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Following economic collapse, a puppet government takes power and suspends democracy, but this is really a military coup by stealth, and the Prime Minister has little real power, that resides with 'The General'. A new force in the nation, formed from military and police enforce the government's will, 'The Guardians of The Realm', or simply 'The Guardians'. On the face of things, the economic recovery is in hand, but not without some harsh measures, and censorship. In the country, resentment is growing, and resistance movements, every bit as brutal as the oppressors, make their presence felt. Unrepeated since broadcast back in '71 (and never screened in NI), this is quite an offbeat, and IMO often uneven series, that pulls few punches and eschews easy moral positions.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Guardians

S01E01 The State of England 10/07/1971 After a period of mass unemployment, chaos and a complete failure of the government, law and order has been restored in England. However the price of this new order is personal liberty. Dissenters soon appear, dedicated to the overthrow of the new regime.
S01E02 Pursuit 17/07/1971 An attempt has been made on the Prime Minister’s life, and an agent planted to root out communists within The Guardians is shot dead.
S01E03 Head of State 24/07/1971 The French President objects to Britain's participation in a united European defence force, and refuses to recognise the Prime Minister as head of state. Chris Hobson falls foul of the Guardians when he investigates the disappearance of one of their officers. Sir Tim decides to assert his authority over his cabinet.
S01E04 The Logical Approach 31/07/1971 Sir Timothy finally uses his brains and God given skills to become an effective Prime Minister.
S01E05 Quarmby 07/08/1971 The Prime Minister conducts an investigation into the shooting of Sam Wilson who was in custody for killing Hollis.
S01E06 Appearances 14/08/1971 Benedict kills a detective and then returns his attention to disrupting The Guardians.
S01E07 This Is Quarmby 21/08/1971 Quarmby takes a new approach to disrupting the government by taking their campaign to the general public.
S01E08 The Dirtiest Man in the World 28/08/1971 Tom is still being held prisoner and trying to escape. Benedict wants to use him as a pawn so decides to help him with his escape plan.
S01E09 I Want You to Understand Me 04/09/1971 The resistance grows as the government steps up its repressive policies.
S01E10 The Nature of the Beast 11/09/1971 Clare turns to Benedict for help in finding Tom. Benedict still has plans to use Tom as a scapegoat.
S01E11 The Roman Empire 18/09/1971 The government is continuing to battle public unrest and now must deal with plots from within the Cabinet itself.
S01E12 The Killing Trade 24/09/1971 Tom is now in a coma at Benedict's apartment. Quarmby wants to get rid of him before The Guardians discover his location.
S01E13 End in Dust 01/10/1971 The stage is set for the final showdown. Quarmby, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and The Guardians are all set for battle. Chris and Norman are now forced to choose sides as this series comes to its conclusion.