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Hilary Devey is determined to get deserving young people a chance to land their ideal jobs and has persuaded some of Britain's most exciting companies to let her hijack their normal recruitment policy. Each episode of The Intern sees three young hopefuls being given a week's trial in the job of their dreams. The candidates don't know it, but Hilary has arranged for the week to be packed full of the biggest challenges. Based on real life situations, each scenario tests a particular skill or aptitude deemed crucial to being a success in the particular industry.


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S01E01 Taelre, Georgia and Princess 04/04/2013 Three young people, who wouldn't normally make it to a first interview, get the chance of securing their ultimate job at one of Britain's top hotel chains, the exclusive Red Carnation Collection. The candidates have one week to prove to Hilary and Managing Director Jonathan Raggett that they have the qualities to win a place on the hotel's management scheme. Hilary has created the toughest challenges possible so her young hopefuls can prove they are up to the job. How will 18-year-old Taelre, a café worker, cope when a guest's Aston Martin is towed away? Can 22-year-old Georgia handle a warring couple when the wife suspects the husband of having an affair? And how will 21-year-old graduate Princess respond when a celebrity - Made in Chelsea's Hugo - is caught in a very compromising position?
S01E02 Alex, Holly and Lisa 11/04/2013 Three young people get the chance of securing a job in fashion working at online retailer But can they handle the pressure of the fast-paced, cutthroat industry? The candidates have one week to prove to Hilary and my-wardrobe founder Sarah Curran that they have the qualities to succeed. Can 21-year-old Alex find enough creative spark to keep his fashion shoot on track when it all starts falling apart? How will 24-year-old call centre worker Holly deal with a mischievous Abbey Clancy, who's been briefed by Hilary to be a difficult? And when the rest of the PR team goes missing, how will 18-year-old college leaver Lisa deal with a time-strapped Marie Claire editor who has lots of demanding questions?
S01E03 Lizzie, John and Dan 18/04/2013 Hilary gives three budding young writers the chance of a lifetime as trainee reporters at national newspaper The Sunday Sport. The paper has a reputation for some of the most extraordinary stories and headlines - but it's also a place where many journalists have cut their teeth before making a name for themselves on The Sun, The Mirror and the broadsheets. Hilary's journalism hopefuls - 20-year-old Lizzie, 21-year-old John and 27-year-old Dan - have just one week to prove to Editor Nick that they have the tenacity and raw abilities required to work in a hugely competitive industry, and to get their name in print.
S01E04 Jess, Will and Andy 25/04/2013
S01E05 Episode 5 02/05/2013 Three more young hopefuls are given a week's trial in the job of their dreams at publisher Mills & Boon.
S01E06 Damien, Jonah and Kat 09/05/2013

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