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Tell you what a great life would be, that would be one in which we could just ride bikes, cook food and talk b******s." ...So began Dave Myer's and Si King's quest for adventure and good food. Packing their unpretentious northern humour and enduring friendship on the back of two monster motor bikes, these amiable, leather-clad hairies road out to make the best travel-cum-cookery-cum-comedy show ever seen. Around the world - from Transylvania to Vietnam, from Namibia to Mexico - they make friends, emerse themselves in local culture and learn to cook regional delicacies, however daunting. From hairy rickshaw pedallers to hairy caravan-trainee Donna kebab merchants they'll try anything; from crocodile satay in Namibia, garlic-fried grass hoppers in Mexico to coconut worms in Vietnam. They'll taste anything, and from the Isle of Man TT to the Fairy Circles of Damaral and they'll party anywhere! Full of zest, warm-hearted humour and plenty of surprising, yet easily made at home recipes, this is a fabulous series about two men, their sense of fun and the only thing they love more than their beloved bikes - food !


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S01E01 Namibia part one 17/01/2006 Dave and Si, travel to the Germanic town of Swakopmund, on the Namibian coast. First on the menu is a traditional barbecue, or braai; and to find the right spot among the massive dunes, the boys take to the air in a microlight. Having gorged themselves on crocodile satay and oryx rolls, they explore a Bavarian café and a township shebeen, before being treated to their first taste of a mopane worm. This is followed by local crayfish, taken from the ocean by the pair
S01E02 Namibia part two 24/01/2006 The pair travel to the north of Namibia. They visit the Himba tribe, one of the last nomadic people to fully preserve their traditional way of life. They encounter ostrich (and a giant fried egg for breakfast), giraffe, and the rare desert elephants of Kaokoland. The boys pitch tent in strange fairy circles, and they roast lamb in an earth pit, and try the local sport of long-distance spitting using springbok droppings.
S01E03 Isle of Man 31/01/2006 Si and Dave travel to the Isle of Man by boat, cooking crab soufflé and sea bass on the voyage, before visiting the TT Races on the island.
S01E04 Ireland 07/02/2006 Travelling aboard an old horse-drawn caravan, the pair go in search of the perfect Irish stew, on the way encountering many other Irish delicacies.
S01E05 Transylvania part one 14/02/2006 Traveling around Romania, the bikers go to Bucharest and visit the local food markets. In Targu Jiu they look at the sculptural art of Brancusi and then Corvin castle, the birthplace of Dracula. Finally the boys end up with an outdoor mud bath.
S01E06 Transylvania part two 21/02/2006 Visiting Sighisoara, the pair examine Hungarian influences on the food. The pair make dill blinis and spicy Romanian sausages before visiting a very colourful cemetery.
S03E01 India: Part One 22/03/2007 The Hairy Bikers roar back into action with a madcap tour of South India, starting in Madras, now known as Chennai, a riot of hustle and bustle and colours and flavours and bullock carts, and heat, lots of heat!
S03E02 India: Part Two 29/03/2007 The Hairy Ones travel through the Cardamom Hills high up into tea country, where the Raj still lingers, and Si finds an astonishing piece of his family history.
S03E03 Argentina: Part One 05/04/2007 The Hairy Ones are in the world's eighth biggest country, dividing their time between the full-on urban buzz of Buenos Aires, and the beauty of a traditional estancia, or ranch
S03E04 Argentina: Part Two 12/04/2007 t's time for Dave Myers & Si King to head south, leaving Buenos Aires behind as they begin their long ride to Patagonia.
S03E05 Belgium: Part One 19/04/2007 Si and Dave hop the Channel and find themselves in the alternative universe of Belgium, birthplace of surrealism and the finest chips in the world.
S03E06 Belgium: Part Two 26/04/2007 Things get really surreal in Brussels when Si and Dave meet a statue of Tintin and walk their way into a Magritte painting, and then try to corner a couple of Members of the European Parliament to find out what's happening to Europe's traditional foods.
S03E07 Morocco: Part One 10/05/2007 The Boys begin their adventures in Marrakech, where Si acquires a carpet and Dave acquires a King Cobra on his head. After treating the locals to a Kefta Tagine cooked in the city's historic square, they go back to school to learn how to cook a classic pastilla.
S03E08 Morocco: Part Two 17/05/2007 Si and Dave head into the film town of Ouarzazate, or "Hollywood with camels" as they describe it.

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