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Gumby first appeared in the 1953 film short Gumbasia, (believed to be one of the first music videos). In 1956 Gumby and his horse friend Pokey hit the airways on The Howdy Doody Show in their first shorts in 1956. It was so popular that it became its own show in 1957 called The Gumby Show. The show contained the 1956 shorts and new ones. Each episode contained 3 cartoons. In the 1960's Goo the blue mermaid, Prickle the yellow dinosaur, and Nopey the dog were introduced. The Blockheads sometimes chased after Gumby, Pokey, Prickle, and Goo with some scheme. Gumbo and Gumba were Gumby's Dad and Mother. The show stopped in 1967 due to problems in Art Clokey's family and another cartoon. In the 1970's Gumby was totally ignored. The 1980's brought back new life to Gumby with tons of toys and new episodes in a new series called Gumby Adventures in 1988. And a movie in 1995. Gumby is currently off the air. It was first shown


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Gumby Show

S255E01 Moon Trip 01/05/1955 Gumby discovers a spaceship in a toy store and decides to visit the moon. Upon reaching the moon, his space-ship is destroyed by a meteorite, leaving him stranded and confronted with strange objects that look like rocks, but which sometimes move and sprout eyes.
S255E02 Gumby on the Moon 01/05/1955 Looking through a telescope, Gumby’s parents discover that Gumby is in great need of help. Gumby’s father sets out to rescue him in a fire engine that has a long extension ladder. Using the fire extinguisher, he sprays the moon creatures and takes Gumby back to earth by retracting the extension ladder.
S255E03 Trapped on the Moon 01/05/1955 The rock-like moon creatures pursue Gumby to a crater. Here, the low temperature of the moon causes him to become stiff and unable to move. Gumby’s parents bring him back to Earth and revive him in a hospital.
S255E04 Mirrorland 09/06/1955 On his way to the store, Gumby passes through a part of the toyshop where there are several mirrors. He loses his coin and hunts for it within three of the mirrors. In one of the mirrors, Gumby meets his ‘mirror image’ who tells him that in order to find the coin, he must do everything backwards. Gumby finally succeeds in doing this and the hunt ends successfully.
S255E05 Lost and Found 09/06/1955 Gumby has a wild ride through buildings and streets while searching for his lost money. The car finally comes to a stop beside a pile of sand and there Gumby finds his coin.
S255E06 Little Lost Pony 19/06/1955 The episode in which Gumby first meets Pokey. With the promise of a reward of 100 free ice cream cones, Gumby heads off in search of the missing red pony Pokey. Gumby finds Pokey with his hoof caught in a railroad track. Rushing to the rescue, Gumby manages to free Pokey a moment before the train goes by.
S255E07 The Blockheads 19/06/1955 The Blockheads are bent on kidnapping Pokey, but to succeed in this, they must get rid of Gumby. Their scheme of freezing Gumby enables them to lasso Pokey, but Gumby unfreezes in time to give hot pursuit and rescue the Pony.
S255E08 The Fantastic Farmer 24/06/1955 Gumby goes to Farmer Glenn’s Ranch. His crops are not growing properly, so Gumby helps in every way he can and finally divides himself into a lot of Gumbys, which go over the fields with many different farm machines.
S255E09 Gopher Trouble 24/06/1955 In order to feed his large, hungry family, a chemist gopher injects roots of corn plants with a chemical that makes them grow into giant ears and roots. This causes great problems for Farmer Glenn. Gumby solves the problem by inventing a root machine that makes tasty roots out of weeds.
S255E10 The Black Knight 00/00/0000 Gumby visits a medieval kingdom. Here he finds that he must fight in a joust with the Black Knight in order to save the kingdom. Just when defeat seems certain for Gumby, a fire-breathing dragon assists him.
S255E11 Mysterious Fires 00/00/0000 The ingenious Gumby uses a modern invention to help a medieval kingdom, which is threatened with famine because its wheat fields are being destroyed by fires.
S255E12 Gumby Racer 25/05/1957 When the Blockheads sabotage the racer Gumby and Pokey are using, Gumby forms himself into a small but powerful racer and ends the race as the winner.
S255E13 Gumby Concerto 00/00/0000 Gumby tries to cheer up two lost musical notes that have forgotten what kind of instrument they came out of. He takes them to music land and cheers them up with various antics.
S255E14 Robot Rumpus 00/00/0000 Gumby is using robots to do his chores around the house while he and Pokey play, but the robots get out of control and Gumby has a frantic time trying to get things back in order.
S255E15 Toying Around 01/06/1957 Gumby and Pokey have fun in a toyshop. An inflated balloon carries Pokey high in the air and Gumby must find a method for rescuing his pal.
S255E16 Stuck On Books 00/00/0000 Gumby and Pokey can’t understand why Nopey is afraid to go through books to adventureland the way they do. Gumby coaxes but gets nowhere. Pokey tries another method and bucks Pokey through to the other side. Getting him out again though, proves to be a real problem.
S255E17 Bully For Gumby 00/00/0000 Gumby and Pokey stop to buy apples from Tony’s apple cart. They are having a nice chat when the Blockhead mischief-makers play a joke on them with a toy bull. Gumby thinks of a joke of his own to get even and they end up with the last laugh.
S255E18 Baker’s Tour 08/06/1957 Gumby and Pokey encounter rolling pins, cookie decorators and animated bread dough before emerging from the oven as cookies on a cookie sheet.
S255E19 Gabby Auntie 00/00/0000 Gumby and Pokey visit Aunt Gumbiddy. Auntie likes to talk and Pokey gets sleepy and starts to sleepwalk. Gumby and Auntie try to catch the sleeping Pokey but first they have a nightmare of a ride through streets and canyons.
S255E20 Foxy Box 00/00/0000 Gumby discovers a mysterious box that seems to have an unlimited supply of interesting toys. A stubborn tractor and a diving plane are but two of the toys that amuse him in this adventure.
S255E21 Indian Country 00/00/0000 Gumby, Prickle, Pokey and Goo go for a picnic where they are stalked by Indians. Gumby’s friends run away and hide, but Gumby is convinced there are no Indians around. Through a series of lucky circumstances, Gumby prevents the Indians from causing any mischief.
S255E22 Tail Tale 00/00/0000 Pokey agrees to allow Gumby to use him in testing his new teleporter machine, but Gumby has made a mistake in the construction and Pokey ends up with a flowerpot instead of a tail.
S255E23 Motor Mania 00/00/0000 Gumby and Pokey are in a drag race to Caboodle Corners. Reggie Van Snoot is sure that his high-powered car will defeat them but in the end, Pokey’s horsepower proves superior.
S255E24 Sticky Pokey 00/00/0000 Pokey is tired of trying to keep out of the clutches of the Blockheads so he goes to Professor Kap for help. The professor and his gluepot provide help all right, but in a most unexpected manner.
S255E25 Point of Honor 00/00/0000 Gumby is angry. Prickle is trying to win Goo’s favor at Gumby’s expense, so Gumby has challenged Prickle to a duel. This turns out to be quite a duel and since all is fair in love and war, many tricks are used. Goo is the only one who wins this round
S255E26 Indian Challenge 00/00/0000 Prospector Pete has been telling lies about the Indians causing trouble amongst his people. The chief of the Indian tribe, Old Joe, is angry and seeking revenge. Gumby and Pokey spy on Old Joe to assess the situation, but discover he lies just as much as Prospector Pete. To settle issues, Joe and Pete enter a tall tale contest – whoever loses has to stop telling stories.