna Snatches Defeat From The Jaws of Victory 18/08/2016 The Italian offensive taking Gorizia last week surprised everyone. Including Italian Chief of Staff Luigi Cadorna who overlooks the huge strategical advantages now open in front of him. Instead he hesitates and "glorious" victory gets a few dents. At the same time, Romania is getting ready to join the war on the side of the Entente too and on the Western Front German morale is dwindling as the French and the British Army are getting more confident at the Somme and at Verdun.
S01E109 The Five Nation Army - The Salonica Front Erupts 25/08/2016 The Salonica Front was supposed to be a backdoor to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and for supporting the Serbian Army when the first Entente troops landed there. But their presence in Salonica was growing and bigger. With the return of the Serbian troops from Corfu and new support by the Russians and Italians, the Allies were now fielding a Five Nation Army here.
S01E110 Romania Joins The War 01/09/2016 After more than two years of carnage, the war is still growing as Romania joins the war. The moments seems right to them as the Russians steamrolled the Austro-Hungarian Army on the Eastern front this summer. But can the unproven and under equipped Romanian Army really seize the moment? The German High Command wants to make sure that Romania regrets joining the Entente and sends two of their best generals: Erich von Falkenhayn and August von Mackensen.
S01E111 Fire In The Sky - Zeppelin Shot Down Over Britain 08/09/2016 German Zeppelins brought terror and destruction to the British homeland since the beginning of the war. But a new invention helped to bring the first one down this week 100 years ago: the incendiary bullet. The public is overjoyed as the first behemoth strikes the ground as a flaming ball of fire. At the same time an unusual calm descends on the battlefields around Verdun: Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff visited the battlefield for the first time and are appalled by what they see.
S01E112 Beasts of Steel - The First Tanks On The Battlefield 15/09/2016 For years the British had developed the idea of the "landship" or tank and now it was finally ready for the first deployment during the Battle of Flers-Courcelette. And even though technical problems plagued the new invention, the British leadership was confident that this new weapon would break the stalemate at the Western Front for good. In the meantime Germany was focusing all offensive efforts on the Romanian front to mercilessly crush the new enemy.
S01E113 Manfred von Richthofen's First Victory - American Volunteers in WW1 22/09/2016 This week 100 years ago Manfred von Richthofen is credited with his first aerial victory on the Western Front. He shoots down a British airplane with his Albatross D.II. At the same time the Isonzo Front is in full swing again where Luigi Cadorna is leading another offensive.
S01E114 Falkenhayn Crosses The Carpathians - The Battle of Sibiu 29/09/2016 Erich von Falkenhayn had been fired from his position as Chief-of-Staff but he had a new task: Leading the combined Austro-German forces into Romania. So, this week 100 years ago Falkenhayn crosses the Carpathian mountains into Transylvania where they met fierce Romanian resistance. At the same time the British attacked at the Somme again and failed to utilise their new weapon: the tank.
S01E115 Douglas Haig's Fantasies Drown In Mud 06/10/2016 Even though his troops are drowning in mud, Douglas Haig is still sketching grandiose plans for the breakthrough at the Somme. At the same time, the German Ambassador is recalled from Constantinople because he spoke out against the Armenian Genocide and with a clever offensive the Romanians harass August von Mackensen on the new Romanian Front.
S01E116 Deadly Routine On The Italian Front - The 8th Battle Of The Isonzo 13/10/2016 While the 7th Battle of the Isonzo River was still raging, Italian chief of staff Luigi Cadorna was already planning the 8th. The war of attrition was going in his favour even though the Italian losses began to mount too. But how long could Austria-Hungary keep up against the constant pressure?
S01E117 French Plans For Glory At Verdun - Romania Stops The Germans 20/10/2016 The front at Verdun has been quieter in recent weeks because the French are planing to retake all the lost ground and most importantly Fort Douaumont. Improved supplies, detailed planning and training give hope to the Poilus. The Germans on the other hand know that something is coming for them and when the morale couldn't get much lower, the Romanians stop Erich von Falkenhayn in the Carpathians.
S01E118 France Turns The Tide At Verdun 27/10/2016 Meticulous planning, patience and and improvement supply chain meant that the French were finally ready to push the Germans back at Verdun. And the recapture of Fort Douaumont was as much an odd story as was the capture a few months earlier.
S01E119 War of Attrition On The Italian Front - The Ninth Battle of the Isonzo 03/11/2016 The dust of the 8th and even 7th battle hasn't really settled on the Isonzo Front, but Luigi Cadorna is already unleashing the 9th Battle of the Isonzo River. The Austro-Hungarian troops under Svetozar Borojevic von Bojna can only look forward to the onset of winter because that will give them the long needed rest on the mountainous battlefield.
S01E120 Charming The Poles - The Central Powers Look For New Allies 10/11/2016 The year of battles is coming to a close as winter approaches. The Central Powers realize that they need new troops and new war material if they actually want to win the war and not just continue it. Erich Ludendorff dreams of a Polish Army under German command and to charm the Poles in the German Empire and the occupied territories, the Kingdom of Poland is established.
S01E121 Heavy Action At The Somme - The Fight For Monastir 17/11/2016 The battlefield at the Somme flared into action this week with the same disastrous consequences. The soldiers fighting for the British Army even analyzed the problems they were facing in the repeated assaults but to no avail. At the same time, the Serbs, supported by French troops, continued towards their home and fought for Monastir on the Macedonian Front.
S01E122 The Death Of Franz Joseph - The End of The Somme 24/11/2016 The year 1916 is slowly coming to a close. This year of battles has seen the Battle of Verdun and the Battle of the Somme with well over 2 million casualties alone. And this week 100 years ago, the Battle of the Somme ended with the last push at the Ancre. In Vienna, Emperor Franz Joseph dies after almost 7 decades on the throne and Serbian and French forces take Monastir.
S01E123 Romania On The Ropes - Reflections On The Battle of the Somme 01/12/2016 The fighting at the Somme is over - for now. The numbers of casualties on both sides is staggering and for what? Indy reflects on this epitome of WW1 battles. And at the same time 100 years ago the fighting in Romania was far from over. The four Central Powers were still on the move and it did not look good for Romania which only joined the war a few months ago. The situation in Greece became ever more complicated and increasingly violent too.
S01E125 The Mesopotamian Front Awakes - Joseph Joffre Gets Sacked 15/12/2016 After the humiliating defeat at Kut, the British forces in Mesopotamia have been busy building a proper supply chain up the Tigris river. Their goal is Basra and they are even dreaming of taking Baghdad. At the same time, French general Robert Nivelle, the new hero of the French army, is promoted while Joseph Joffre is no longer needed.
S01E127 Turmoil in Russia - The Assassination of Rasputin 29/12/2016 The chaos within Russia, especially Petrograd, is getting more and more severe. In the centre of much controversy is the Tsarina herself and her trusted mystic and healer Grigori Rasputin. His influence over the Tsar and his wife are actively frowned upon and this week 100 yeas ago he is assassinated. At the same the Russians are facing the German Army on the Romanian Front.
S01E130 Fighting on Alpine Peaks - Call for Self Determination 19/01/2017 The winter of 1916/1917 is the harshest one so far in the war. Nowhere do the soldiers suffer from these extreme conditions than on the Italian Front in the Dolomites. The fighting there is fierce already but the cold, avalanches and height make it even more brutal. After the failed peace negotiations, the cry for ethnic self determination can still be heard all around the world. And German foreign secretary Arthur Zimmermann sends a fateful telegram to Mexico that is today remembered as the Zimmermann-Telegram.
S01E131 Nivelle's Spring Offensive - Royal Conspiracy In Greece 26/01/2017 Germany is about to unleash unrestricted submarine warfare again which might draw the United States into the conflict - but the Germans are not worried. The German Kaiser is instigating with his sister in Greece and Nivelle has big plans for a decisive battle in spring.
S01E132 Germany Resumes Unrestricted Submarine Warfare 02/02/2017 This week 100 years ago, Germany goes all in and resumes unrestricted submarine warfare, their goal is to starve Britain out of the war before Germany cannot continue the war. All doubts are brushed aside and all shipping around the British Isles will be sunk without warning. At the same time, the economic situation in Russia gets worse and worse and winter prevents any major action.
S01E133 Bulgaria Digs In At Doiran - The Final Blow Against The Senussi 09/02/2017 While the US breaks of diplomatic relations with Germany in response to unrestricted submarine warfare, the Western Front is rather quiet. On the Macedonian Front, the Bulgarian Army is digging in at Doiran. They built a formidable defence network without the Entente realising it and this week 100 years ago the British get a first taste of that. The British also deal the final blow against the Senussi tribesmen on the Libyan Front.
S01E135 Mechanised War In Mesopotamia - Toplica Uprising 23/02/2017 After the humiliating defeat at Kut last year, the British upped their game in Mesopotamia and this week 100 years ago the British Indian Army starts making gains towards Baghdad. In the occupied territories of Serbia the local population is rising up against the Bulgarian and Austro-Hungarian occupants and on the Western Front, the British make surprisingly easy progress against the German Army.
S01E136 Conrad Loses His Job - Nivelle's Coup 02/03/2017 The new Austro-Hungarian Kaiser is not happy about his Empire's dependence on the German ally. And he is also not happy about their own military decisions and over the winter has worked to replace key positions with his own men. The last step in that process is convincing Conrad von Hötzendorf to take a position on the Italian Front. At the same time, French Commander Robert Nivelle is trying to get control over the British Armies on the Western Front and the Zimmermann Telegram is released to the press.
