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Last seen bidding a tearful farewell to Haven Bay to start a new life with their father Wal Mullins. The Henderson Kids have been travelling as Wal has gone from job to job, we catch up with Tam (Nadine Garner) and Steve (Paul Smith) again in Westport where Wal has bought into a haulage business called Harry's, Tam is busy looking after the next door neighbours little girl Sally as well as being bullied by tough girl Carol Summers, Steve has his heart set on a girl at school, and the whole town is terrorised by a gang of boy's on bikes. Along the way they are reunited with some old faces as well as trying to make friends with some new one's, and begin to put together a show at the West Port youth centre. but life isn't all fun and games, yet again their lives are set to change dramatically when they find themselves without a father, Wal has disappeared again leaving Tam and Steve with no money, too scared to tell anyone in case t


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S02E01 Old Friends, New Enemies (Part 1) 06/06/1987 Using Tam and Steve's trust fund Wal has bought into a partnership at Harrys yard in Westport, and after travelling from job to job it seems they are finally setteling down in Westport, Setteling into Westport is proving difficult for Tam, she has a run in with The Brown Street Boys, a local gang of boys on bikes who terrorise the town, she'd be safer at school right? Wrong, when she hands in the same history project as the school bully Carol Summers all Hell breaks loose, Carol trips Tam so she falls and crushes her project, so Tam retaliates by throwing Carols out of the window, the pair fight and earn themselves an after school detention, which Tam gets out of because she has to pick up the next door neighbours kid 9 year old Sally from school, while her mother Helen is at work, Carol doesn't get out of the detention and is furious. Steve meanwhile has a crush on a new girl at school and is trying all ways to get to talk to her, but she is viatnamease and her friends are very prot
S02E02 Old Friends, New Enemies (Part 2) 06/06/1987 Tam is so excited to see Brains she won't stop gossiping to him in the police car and gets into trouble,Brians explains he went in to buy something and The Brown Street Boys attacked him, although he may have said something to provoke it. Javorsky takes Tam, Brains and Carol to a newly formed youth centre, Carol protests at first but when she realises it's there or the police station, she relents. The youth centre is run by a man called Ron, he shows them around but warns them that janitor Ellis is off limits as is his storeroom. Steve and Wal arrive at the centre to pick up Tam and Steve is reunited with Brains, Carol makes a swift exit stateing she will not be told how and where to spend her time to brother Marty. Tam remembers Sally and rushes to find her, when she gets to Helen's, Helen fires her. Tam goes to tell Wal and walks in on another argument with Harry, Harry leaves then Wal has a go at Tam for being selfish when he has his own problems. The next morning Wal ap
S02E03 The Hand on Your Shoulder (Part 1) 13/06/1987 Reeling in shock from Wal's note, Tam and Steve decide to head back to Haven Bay to stay with Uncle Mike, Steve calls the haven bay police station but is told that Mike and Pat are on a second honeymoon for 3 months. They realise they are now on there own. Steve tells Tam they can't tell anyone that wal has left them, just to say he is away on business for a few days, other wise they will be split up by the authorities, they also go through their finances and realise they are going to have problems just paying the bills let alone eating, they are forced to live on beans on toast and no luxuries. Marty and Brains form an unlikely alliance when Brains decides he wants to get back at The Brown Street Boys. Carol notices something is wrong with Tam and offers her a shoulder to cry on, but Tam doesn't want to know and snaps Carol's head off, feeling guilty she later apologises and they go to the local fort, where they have a chat and become good friends, Carol tells Tam that most of h
S02E04 The Hand on Your Shoulder (Part 2) 13/06/1987 A petrified Tam is taken to the police station, where she stays silent, the police are frustrated with her and even accuse her of being on drugs, she tells them she isn't, they think they have made a breakthrough and continue to ask questions, she refuses to tell them anything and ends up being sent to a remand home, she is questioned there are still says nothing, just silently cries. Oblivious to what is happening to Tam, Steve walks Ahn home and just as she is about to leave he kisses her. Tam is bedded down for the night and finds out from her room mate she will have to go to children's court, she is also gutted when they give her beans to eat. When Steve gets home and notices Tam is missing he turns to Helen for help, then head for the police station, Javorsky tells them somebody matching Tam's description was arrested for stealing meat, but won't give her name, Helen can't understand it so Steve tells the truth about Wal, he is shocked when Helen tells Javorsky, he tells the
