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THE HILLS follows Laguna Beach's Lauren "LC" Conrad as she moves to L.A. to attend college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. In THE HILLS, Lauren gets a job as an intern at the popular magazine Teen Vogue. The show focuses on the challenges Lauren faces while she is trying to juggle work, school, and relationships.


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S01E01 New City, New Drama 31/05/2006 Lauren ("LC") moves from Laguna Beach to Los Angeles where she plans to apply for an internship at Teen Vogue and attend fashion school. Alongside her is best friend Heidi who is pretty much just into the party scene. The real test of Lauren's new life is if she can juggle work, school, and partying. However, no matter where she goes, drama always seems to follow.
S01E02 A Change of Plans 07/06/2006 Lauren has to face her boss after the party. Meanwhile, Heidi doesn't take school seriously and makes different plans for her future.
S01E03 An Unexpected Call 14/06/2006 Lauren gets an assignment to fly to New York and deliver a dress for a fashion show. Heidi is faced with the reality of her "dream job" because she is expected to do work.
S01E04 Lauren and Jason, Take Two 21/06/2006 Lauren receives flowers and another phone call from Jason. Heidi almost calls it quits from her job at Bolthouse Productions after being told that she cannot travel to Las Vegas with her co-workers as she is not yet 21.
S01E05 Jason's Birthday 28/06/2006 After a Teen Vogue event, Lauren hurries home as it's Jason's birthday. However, things don't go well as Jason only wants to hang out with his friends.
S01E06 Boyfriends and Work Don't Mix 05/07/2006 Heidi gets her big chance to work in the nightclub scene, but it happens to fall on her anniversary. While at a Teen Vogue fashion show, Whitney is asked to walk the runway since a model is a no show. Meanwhile, Jason does his best to get Lauren to pay more attention to him, and less to work and school.
S01E07 Somebody Always Has to Cry 12/07/2006 As the holiday season comes around, Lauren, Heidi, Jason and Jordan are ready to celebrate. However, things don't go so well. While at a New Year's Eve party Lauren and Jason have a big fight, causing Lauren to storm off with Heidi.
S01E08 You Can't Just Be with Me? 19/07/2006 Whitney and Lauren are given the task of photographing male models for Teen Vogue, causing Jason to feel jealous. Meanwhile, Heidi and Jordan get into yet another argument.
S01E09 Love Is Not a Maybe Thing 26/07/2006 Heidi and Jordan's relationship starts to go downhill as Heidi starts to realize that she may not feel true love for Jordan.
S01E10 Timing Is Everything 02/08/2006 Lauren and Jason make plans to spend the summer together, but their plans take a turn when Lauren is offered a summer job in Paris, France.
S02E01 Out with the Old... 15/01/2007 Lauren faces the aftermath of her decision to opt out of her summer internship, Whitney returns from her internship, and Audrina and Heidi find themselves in a major feud over a new guy.
S02E02 When You Least Expect It 22/01/2007 Heidi finds out the results of her pregnancy test while Lauren and Whitney are asked to cover a major fashion show. Meanwhile, Audrina turns Spencer down when he asks her out on a date.
S02E03 The Best Night Ever 29/01/2007 Heidi throws a party for her birthday where Audrina shows up to try and make amends. However, Heidi refuses to listen.
S02E04 Who Do You Trust? 05/02/2007 Heidi and Audrina go out to have dinner and they finally talk about their issues and Spencer.
S02E05 One Big Interruption 12/02/2007 Spencer refuses to let go of Heidi. Meanwhile Lauren and Whitney are on the spot, because "super-intern" arrives at Teen Vogue.
S02E06 You Have Chosen 19/02/2007 Lauren is not at all thrilled in Heidi's decision to get back together with Spencer. The situation between best friends becomes even more heated and leaves their relationship hanging.