S01E138 The Tsar Abdicates - Baghdad Falls 16/03/2017 The protests that emerged in Russia this week are growing stronger and the Tsar is increasingly isolated until even his generals are pushing for his abdication. And after 300 years of Romanov rule, Tsar Nicholai II abdicates and when his brother refuses to take up the throne, the dynasty is no more. Meanwhile in the Middle East, the British are taking Baghdad effectively seizing control over a large area.
S01E139 Kaiser Karl Wants Peace - The Sixtus Affair 23/03/2017 Since Kaiser Karl I ascended the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire he was not happy with the progression of the war. He felt that his empire was tied to their German ally more than necessary and this week 100 years ago he was starting a process of secret negotiations for a separate peace with the Entente. At the same time the British had increasing problems at the home front and the chaos in Russia continued.
S01E141 The United States Declares War on Germany 06/04/2017 Diplomatic tensions after the return of German unrestricted submarine warfare and the aftermath of the Zimmermann telegram lead to the United States declaration of war on Germany this week 100 years ago. Meanwhile the British and French high command are still debating the upcoming offensive, namely the Battle of Arras which includes taking the contested Vimy Ridge and the Nivelle Offensive at the Chemin Des Dames.
S01E142 The Canadian Corps Takes Vimy Ridge - The Battle of Arras 13/04/2017 This week 100 years ago, the Western Front comes to live with a big British offensive at Arras. The Canadian Corps and the British 51st Infantry Division take Vimy Ridge which had been contested for 3 years by now. The rest of the battles goes well in the beginning too but due to a snowstorm and the German defences it soon slows down.
S00E00 00/00/0000
S00E01 Europe Prior to WWI - Alliances and Enemies 31/07/2014 To understand World War One completely, you need to understand what happened before. In 1914, Europe was on the verge of modernity. The German Reich, France, Great Britain and Austria-Hungary were fighting over influence and colonies. Russia was gaining more and more power while the Ottoman Empire was only a shadow of its former self. Meanwhile, smaller nations were striving towards independence to fulfil their dream of being an sovereign state. In our first special episode about the prelude to war, Indy explains what Europe was like in 1914.
S00E02 Tinderbox Europe - From Balkan Troubles to World War I 01/08/2014 After multiple wars, the Balkan states had gained independence from the Ottoman Empire. At the same time, Austria-Hungary was increasing its influence over the region. The second video in our special series about the prelude to World War One is focusing on South-Eastern-Europe. Indy explains the rising conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. Even before 1914, conflicts arose on the Balkan that would later lead to unbelievable misery in the area. This video is part two of three special episodes dealing with the prelude to war.
S00E03 A Shot that Changed the World - The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand 04/08/2014 On June 28th, 1914, Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, a nationalist working for the Serbian underground organisation "Black Hand" (officially known as "Unification or Death"). From today's perspective, the assassination is seen as the event that triggered the chain reaction leading to the outbreak of the Great War only one month later: on July 28th, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.
S00E04 Are Those Insane Austrian Railways Still In Use? 22/09/2014
S00E05 The Role Of Airplanes And Cavalry in World War 1 13/10/2014
S00E06 Who Did What in WW1? - The Red Baron 28/10/2014 Manfred von Richthofen, better known as the Red Baron, was one of the most popular figures of the Great War. Until his death in April 1918, he was one of the best pilots and revolutionized aerial warfare with his skills and his adaptation of the Dicta Boelcke. But who was Manfred von Richthofen and how did he become one of the aces of the war, idolized by friends and enemies alike?
S00E07 Why Wasn't Switzerland Invaded in World War 1? 17/11/2014 Indy is answering your questions again. In this episode of OUT OF THE TRENCHES we are explaining the situation of Switzerland in WW1 and the role of Zeppelins during the war.
S00E08 Hard and Muddy Times - The Trench Warfare 24/11/2014 The prevalent conduct of war of the Twenties is unmistakably the trench warfare. The trenches with its knee deep mud are war theatre as well as home to the soldiers. But how does it look like inside a trench? How is it constructed? Indy took a look and explains why the trenches are thought to be the base for a longstanding war and how life was inside a trench.
S00E09 Who Did What in WW1? - Kaiser Wilhelm II - The Last German Emperor 01/12/2014 Kaiser Wilhelm II. (1859-1941), Germany's last emperor, was born in Potsdam in 1859, the son of Frederick III. and Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria. Wilhelm became emperor of Germany in 1888 following the death of Frederick II. During his rule, Germany's relations with Britain, France and Russia became strained. William was forced to abdicate on 9th November, 1918. He fled the country with the rest of his family and lived in Holland for the rest of his life. Who was Wilhelm II., the last emperor of Germany and what was his political and military influence on the German decisions during World War I?
S00E10 How Did Gas Shells Work in WW1? I OUT OF THE TRENCHES 08/12/2014
S00E11 Who Did What in WW1? - Ferdinand Foch 15/12/2014 Ferdinand Foch was one of the most famous Entente generals of World War 1. He already began his military career in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870/71. Until the end of WW1 he rose to the rank of Commander in Chief of the allied forces. War had always been central to Foch’s life, though neither he nor anyone else really foresaw the size, scope, and horrors of World War One. In this video we're showing his impressive life.
S00E12 A Sign of Friendship in the Midst of War - The Christmas Truce 1914 24/12/2014 Initially, everyone believed that this war would be over by Christmas, but on Christmas Eve 1914, soldiers were still facing each other in France, Belgium, throughout Eastern Europe, and all of the other theatres of war. But instead of shooting at each other, quite a few soldiers decided to sing and celebrate this night with their enemies. This happened in many places on the Western Front, and the commanding officers were not happy about it. In future, they would see to it that it did not happen again.
S00E13 How Did the Armies Bury the Dead in the Trenches? 29/12/2014 Indy is answering your questions again. In this episode of OUT OF THE TRENCHES we are explaining how the armies dealt with corpses of fallen comrades and why Bulgaria joint the central powers.
S00E14 What Was The Bloodiest Battle of World War 1? 12/01/2015 Indy is answering your questions again. In this episode of OUT OF THE TRENCHES he is explaining how airplanes got armed with machine guns and what was the bloodiest battle of WW1.
S00E15 Recap: The First Six Months 19/01/2015 World War 1 broke out in summer 1914, a little over 100 years ago. Our channel is following the historic events week by week. For everyone who recently joined this channel: this recap is specially for you! Catch up with the last six months, hence the first six months of the war. Between the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the Battle of the Marne and the Christmas Truce, hundreds of thousands of soldiers had to die. This is modern war.
S00E16 Who Did What in WW1? - Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck 26/01/2015 Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, also known as the Lion of Africa, was commander of the German colonial troops in German East Africa during World War 1. His guerilla tactics used againd several world powers of the time are considered to be one of the most successful military missions of the whole war. In Germany, he was celebrated as a hero until recently. But recent historical research show a picture much more controversial than the one of a glorious hero.
S00E17 How Did Journalists Work in World War 1? 02/02/2015 Indy sits on the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions. This week, he outlines the work of journalists during the war and explains how he writes the different episodes for the show.
S00E18 Companions In The Trenches - Animals of World War 1 09/02/2015 The deeds of animals in World War 1 are often forgotten next to the sufferings the soldiers had to endure in this industrial war. Millions of horses, thousands of dogs and pigeons were useful companions and dependable comrades. In this special episode Indy explains everything about the usage of animals in the great war and under which conditions they had to live.
S00E19 Who Did What in WW1? - Maximilian von Spee 16/02/2015 Vice Admiral Maximilian Reichsgraf von Spee is one of the most famous admirals of World War One. When the war broke out, he and his East Asian Squadron are stationed in the Pacific. But instead of surrendering to his superior enemies, he manages to reach South America during an audacious cruiser war. At the Battle of Coronel, he ends the legend of the invincible Royal Navy.
S00E20 Were British Soldiers Better Than Others? 23/02/2015 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions. This week he tries to explain why Austro-Hungarian Chief of Staff Conrad von Hötzendorf was allowed to command an army at all.
S00E21 Patreon Announcement 26/02/2015 Over the past months, THE GREAT WAR became a success thanks to your ongoing support. Rightfully, a lot of you raised the question how this is all financed. Even though we're part of a big multi channel network called Mediakraft who is supporting this project from the beginning and made it possible, we have to start aiming for a financial break even. And not only that, we actually have a lot more ideas for this channel that we would like to realise in the future.
S00E22 Poland's Struggle for Independence During WW1 02/03/2015 World War 1 was a a fight of nationalism and self determination for many countries which did not yet exist then. One of those countries was Poland - its territory split between Russia, Austria-Hungary and Germany. In our first of multiple special episodes, Indy tells you everything about Poland and it's fight for independence.
S00E23 Sustaining Total War - Women in World War One 09/03/2015 When you think about World War One, you think of men fighting to death in the mud. All to often the immense contribution of women as nurses, medics, ammunition workers and so many more has been forgotten. This special episode salutes all the women who served in the Great War.
S00E24 What About Canada? 16/03/2015 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom to answer your questions about World War 1. This week you asked about the chance of Scandinavia joining the war and what was the deal with Canada?
S00E25 Adolf Hitler in World War 1 23/03/2015 Adolf Hitler later said about his experience on the Western Front that it was the happiest time of his life. His time on the front and at home influenced his understanding of society and nation, the military gave his life structure for the first time in his life. Indy tells you everything about the early life of the man who later would become the Führer.
