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Welcome to The Home Court Guide at TV Tome. Type: NBC Situation Comedy Episode History: 20 x 30 minute episodes (1 Series) Broadcast History: 30 September 1995 - 22 June 1996 Pamela Reed stars as Sydney J. Solomon, a Chicago family court judge, who can intimidate the toughest prosecuting attorney and the most hardened repeat offender. Maybe she does push too hard when it comes to trying to straighten out people's lives, but the one group capable of benching her honor is her own children. Sydney's biggest challenges often arise when she must lay down the law, or exercise a little leniency, at home with her kids: Mike, a reluctant college student intent on taking a non-academic route to finding himself; sardonic 16-year-old Neal; computer-obsessed, 13-year-old Marshall who communicates with his dad on the Internet; and hyperactive, 11-year-old Ellis. THE EPISODE GUIDE IS COMPLETE! as of 07 December 2004 by 2go2 and NBC_JayLen


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S01E01 Pilot 30/09/1995 Sydney's oldest son quits college.
S01E02 The Cheesehead Stands Alone 07/10/1995 Sydney sentences a divorced football star to a weekend in jail for not visiting his son, but it soon appears she may have made a bad call.
S01E03 Sleeping Dogs Lie 21/10/1995 Sydney peeks at an FBI file to find out why she was passed over for a spot on a White House committee—and finds out something startling about Neal.
S01E04 In Cyberspace Everyone Can Hear You Scream 25/10/1995 Sydney confiscates Marshall's computer after she discovers he released onto the Internet a video of her giving birth to Ellis.
S01E05 My Kind of Clown 04/11/1995 A Bozo the Clown show brings back a not-so-happy childhood memory for Greer involving a shiny new bike that Sydney proudly won on the show as a kid.
S01E06 Time Flies 02/12/1995 With the minutes of her life ""ticking away."" Sydney grows desperate for a romantic relationship.
S01E07 The Sydney That Works 09/12/1995 Neal is itching to get into an elite private school, but when she's put on the waiting list, Sydney has to start scratching a lot of backs to get her in.
S01E08 Dog Day Afternoon 06/01/1996 The hapless new presiding judge, Walter Ragsdale, decides to make Sydney's life miserable after she insults him, and he reassigns her from family court to more onerous duties.
S01E09 The Importance of Being Ernie 13/01/1996 Judge Ragsdale wants to steal Ernie away from Sydney; and, given the way Sydney treats him, Ernie's tempted to make the move.
S01E10 Laborer of Love 20/01/1996 A wealthy and attractive divorcee gives Mia a gig as her gofer, but Sydney fears he's just going to be a gigolo.
S01E11 Touched by an Anger 03/02/1996 Sydney roughs up a mugger during an attempted purse snatching, and the court orders her to attend an anger-management workshop, where she finds the sources of her displaced hostility: her ex-husband Jeffrey.
S01E12 An Exercise in Fertility 10/02/1996
S01E13 The Great Chicago Fireman 02/03/1996 Sydney may have found the perfect man when she begins dating a hunky fireman who rescued her from a locked bathroom, but his penchant for gourmet cooking, meticulous housekeeping -- and weeping over sensitive ""chick flicks"" -- leaves Sydney feeling a bit smothered.
S01E14 Between a Shamrock and a Hard Place 16/03/1996 St. Patrick's Day gets a wee bit out of hand for Sydney, who's held hostage in her courtroom by 9-year-old Patrick who wants her to stop Chicago's annual parade because he is ashamed of his diminutive father's participation as a leprechaun. Elsewhere, a giddy Greer tries to entice Neal to join her on a suitably goofy float.
S01E15 True Lies 23/03/1996 Sydney gets Mike a job working with Leo, the courthouse maintenance man who has a thing for Sydney.
S01E16 Bad Boys 30/03/1996 When Neal wants to date a young car thief she meets, Sydney is reminded of her own youthful fling with a bad boy who stole her heart.
S01E17 Mike Solomon: Unplugged 06/04/1996 Mike takes Sydney's advice and bails out on his floundering rock band -- just before they finally hit the big time.
S01E18 Dad 13/04/1996 Sydney's widowed dad Karl arrives in Chicago with a fiancé, and he can't wait to consummate their marriage; but his bride-to-be can wait -- forever.
S01E19 Love, Death & Soda 20/04/1996 Marshall is stricken with guilt after he makes out with a girl during a relative's funeral.
S01E20 Syd and Sensibility 22/06/1996