S02E05 Fight to Survive (Part 1) 20/06/1987 Steve leaves school and starts hunting for a job, he heads to Harry's Yard and almost runs into Spider, the prowler from the previous night, Harry tells him he is firing not hiring, as his father has left him in a mess and he is sorry he can't help, while he is looking for work he tells Tam she has to do all the house work, this makes them fight like a married couple. Mr Boyd gives Vinnie hard time in class,Tam feels sorry for him until Carol tells her that it was likely The Brown Street Boys tried to break into her house. Mick robs Brains on his way to school, telling him he has to pay to walk on Brown Street territory. Steve gets a job as a salesman selling books on birds, he has to go and get training first. The gang go to the Youth Centre to find that Vinnie has taken over with The Brown Street Boys, they are told not to hang there anymore. Steve's training is in the world of being a con artist and he is not happy. Carol attacks Mick and gets Brains his knife back, but
S02E06 Fight to Survive (Part 2) 20/06/1987 Tam wastes no time in starting her war with Vinnie and The Brown Street Boys, the sprinklers are turned on The Brown Street Boys and Mick finds his bike chained up a tree. Later Mick complains to Vinnie at their hangout and is frightened by what appears to be a savage dog in their garage, Vinnie goes to look and finds a tape recorder, but not before Sgt Javorsky has caught Brains and Marty with the microphone pretending to be the dog. Steve tries to stand up for the pensioner who he sold the books to, when he realises his boss doesn't care about people, he pretends he has left her contract at home then secretly destroys it, quiting his job in the process. When Steve finds out Tam's home made quiche is actually made by the domestic science class, he refuses to eat them, needing a use for them The Brown Street Boys soon find themselves sitting in them at registration. Steve and Tam are burgled, but it seems nothing has been stolen, Sally thinks The Brown Street Boys are behind it
S02E07 Someone's Watching (Part 1) 27/06/1987 Vinnie jumps in to save Brains and impresses Carol, Ron helps them clean up at the Youth Centre, Vinnie agrees to a truce so to celebrate Ron plans a disco. Vinnie & Mick tell Brains he is not in on the truce. Steve is still desperate to date Ahn and agrees to talk to her father. Tam works out that Carol fancies Vinnie but Carol doesn't think she stands a chance with anyone. Mrs Kilsyth takes Miranda's ruined dress to Helen and demands 79.95 for a new dress and an apology for Miranda. Steve gets a hard time on his first day at Drummonds, when he learns he is just the Gopher. Tam uses the History project to try and push Carol and Vinnie together, but Carol backs out and she has to do the project with Vinnie on her own. Carol and Marty donate money for the dress saying it is worth it just to see Miranda get hit with the bomb, the rest they try to raise by can crushing, but only make 1.50. Tam realises she's been followed home and a noise in the house terrifies her but tur
S02E08 Someone's Watching (Part 2) 27/06/1987 Tam and the gang protest their innocence over the brooch and Javorsky gives them a chance and a time limit for the brooch to be returned. Tam finds Carol crying outside and tells her Vinnie isn't worth it, as he's a creep. Javorsky offers to help find Wal, when he turns up to question Tam over the brooch, Spider sees him leave. Carol accuses Sally of taking the brooch, she gets upset and runs off. Marty's dad Mr Summers is disappointed when Marty fails to get a place on the football team, Marty isn't. Sally hides out at the fort and sees a hooded figure planting the brooch, she follows to discover it's Miranda. Sally tells Tam and Javorsky helps them set a trap to catch Miranda out. Spider threatens Steve to keep the police away when he sees him talking to Javorsky again. Brains sees his dad going into the bike shop and assumes he's getting a bike for his Birthday. Steve gets a lead on Wal and heads off leaving Tam with Helen. Tam and friends club together to get Br