S00E26 Latin America During WW1 and Who Are You Guys? 30/03/2015 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again and answers your questions. This time he explains the situation of Latin America during World War 1 and you get to know some of the people behind the camera of our channel.
S00E27 Poison Gas Warfare In WW1 07/04/2015 All soldiers feared poison gas but all sides developed deadlier and more perfidious kinds of chemical agents. Indy tells you everything about gas warfare in World War 1 in this special episode.
S00E28 Who Did What in WW1? - The Last Tsar - Nicholas II 13/04/2015 Nicholas II was the last tsar of Russia and the last ruler of the Romanov dynasty. His reign and his command are considered especially inauspicious today. Everything you need to know about Nicholas II of Russia in portrait.
S00E29 South America in WW1 - Religious Leaders 20/04/2015 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions about World War 1. This week, he is explaining the role of the religious leaders during the war and what role the South American countries played.
S00E30 Race To The Sea - Propaganda Changes 27/04/2015 Indy takes place in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions. This week we deal with the outer ends of the Western Front, changes in propaganda and the logistics in the Carpathians.
S00E31 Who Did What in WW1? - Conrad von Hötzendorf 04/05/2015 Conrad von Hötzendorf was one of the main figures pushing for war and escalating the July crisis in 1914 leading to World War 1. His failure as commander in chief of Austria-Hungary were staggering but still today some consider him a military genius. Who was this man who polarizes military scholars till today and played such a huge role in the downfall of the Habsburg empire? Find out in our biography.
S00E32 The Sky Was The Limit - World War 1 In The Air 11/05/2015 World War 1 saw several completely new technologies develop rapidly. The airplane itself was only a few years old but pioneering engineers soon saw its potential for military use. For recognisance and later as fighter or bomber, World War 1 had huge impact on aviation and warfare in general. This special episode gives you an idea about the obstacles that had to be overcome.
S00E33 Who Did What in WW1? - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk 18/05/2015 Mustafa Kemal or simply Atatürk was the founder of the modern, secular Turkish Republic. He earned his stripes as an officer in World War 1 as the defender of Gallipoli against the ANZAC troops. You can find out all about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk during the last years of the Ottoman Empire in our biography.
S00E34 Canada in World War 1 25/05/2015 One of the countries that found its identity in the trenches of World War 1 was Canada. During the 2nd Battle of Ypres and the Battle of Vimy Ridge the Canadians and Newfoundlanders proofed their worthiness over and over again. Indy takes a special look on Canada in World War 1 and how they became one one of the feared enemies of the Germans.
S00E35 Who Did What in WW1? - Winston Churchill 01/06/2015 Winston Churchill's life is actually too big for just one video. Even before World War 1, some biographies about him were published. His career during the Great War saw sheer brilliance like the modernisation of the Royal Navy and utter failure like the Gallipoli Landings. Find out all about Winston Churchill in our portrait.
S00E36 South Africa in WW1 feat. Extra Credits 06/06/2015 The history of South Africa was already influenced by ethnic tension between the natives and the recently arrived colonists from Great Britain and the Netherlands. The Boers had actually fought to wars with the Empire for self determination. Still, in World War 1 they fought for the King. South Africa saw major action in German East Africa against Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck. But their troops were tested in Europe as well. For example in Delville Woods too where they fiercely fought agains the attacking German Army.
S00E37 Who Did What in WW1? - The Author of All Quiet on The Western Front - Erich Maria Remarque 15/06/2015 All Quiet On The Western Front is surely the most prominent anti-war book and book about World War 1 of all time. The German author Erich Maria Remarque fought on the Western Front until he got wounded. During his recovery he collected stories from his comrades and started writing the book. Just one year after publication, a movie was made in the US where Remarque later emigrated to.
S00E38 Who Did What in WW1? - A Genius and A Madman - Fritz Haber 22/06/2015 Fritz Haber is one of the most famous German scientists. His inventions made it possible to feed an ever growing human population and influence us till this day. But Fritz Haber had a dark side too: His research made the weaponization of gas and the increased production of explosives possible. Find out more about the life of Fritz Haber in our biography.
S00E39 Indiana Jones and the Giant Metal Snake - Outtakes 29/06/2015 We made it! 100.000 subscribers and all thanks to you and your support. We couldn't have done this without you so for this great milestone and in a series of surprises we have prepared for our upcoming first birthday, we present to you: Our first outtakes videos. You might have noticed that Indy is a bit insane sometimes, but if you want to know what happens when he thinks the camera is not running, check out our video.
S00E40 Who Did What in WW1? - Socialist and Front Soldier - Louis Barthas 06/07/2015 Louis Barthas was a French soldier who served on the Western Front for 54 months. He served in the Battle of Verdun and other major battles of World War 1. His War Diary gave a voice to the senselessness of war. As a socialist, Barthas was a supporter of the French mutinies of 1917 and a vocal enemy of the war. All about Louis Barthas in our biography.
S00E41 Italy in World War 1 13/07/2015 Italy was a major European country that joined World War 1 almost a year after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. Initially, Italy actually had an alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary called the Triple Alliance, but Italy decided to back the Entente powers instead because they were promised disputed land in the Alps and near Trieste. Find out all about Italy in World War 1 in our new special.
S00E42 How do Artillery Shells Work? How Do We Maintain Our Objectivity? 20/07/2015 After a small hiatus it's time for another episode of OUT OF THE TRENCHES where Indy answers your questions. This time Indy explains two of the main types of artillery shells: Explosive and Shrapnel Ammunition. Also what was the role of Papua New Guinea in WW1 and why does he like Smurfs?
S00E43 Recap 2: The First Year 27/07/2015 It’s been a year, since we started following the First World War, and still no end of the bloodshed is in sight. "A year of battles“ had begun and total war had commenced and was spreading around the world. Russia was no longer gaining ground on the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Armies, instead it was fighting on its own territory, constantly under fire and forced to retreat. The allies had hoped for a quick win after storming Gallipoli, instead the catastrophical fighting was dragging on. Constantly being at the Germans mercy in the skies and on the sea. Daily men and means were lost, while the hope of developing an innovation, that would gain a decisive advantage still lingered. For all of you who joined The Great War recently, or you who would like a summary to recall the last six months, this is part two of our Recap reaching from February to July 1915.
S00E44 It's our Birthday! - One year on THE GREAT WAR 28/07/2015
S00E45 Boy Scouts during WW1 And The Lusitania Sinking Myths 03/08/2015 It's time for the chair of wisdom again. This time Indy answers to particular questions - which took us a bit to research - about the Boy Scouts during World War 1 and the many theories about the sinking of the Lusitania and wether it was carrying ammunitions or not.
S00E46 Top 11 Stupid Moves of Early World War 1 05/08/2015 As a last birthday surprise, we tried something new and present Indy's ranking of the 11 most stupid moves of early World War 1. What do you think of our list and who would make it to the top of yours? Tell us in the comments below.
S00E47 Welcome! - The Great War Channel 101 07/08/2015 Welcome to The GREAT WAR YouTube-Channel. If you are new here, watch this short introduction by Indy to help you get going.
S00E48 Who Did What in WW1? - The Forgotten War Heroine - Milunka Savic 10/08/2015 Even though Milunka Savic was one of the highest decorated soldiers of the entire Great War, she was forgotten soon after it ended. Her great deeds for the Serbian Army and even the impossible fact that she was serving as a female soldier became lost and were only recently discovered. Find out all about the forgotten Serbian fighter which is now considered a war heroine with Indy.
S00E49 Capturing the Horrors - The Art of World War 1 17/08/2015 The beginning of the 20th century saw rapid changes to the understanding of the fine arts and the First World War was a big catalyst for all the new art movements of Modernity like Cubism, Expressionism or Impressionism. Countless painters like Otto Dix or Max Beckmann used their paintings to process the horrors they had lived through. Before this war, paintings used to glorify soldiers and generals, but the new schools of art couldn't be further from that and so it is no wonder that the Nazis displayed a lot of World War 1 paintings in their exhibition of degenerate art ("Entartete Kunst") before World War 2.
S00E50 The French Rifles of World War 1 featuring Othais from C&RSENAL 24/08/2015 In the very first edition of our livestream with Othais from C&Rsenal, he introduced us to the French guns of World War 1, such as the Berthier carbine or the Lebel rifle. This is the first summary of our session surrounding the rifles that the French took into battle and their design. If you are curious to find out more about these, check out Othais' videos where he goes into even more detail about the individual firearms. In the second summary we will talk about French pistols.
S00E51 French Pistols of World War 1 featuring Othais from C&RSENAL 31/08/2015 This is the 2nd part of our special episodes on French small arms of WW1 and how they were used in battle. Othais explains the problems of manufacturing pistols like the Ruby Mle 1915 on a big scale. The French "Lebel revolver" also known as Model 1892 has a few interesting features like being a single action and a double action revolver at the same time. Particularly, the unusual reloading mechanism has a fascinating military history.
S00E52 The Schlieffen Plan - And Why It Failed 07/09/2015 The Schlieffen Plan was the blueprint for Germany's army to avoid a two-front war with Russia and France. It was supposed to be the solution for a quick victory against arch enemy France by invading Belgium and the Netherlands to circumvent French defenses. Helmut von Moltke adapted the original plan by Alfred von Schlieffen and ultimately failed when the Germans were beaten at the Battle of the Marne. Indy explains the numerous reasons why the Schlieffen Plan was doomed to fail.
