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Indoor League was a television series broadcast in the United Kingdom by Yorkshire Television during the 1970s. It was hosted by England cricket legend, Fred Trueman who often wore a cardigan whilst smoking a pipe throughout his links. He always ended the show with the phrase, "ah'll see thee". The show featured many indoor games, the majority of which were pub-games. The "sports" included Shove ha'penny, Bar billiards, pool, skittles and arm wrestling amongst others. The show was produced by Sid Waddell, whose major success was to include a darts tournament. Darts coverage on television was in its infancy, with the News of the World Darts Championship having just begun to be broadcast on ITV. Waddell would later go on to become one of the voices of darts on television when the World Championship began in 1978.


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S01E01 05-04-1973 05/04/1973
S01E02 12-04-1973 12/04/1973
S01E03 19-04-1973 19/04/1973
S01E04 26-04-1973 26/04/1973
S01E05 03-05-1973 03/05/1973
S01E06 10-05-1973 10/05/1973
S02E01 27-09-1973 27/09/1973
S02E02 25-10-1973 25/10/1973
S02E03 08-11-1973 08/11/1973 This weeks show is definitely a wow for women who wish to assert themselves. In the table football for example Val Brice, of Taunton, Takes up defense against Messers Harwood and Thompson of Nuneton. And in the Ladies darts look out for Brenda Simpson, the reigning Derbyshire Champion, she shot through a recent game of 501 with : 100,140,46,81,98 and out on double 18. The lads do get a look in however in the final of games. Its Cheese Skittles for £100 and a gold medal.
S02E04 22-11-1973 22/11/1973
S02E05 06-12-1973 12/06/1973
S02E06 20-12-1973 20/12/1973
S02E07 28-12-1973 28/12/1973 Today sees the first mens darts match of the series. A first round match between Ivor Hodgkinson of the midlands, the reigning News of the World champion, and Lancastrian Frank Crolla. John Knopacz and Frank Bowkett, from Doncaster, the Indoor league Table football champions for 1972 play Geoff Bruce and Geoff Scott from Taunton in a doubles quarter final. And on the American Pool table John Virgo, a Snooker International from Lancashire Takes on John Ashcroft from Yorkshire in a Semi Final All this and Table Skittles too!
S02E08 03-01-1974 03/01/1974
S02E09 17-01-1974 17/01/1974
S02E10 31-01-1974 31/01/1974
S02E11 14-03-1974 14/03/1974
S02E12 28-03-1974 28/03/1974 The Final of the darts competition featuring one of the all time great darts players, Alan Evans.
S02E13 11-04-1974 11/04/1974 The final of the new games, Skittles, Arm Wrestling and Pool. Also features, by popular demand, the full replay of the final of the mens darts.

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