S02E07 With Friends Like These... 26/02/2007 As if Lauren's falling off with Heidi wasn't enough, another one of her eldest friends, Jen, has eyes for Brody. Jen feels guilty for hooking up with Brody but Heidi encourages her to go for what she wants. Clearly, there is a lot more to mend in their relationships and Lauren assures Heidi that they'll never be the same as long as Spencer's still in her life.
S02E08 Enough Is Enough 05/03/2007 Lauren tries to make peace with Heidi, but is instead stood up when Heidi decides to meet up with Spencer instead. Meanwhile, Whitney finds herself annoyed at the fact that she is not respected as a Teen Vogue intern.
S02E09 New Year, New Friends 12/03/2007 Lauren and Audrina make plans for New Year's Eve with a pizza and champagne pre-party. Spencer asks Heidi to move in with him and Lo moves into L.A.
S02E10 Apology Not Accepted 19/03/2007 Heidi decides to throw Lauren a surprise 21st birthday party and tells her about Spencer asking her to move in with him. Jen tries to apologize to Lauren but instead makes excuses, thus, Lauren doesn't accept her apology.
S02E11 Everybody Falls 26/03/2007 Whitney is getting ready to work with Teen Vogue after graduation, however, she has a lot of competition with other interns. She also gets to model at "Good Morning America." Meanwhile, Spencer still insists that Heidi move in with him.
S02E12 Goodbye For Now 02/04/2007 Whitney flies to New York City to apply for a new job at Teen Vogue. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Heidi gets a call from Spencer who has a huge surprise for her.
S03E01 You Know What You Did 13/08/2007 The third season premieres with Lauren and Heidi still unable to get past their differences and having become mortal enemies. Meanwhile, Whitney has graduated from college and is now juggling a real job and Audrina has become Lauren's new roommate and best friend.
S03E02 Big Girls Don't Cry 13/08/2007 Lauren returns to Laguna Beach for some advice. Meanwhile, Audrina and her new beau get serious with their relationship and Spencer proposes to Heidi.
S03E03 Truth and Time Tells All 20/08/2007 Audrina invites Lauren out to dinner to get to know Justin better. Lauren is not impressed by him. Audrina talks to Justin and decides to give their relationship time. Spencer suprises Heidi by buying two arcade games for the apartment. Later, she suprises him by painting over the mural in the living room.
S03E04 Meet the Parents 27/08/2007 Spencer and Heidi go away for the weekend to meet Heidi's parents, causing Spencer to flake on his and Brody's barbeque. Lauren, Audrina, Lo, and Justin Bobby attend. Justin Bobby flirts with other girls and leaves Audrina at the party, and Lauren finally realizes that she and Heidi will never be friends again.
S03E05 Rolling with the Enemy 03/09/2007 Just when everyone believes that Justin Bobby is finally history, Audrina decides to rekindle the relationship, much to Lauren and Lo's surprise.
S03E06 Second Chances 10/09/2007 Lauren is still wondering who could be the guy for her when suddenly Jason gives her a call and wants to catch up.
S03E07 They Meet Again 17/09/2007 Heidi tries to fit into her new job. Meanwhile Lauren has to decide if she will give Jason another chance.
S03E08 For Better Or Worse 24/09/2007 Spencer and Heidi's wedding date gets closer, but will he tell his family before he steps into church? The Teen Vogue event gives Whitney and Lauren a lot of work, while Jason tires to start over with a new girl and a new place.
S03E09 What Happens In Vegas... 01/10/2007 Brody celebrates his birthday in Las Vegas and of course Lauren and her friends are invited too. Meanwhile Heidi has to face more problems at work than she likes.
S03E10 What Goes Around... 15/10/2007 When Jen wants to be friends again with Lauren, however the dark past starts to haunt everyone. And not everyone likes the past revealed.
S03E11 No More Mr Nice Guy 22/10/2007 Lauren goes out with one of the male models from a photo shoot, leaving Brody to question everything that has developed in the past weeks.