S00E53 Sweden during World War 1 - Balancing Neutrality 14/09/2015 Sweden was neutral during the Great War and like all neutral countries in World War 1 it was affected by the global conflict. Balancing neutrality between the Central Powers and the Entente while also maintaining trade with both sides was not easy - but very profitable. Especially the trade with Germany was very lucrative since it was circumventing the British Naval Blockade. But that was not the only effect the war had on Sweden which became the nation it is today during WW1.
S00E54 Behind the Scenes - A Glimpse Into The Mind of Indy Neidell 16/09/2015 For our first birthday our team went to Stockholm to visit Indy so, that you can get a look behind the scenes of the great man behind the scripts of THE GREAT WAR YouTube channel. On the same occasion he also showed us around his home which is full of interesting photos - and cats. And guitars.
S00E55 Interview with Indy Neidell 19/09/2015 Our producer David sat down with Indy in his garden for an interview that answers a few questions you all have been dying to ask. Why Stockholm? Why The Great War Channel? Are you a Historian?
S00E56 Submarines, Dreadnoughts and Battle Cruisers - The Navies of World War 1 21/09/2015 Even though there was only one major naval battle in the Atlantic during World War 1, the navies played a huge role during the entire conflict. From troop transports to supplies and from unrestricted submarine warfare to the landing at Gallipoli: The life of a sailor in the Great War was dangerous. And it wasn't just the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea was full of navies and battle ships. Especially fairly new ship types like the submarine or the Dreadnought were a force to be reckoned with.
S00E57 Why Did They Fight in Neutral Persia and Albania During WW1? 28/09/2015 It's time for the Chair of Wisdom again and Indy answers your questions about World War 1. In our new episode we talk about Persian and Albanian neutrality and how it was ignored by the Entente and the Central Powers. David, our producer, also explains how he creates the soundtrack for our show.
S00E58 The Maconochi Stew 24/11/2014 What did the soldiers in the trenches eat? Well one of the most famous dish was machonochi stew. If you want to cook it yourself you will need these things: Potatoes Carrots Onion Butter White Cooked Beans Corned Beef And a little bit of flour. Enjoy cooking your very own maconochi stew!
S00E59 Bulgaria in World War 1 - The New Central Power 05/10/2015 Bulgaria joined the ranks of the Central Powers in World War 1 in October 1915 and shortly after invaded neighbouring Serbia to support the German-Austro offensive on Belgrade. A lot of promises about territory were made towards Ferdinand I and especially the chance of getting back territories lost in the Balkan Wars was music to Bulgarian ears. Find out all about Bulgaria joining World War 1 in our special episode.
S00E60 How Was A Burial Truce organised? 10/10/2015 Indy is sitting in the Chair of Madness this time and to answer your questions. This time we are talking about Paul von Hindenburg and his legacy after World War 1 and about burial truces between the armies on the Western Front.
S00E61 Who Did What in WW1? - The German Painter Who Fought In The Trenches - Otto Dix 12/10/2015 Otto Dix was a German artist known for his unforgiving depiction of the Great War and the society of Weimar Republic from. His works in the series Der Krieg (The War) are among the most well known depictions of the horrors of war. Together with George Grosz and Max Beckmann, he is considered one of the most important artists of the Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity).
S00E62 The French Uniforms of World War 1 19/10/2015 We are starting a new irregular series about the various uniforms of the waring nations of World War 1. Starting with the French uniforms we are exploring everything from helmets to boots. The French were the first army to adapt a real military helmet with the M15. In the beginning of the war they were still wearing the traditional Kepi from Franco-Prussian War, however. Find out all about the French equipment in the trenches with Indy.
S00E63 Why Didn't They Learn Anything From the American Civil War? 24/10/2015 Indy is sitting in the Chair of Madness again to answer your questions. And this time we are answering one big question that we get a lot: Why didn't they learn anything from the American Civil War and its carnage?
S00E64 Recap 3: August - October 1915 - Global Escalation 26/10/2015 Every three months we publish recap episodes that summarises the events of the First World War 100 years ago. In late summer and autumn 1915 the Russians were still on their Great Retreat on the Eastern Front. The Western Front was suffering from the Fokker Scourge and erupted with the Battle of Loos and a new Champagne offensive. At the same time, Gallipoli was still in dire straits and on the Isonzo Front, Luigi Cardona could still not gain any territory against Austria-Hungary.
S00E65 The Top 10 Moustaches of World War 1 28/10/2015 November is the month of the year to celebrate moustaches and beards in all forms and fashions. To celebrate the start of #movember we made a new top list ranking the beards of World War 1.
S00E66 Who Did What in WW1? - J.R.R. Tolkien - The Father of Lord of The Rings 02/11/2015 John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (JRR Tolkien) served on the Western Front of World War 1. It is believed that his experiences of the horrors war were a direct inspiration for his Lord of the Rings-Books. The struggle between good and evil and the price for victory are strong motives in his work. Find out which other similarities there are between the Lord of the Rings and the First World War.
S00E67 The Legend of the Desk & the Far Ends of the Trenches 07/11/2015 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions. And this time, we're talking about the legend behind our desk and how the far ends of the trenches looked like. Don't forget to ask us more questions.
S00E68 The USA Before Joining World War 1 09/11/2015 Even though the United States only joined the First World War in 1917, the affects of World War 1 were felt way before. Woodrow Wilson initially wanted the USA to stay neutral but also increased the number of the US Army and expanded the US Navy. Economically, the United States of America had already chosen a side in the conflict before the declaration of war was signed. They supported the Entente with ammunition and other supplies. Things like the sinking of the Lusitania and unrestricted submarine warfare only made it easier to convince the public.
S00E69 Who Laid The Barbed Wire In No Man's Land? 14/11/2015 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions. This time we tell you how the barbed wire was laid in No Man's Land and what fate Luxembourg had in World War 1
S00E70 Beyond Wires and Pigeons - Communications in World War 1 16/11/2015 If one thing was vital to the the new kind of modern warfare in the First World War, it was communications. The Industrial Revolution had brought wireless transmission of signals with it and the huge armies of World War 1 needed to be in contact constantly to be successful in the field. In this special episode we introduce you to the birth hour of modern military communication and signals.
S00E71 What was the German Secret on the Eastern Front in 1915? 21/11/2015 Indy sits int he chair of wisdom again to answer your questions about World War 1. This time we are explaining the secret to the German success on the Eastern Front in 1915, who Eugene Bullard was and how pilots would navigate.
S00E72 German Rifles of World War 1 feat. Othais from C&Rsenal 23/11/2015 Indy and Flo sit down for one of our live streams about historical firearms again. Othais from C&Rsenal explains the various German rifles and pistols of the First World War. Among them of course the famous Gewehr 98 from Mauser and its predecessor, the Gewehr 88.
S00E73 Why Don't You Use Modern Names For Cities? Who Was A Capable Commander in WW1? 28/11/2015 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again and this time answers two questions that you were asking a lot. He explains his policy for naming places in a historical context and if there were any good commanders actually.
S00E74 Hell's Handmaiden - Canadian Flying Ace Billy Bishop 30/11/2015 William "Billy" Bishop was not only the top Canadian flying ace but also one of the most successful flying aces of World War 1. With 72 confirmed victories, he soon became the fear of the German Jagdstaffeln who actually put a bounty on his head and called him Hell's Handmaiden. Surviving one of the bloodiest theatres of war, the sky above the Western Front, Billy Bishop's skill made him a national hero.
S00E75 Merch is Here! - Indy and Flo introduce Our Brand New Merchandise 04/12/2015 Merch is Here! - Indy and Flo introduce Our Brand New Merchandise
S00E76 Why Weren't The Germans Allowed to Pass Through Belgium in 1914? 05/12/2015 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions and this time we are telling the story of German New Guinea and talk about Germans passing through Belgium in 1914.
S00E77 Born On The Shores Of Gallipoli - ANZAC in WW1 07/12/2015 The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps or ANZAC fought in Gallipoli, on the Western Front and in the Middle East during World War 1. Even though the Gallipoli campaign was an ultimate failure, it was the birth hour of the New Zealand and Australian national consciousness. Find out how the Great War shaped Australia and New Zealand in our special episode.
S00E78 How Did Submarine Warfare Change During World War 1? 12/12/2015 Indy sits in the Chair of Wisdom again to answer your questions of WW1. This time we are talking about submarine warfare during the First World War.
S00E79 The First Soldier of Belgium - King Albert I 14/12/2015 King Albert I of Belgium was not was by any means no regular monarch. It was already unlikely that he became King in the first place and when he did, he tried everything he could to distance himself from King Leopold II who had reigned before him. After the outbreak of World war 1 he tried everything he could to keep up the morale on the Yser Front, the last part of Belgium not occupied by the Germans.
S00E80 Thank you for 200.000 Subscribers! 15/12/2015 We just wanted to say thank you for reaching 200.000 subscribers just six months after we reached 100.000. Your continuous support and enthusiasm for the show is what keeps us going and we hope you are also excited for the Year of Battles, 1916.
S00E81 Baseball during WW1? What Was the Role Of Bicycle Battalions? 19/12/2015 Indy sits in the Chair of Wisdom again to answer your questions about WW1. This time we are talking about Baseball and Bicycle Battalions.