S02E09 Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers (Part 1) 04/07/1987 Steve saves a fisherman's catch and lands himself a job as a thank you. Vinnie takes Carol for a walk, to grill her about Tam, she believes he likes her instead, Tam tells him to back off, but he says he can't he's infatuated with her. Steve winds Sally up about sea monsters in the bay, she decides to do her school project about them. Tam is frustrated when carol won't stop going on about how great Vinnie is, she wants to tell her the truth but can't. Steve makes a fool of himself on his first day as a fisherman getting the net trapped in the propeller and destroying it. The Brown Street Boy's wind Marty up about the football match, and Brains tries to get him to stand up for himself. Steve isn't fired but told to bring a magazine tomorrow, as the fisherman needs a deckhand so he can put out extra netting for regulations. Marty finally stands up to the Brown Street Boys, but it all goes wrong when Mick tricks him into calling Vinnie a Zonk! The Youth centre meeting is c
S02E10 Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers (Part 2) 04/07/1987 Sally tells Steve her teacher says she can do her project on sea monsters if she gets some proof, so asks when she can go out on the boat, he shouts at her for being stupid and tells her she can't, she runs off upset. Helen suggests to Tam that she and the rest of the kids put on a concert to drum up trade for the Youth centre. Sally follows Steve to work and sneaks on board the boat. Carol gives Tam an ultimatum it's either Vinnie or her, Tam chooses Carol and goes to break it off with Vinnie, only she sees him getting a hard time from his dad, they have a talk and Tam offers some advice, Vinnie gets angry but tells her they are still going out, Tam realises she quite likes him and goes to tell Carol but she doesn't want to know. Steve's boss Roger finds Sally on the boat and is furious, then he has an attack, the boat is drifting into a riptide and they are all trapped on the boat. Helen goes to see Tam looking for Sally, they head to the docks, where they learn Steve's boa
S02E11 Monsters of the Deep (Part 1) 18/07/1987 Steve and Tam continue to fight as he wants Tam to have nothing to do with Vinnie, she tells him she likes Vinnie and she can do what she wants, he tells he to remember he is in charge, she's angry. Tam tells Vinnie off for acting like a thug with Steve, he apologizes to her but she isn't satisfied. Mick and the Brown Street Boys corner Brains in the yard and are going to beat him up, Tam and Vinnie see and Vinnie warns Mick off, Tam is pleased with him again. Later Mick has a go at Marty and yet again Vinnie warns him off, Marty is suspicious. Helen gives Steve some advice on how to deal with Tam and Vinnie, and she also joins forces with Ron to save the Youth Centre. Steve goes to see Vinnie and they call a truce, he invites him to a barbeque, but he also invites Carol, Tam is worried Carol will be upset, Steve promises to sort it out. Vinnie plays the spy at Harry's, and tells Tam and Steve about a meeting at the weekend. Marty decides to head to Brown Street to tell M
S02E12 Monsters of the Deep (Part 2) 18/07/1987 Tam and Brains are trapped in the back of the truck as it heads into the bush, Brains feels sick as the inside really stinks. Vinnie is mad at Marty for being late to Harry's yard, Marty tries to explain he's just a chicken but Vinnie is preoccupied spying, Spider comes out after hearing a noise almost catching Vinnie and Marty flees in terror, Vinnie thinks he was making sure he didn't get caught and is greatful. Tam and Brains split up as she follows Harry to a house in the bush, a meeting is taking place with the boss, she peers through the window and hears them discussing her dad, she trips on something and draws attention, so she flees in terror, getting lost, she finds herself staring down the barrel of a shot gun.... luckily it's a frightened old lady and her dog, she takes Tam into her house and tells her about men stealing the birds. Vinnie and Marty are back on survey-lance when Carol arrives, they see the truck arrive back with Harry in but no Tam and Brains, Vinnie ta
S02E13 Journey Into the Unknown (Part 1) 25/07/1987 Tam and Vinnie tells the others about the bird smuggling, they all agree to keep watching the yard, but Sally is upset that they don't seem to care about the birds being hurt. Vinnie keeps trying to get Tam on his own so he can ask her on a date, but keeps getting interrupted. Marty tries to get Miranda involved in the show, but she says her mother is organizing piano recitals and she is involved in those, not that she would want to be in there silly show anyway, although she seems to want to change her mind when she discovers Vinnie is in charge, but when Marty teases her she changes her mind again and makes fun of the show. Mick doesn't want the rest of the Brown Street boys involved in Vinnie's show, he has a go at Vinnie and Vinnie See's Tam watching so he reluctantly walks away, Mick looks smug. Brains is babysitting Sally and sends her for ice-cream, instead she heads to the pet shop and tries to let the birds go, Javorsky stops her and she slips up and tells him about th
