Affiche The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange
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The show follows the lives of Orange and friends; Pear, Passion Fruit, Midget Apple, Marshmellow, Grandpa Lemon and the antagonistic Grapefruit. The main setting takes place at a grocery store named Daneboe's (a reference to creator Dane Boedigheimer) which is watched over by employee Nerville (played by internet personality Toby Turner). There is no one-track premise for the show but instead focuses on the surreal misadventures of the fruit as they face evil vegetables, alien broccoli and other weird characters as well.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange

S01E01 Marshmalia 28/05/2012 When the U.S.S. Fruiterprise is attacked by alien broccoli, Captain Orange is forced to crash-land on the sickly-sweet planet of Marshmalia. But the Marshmalians are under the tyrannical rule of Big Rock Candy Monster, and it'll take Captain Orange and his enterprising crew to cook up a plan to save the pacifist creme-puffs.
S01E02 Captain Blood Orange 11/06/2012 The market aisles of Daneboe's are overrun by pirates and blue blood mega-yachts. Who will win this regatta battle royale?
S01E03 Sir Juice-A-Lot 18/06/2012 When Passion Fruit is captured by a mysterious dark knight, Orange and his crusaders have to get medieval to save her. But can they storm the castle before Passion is pillaged by a putrid princess? And will Orange's hidden crush finally be revealed?
S01E04 Veggie Zombies 25/06/2012 Orange finds a cure for his giggle-chuckle-itis, but when zombified vegetables try to suck the life out of him and his juicy friends, they learn a mortal lesson: don't underestimate the power of an annoying laugh!
S01E05 Founding Fruits 16/07/2012 It's Fruitdependence Day, and Grandpa Lemon shares an educational (and oddly touching) story about the history of Amerifruit: Orange Washington, John Adamsapple, Thomas Jefferpear, and Benjamin Franklemon escape the tyranny of King George the Grapefruit and bravely fight for freedom for all fruits!
S01E06 FruitVengers 23/07/2012 After swimming in a vat of mysterious goo, the fruit develop superpowers! Now Orange and the Fruit Vengers must save the grocery store from the evil machinations of the juiciest super-villain ever: Grapefruit!
S01E07 Dr. Strange Plum 30/07/2012 On a dark and stormy night, Orange and his friends attend a dinner party at Professor Plum's creepy mansion. But are they the guests of honor, or the entrée? One by one, the fruit disappear - and reappear on a platter! Can Orange solve the mystery before he gets sliced, diced, and served?
S01E08 Bad News Pears 06/08/2012 Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, and Marshmallow are the worst bowlers in the grocery store league, but Orange refuses to fall down without a fight. So Grandpa Lemon - who hit the lanes hard back in his day - spares some time to train Orange. But will his lessons pull Orange and the team out of the gutter? Or have they pinned their hopes to a fruitless endeavor?
S01E09 Fruit Plane! 20/08/2012 Mr. Juicy Fun is coming to the grocery store to demonstrate his Fruit Obliterator, so Orange and the gang decide to cash in their frequent flier miles and get outta dodge. But when their pilot, Grandpa Lemon, falls asleep at the helm, Orange must take the controls and fly the fruit to safety. Will he stick the emergency landing, or will the fruit end up obliterated after all?
S01E10 Lords of Fruitbush 27/08/2012 When the fruit get their rinds handed to them by a squad of bad squash, they decide to form their own gang. But they quickly become embroiled in the grocery store underworld, and a free-for-all food fight threatens to ruin the peace of the produce section. Can a juiceless resolution be found? Or will Orange and his home-fruit be forced to settle the score?
S01E11 Boys vs. Girls 03/09/2012 When a little light-hearted teasing between the girls' sleepover and the boys' camp out escalates into an all out prank war, Passion Fruit and Orange are pitted against one another. Will they be forced to do battle? Or can they rise above the petty feud?
S01E12 Fruitastic Voyorange 17/09/2012 Evil cruciferous aliens abduct Nerville and implant a device in his brain that makes laser beams shoot out of his eyes! Now Orange, Pear, and the rest of the fruit cart crew must shrink to microscopic size and embark on a nerve-­-wracking trek through Nerville's body to remove the alien implant - all while fighting off a host of miniaturized alien broccoli!