S00E82 Colonial Glory And World War 1 Reality - British Field Marshal John French 21/12/2015 British Field Marshal John French was a soldier through and through and had a glorious career during the colonial era of the British Empire, but all the battles around the world couldn’t prepare him for modern war. His experience in the Boer Wars and in the Mahdist War made John French a rising star in the military. But when he was leading the British Army landing in Belgium in August 1914, neither he or the public were prepared for the new realities of World War 1 with huge casualties and trench warfare
S00E83 The Story Of The SMS Emden 25/12/2015 The SMS Emden was a light cruiser serving in Asia when World War 1 broke out. Instead of fleeing with the rest of the German East Asia Squadron under Maximilian von Spee, captain Karl von Müller stayed behind and waged a devastating cruiser war against the Entente effectively crippling the supply lines. But the luck of the Emden could not hold out forever. Find out more about the incredible story of the SMS Emden.
S00E84 Why Was Franz Ferdinand A Horrible Person? 26/12/2015 It's time for the Chair of Wisdom again. This time Indy explains why he deems Franz Ferdinand a horrible person, why the soldier did not mutiny all the time and what the Philippines did in World War 1.
S00E85 German Pistols of World War 1 feat. Othais from C&Rsenal 28/12/2015 In the second part of our German weapons special, Othais introduces us to pistols. Among them are oddities like the Reichsrevolver but also iconic pieces of German engineering like the Luger including the rare Trommelmagazin.
S00E86 How Accurate Is Blackadder Goes Forth? 02/01/2016 Indy is answering your questions about the First World War again and this time we are talking about the neutrality of Greece, the accuracy of Blackadder Goes Forth and the contribution of Asia and Africa.
S00E87 Dancer, Lover, Spy - Mata Hari 04/01/2016 Mata Hari or Margaretha Geertruida Zelle is one of the most fascinating women of the 20th century. Not only did the Dutch woman charm half or Paris with her exotic and erotic dancing. After several up and downs she ended up as a spy for love gathering intelligence for the German secret service. When she was caught by the French, her live ended as unglamorous as it started.
S00E88 The Return of the Giant Metal Snake - The Great War Outtakes 09/01/2016 By know you probably understood that Indy is a little crazy in the good way. So, here's a collection of new bloopers and outtakes for your viewing pleasure. Happy New Year!
S00E89 One Of the Capable Generals of WW1 - Arthur Currie 11/01/2016 Arthur Currie is one of the few universally acclaimed generals of World War 1. His refusal to send is troops into battle as canon fodder and his detailed planning and training made the Canadian Corps a force to be reckoned with on the Western Front. Find out all about the man who was only serving in the militia before the war.
S00E90 Battle of Mojkovac & The Biggest Artillery Gun in World War 1 16/01/2016 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions about World War 1. This week we are talking about the Battle of Mojkovac and the Paris Guns.
S00E92 What was the Food like at the Front? 23/01/2016 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions. This time we tell you how the food was like in the trenches and what role Andorra and Iceland had in World War 1.
S00E93 The Entente On The Run 25/01/2016 The end of the year 1915 and early 1916 don't look good for the Entente powers. Stalemate on the Western Front, no progress on the Eastern Front, Serbia overrun, defeat after defeat at the Isonzo, under siege at Kut, Gallipoli evacuated and even a new war zone in Lybia. How would they turn the tide against the Central Powers?
S00E94 What Happened After A Trench Was Captured? 30/01/2016 It's time for the chair of wisdom again and this week we talk about the trenches, balloon observers and well, Emilio Esteves.
S00E95 Edith Cavell - Not A Martyr But A Nurse 01/02/2016 The execution of British nurse Edith Cavell by German soldiers in 1915 was instrumental to British propaganda at that time and the story became legend. But who was Edith Cavell really? Find out more about the humble nurse in Brussels and if she was really a spy after all.
S00E97 Zeppelins - Majestic and Deadly Airships of WW1 08/02/2016 Zeppelins pioneered the skyways, could fly long distances and reached heights like none of the British fighter-interceptor aircrafts before. Because of that, they were used for scouting and tactical bombing early in the First World War. In this special episode we introduce these majestic floating whales and their usage in WW1.
S00E98 Was Cocaine Widely Used During World War 1? 13/02/2016 Indy sits on the Chair of Wisdom again and answers two more surreal questions about cocaine and zombie attacks this week.
S00E99 Tsar Ferdinand I of Bulgaria 15/02/2016 Even the appointment of Ferdinand I to become ruler of Bulgaria was not without controversy. All across Europe, leaders didn't see him fit to do the job. Controversy followed him throughout his life, the Balkan Wars and the First World War when he had to see the defeat of his country. Find out all about that other Tsar in our episode.
S00E100 Trench Raid Tactics - Into The Abyss 20/02/2016 Trench raids resulted in the most brutal form of close quarter combat in World War 1. Armed with melee weapons and hand grenades, soldiers would fight each other to the death. But raiding parties and their tactics soon became more sophisticated and changed the conduct of war dramatically. This is the first part of a small series of the evolution of combat in the trenches for the centennial of the Battle of Verdun.
S00E101 Soldier Salary, Flying Aces And WW1 Inventions 22/02/2016 It's chair of wisdom time again. This time Indy is talking about the salary of a soldier, the flying aces of the other fronts next to the Western Front and important inventions of World War 1 that you use every day.
S00E102 British Child Soldiers of WW1 - Artillery Training 27/02/2016 In this edition of Out Of The Trenches Indy talks about the so called child soldiers who lied about their age to join the army, about the training of artillery soldiers and how relatives were informed about the passing of their husbands, friends and brothers.
S00E103 Erwin Rommel - Infantry Attacks During World War 1 29/02/2016 Erwin Rommel had his baptism of fire during the initial offensives of World War 1 on the Western Front. His fearlessness and daring actions made him rise through the ranks quickly. When the German infantry tactics changed and the new Stormtrooper regiments were built, Rommel was the kind of officer needed. During the war in Romania and the battles of Italy he distinguished himself and already started building his legendary reputation that followed him into World War 2 as the Desert Fox.
S00E104 European Socialists During WW1 - Frontline Medics 05/03/2016 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions about World War 1. This time we are talking about the German parliament, the European socialist movement and frontline medics.
S00E105 Austro-Hungarian Rifles of WW1 07/03/2016 Indy and Flo sat down for one of our live streams about historical firearms again. Othais from C&Rsenal explained the various Austro-Hungarian rifles and pistols of the First World War. Among them of course the famous Mannlicher rifles. In our next episode we will also have a look at the iconic Austro-Hungarian pistols.
S00E106 Artillery and Officer Training - Treatment of Colonial Troops 12/03/2016 Indy sits int he chair of wisdom again to answer your questions and this week we are talking about artillery training, the education for officers and NCOs and if colonial troops were used as first in trench warfare.
S00E107 German East Africa - World War 1 Colonial Warfare 14/03/2016 The military campaign in German East Africa during World War 1 went on longer than the whole war and thanks to Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck and his guerilla warfare is now infamous among the theatres of the great war. But what was the history behind German East Africa and was it really a gentleman's war and what role did the Askari play in it?
S00E108 Germans in the US - Talerhof Internment Camp 19/03/2016 It's chair of wisdom time again and this week Indy talks about German immigrants in the United States, the Austrian Talerhof internment camp and German East Africa.
S00E109 Propaganda During World War 1 - Opening Pandora's Box 21/03/2016 Propaganda was nothing new at the beginning of World War 1. But the rapid development in mass media and the total war effort by the nations led the way to our modern understanding of mass propaganda, especially in Germany and Britain. Iconic images like that of Uncle Sam or Lord Kitchener are still known today and are part of the collective memory.
S00E110 Cadorna Was An Idiot - Our New Format! 22/03/2016 Since we love our comment section so much, we came up with a new format that we call Out Of The Ether. Indy reads out the best comments we got under our recent episodes. This time we are talking about Luigi Cadorna, Cocaine and Food.
S00E111 The Russian Navy - Submarines - Trench Mortar 26/03/2016 It's chair of wisdom time again and this week we talk about the Russian Navy in the Baltic Sea, submarine warfare and trench mortars.
S00E112 Audacity & Gold Bars - The First Voyage Of The SMS Möve 28/03/2016 The German raider SMS Möve and her captain Nikolaus Graf zu Dohna-Schlodien were already legendary during World War 1. Their exploits sound like pirate tales of the Golden Age of Piracy: Ever eluding the Allied fleet, the Möve brought down over 30 ships, captured multiple hundred crewmen and brought home over 100.000 Mark in gold bars when they returned the first time.
S00E113 The Trench Cycle - What Happened to Captured Weapons? 02/04/2016 In this week's episode of Out Of The Trenches Indy answers your questions about the trench rotation system, listening posts and captured weapons.
S00E114 Armed Neutrality - The Netherlands In WW1 04/04/2016 The Netherlands were surrounded by World War 1 from 1914 onwards and their stance of armed neutrality made it difficult to maneuverer between the Entente and the Central Powers. And while the Netherlands never joined the conflict in the end, the war took his toll on the nation.
S00E115 Military Chaplains - German Skull Caps 09/04/2016 Chair of Wisdom Time! We are talking about Military Chaplains and the German Skull Caps. Bonus: Indy is preaching to all of us on why we shouldn't compare numbers and statistics of the war without loosing touch with the individual fate.