S02E14 Journey Into the Unknown (Part 2) 25/07/1987 Steve and Vinnie tell Tam about the mystery box and they head to the docks, Tam pretends she wants a job while Steve and Vinnie try and get a look inside the box, the man ventures inside and Vinnie and Steve have to hide but the box is next to Tam, she goes to look but the man gets angry and tells her off for nearly ruining the ice cream cake, they are disappointed. Marty continues to pursue Miranda determined to prove she is the mystery poet, she gets annoyed and gets him into trouble with Mr Boyd then jams his fingers in a window. Helen is determined to find the poet and a misunderstanding leads to Carol slipping up that they are hers, embarrassed she rushes out, Tam convinces her they are great and she goes back, to be applauded by everyone. Helen thinks it would be a good idea to put Carols poems to music and suggests Miranda, Carol is furious and wont ask her so Tam agrees, Miranda is in the middle of the recitals and Tam finds herself reunited with Trevor Cathcart, he is no
S02E15 You Can't Trust Anybody (Part 1) 01/08/1987 Vinnie heads to Tam and Steve's to tell them Ellis is the boss and they all head to the youth centre, Vinnie shows them an old skylight and they get in through there, the bird smell is there but no birds. At the Youth Centre the next day they tell the others and decide it must be in Ellis's storeroom, so Brains and Marty keep Ellis busy while Tam and Carol sneak a look in the storeroom, Marty and Brains get distracted by there game of pool and Tam and Carol are caught by Ellis, Ron arrives and Ellis pushes him into the room and locks them all in. Brains and Marty see Ellis running away and steal Brown Street Boys bike to chase after him, but they lose him. Carol and Tam fill Ron in on what's been happening, when Marty and Brains let them all out Ron decides to phone the police an undercover friend of his, and makes the gang promise not to get involved further. Harry tells Vinnie he is cutting back his hours at the yard, Vinnie asks about night work or weekends but Harry says th
S02E16 You Can't Trust Anybody (Part 2) 01/08/1987 Tam and Vinnie argue about Vinnie hitting Mick, Tam doesn't like him being violent and he doesn't like being a wimp, she storms off home. Steve and Tam get another letter and a cheque from Wal, letter from one place and the cheque is stamped from another, so it's impossible to trace it. Vinnie and Tam have another talk and make another date, this time for Vinnie's family party. Steve also wants to throw a party to celebrate winning the computer. Tam introduces Carol to Trevor, they don't get on at first but she likes the music he's written. At Steve's party Tanya from Drummonds turns up and congratulates Steve, and asks him to go for dinner with him on Saturday, Steve jumps at the chance forgetting he has already promised to help Helen at the paper. Vinnie sneaks a look at the log book in Harry's yard. Trevor suggests to Carol that changing some of the wording to her poems would be beneficial, she threatens to break both his arms if he changes one word. he decides not to.
S02E17 Where Angels Fear to Tread (Part 1) 08/08/1987 Tam is downhearted believing they are never going to find Wal. Marty overhears Mick telling the rest of The Brown Street Boys not to be in the show, Marty decides to tease Mick about it and as both he and Brains run off, Mick chases them without the backing of the rest of his gang. Trevor decides he wants to take Carol to a concert and asks Tam, she says he has to ask her himself. Later he does and she is flattered and agrees to go but has to be talked into making an effort by Tam Mick arrives at the youth centre and drags all the Brown Street Boys from the stage, Vinnie intervenes and takes Mick to the foyer, Mick tells him he wants things the way they were with the fights and the chicks, Vinnie tells him that kind of life for him is over, Mick goes to thump him and Vinnie knocks him to the floor, Tam is watching so he walks away. Carol asks if Tam will sing her songs at the youth centre show, Tam agrees. Mr Summers notices the school sports are coming up and is disappoint