S03E12 Stress And The City 29/10/2007 Whitney and Lauren are sent to New York to present their ideas about the big fashion show. Meanwhile Franky tries to fix Brody's and Spencer's friendship.
S03E13 Young Hollywood 05/11/2007 The Young Hollywood party finally happens and Whitney is in charge. Heidi celebrates her 21th birthday with Spencer. And Audrina might have a new admirer.
S03E14 Forgive and Forget 12/11/2007 Lauren and Whitney have to cover an event for Teen Vogue, where Lauren runs into Heidi and of course they fight again. Later on Heidi tries to make up to Lauren, but Lauren turns her down. Meanwhile Audrina and Justin still struggle in their undefined relationship.
S03E15 With This Ring... 19/11/2007 Heidi and Spencer constantly fight about how they should get married. Will they find a solution? Meanwhile Whitney has found a guy that asks her out on a date.
S03E16 A Night At The Opera 26/11/2007 Lauren and Audrina find out that Spencer has a sister. She also pays Spencer and Heidi a visit. When Lauren and Audrina hang out with Brody, they not only run into Spencer's sister, but also run into Justin - with another girl.
S03E17 Once A Player... 03/12/2007 Stephanie tells Spencer that Heidi might bail out of the wedding, so Spencer and Heidi fight once again. Lauren and Audrina both have a date.
S03E18 When One Door Closes... 10/12/2007 Broken hearts as far as the eyes reaches: Heidi and Spencer can't agree on their wedding plans while Brody and Lauren both refuse to make the first step.
S03E19 Paris Changes Everything 24/03/2008 Lauren and Whitney go to Paris, but the trip is marred for Lauren when she finds out Brody is seeing someone new. Meanwhile, Spencer follows Heidi to Colorado to try to win her back.
S03E20 Back To LA 31/03/2008 After their week in Paris, Lauren and Whitney are back home and have to adjust to the changes and the changes they plan to do.
S03E21 An Unlikely Friend 31/03/2008 Loyalty lines are questioned when Stephanie Pratt makes nice with Lauren at FIDM. Plus, Whitney travels to NYC to jump-start her career with People's Republic.
S03E22 When Spencer Finds Out... 07/04/2008 It's Lauren's birthday and for some guests an appearance at her party could mean a lot of trouble. Also from whom will Lauren receive a birthday kiss?
S03E23 Just Be Careful... 07/04/2008 After the much talked about birthday party Lauren had, the talk of the characters on The Hills is Lauren's friendship with Stephanie. Audrina is approached by someone unexpected, much to someone else's discomfort.
S03E24 Girls Night Out 14/04/2008 Lauren is surprised by a job offer she receives. Meanwhile Heidi enjoys a night out with her friends, until she spots Spencer and things end up in a fight.
S03E25 A New Roommate 21/04/2008 Lauren and Lo are looking into the real estate market as they plan to buy a house. Meanwhile, Audrina reconsiders her situation as a single woman.
S03E26 A Date With The Past 28/04/2008 The girls go out to find a new home. When they find one, the guest list for the housewarming party is subject to more than just one fight.
S03E27 No Place Like Home 05/05/2008 While Lo and Lauren enjoy living at the house, Audrina feels more and more left out. Meanwhile Stephanie thinks it's time to get rid of Spencer and Heidi prepares her next step in her career.
S03E28 The Next Move Is Yours 12/05/2008 Lauren tries to uphold her friendship to Audrina, but is it already too late? Meanwhile Spencer tries to win Heidi back and risks her career to do so.
S04E01 We'll Never Be Friends 18/08/2008 The tension between Lo, Lauren and Audrina continues and soon things reach boiling point.
S04E02 Drama Follows Them 25/08/2008 Stephanie's birthday party is around the corner and so everyone tries to make an appearance. Also things start to change for Whitney.
S04E03 Better Off As Friends 01/09/2008 Whitney's love life starts to heat up while Lauren's starts to cool down. Meanwhile Heidi and Spencer fight.
