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Green Green Grass is a new comedy series and is a spin-off from Only Fools And Horses. It features the characters of Boycie (John Challis) and Marlene (Sue Holderness) and introduces their son, Tyler, now 15 years old. Since we last met them, Boycie's second-hand car empire has gone from strength to strength, yet, despite his success, Boycie is becoming tired of life in Peckham and is secretly (at least, secretly from Marlene) craving a more tranquil existence in the English countryside. His decision to finally make the move is prompted by a chance conversation with Denzil (Paul Barber) who has some rather disturbing news. Within two weeks Boycie, Marlene and Tyler have left London - foreve


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S01E01 Keep on Running 09/09/2005 All is well in Peckham. Marlene is off to a health farm as Boycie rises to take the dog for a walk and their son Tyler is off to France for a school trip. It's just another ordinary day in the Boyce household. Then Denzil arrives bringing news that the infamous Driscoll Brothers are being released early from prison and they're on the hunt for the supergrass who helped get them banged up. Boycie is horrified. By the time Marlene and Tyler return, he's sold the house, sold the car dealership and planned a new life in Shropshire. Reluctantly Marlene agrees to the move and Tyler is dragged with them. Moving day comes and once north of the safe confines of the Thames, they find themselves hopelessly lost and out of their depth. They eventually track down their new home and discover that "The Grange" comes complete with some very strange characters.
S01E02 A Rocky Start 16/09/2005 Tyler is not impressed by his new surroundings in rural Shropshier and Marlene wants to return to Peckham. However, the only fools and horses car supremo, Boycie, warms to the idea of becoming a gentleman farmer - a role which involves doing little work and mingling with the country set. Meanwhile, Boycie's manager. Elgin, pursuades him to retain all his staff and set about creating a working farm even if it means forking out £18.000 on a bull.
S01E03 The Country Wife 23/09/2005 Boycie outs Marlene under pressure to fit in with the locals, so she decides to take up cookery, an idea which doesn't go down to well with the family.
S01E04 Hay Fever 30/09/2005 Marlene allows Boycie to buy a maximum of six cows for the farm, but is less than impressed when Elgin, Jed and Bryan turn up with a herd of 300 claiming they were on special deal and Marlene has but one thing to say "what kind of offer? Buy six, get 294 free". Meanwhile, The vet is called out when Rocky the bull fails to take notice of the females and Tyler prepares to sit a local private schools entrance exam.
S01E05 Pillow Talk 07/10/2005 Tyler may have received a wakeup call from the Driscoll Brothers. However, his first day at school provides him with a sudden interest in the works of Thomas Hardy. Marlene has trouble sleeping until Jed provides an unusual remedy
S01E06 Sex and the Country 14/10/2005 Marlene discovers the farmhands making a virility potion for Rocky the bull, and sneaks a dose into Boycie's coffee. Tyler arouses suspicions when make up is found in his room, and his parents are relieved to be told he has a girl friend, untill they learn she is his teacher.
S01E07 One Flew Over The Cuckoo Clock (2005 Christmas Special) 25/12/2005 When the family are meant to go to ski resort, Boycie starts having nightmares of the Driscoll brothers coming to get him. Unfortunately all the snow outside stops them going to the ski resort. But luckily Boycie then finds out that the Driscoll Brothers were going to kill at that resort, and they then end up getting captured.
S02E01 Testing Times 15/09/2006 Sleepless nights, confusion over chemicals and an EU farm inspection - just a normal day on the farm for Boycie and Marlene.... until Boycie loses his hair!
S02E02 Here's To You, Mrs Boyce 22/09/2006 Boycie considers a move into local politics. Bryan's ex-fiancée finds a cure for lesbianism. Tyler fails to score at Rugby, but creates a good impression. Marlene provides momentary distraction during Tyler's maths coursework, until Boycie steps in with his first aid knowledge.
S02E03 Bothered And Bewildered 29/09/2006 Boycie decides his staff need to work harder and vows to sack the next employee he catches slacking. Mrs Cakeworthy is the first out the door, but she soon has her boss regretting her decision when the Londoner learns she is a witch. Elsewhere, Tyler has his own problems - he is traumatised by the school art class.
S02E04 Mother Earth 06/10/2006 Beth's concern for animal welfare has far-reaching consequences for Winterdown Farm. Marlene's pursuit of a more holistic way of life proves to be crunch time for Boycie and something of an eye opener for Beth.