S01E13 Escape from the Planet of the Grapes of Wrath 01/10/2012 On vacation at a Napa Valley vineyard, the fruit make friends with some locals. But when the sweet and juicy grapes beg Orange to rescue them from the harvester, how can he refuse? Especially when taunted by an obnoxious sour grape with an acidic personality. Will the fruit get the smooth finish they hope for? Or will this turn out to be a very bad year?
S01E14 Follow the Bouncing Orange 08/10/2012 Pear takes advantage of Orange's gullibility and sends him off on a pointless quest, where he falls in with a group of lobotomized tennis balls that 40-Love his jokes and set him up as king! When he decides to join the "yellow oranges" as they volley into the tennis ball machine, Pear faults himself and launches a rescue mission with the rest of the fruit. But will they reach the court before Orange gets served up a sudden death?
S01E15 Spaghetti West 15/10/2012 In the Old West, Orange and the gang stumble across a town populated entirely by fruit! But the peaceful residents are shakin' in their boots when a villainous band of Pasta-leros rides into town. With no one else to stand up to the spaghetti outlaws, Orange has to pin on the sheriff's badge. Will he still be standing at high noon? Or will the bandits get the drop on him?
S01E16 Welcome to My Fruitmare 22/10/2012 Orange is haunted by dreams of Teddy Juicer - the monster who juices fruit from the inside while they sleep! It's up to Orange to keep everyone on the fruit cart awake, but when his plan fails, he must dive back into dreamland. Can Orange confront his biggest nightmare in time to save his friends?
S01E17 Annoying Cutsie 29/10/2012 The rest of the fruit won't let Orange join their glee club, so he settles for babysitting duties and teaches a fresh young orange to be annoying. But the rejection continues when the fruit invite the little cutie to join and tell Orange to take a hike! He finds acceptance in a commune of organic bohemian produce, but where will his loyalties lie when the peace-loving protesters occupy the fruit cart?
S01E18 The Day the Store Stood Still 19/11/2012 Obsessed with playing World of Modern Mortal Warfruit, Orange doesn't notice that the Sun is still up in the middle of the night! Earth is no longer spinning, and that can mean only one thing: the Earth Hamster has stopped running in his giant exercise wheel. Wait what?! Can Nerville, Orange, and the rest of the bunch journey to the center of the Earth and get things rolling again before Earth boils in its own juices?
S01E19 Generic Holiday Special 26/11/2012 Since holiday specials are so expensive to film, Nerville and the fruit cart gang decide to make an all-­-inclusive holiday special they can air all year round! With the comic stylings of the Unknown Banana, and musical guests Li'l Squishy and Lady Pasta, the show is sure to be a hit! Assuming they can keep Orange from being too annoying.
S01E20 Orange Carol 03/12/2012 It's Christmas Eve, and Orange's annoying antics are spoiling everyone's holiday cheer. Will a visit from three ghosts bring Orange the holiday spirit? Or will he end up alone, annoying only himself?
S01E21 Orange the Red 07/01/2013 Orange the Red, Pear Forkbeard, and the rest of the Viking-­-fruit set sail to explore the arctic seas. When they crash into Greens-and, a barren head of iceberg lettuce populated by leprechauns, Orange is granted three wishes. But will he waste those wishes on willy-nilly wants? Or will he wise up and do away with the wisecracks?
S01E22 Orange Belt 14/01/2013 Tired of being beat up by Grapefruit, and desperate to win Passion Fruit's approval, Orange learns the ancient art of Carrot-te. But does Orange have the courage to fight for Passion's honor? Can he prove that he's the hero she's dreaming of? Will he finally defeat Grapefruit, and will he do it all for the glory of love?
S01E23 When Fruit Ruled The Earth 21/01/2013 In the time of applesaurs and banandons, the cave-­-man Nerville falls in love with a prehistoric babe. But when a Cro-­-Magnon named Oog steals her away, Orange hatches a plan to help Nerville win back the cave-­-woman of his dreams.
S01E24 Pop Star 28/01/2013 Orange's terrible singing becomes a pop sensation with the wicked beat from a bag of microwave popcorn! But Popcorn gets cold feet when a Hollywood music mogul wants to sign the band to a huge recording deal and send them out on tour. Can they overcome their fears to find fame and fortune? Or will their rising stars fall short?
S01E25 Fast and Fruitious 18/02/2013 Fasten your seatbelts and start your engines for the First Annual Super Market Super Aisle Race! When an injury prevents Midget Apple from driving, Orange suits up to take the wheel. Can he survive the brutal and ruthless world of illegal street racing? Or will his rind get peeled by a bunch of French-Canadian cheeses?