S04E04 Boys Make Girls Cry 07/09/2008 Brody attacks Stephanie and insults her, just before he's arrested.
S04E05 Something Has To Change 08/09/2008 Brody is still in jail, so the girls try to come up with a way to get him out. Plus Audrina and Lauren finally sit down and talk to each other.
S04E06 You Always Miss A Best Friend 15/09/2008 Justin goes MIA. Holly calls Lauren, but how will Heidi and Spencer react to that?
S04E07 When Lauren's Away... 22/09/2008 When Lauren is away for a couple of days, Stephanie and Doug start dating secretly. How long will that stay a secret though?
S04E08 Don't Act Innocent 29/09/2008 Doug and Stephanie have to explain themselves to Lauren. Meanwhile Heidi's mother pays a visit.
S04E09 If She Never Met Spencer... 06/10/2008 Heidi tries to reach out to Lauren. Meanwhile Audrina has a date, but what will Justin say to that?
S04E10 Who to Choose? 13/10/2008 Spencer sets an ultimatum for Holly to move out. Meanwhile Audrina checks which boy is best for her. Will it be Justin?
S04E11 You'll Never Have This... 20/10/2008 Lauren and Audrina travel to Cabo for Brody's birthday, but Audrina's problems with Justin threaten to ruin the festivities. Back in LA, Spencer gives Stephanie's new boyfriend a hard time over dinner.
S04E12 I Want You To Be With Me 27/10/2008 Audrina wants to make things work with Corey, but finds herself torn when Justin drops by Epic. Meanwhile, Stephanie starts having doubts about her new boyfriend when he fails to defend her in front of Brody.
S04E13 Its Her Move 03/11/2008 Audrina suprises Lauren when she moves out, and Heidi disappoints Brent Bolthouse when she invites Spencer to a work event and gets caught having a little too much fun.
S04E14 Back To New York 10/11/2008 Whitney finds romance when she and Lauren head to New York City for fashion week. Back in L.A., Spencer makes things worse for Heidi by approaching Brent to ask for her job back.
S04E15 One Last Chance 17/11/2008 Heidi decides to go back to Brent and Sam and ask for her job back. Plus, Holly Montag's crashing at Lauren and Lo's since getting kicked out of her sister's place.
S04E16 You Did This 24/11/2008 A nasty rumor threatens to end Lauren and Audrina's friendship and Heidi realizes Spencer's been withholding information from her.
S04E17 Its About Trust 01/12/2008 Audrina tries to make amends with Lauren after the fall-out. Then it's off to Nana's house where Spencer and Stephanie compete for their grandmother's affection.
S04E18 Dream Boy, Dream Job 08/12/2008 In NYC, Whitney has an interview with Diane von Furstenberg and sees Jay. Plus, Lauren says goodbye to her Laguna home and Stephanie makes a difficult decision about Cameron.
S04E19 Mr & Mrs Pratt 15/12/2008 Spencer and Heidi ignore the concerns of their families and elope in Mexico. Meanwhile, Whitney says goodbye to Lauren and her life in Los Angeles as she leaves for her dream job in New York City.
S04E20 I Heidi Take Thee Spencer 22/12/2008 The season four finale finds Lauren and Heidi running into each other and are reminded why the once were best friends. Meanwhile, as Heidi's mom pays a visit, the she and Spencer know they must face reality; and Audrina is surprised by Justin with a trip to Palm Springs.
S05E01 Don't Cry on Your Birthday 06/04/2009 Lauren lands in tears during her surprise birthday party when Heidi rocks the boat by showing up uninvited. Plus, Spencer takes a swing at Stephanie's ex-boyfriend, Cameron.
S05E02 Everything Happens For a Reason 06/04/2009 Heidi and Spencer evaluate their relationship after the bar scene and Lauren scolds Stephanie for pushing Heidi on her.
S05E03 I'm Done With You 13/04/2009 After Heidi catches Spencer at a nightclub with Stacie the bartender, she demands they go to couple's therapy. Plus, Lauren puts her reputation on the line when she gets Stephanie an interview at People's Revolution.
