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C'est l'histoire de jeunes filles qui font partie de l'agence Pro 165 et qui veulent toutes devenir des idoles. Entre celle qui dort tout le temps, celle qui a la phobie des hommes et des chiens ou encore celle qui se prend pour une reine, le calme se fait rare à l'agence !


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S01E01 The Beginning for the Girls 08/07/2011 Shown from a perspective of a cameraman shooting a documentary, it films and introduces the girls of 765 Production studios and their everyday activities as an idol. Along with interviews with the staff of 765 Production, the idols themselves are also interviewed over why they became idols and their goals.
S01E02 The Girls Start 15/07/2011 After seeing the girls current profile pictures, the Producer decides that they need new ones and orders a re-shoot so the girls can get a better impression in their auditions. The younger idols, Iori, Yayoi, Ami and Mami want to look more mature, which they fail to do so. After some help of Azusa, Miki, Ritsoku and the producer, their photoshoot becomes a success.
S01E03 Everything Starts with One Courageous Step 22/07/2011 The Producer and the girls head to the town of Furusato to perform a small concert at the local Summer Festival, but it doesn't turn out as they all expected. Yukiho and the Producer both have to face their fears.
S01E04 That Changes Who I Am 29/07/2011 Haruka, paired with Chihaya, and Takane, paired with Hibiki, appear on a cable-TV cooking show battle hosted by a frog hand puppet.
S01E05 Vacation With Everyone 05/08/2011 It's summer, but the studio's air conditioner is broken. So the Producer agrees to bring the girls to the beach for a vacation while the air conditioner is repaired. Ritsuko gets a go on the new idol unit she created.
S01E06 The Decision to Move Forward 12/08/2011 Ritsuko's idol unit, Ryuuguu Komachi, with Azusa, Iori and Ami as its members, becomes popular after their debut and gets booked in many gigs, including singing on a music television program. Worried over the other idols' popularity, the Producer decides to have the idols audition for several gigs.
S01E07 Things I Love, Things That Are Important to Me 19/08/2011 Iori humiliates herself on live television when she forces an interviewer at the Minase estate to focus on her rather than ask about her father and older brothers. The Producer reprimands her actions, but Iori ignores his advice. Yayoi invites Iori and Hibiki to her home to have dinner with her five younger siblings where Iori learns about the life of a 'commoner' and gets to know Yayoi's brother and the eldest boy, Chousuke, who wants to help his sister.
S01E08 The Indirect Route to Happiness 26/08/2011 Azusa, Makoto and Miki go modeling as a bride, groom and bridesmaid, respectively, for a wedding magazine at a chapel.
S01E09 Things We Can Do Because We're Together 02/09/2011 After finishing filming a TV mystery mini-drama, Ryuuguu Komachi and Ritsuko return to 765 Production studios for a break with Mami and the Producer returning as well. Iori decides to treat everyone to some special puddings she bought earlier, but finds out the puddings are gone from the refrigerator. Suspecting the other idols as the culprits, Ami and Mami decide to solve the mystery by playing detectives.
S01E10 Moving Forward With Everyone 09/09/2011 The girls attend 'The Big Talent Agency Sports Competition' where idols groups from various agencies compete in games.
S01E11 Hopes, Uncertainties, and Signs 16/09/2011 The Producer informs the girls that their big break has come as they will be performing live at a 765 Production thank-you concert. Despite its main event being Ryuuguu Komachi, the girls are excited since they will be performing a new song and dance routine. However, the girls have to go through tough dance and vocal lessons, which some of the girls are having problems doing correctly, especially since their exams are coming out.
S01E12 Last Stop on a One-Way Road 23/09/2011 As the day of the concert gets closer, the Producer and the idols are worrying about Miki, who hasn't come for practice sessions for the past few days, which Ritsuko explains as being caused by a misunderstanding over Ryuuguu Komachi.
S01E13 And So, the Girls Head to the Sparkling Stage 30/09/2011 It's the day of the 765 Production thank-you concert, but complications arise for Ritsuko and Ryuuguu Komachi when a typhoon hits the city. All transit trains are stopped, forcing Ritsuko and the others to drive to the concert, only to get into a traffic jam. With the audience already having arrived at the concert, the Producer issues a change of plans to the backstage crew and the idols to have them perform first to buy enough time for Ryuuguu Komachi to arrive.
S01E14 The World that Began to Change! 07/10/2011 Ever since the concert and an article by Yoshizawa, a famous reporter who is a friend of President Junjirou, the idols have become very popular to the point of wearing disguises in public. After appearing on a TV show and going back to their makeup room, Haruka and Yayoi encounter Jupiter who's leader, Touma Amagase gives them an ominous warning. Back at 765 Pro studio, everyone is waiting for a magazine which features a photo shoot of the idols on the cover but Iori brings it, showing instead Jupiter on the cover. Wanting to know wants going on, President Junjirou and Yoshizawa believes this was the work of 961 Pro studio President and Jupiter's manager, Takao Kuroi, who used his connections to have the magazine cover changed. Kuroi and Junjirou were once friends in the idol industry but both of them had a falling out because Junjirou disapproved of Kuroi's methods. Because of the 765 Pro idols recent popularity, Kuroi wants revenge against Junjirou by crushing his idols using Jupiter. The girls want revenge but the Producer, Ritsuko and Junjirou tells them they shouldn't fight dirty and stoop as low as Kuroi and if they wish beat him, they should do it fair and square. As the idols are still upset over the magazine cover, Haruka helps Kotori arrange their fan letters which the others later joined. Thanks to the encouraging letters from their fans, the idols realize it is their fans that should be winning over rather than their rivalry with 961 Pro and all of them agree to work hard for them.