S02E05 Schoolboy French 13/10/2006 The circle of life comes knocking at the Boyces' door with Tyler's French exchange student and a past love from Peckham sheds new light on old memories.
S02E06 More Questions Than Answers 20/10/2006 Llewellyn has been forced to employ teachers over the summer as casual labour but even they can't help the fact that his farm is running at a massive deficit. With Boycie's farm doing well, Llewellyn challenges him to a pub quiz in the hope of winning £5,000.
S02E07 Brothers And Sisters 27/10/2006 A family reunion leaves the staff of Winterdown Farm all tied up and lost for words, love is in the air for Bryan, and Boycie attempts to bury the past before the Driscoll Brothers bury him.
S02E08 From Here To Paternity (2006 Christmas Special) 25/12/2006 Jed, Elgin and Bryan are convinced a mythical creature is stalking Winterdown Farm, and Llewellyn accusing the Boyces' dog of seducing his pedigree collie. Meanwhile, Beth is set for a Christmas surprise and Tyler spreads a rumour that Mrs Cakeworthy is pregnant - a revelation that comes as quite a shock to her husband as they've not been intimate for some time! All ends up well... except for Farmer Boyce's eyes!
S03E01 But Is It Art? 02/11/2007 When Bryan and Elgin suffer a housing crisis Boycie and Marlene offer them sanctuary, but Boycie's benevolence towards his workers brings an unexpected reward of immortality.
S03E02 The Lonely Herdsman 09/11/2007 When Marlene drags Boycie and Tyler to visit her mother Dora, the battle lines are drawn. Back at the farm, Bryan tries his hand at poetry to stop him feeling lonely whilst Mrs Cakeworthy surfs the net to help him find a solution.
S03E03 If You Go Down To The Woods 23/11/2007 Marlene is distraught when Earl the dog and Tyler both go missing. Boycie, Bryan and Jed form a search party, but entering the haunted woods with night drawing in soon confounds the rescuers.
S03E04 Sweet Sorrow 30/11/2007 The pair are flushed with pride as they dream of their son's golden future, but when Tyler's exam results let him down, it is the staff who provide the key to his career and get him motivated.
S03E05 Fifteen Minutes 07/12/2007 Boycie can't believe that his staff are auditioning for a reality TV show, but the lure of fame proves too much to resist. Marlene has some plans of her own for when he's away.
S03E06 The Final Curtain 14/12/2007 Boycie uncovers shocking information about his family tree and, with Tyler unexpectedly returning home from university, he is convinced something serious is afoot.
S03E07 Lust In Translation 21/12/2007 Bryan gets more than he bargained for when he meets his new love and the staff's loyalties are severely tested. Llewellyn seizes the opportunity of securing extra labour for his harvest.
S03E08 The Special Relationship (2007 New Year Special) 30/12/2007 Boycie is asked to turn detective when an unexpected visitor arrives at Winterdown Farm with a secret from the past that, if confirmed, will have massive consequences for one member of the staff.
S04E01 The Path of True Love 08/01/2009 Marlene has become fed up with her husband's inattention, and fears that their relationship is nearing its end. She seeks the help of a local marriage guidance counsellor, which proves so successful that she ends up throwing Boycie out, but the parting gives them both time to consider their lives.
S04E02 Home Brew 15/01/2009 While searching through some ancient scrolls and paperwork left behind by the old squire, Boycie discovers a medieval recipe for a traditional local liquor. With the help of his staff, he goes into full-scale production, attracting customers from far and wide, including two whom he had hoped he had seen the last of.
S04E03 Calendar Boys 22/01/2009 Bored with life on the farm, Marlene throws herself into charity work. As a by-product of her efforts, Boycie senses an opportunity to become Sir Aubrey. Marlene, with the help of their staff, tries to use her charity contacts to help her husband achieve his dream. Unfortunately, life is very rarely that simple, particularly where Boycie and Marlene are concerned.
S04E04 Animal Instincts 29/01/2009 Tyler wants to borrow money to buy new equipment for his band, Puddle of Agony. But Boycie, who was brought up in the school of hard knocks, refuses to cough up. Meanwhile the local vicinity is gripped by fear of Animal Freedom protestors.
S04E05 Your Cheating Art 05/02/2009
S04E06 The Departed 12/02/2009
S04E07 I Done It My Way 19/02/2009
S04E08 One Man's Junk 26/02/2009
S04E09 For Richer, for Poorer 05/03/2009

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