S02E18 Where Angels Fear to Tread (Part 2) 08/08/1987 Brains pushes Marty hard for the Cross Country, making him wear gum boots and a tire tied round his waist. Vinnie tells Tam he is fine if she wants to talk to another guy but he doesn't want her cheating on him. Trevor apologises to Carol and tells her he thinks she's fantastic, she forgives him. Mr Boyd asks Brains if he can help with Marty's training, Brains reluctantly agrees, but he seems to be a help to Marty. Mick tells Tam he has written some poems for the show but he is too embarrassed to show anyone, he says he'll show her if she agrees to meet up with him, she agrees. Steve spots Harry driving through town and tries to follow but bangs into Mr Boyd and loses him. Marty puts everything into his training and all the gang help to keep his spirits up, even Mr Boyd. At the sports day Marty is stunned to see his dad has turned up, when Marty falls at the starting line Mr Summers has a go about him infuriating Brains. It seems Mick's poetry is nothing more than a set
S02E19 Run for Your Life (Part 1) 15/08/1987 Steve suggests getting Vinnie to help with the stakeouts again, but Tam doesn't think they can rely on him anymore, Steve tells her they need Vinnie and not to get him off side, Tam is frustrated as she doesn't know why Vinnie is acting like he is and when sally starts asking questions she has a go at her, then Steve warns Sally not to tell anyone what she overhears them talking about in the house. When Marty and Brains see Vinnie at school closely followed by Miranda they call Miranda and Vinnie threatens them. Vinnie parades Miranda round school and glares at Tam, she is really frustrated, Mick laughs slyly. At the youth centre Carol practices the song she wrote and Tam tells her she should sing it, and Trevor and Helen agree, but Carol adamantly refuses. Vinnie arrives and Tam tries to talk to him, but he accuses her of using him, she gets mad and tells him he can leave and take the rest with him,.. he does, leaving Helen and the rest without a cast. Tam is hysterical feel
S02E20 Run for Your Life (Part 2) 15/08/1987 Steve finds out where to get aqua lungs filled up and enlists Vinnie, brains and Marty to help go round the dive shops looking for Spider's aqua lung, but they have no luck. During a meeting of the cast and crew of the show, Helen hears someone sawing back stage, she angrily pulls back the curtain and is shocked to see Miranda offering her help, Helen thankfully accepts and as Miranda takes a deep breath she joins the others at the piano, ready to be accepted in West Port, Tam and Carol smile at her offering encouragement. Carol goes to Trevor's for dinner and his Gran comments on how much she looks like a boy, Carol wants to leave but Trevor convinces her to stay. Ahn arrives at the youth centre, a new improved Miranda offers her hand of friendship and Ahn joins the centre. As Trevor's Gran continually goads Carol, Trevor finally snaps and tells her that he wants carol to be his girlfriend and to leave her alone, Carol can't believe it and smiles. Vinnie and Steve find Spide
S02E21 Plots and Plans (Part 1) 22/08/1987 Wal tries to explain his disappearance saying he did it to protect them all, as Harry is mixing with some dangerous people that would commit murder. Ron shuts rehearsals early telling Helen he's had a call from the council and they are having an inspection tomorrow, Helen lets everyone involved with costumes go to her house but the rest can go home. Tam realises she has lost her brooch and heads back to the centre alone. The centre is all locked up but Tam remembers the old sky light and gets in through there, she hears a noise and finds a smuggled bird, the light goes on and she sees Ellis, he and Spider chase her and she runs straight in to Ron, she is relieved until Ellis calls him boss. Steve fills Wal in on how they tried to find him and how they watched Harry's yard, he is horrified and tells Steve, the bird smuggling was only part of it, the rest was hard drugs and these people can't afford to get caught. Carol notices Tam still isn't back and Helen sends Brains and Ma
S02E22 Plots and Plans (Part 2) 22/08/1987 Helen is called to a council meeting to decide the fate of the centre. Miranda warns Carol that her mother is determined to see the centre closed even though she tried to stop her going to the council, Ahn suggests they all go to the meeting too, Tam and Vinnie arrive and they all head to the meeting. Miranda takes on her mother much to everyone's astonishment and they all argue to save their show, the council say the centre might be saved but they probably will have to abandon their show. Steve Tells Wal he has the chance to travel to Cannes, but he didn't think he could because he had to look after Tam, Wal tells Steve that he will look after Tam and that Steve should follow his dreams. Tam is upset when Steve tells her, she wanted them all to be a family again, Steve tells her they have both grown up now and they have an emotional farewell, Steve says he will leave after the show, if they do the show, Tam makes him promise to be careful. The gang wait at the Youth centre f
S02E23 Carry On (Part 1) 29/08/1987
S02E24 Carry On (Part 2) 29/08/1987