S00E116 The Tragic Downfall Of The Lion Of The Isonzo 11/04/2016 Even though he was called "the thick headed Croat" no southern Slav had ever achieved the rank of Field Marshal before Svetozar Borojevic von Bojna. During World War 1 he was probably the best general of the Habsburg Empire and his deeds during the Carpathian campaign and especially the defence against the Italians at the Isonzo River made him popular and earned him another nickname: Lion of the Isonzo.
S00E117 French Invasion Plans - Royal Correspondence - Recruitment 16/04/2016 Chair of Wisdom Time! Indy talks about the French plans to invade Germany, the correspondence in between the members of the royal families and how the steady flow of recruits was managed.
S00E118 Justifying The Failure At Verdun? 17/04/2016 Was Erich von Falkenhayn really planning to bleed the French white at Verdun or was his claim a fabrication after the fact? Contemporary historians have started to question Falkenhayn's Christmas Memorandum which he claimed to have written in 1915 and which nobody had ever seen. Indy summarises the historical debate around the subject highlighting the arguments by Paul Jankowski and Alistair Horne.
S00E119 Shell Shock - The Psychological Scars of World War 1 18/04/2016 The trauma of warfare were certainly nothing new when World War 1 broke out. But the extreme and prolonged exposure to machine gun fire, artillery bombardments and trench warfare led to a new kind of psychological disorder: Shell Shock. Soldiers who were perfectly fine on the outside, were incapable of fighting or living a normal live anymore.
S00E120 Kaiser Wilhelm II, The Habsburg Empire & The Hunt 20/04/2016 In this special episode we will have a look at the relationship between Germany and Austria-Hungary and how decisions were made during the Royal Hunt. This episode is supported by Rock Island Auction Company which supported us financially for this episode and with the pictures of the royal mounts.
S00E121 The Easter Rising - Ireland in World War 1 23/04/2016 Easter 1916 was a turning point for Ireland and its situation between Home Rule and Irish soldiers serving on the fronts of Gallipoli and the Western Front. And even though the Easter Rising, the first armed uprising against the British was unsuccessful, the spark for Irish nationalism ultimately led to the establishment of the Irish Republic.
S00E122 Body Armor - Fortress Design - Belgian Armoured Car Division 25/04/2016 It's Chair of Wisdom time again and this week we talk about the experiments with body armor of World War 1, fortress design and the Belgian Armoured Car Division.
S00E123 T.E. Lawrence And How He Became Lawrence Of Arabia 30/04/2016 T.E. Lawrence better known as Lawrence of Arabia is one of the biggest legends of World War 1. His adventures in the Middle East during the Arab Revolt were made into a movie and a bestselling book. But how did Lawrence actually end up in Cairo? And what was his relationship with Faisal?
S00E124 The Battle of Verdun - The War Moves To The Middle East 02/05/2016 The winter 1916 ends with the invasion of Serbia and Montenegro and unrestricted submarine warfare. And the spring of 1916 starts with the Battle of Verdun at the Western Front and Russian successes in Anatolia. The British are in trouble in Ireland and in Mesopotamia but are still carving up the Middle East in the Sykes-Picot-Agreement. The Eastern Front drowns in spring thaws while the Russian homefront is in disarray.
S00E125 That Question From 2014 - Verdun Heroes - Foreign Medals 07/05/2016 It's Chair of Wisdom Time again and this week Indy talks a lot about Verdun.
S00E126 Prisoners of War During World War 1 09/05/2016 Millions of men were captured during World War 1 and most of them spent years in prison camps as pawns of the nation that captured them. However, their experience was a taboo in the post war society. We take a look at the hardships of being a prisoner and how the world powers used the POWs as leverage.
S00E127 Battlefield 1 Historical Trailer Analysis 13/05/2016 Thousands of people decided to watch our show since the Battlefield 1 trailer made its debut last week, so we decided to welcome all the new fans with a trailer analysis.
S00E128 The Importance Of Oil - Ethiopian Empire 14/05/2016 Chair of Wisdom Time again. And this week Indy talks about the importance of oil and that big battle in the Ethiopian Empire you never heard of.
S00E129 Josip Broz Tito in World War 1 16/05/2016 Josip Broz, later known as Tito, was one of the most controversial and important people of the 20th century. His political identity and his determination were built during his military service in the Austro-Hungarian Army where he had to fight in Serbia and in Galicia.
S00E130 Point Of No Return - Anti-War-Movements 21/05/2016 Macklemore's uncle sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions about World War 1. This time we talk about anti war movements, the point of no return and how our team copes with the horrors of war.
S00E131 The Age Of Warlords - China in WW1 23/05/2016 China was in a constant period of unrest and turmoil after the Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion. None of the new leaders and presidents could really consolidate their power in China and a struggle between the different warlords. broke out. At the same time, China was eyeing a more prominent role within the international community and sent 150,000 workers to the Western Front as part of the Chinese Labour Corps.
S00E132 Dazzle Camouflage - Sabotage Operations 28/05/2016 Chair of Wisdom Time! This week we talk about Dazzle Camouflage and Sabotage Operations.
S00E133 Stormtrooper - German Special Forces of WW1 30/05/2016 The German Stormtroops or Sturmbattalions were elite infantry soldiers hand picked to overcome enemy trenches. These men were the creme de la creme of the German Army consisting of Jäger, Pioneer and Mountain troops at first and later on specifically trained in infiltration tactics. They brought changes in the chain of command with them and were the predecessor of modern warfare as we know it.
S00E134 Execution Squads - Jews in WW1 04/06/2016 It's time for the Chair of Wisdom again and this week we talk about the organization of execution squads, the fate of Jews in WW1 and the the motivation of soldiers.
S00E135 Verdun Fortress Design - Gas Development Sites 05/06/2016 In this episode we talk about the design behind the forts at Verdun and gas development sites in Washington.
S00E136 Russia's Finest General - Aleksei Brusilov 06/06/2016 Aleksei Brusilov was the mastermind of Russia's finest moment in World War 1: The Brusilov Offensive. Although it didn't achieve it's planned objective, it broke the back of the Austro-Hungarian Army. The life of Aleksei Brusilov was an interesting one between the cultures and even after Imperial Russia was gone, his career was not over.
S00E137 10,000$ on Patreon! - We're Going To Przemy?l 10/06/2016 The Great War is going to film on original WW1 locations! Thanks to your incredible support on Patreon, we reached our goal of 10,000$ a month which is a tremendous help. We will now starting to plan to film on original locations and since Przemy?l is so infamous on our show and is also pretty close to Berlin, we thought about going there first.
S00E138 Cossacks - Cavalry - Wolves 11/06/2016 Indy sits in the Chair of Wisdom again and this week we talk about Cavalry on the Eastern Front, Cossacks and wolves
S00E139 Beyond The Genocide - Armenia in WW1 13/06/2016 The region of Armenia was a play ball between the interests of Russia and the Ottoman Empire long before World War 1. But the Armenian people were striving for self determination like the peoples all across Europe were doing too. In our special episode we take a look at the struggle of the Armenians beyond the Armenian Genocide.
S00E140 Soldier Nicknames - World War - Landmines 18/06/2016 Sir Indy Neidell awaits you for another edition of OUT OF THE TRENCHES where he answers your questions about the First World War.
S00E141 World War 1 in Numbers 20/06/2016 We are approaching the 100th regular episode and decided to surprise you with an extra special episode about the staggering numbers of World War 1
S00E142 Cavalry in WW1 - Between Tradition and Machine Gun Fire 22/06/2016 The break between tradition and modern warfare was probably most exemplified in the cavalry forces. Riding with shiny breastplates the sabre in hand, charging the enemy in brightly colored uniforms. But the enemy now had machine guns, artillery and barbed wire and the cavalry role had to be redefined.
S00E143 Iron Harvest - Frontline Entertainment - Fighting Minorities 25/06/2016 A slightly hangover Indy is sitting in the chair of Wisdom to answer your questions about the First World War.
S00E144 Douglas Haig - Lion or Donkey? 27/06/2016 Douglas Haig is usually the center of the Lions vs. Donkeys debate. Were the British soldiers "Lions led by Donkeys" during World War 1? Douglas Haig, the father of the Battle of the Somme, is often painted as the Butcher of the Somme but is that really the case? We took a closer look.
S00E145 Battlefield 1 - Historical Gameplay Trailer Analysis 28/06/2016 Another Battlefield 1 trailer was released two weeks ago and since the first one was an overwhelming success, we thought we would analyze the game-play trailer too giving you a historical perspective for the game.
S00E146 Marines - Schutztruppe - Artillery Sound 02/07/2016 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions about World War 1. This time we talk about the German Schutztruppe, the Marines and the sound of artillery shells.
S00E147 From Socialist to Fascist - Benito Mussolini in World War 1 04/07/2016 Benito Mussolini was a well known Socialist before World War 1. But the lead up to Italy's entry into the conflict caused a split between the Socialists and the pro-interventionist Fascist. During the war, Mussolini was sent to the Isonzo Front where he became even more popular. After being sent home, he continued his agitation with great financial support from France, Britain and Italian industrialists.
S00E148 Deception - Weather Forecast - Trench Quality 09/07/2016 Indy still has his hangover and is answering your questions about World War 1 again
S00E149 Mexico in WW1 - The Mexican Revolution 11/07/2016 Mexico was mainly focussing on internal struggles and the Mexican Revolution during World War 1. But Germany's stance against the USA actually brought the country into the international spotlight. After the decoding of the Zimmerman Telegram, sent by the Germans to Mexico, was decoded it was clear that Germany wanted to bring Mexico into the war - against the United States.