S01E26 Trans.Fruit.Bots 25/02/2013 Nerville invents an auto-botic cleaning machine, but the deceptive robot fuses with Nerville's body and takes control of his mind! Orange and the crew must roll out and wage battle to destroy the evil force. Can they defeat the robot and transform Nerville back into himself? Or is there more to this bot than meets the eye?
S01E27 Chief Executive Orange 04/03/2013 Nerville gets into trouble with some loan sharks, so Orange gets an entry-level sales job to help him get out of debt. But who could have predicted Orange's unexpected and meteoric rise up the corporate ladder? And how will he handle his new-found responsibility?
S01E28 Meet The Oranges 11/03/2013 When Orange's persnickety parents come to visit, he concocts an elaborate lie to convince them he's leading a successful life. But can the other fruit pull off the charade? Or will Orange's parents see through his façade?
S01E29 Fruit Loose 25/03/2013 Orange and his friends are shocked to learn that dancing has been banned in the produce section. But when a rug-cutting, rabble-rousing strip of bacon shows up, everyone rallies around him to stage a protest. Can the new kid - with some help from his fruity friends - convince the authorities to let them have some good, clean fun? Or will his radical ideas land them all in produce prison?
S01E30 My Name Is Orange 01/04/2013 When Orange is told he has only 24 hours to live, he decides to make amends with all his friends. But can he change his ways and come to peace with himself before heading off to the fruit cart in the sky? Or will his legacy be to leave his friends eternally annoyed?
S02E01 Little Foodie Cutie 16/05/2013 Who wants to be the next Little Foodie Cutie? Orange convinces Midget Apple he's adorable enough to win the title - and a lifetime supply of whatever he wants! But they'll have to face off against the super- sweet pageant queen Honey Dew Dew.
S02E02 Isle of Dr. Fruitenstein 22/05/2013 Who could pass up a free trip to Fruitastic Island? Apple brings all the other fruits along for some fun in the sun. But it seems they are walking straight into Dr. Fruitenstein's trap to create unholy fruit hybrids!
S02E03 Orange's Run 30/05/2013 It's the year 3057 and life is perfect in the Fruit Dome. Orange works as a Compost Man, seizing runaway fruits who cannot face their fate of being recycled for the greater good. But when Orange discovers a gruesome truth he winds up on the wrong side of the law.
S02E04 Marshmallow Wedding 06/06/2013 Volcanoes, death, mayhem - it's a wedding on Marshmalia! Marshmallow is forced into an arranged marriage to the hideous ravenous beast Grumblala, who might just eat all the guests before the ceremony is even over. But Orange has a plan to save the day! Yay!
S02E05 Orange... James Orange 13/06/2013 Who can possibly stop the maniacal Dr. Po and his diabolical plot to thaw all the market's frozen foods? One fruit has what it takes. Suave, sophisticated and annoying beyond belief - he's Secret Agent Orange. And he's on a mission.
S02E06 Avocadotar 19/06/2013 Nerville is hurt that he's excluded from a fun fruity party. So he happily takes the sinister Broccoli Alien Overlord up on their offer to let him see life from the produce point of view. That entails leaving his human body in their cruciferous care - what could go wrong?
S02E07 Food Carnival! 26/06/2013 The fruits enjoy a day of thrills in the carnival that Nerville built just for them. But when the rides start to malfunction, Orange and Passion find themselves trapped at the top of the Ferris wheel. Will they escape alive? And if they do, will Grapefruit ever stop making fun of them?
S02E08 Fruitdependence Day 03/07/2013 It's a star-spangled crisis when the Broccoli Alien Overlord threatens to destroy every food monument on the planet - including the world's biggest ball of spaghetti! The fruits must take to arms as Orange leads the charge to destroy the Broccoli Mothership.
S02E09 Everybody Loves Cabbage 17/07/2013 The fruits enjoy some silence for a change, as Orange is rendered mute after his wisdom teeth extraction. But he's the only one who realizes that their beloved friend Cabbage is actually a veggiekilling maniac! Will he be able to warn them all in time?
S02E10 King Coco 24/07/2013 The other fruits mock Coconut for not having seeds. But after eating a freak meteor turns him into a ravenous 50-foot beast, the fruits don't annoy him anymore. Instead, they attack him with airplanes to stop his rampage.