S05E04 Crazy In Love 20/04/2009 As Audrina tries to get over Justin, she sees Brody in a new light. Plus, Heidi drags Spencer to couples' therapy and Stephanie has a hard time handling work at People's Revolution.
S05E05 I Always Had A Little Crush 27/04/2009 Things heat up between Audrina and Brody in Hawaii and Heidi's ex-boyfriend, Colby comes for a visit.
S05E06 Playmates Bring The Drama 04/05/2009 The gang make their return to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Brody and Audrina deal the repercussions from their hookup in Hawaii.
S05E07 Keep Your Enemies Closer 11/05/2009 Lauren is put into an awkward situation after Stephanie messes up at work. Meanwhile, Justin calls out Audrina for hooking up with Brody.
S05E08 Father of the Bride 18/05/2009 Spencer has an important question to ask Heidi's father when he comes for a visit. Meanwhile, Lauren make the decision to fire Stephanie from People's Revolution.
S05E09 Hi Lauren, It's Spencer... 25/05/2009 Spencer is asked by Heidi to make amends with Lauren in hopes that she'll attend their wedding. Elsewhere, a recently fired Stephanie has a run-in with Kelly Cutrone, her former boss.
S05E10 Something Old, Something New 31/05/2009 Heidi and Spencer head down the aisle and two unexpected guests manage to attend the ceremony.
S05E11 Its On Bitch 29/09/2009 Kristin makes a big first impression in The Hills when she gets in a fight with two different women over one guy, works her way to queen bee status and lands a hot date with a motorcycle all in one episode.
S05E12 Mess With Me, I Mess With You 06/10/2009 Kristin kicks her pursuit of Justin into high gear after Audrina blows her off, while Heidi and Spencer's opposing views on kids causes trouble.
S05E13 Strike One 13/10/2009 Justin doesn't show up at Brody's party and Audrina has a new target.
S05E14 Old Habits Die Hard 20/10/2009 Justin tries to make up with Kristin. Heidi thinks something is wrong with Holly.
S05E15 Sorry Boo, Strike Two 27/10/2009 Heidi and Stephanie sit Holly down for an intervention when she continues drinking. Plus, Kristin gets upset with Justin's head games and Brody and Jayde get into a fight that leads them to reconsider their relationship.
S05E16 I'm Done WIth You 03/11/2009 Justin finds himself in hot water after Kristin and Audrina meet. Heidi wants to have a baby, but Spencer has another plan.
S05E17 On To The Next 10/11/2009 Audrina gets her heart broken when Justin ends things for good, it's a war of the exes over Brody, and Spencer considers drastic measures to stop Heidi's baby obsession.
S05E18 Can't Always Get What You Want 17/11/2009 While on a lunch date, Kristin and Brody recall the crazy times they used to have together. After Brody toasts to having a nice lunch without fighting, Kristin mentions that Jayde wants to talk with her. Brody tells Kristin she's out of her mind ...
S05E19 Mr. Right Now 24/11/2009 Kristin and Stacie's girls' weekend in Vegas becomes a threesome when Justin joins the fun. Plus, Spencer panics when he uncovers Heidi's pregnancy scheme.
S05E20 The Boys of Summer 01/12/2009 Kristin is in Malibu packing up her beach house when she tells Stacie she doesn't want to pursue a relationship with Justin Bobby. Kristin says things were perfect when they were in Vegas, but she knows real life isn't like vacation.
S06E01 Put On a Happy Face 27/04/2010 Heidi heads home to show her family her post-surgery look, and Kristin's all-night partying begins to worry Audrina, Lo and Stephanie.
S06E02 Rumor Has It 04/05/2010 Stephanie gets blamed for spreading the rumors about Kristin's drug abuse problems, and Spencer lashes out when his sister approaches him at a party....