S00E150 Mission Tactics - Barbed Wire Placement 16/07/2016 Indy answers your questions about World War 1 again. In this week's episode we talk about mission tactics, how to deal with your own barbed wire and what Indy is excited about in Battlefield 1
S00E151 The Best Sniper Of World War 1 - Francis Pegahmagabow 18/07/2016 Francis Pegahmagabow was not only the most successful sniper of World War 1, but he is also among the most decorated aboriginal soldiers in history. He joined the Canadian Army in 1914 and quickly made a name for himself as a sniper during reconnaissance missions.
S00E152 Rubber Duckies - The Return of Angel and Snake 23/07/2016 Time for another glimpse into the mind of Indy Neidell.
S00E153 The Evolution of German Infantry Tactics 24/07/2016 Indy sits on the Chair of Wisdom and reads out some of the best comments we get every month. This week, we deal with the evolution of German Infantry Tactics
S00E154 The British Uniforms of World War 1 25/07/2016 The British Army was probably the best equipped at the beginning of the war. They already transitioned to the more practical khaki color, faded out the differences between infantry and other branches and developed uniforms for different climates. But of course World War 1 brought its own number of problems for the British Army.
S00E155 The Trench Coat - Entente or Allies? 30/07/2016 It's Chair of Wisdom time again where we answer all your questions about World War 1
S00E156 Top 10 Misconceptions About World War 1 31/07/2016 We thought about a list of misconceptions about World War 1 that don't want to die even 100 years later
S00E157 The Great Explorer - Ernest Shackleton 01/08/2016 Ernest Shackelton set sail for the Antarctic when most young men in Europe were setting sail to fight a war. While millions of them died, he was completely isolated trying to survive the harsh conditions. Shackelton's expedition was probably one of the last grand ventures from the age of wonder and when he reached civilization again, the world hat truly gone mad.
S00E158 Behind The Scenes - Making Of A TGW Episode 03/08/2016 It only took us 2 years but here is a behind the scenes and making of video where we explain how we actually work and how much effort goes into each episode.
S00E159 Flamethrowers - Anti Aircraft Guns 06/08/2016 In this week's episode we answer your questions about flamethrowers, anti aircraft guns and the role of reserves.
S00E160 The British Naval Blockade of Germany 08/08/2016 The big and decisive naval battle that the Royal Navy had hoped for did not happen during World War 1. But another naval strategy slowly but surely ground the German economy down.
S00E161 The Year Of Battles 09/08/2016 1916 is known as the year of battles and in the summer of that year this name was truly earned. The Battle of Verdun, the Brusilov Offensive and the Battle of the Somme were all fought simultaneously. On top of that, the Austrians launched a "punishment expedition" against the Italians, the Arab Revolt was declared and the slowly but steadily the Balkan front was built up once more.
S00E162 Captured Tanks - Bagpipers 13/08/2016 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions about World War 1
S00E163 Austro-Hungarian Pistols of WW1 15/08/2016 We partnered with Othais again a few months ago for a livestream showing the Austro-Hungarian weapons of WW1. This is the 2nd episode about the surprising variety of pistols.
S00E164 Kurds in WW1 - The Swagger Stick 20/08/2016 It's Chair of Wisdom Time again and this week we talk about the Kurds in World War 1 and the iconic Swagger Stick.
S00E165 A Crucial Test For Unity - Greece in WW1 22/08/2016 Greece was officially neutral in World War 1. Surrounded by warring nations and under the influence of the great powers, Greek unity was tested during the war in a time of National Schism.
S00E166 German War Aims - War Economy 27/08/2016 It's time for the Chair of Wisdom again and this week we talk about the German war aims and the war economy
S00E167 The Invention And Development of Submarines 29/08/2016 Submarine warfare is one of the lasting impacts of World War 1. Especially the unrestricted submarine warfare by the German navy was a big problem for the British supply routes. But the development and improvement of submarines was not a German story at first.
S00E169 Romania in World War 1 05/09/2016 Romania's history before World War 1 was heavily influenced by the great powers surrounding them. Not only was a considerable minority of Romanians living in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Romanian royal family had ties to Germany, Britain and Russia. After fighting in the Balkan Wars, Romania remained neutral during the first two years of World War 1 but decided to join when the moment seemed right.
S00E170 10 Rare And Obscure WW1 Era Guns 06/09/2016 The era before and during World War 1 saw rapid development in firearms. Some of them were only prototypes or only saw very limited production. In collaboration with Rock Island Auction we present 10 rare and obscure firearms of the WW1 era.
S00E171 Anthony Fokker - Japanese Army - Semi-Auto Rifles 10/09/2016 t's time for the chair of wisdom again and of course Indy answering your questions about World War 1.
S00E172 Tank Development in World War 1 12/09/2016 The idea for an armoured vehicle that could withstand fire and travel across battlefields was already developed in 1914 after the Race to the Sea. The British "Landship Committee" developed the tank weapon in secrecy. The French were also trying out different designs at the same time. Learn all about the development and the invention of the tank in our special episode.
S00E173 Officer and Soldier Relationships - Treatment of Criminals 17/09/2016 Sitting in the Chair of Temporary Insanity, Indy talks about officers tricking their own men, the relationships between them and how criminals were treated in the first world war.
S00E174 Reaching the Masses - Propaganda Film During World War 1 19/09/2016 Cinemas were already pretty popular when World War 1 broke out in 1914. After initial hesitation all waring nations started to embrace the new mass medium for their propaganda. Since it was technically difficult deliver the authentic material the audiences wanted, the films were mostly staged. Film scripts opened the opportunity to transport any message about the war to a mass audience.
S00E175 Galicia’s role in WWI - Handguns for Pilots - Fight or run 24/09/2016 Sitting in the Chair of Temporary Insanity, Indy talks about Galicia’s big role in war on Location, if Pilots were issued guns, and a story from a viewers great grandpa
S00E177 Indirect Machinegun-Fire - Welfare Facilities 01/10/2016 In this slightly shorter episode, Indy talks about indirect machinegun-fire and welfare facilities for children.
S00E178 Russian Uniforms of WW1 03/10/2016 The Russian Army of World War 1 fielded a great variety of troops and equipment. This was especially true for the different uniforms. In our special episode, we will talk about some of the most common items, tunics and gear the soldiers would wear into battle.
S00E179 The Chinese Labour Corps in Russia During World War 1 08/10/2016 In another exiting episode of Out Of The Ether, Indy reads a great comment by a Russian fan about the situation of Chinese workers in Russia.
S00E180 The Game Of Thrones in Albania During World War 1 10/10/2016 One of Indy's favourite historical characters is actually King Zog of Albania. History's heaviest smoker and probably the only monarch to pull out his gun and shoot at his own assassins. But King Zog is not the only reason why the story of Albania before and during World War 1 is so fascinating and complicated.
S00E181 Thank You For 400,000 Subscribers! Production Update 11/10/2016 We reached 400,000 subscribers this weekend which is awesome. And we also wanted to give you a small update on our plans for the next months.
S00E182 Soldiers With Glasses - Industrial Centres - Frontline Generals 15/10/2016 Indy is answering your questions about the First World War again. This time we talk about Soldiers wearing glasses, the different industrial centers of the major nations, and generals leading from the frontline and from the rear
S00E183 Mimi, Toutou and Fifi - The Utterly Bizarre Battle for Lake Tanganyika 17/10/2016 The Battle for Lake Tanganyika in German East Africa was one of the most bizarre battles of World War 1. It only really started once the Royal Navy had carried two boats through the jungle and the mountains from Capetown. Their names: Mimi and Toutou. Their commander: Geoffrey Spicer-Simson, probably the weirdest high ranking officer in the entire war.
S00E184 Technical vs. Tactical Innovation - German Officers in the Ottoman Army 22/10/2016 ndy is sitting int he chair of wisdom again and answers all your questions about the First World War. This week we talk about technical and tactical innovation, pals battalions and the German officers in the Ottoman Army.
S00E185 The War Photographer - Ernest Brooks 24/10/2016 Ernest Brooks' photos from World War 1 have become icons of the entire war and are even recognised today. But his experience as an official war photographer was not always glorious and especially in the beginning he staged photos instead of showing the real horrors of the war. But as the war dragged on, more and more photos captured small moments in this gigantic conflict that showed the humanity behind the numbers.
S00E186 Bomber Pilot Fame - Delville Wood - WW1 Remembrance 28/10/2016 It's time for another exciting episode of Out Of The Trenches. This week we talk about the fame of bomber pilots, the Battle of Delville Wood and the importance of remembering World War 1.
S00E187 New Inventions And New Fronts - Fall 1916 31/10/2016 1916 is known as the year of battles and in the past three months you could see that there was still no end in sight. Romania joined the war opening another front and at the Somme and at Verdun the battles were still raging.
S00E189 The Arditi - Italian Special Forces of World War 1 07/11/2016 The Arditi ("The Daring Ones") were special Italian assault troops in World War 1. And even though they were only able to really make a difference on the battlefield in 1918, the effects on morale and culture can be seen to this day.
S00E190 Italian Rifles of World War 1 08/11/2016 In our last live stream with Othais we talked about the Italian rifles and pistols of WW1. This is the slightly edited version in which we focus on the rifles.