S02E11 The Further Adventures of Sherleek Holmes 31/07/2013 Crikey! Orange and Pear travel to London only to find their luggage has been lost. Thankfully, famous detective Sherleek Holmes is investigating. But before solving the case, Holmes must decide who can be his new sidekick now that Dr. Watercress is gone.
S02E12 Fruiturama 07/08/2013 Orange is frozen in a tub of sorbet, leaving the other fruits free to be productive. But he awakes in a distant dystopian future where they live in fear of the robot Gort. These future fruits claim Orange is the chosen annoying one who can free them all!
S02E13 Cereal Killer 11/09/2013 The cops are on the case when Crispy Cereal turns up crunched to pieces. But can police partners Orange and Pear put their differences aside long enough to solve the case? Or stop playing the kazoo? Or escape suspicion? Because the evidence says it was an inside job.
S02E16 Orange Say Knock You Out 02/10/2013 Phat beats and delicious rhymes are needed when the rap crew of wrap sandwiches aims to take over Daneboe's. But is Orange up to the task after an on-stage meltdown?
S02E17 Hungry Fruit Games 09/10/2013 Under the oppressive Broccoli regime, two of each kind of fruit are chosen to fight to the death every year in the arena. Orange and Passion find that what might save them is not their fighting skills but their ability to fake being in love.
S02E18 Peartergeist 16/10/2013 Perhaps the cart could have survived a mild haunting on its own. But when Orange stirs up the spirits even further with his god-awful jokes, it's time for the fruits to take action.
S02E19 Bat's All, Fruits! 23/10/2013 Fruit-O-Ween means more than candy and costumes - it also means that Orange tries to teach his fruit friends about the importance of acceptance when they balk at his new Rainbow Fairy friend. Of course, that lesson is harder to teach when it turns out your pal is a vampire fruit bat in disguise.
S02E20 Thanksfornothing Day 26/11/2013 What can a fruit be thankful for? Years ago, at Plymouth Wok, the fruits and vegetables came together to live in peace. Too bad the utensils were out to slice them and dice them all for mealtime!
S02E21 Fruitsy The Snowfruit 04/12/2013 When Orange builds Fruitsy the Snowfruit, who comes to life magically, everyone is thrilled! When subsequent magical snow creations take shape and have complete destruction on their mind the excitement wanes.
S02E22 Little Cart Of Scaries 30/10/2013 When Nerville brings a ravenous Venus Fruit Trap plant into the shop it's up to Orange to alert the other fruits of this danger in their midst - but a tempting offer makes him think twice about saving his friends.
S02E23 Shakesparagus Speare 06/11/2013 Famed playwright Shakesparagus Speare is suffering from writer's block. Will Passion serve as his new inspiration? And will Orange in turn be moved to write his own masterpiece?
S02E24 Fruitballs 27/01/2014 The fruits of Camp Fruit-A-Wanga have had it with losing - this year they'll beat those stuck-up veggies and win the Grocery Relay trophy! Even if it means arming the evil Broccoli Alien Overlord with a tool to ensure their ultimate destruction.
S02E25 Clementine's Day 10/02/2014 Love is in the air - and it's pointy and sharp! Ginger just wants one dance with Pear for the Valentine's Day dance - so she dupes Cupid into firing arrows at any fruit that stands in her way.
S02E26 Mash of the Titans 24/02/2014 The King wants heroic Orangeus out of the way so he can woo Pashromeda unimpeded - so he sends our citrusy friend on a fool's errand to bring back the dreaded beast of myth...Medrootsa!
S02E27 Lost Food Pyramid 03/03/2014 A torn treasure map. A long-forgotten love. And beet ninjas. It's high adventure for Orange as he embarks on a quest to find the Lost Food Pyramid.
S02E28 Meet Banana Monocle 10/03/2014 It's all about the music for Banana Monocle, the hugely successful fruit punk band. This ragtag band of fruit rocketed to the top with their unique sound and annoying lyrics. But will the pressures of fame and success tear them apart?
S02E29 Defending Your Fruitcart (1) 17/03/2014 The League of Food Overlords captures Nerville and holds the fate of the cart in their hands. With the deadline of their destruction fast approaching, Orange sets out on a journey to see the Wise Old Fruit. Will he learn the secrets needed to defeat their edible adversaries?
S02E30 Defending Your Fruitcart (2) 17/03/2014 The League of Food Overlords captures Nerville and holds the fate of the cart in their hands. With the deadline of their destruction fast approaching, Orange sets out on a journey to see the Wise Old Fruit. Will he learn the secrets needed to defeat their edible adversaries?