S01E15 Everyone Together, It's a Live Broadcast! A Live Broadcast! 14/10/2011 The 765 Pro idols star in a comedy variety show called "Are We Live? Sunday", hosted by Haruka, Chihaya and Miki.
S01E16 How It Feels to be All Alone 21/10/2011 As Chihaya has nightmares about her past, Hibiki has an argument with her dog, Inumi, as both of them are hosting an animal documentary show. Meanwhile, Kuroi plots to sabotage Hibiki's role as the presenter of the show.
S01E17 Makoto, A True Prince 28/10/2011 Makoto is a hit with female fans due to her handsome and Prince-like looks. While Makoto appreciates the fame, she wishes fans admire her as a girl not a boy.
S01E18 Lots of Everything 04/11/2011 Ritsuko forces a hard dancing routine on Ryuuguu Komachi to prepare them for an upcoming secret concert, much to the group's displeasure. When Azusa is unable to perform, help comes from an unexpected source.
S01E19 Like the Moon Hiding Between the Clouds 11/11/2011 Kuroi hires a paparazzi to follow and take pictures of Takane to find secrets about her, but ends up finding information on Chihaya instead.
S01E20 Promise 18/11/2011 Chihaya's tragic past is revealed in a magazine thanks to Kuroi. The magazine slanders her, suggesting Chihaya is heartless and Chihaya decides to leave 765 Production studios.
S01E21 Like a Flower Blooming 25/11/2011 Thanks to a magazine interview by Yoshizawa with Chihaya over her past, the rumors about her have ended as she and the other idols prepare for the Idol Jam concert with Jupiter performing as well.
S01E22 On the Holy Night 02/12/2011 It is the Christmas season and Haruka wants to celebrate a Christmas Eve party with everyone at 765 Production, just like last year. But with the idols' new fame, all of the girls are busy attending and performing at TV shows, variety shows, holiday or Christmas specials on Christmas Eve. Most of them might not make it in time...
S01E23 Me 09/12/2011 Haruka is looking forward to a dance rehearsal with everyone for their New Year's concert. However, the girls of 765 Production are too busy due to their schedules to do the rehearsal, slowly making Haruka lonely and depressed as she is unable to practice with her friends.
S01E24 Dreams 16/12/2011 The Producer manages to survive his accident but remains hospitalized for a while. As a result, Haruka returns to musical rehearsals to channel her grief into her role and wins the lead from Miki. Desperate to get the idols together, Haruka asks Ritsuko to reschedule or cancel her current gigs so she can practice for the New Year's concert.
S01E25 Together With Everyone! 23/12/2011 Kotori visits the Producer at the hospital who expresses his wish to see the idols at the New Year's concert.
S00E01 Live For You! 28/02/2008 One day prior to the 765 Productions Fan Appreciation Event, Haruka, Miki, and Chihaya get lost and must quickly find a way to return to Tokyo.
S00E03 Shiny Festa Harmonic Score: Music in the World 25/10/2012 Haruka, Chihaya and Azusa with Ritsuko as their producer are chosen for the trip to Vacation Island, but they struggle to decide what songs to perform. Upon arriving at Vacation Island, they discover Jupiter is also participating in the festival.
S00E04 Shiny Festa Rhythmic Record: Music is a Friend 25/10/2012 The Producer brings Yayoi, Iori, Hibiki, Ami and Mami to the Vacation Island resort for a musical festival where they spend their first day playing around. The next day, Iori wakes up to find that her precious bunny, Charles, went missing during their day of relaxation.
S00E05 Shiny Festa Melodic Disc: Music of Love 25/10/2012 Miki, Yukiho, Makoto and Takane are chosen for the trip to Vacation Island, with Miki deciding they should do a love song, despite the others lacking such experience in romance. Miki comes up with the idea to have each member have a 'date' with the Producer to learn more about love.
S00E06 THE iDOLM@STER MOVIE: Beyond the Brilliant Future! 25/01/2014 The idols of 765 Production continue on their neverending journey—towards a new stage, towards a bright and shiny future! The girls and their producer have gone through thick and thin, and have stood face to face with all kinds of difficulties. It's time again for the girls to foster their friendship, and through great discipline, they step forward to their starry future.
S00E07 The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Special Program 28/02/2014 Episode 7.5. Recap.
S00E26 A Story Called 765Pro 17/06/2012 A series of short, humorous vignettes showcasing some of the daily aspects of the staff and idols of 765 Production, such as a karaoke outing or a battle over rotating sushi.

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