S00E191 Olympic Games 1916 - Reaction To Tanks - Barbed Wire 12/11/2016 It's time for another exciting episode of Out Of The Trenches. This week we talk about the Olympic Games 1916, how the Germans reacted to the first tanks and about barbed wire.
S00E192 Romanian Uniforms of World War 1 14/11/2016 Romania is sometimes overlooked when talking about World War 1, but they had their own military tradition. As a smaller player in Europe, equipping the army was even more a challenge than it already was for the world powers.
S00E193 Franz Joseph I - The Father of Austria-Hungary 21/11/2016 On this day 100 years ago, Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary died after 66 years on the throne. He became emperor in a turbulent time and some say that only his reign held the empire together when the minorities demanded more and more independence.
S00E194 Our Contribution To Battlefield 1 22/11/2016 You may have spotted Indy in the credits for Battlefield 1 already but we wanted to take the time to tell you what our contribution to the game actually was and briefly talk about what we think about the game.
S00E195 Night Combat - Tank Hunters - Airplane Detection 26/11/2016 Another exciting episode of Out of the trenches this time featuring questions about German anti tank tactics, night combat, the detection of enemy aircraft prior to radar and more.
S00E196 The Godfather of Modern Espionage - Sidney Reilly 28/11/2016 Sidney Reilly is remembered as the Ace of Spies in popular fiction and Ian Flemming read his files as inspiration for James Bond. But even the best espionage novels are nothing against the life of the real Sidney Reilly who did it all. He worked as a double agent, turned the tide of wars and changed world history more than once.
S00E197 The Story of The Lusitania 17/11/2016 This week we are talking about the Lusitania and some of the recent discoveries.
S00E198 WW1 Archaeologists At The Site Of The First German Gas Attack 03/12/2016 This is the first big video from our trip to Poland. In Bolimow, Polish archaeologists are digging in the former trenches of the Eastern Front. Here, the Germans used gas on a big scale for the first time. Polish soldiers were fighting each other on both sides of the front.
S00E202 The Design of Przemy?l Fortress - Walking Through The Old Forts 12/12/2016 We spend several days in Przemy?l in August 2016 and took a walk through the well preserved forts around the city that you know from our show.
S00E204 Exploring WW1 Forts in Ukraine 19/12/2016 We worked together with the Ukrainian authorities and got permission to film in some of the sub-forts of Przemsyl.
S00E206 Starving For Total War - Turnip Winter 1916 24/12/2016 While 1916 still looked good for the Central Powers militarily, the civilian population at home, especially in the cities, was starving to death. The British Naval Blockade, harvest failure, a desolate supply situation and the demands of the army created a situation in which the people were forced to eat turnips, a crop usually reserved for farm animals.
S00E207 Rasputin - The Man Behind The Tsarina 26/12/2016 Grigori Rasputin is as much a man as he is a legend. The mystic behind the Tsar and the Tsarina who apparently made no decision without consulting him. The healer that could perform miracles. The man who was killed for his influence in a time ripe for revolution.
S00E208 Absurd Trivia About King Zog - How Italy Prepared To Attack France 31/12/2016 The Italian military prepared to join the Central Powers in 1914 but that didn't happen. Learn how it all went down and get some cool stories about King Zog of Albania on top of that.
S00E211 Luigi Cadorna - The Generalissimo 10/01/2017 Luigi Cadorna was the Italian Chief of Staff when World War 1 broke out and when Italy joined the conflict a year later. He was a man of tradition and believed that most important factor of military success was the will and determination of his soldiers. During the numerous Battles of the Isonzo River, this doctrine proofed disastrous for his troops.
S00E212 American Elections - Ottoman Sultan - Austro-German Relations 14/01/2017 It's time for the Chair of Wisdom again where Indy sits to answer all of your questions about World War 1. This week we talk about the 1916 presidential elections in the US, the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed V and the relations between Germany and Austria-Hungary.
S00E213 The Kingdom of Hungary in WW1 16/01/2017 The Kingdom of Hungary was an integral part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Hungarian soldiers fought on almost all fronts of World War 1. The Battle of Limanowa was one of their most remembered victories where Hungarian troops fought of the Russian army. But the end of World War 1 was not in 1918 and but in 1920 with the treaty of Treaty of Trianon.
S00E214 German Jäger Corps - Russian Steamroller 20/01/2017 Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions about the First World War. This time we talk about the German Jäger Corps, the Pickelhaube and compare the Russian Army of WW1 to the Soviet Army of WW2.
S00E218 Smoking - Hearing Protection - Sanitation 04/02/2017 This week Indy talks about the smoking habits of the soldiers, how sanitation was organised in the trenches and how soldiers protected their ears during fighting.
S00E220 The Year of Battles Comes To An End 08/02/2017 With the end of the Battle of Verdun, the year 1916 ends. A battle that was described as "World War 1 in a microcosm" and has been remembered in infamy ever since. Late 1916 also brings political shake-ups, an end to the Romanian campaign and new action in the Middle East. And still no end in sight.
S00E223 French Railway Guns - Physical Requirements For WW1 Pilots 18/02/2017 It's time for another episode of Out Of The Ether - Indy reads the best and most insightful comments of recent weeks. This week we talk about French railway guns and the physical and mental requirements of World War 1 pilots.
S00E225 Disc Grenade - Camel Corps - Austro-Hungarian Heroes 25/02/2017 Indy sits in a French Chair this time and answers your questions about World War 1. This week we talk about the German disc grenades and the heroes that were celebrated in Austria-Hungary.
S00E230 Camouflage Patterns - Funerary Practices - Prisoner Exchange 11/03/2017 In this episode of out Out of the Trenches Indy discusses, Camouflage Patterns, Funerary Practices, and Prisoner Exchange
S00E231 British India During World War 1 13/03/2017 India was part of the British Empire during World War 1 and it was of vital importance to the war effort. Resources, manufacturing power and over 1,3 million men that served in the Army meant a great price for India to pay during the war. But even before the conflict, the call for independence grew louder and louder.
S00E238 The Forgotten Ally - Portugal in WW1 03/04/2017 Portugal's participation in the First World War 1, especially the service of the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps on the Western Front, is often forgotten. And even when the troops were still fighting, the political situation back home had changed so much that the soldiers were largely forgotten.
S00E239 The First American Shots Of WW1 - Guam And The Cormoran 06/04/2017 The Island of Guam was on the other end of the world when the US declared war on Germany in 1917. However, they had been involved in the global conflict for years already. When the Germans lost their colonies in the Pacific, the German merchant raider SMS Cormoran II had no other choice but to seek refuge in the then neutral Arpor Harbour, Guam. For months the German crew around Adalbert Zuckschwerdt stayed on the island and became a kind of sensation. But that all changed on April 6, 1917.
S00E241 Smoke Screens - Fortress Location - Recruitment Age 15/04/2017 It's time for Out Of The Trenches again where Indy answers your questions about World War 1, this week we talk about the recruitment age, smoke grenades and fortress locations.
S00E245 Fight For Air Supremacy - Bloody April 1917 29/04/2017 "Bloody April" was the result of two competing aviation strategies: The more defence oriented German Luftstreitkräfte and the more offensive oriented British Royal Flying Corps. The RFC needed air reconnaissance for the Battle of Arras and the Germans needed to deny them them. With the superior German Albatross D.III fighters, the German Jagdstaffeln inflicted heavy losses on the RFC.
S00E247 Joffre The Imbecile - Nivelle's Catastrophe 06/05/2017 It's time to shine a light on some of the great comments we received and in the past days you guys had a lot to say about Nivelle and the French High Command in general.
S00E248 US Joins WW1 - Spring Offensives 1917 08/05/2017 After a rather quiet winter, the war erupts into action in 1917. Not only do the United States join the war after weeks of unrestricted submarine warfare and the uncovering of the Zimmermann Telegram. The British and French launch their own spring offensives. In the East, chaos spreads in post-revolutionary Russia and Lenin returns from exile. And in Mesopotamia the British take Baghdad.
S00E249 Junkers Fighter Planes - Whiter Feather Movement - Swiss Invasion Plans 13/05/2017 Chair of Wisdom Time! This week Indy talks about Junkers fighter planes, the plans for an invasion of Switzerland and he Whiter Feather Movement.
S00E250 Exploring Fort Douaumont With The VERDUN Developers 15/05/2017 We went to the Verdun area in France this winter and visited Fort Douaumont together with the developers of the video game VERDUN. They rebuilt the fort in their game and their knowledge of the sight shows when Indy is walking through the fort.
S00E252 The Ally From The Far East - Japan in World War 1 22/05/2017 Japan's participation in World War 1 is an often overlooked part of their history - even in Japan itself. Their service as one of the members of the Entente marked the climax of a development that started with the Meiji Restoration, a way out of isolation and into the global alliance system. This brought Japan more power and was also very lucrative. And after fighting in the Pacific Theatre of World War 1, the Siege of Tsingtao and contributing the Japanese Navy to the war effort, Japan had a seat at the table of the Versailles peace negotiations.
S00E253 Indochina - Cyprus - Puerto Rico 27/05/2017 What do Indochina, Cyprus and Puerto Rico have in common? They are all featured in our newest episode of Out of The Trenches where Indy answers all your questions about World War 1.
S00E255 Life On The Isonzo Front 15/01/2018 Indy gets a tour through the impressive Kobarid Museum dedicated to the Isonzo Front and to the soldiers that experienced the war in the region.