S06E03 The Elephant in the Room 11/05/2010 Kristin urges Audrina to commit to Ryan, then moves in to get closer to Brody and Spencer causes as scene when he gets angry with Holly at Enzo's party....
S06E04 This is Goodbye 18/05/2010 Heidi and Spencer's behavior cause their friends and family to make a difficult choice, while Kristin and Brody hook up but agree to stay single.
S06E05 A new Bird 25/05/2010 Brody puts his friendship with Kristin on the line when he starts seeing another girl. Lo sets Stephanie up on a double date....
S06E06 Ghost from the Past 01/06/2010 Kristin has a hard time moving on from Brody. Audrina bumps in to Justin and starts to have doubts about her relationship with Ryan.
S06E07 The Company You Keep 08/06/2010 When Justin Bobby shows up onstage at a show Audrina, Steph and Lo are at, all the girls are surprised.
S06E08 Between a Rocker and a Hard Place 15/06/2010 Audrina's relationship with Ryan is put to the test when he meets Justin for the first time. Brody sides with Kristin when Allie picks a fight with her.
S06E09 Break-Up to Make-Up 22/06/2010 It's Audrina's birthday and the gang, including Justin, board a boat at Marina Del Ray to celebrate. Elsewhere, Kristin has another run in with Allie at a club where a fight erupts. Also Audrina breaks up with Ryan and Kristin warns McKaela to stay away from her.
S06E10 Welcome To The Jungle 29/06/2010 The gang heads to Costa Rica for a group surf trip, and Brody gets jealous when Kristin hooks up with a local bartender. Meanwhile, Audrina fights her attraction to Justin, and Stephanie finds herself at odds with the jungle environment
S06E11 Loves Me Not 06/07/2010 Brody and Kristin have a heart-to-heart, she wants to give their relationship another shot and Stephanie starts seeing someone new.
S06E12 All Good Things... 13/07/2010 In the final episode of The Hills, there will be goodbyes, tears, promises, love and heartbreak. Kristin will have to decide if she's going to make a major change in her life, which may force Brody to make a decision about their relationship. Audrina chooses a new, independent life without Justin, but will that be the right choice? Lo weighs whether or not to take the next step with her boyfriend, and Stephanie, for the first time, believes that she's found true happiness.
S00E01 Lauren Looks Back 09/12/2007 Lauren takes a look back at her time in Laguna, her friends her relationships as well as on her time in Los Angeles with all what happened.
S00E02 Top 10 Moments Of All Time 11/08/2007 The third season is just about to premiere, but first, catch up on all the drama from the past two seasons. This special recap episode will feature the top ten moments of all time on the show and take a drive down memory lane.
S00E03 Season 3: Cram Session 08/10/2007 The Hills looks back at the first half of the season with never before seen footage and takes a look at what will come.
S00E04 The Lost Scenes 17/10/2008 From bonus scenes to embarrassing moments, catch some never before seen footage from 'The Hills.'
S00E05 S05 Preview Special: Live With Lauren! 30/03/2009 Dan and Jessi are live with Lauren, who's giving an exclusive look at season 5! Plus, re-live some of the best (and worst) moments from 'The Hills'.
S00E06 Speidi's Wedding Unveiled 01/06/2009
S00E07 Revealed 00/00/0000
S00E08 From The Beginning 00/00/0000
S00E09 A Hollywood Ending 00/00/0000
S00E10 What's Next Brody? 00/00/0000
S00E11 Goodbye Message: Audrina 00/00/0000
S00E12 Goodbye Message: Lauren 00/00/0000
S00E13 Season 2: Cram Session 00/00/0000
S00E14 Living The Hills Life 00/00/0000
S00E15 Off The Record 00/00/0000
S00E16 Whitney Looks Back 00/00/0000
S00E17 The Bitch Is Back: The Hills Season Preview 16/09/2009 Kristen takes a look at her upcoming adventure in The Hills.
S00E18 The Hills: That Was Then, This is Now 02/08/2016