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There have been three attempts to kill Lew Burnett. After the third attempt Lew decides to stay 'dead' - so that he can stay alive. Lew Burnett, owner of an international construction company, begins scouring his past to find out who hated, loved or envied him enough to want him out of the way for good; he is not running from his enemies but trying to draw them out. In this state of transition - symbolised by the Hanged Man of the Tarot - he can no longer fall back on his money or influence, just the wits and hands with which he built up his own small empire. In the process, he is forced to confront some painful truths. Made by Yorkshire Television for the ITV Network.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Hanged Man

S01E01 Wheel Of Fortune 15/02/1975 The wheel spins from a wounded scramble across moors to a wages robbery to raise funds for survival.
S01E02 Tower Of Destruction 22/02/1975 The tower is the high skeletal framework above a power station under construction. Burnett and Crowe go back over the private airfield and the ashes of the plane crash that killed Burnett's wife.
S01E03 Knave Of Coins 01/03/1975 The Knave is an accountant in Locarno, protected by bodyguards and an electrified fence - the architect of embezzlement. And some of it is Burnett's money.
S01E04 Chariot Of Earth 08/03/1975 The chariot drives across the coast of Scotland where North Sea oil and the land where it will devour conflict in a struggle for the world's highest stakes. (sic) This is where one of Burnett's ex-partners realised ambition when he bought a Highland estate and its lairdship.
S01E05 The Bridge Maker 15/03/1975 That's what they called Lew Burnett when he ran a contract in a totalitarian police state. If he goes back to find answers he will find himself accessory to corruption, under sentence of death, and will be chained to a prison wall.
S01E06 Grail and Platter 22/03/1975 The polished practitioners of organised crime in Detroit learn that Burnett is alive and can still provide something they want.
S01E07 Laws Of Fortune 29/03/1975 The laws are the tricky rules of high finance which Burnett has played all his commercial life and has to play again, on the run and under darkness.
S01E08 Ring Of Return 05/04/1975 Tons of concrete are poured onto a motorway bridge - and the police want Crowe and Burnett for murder.

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