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Texas native Jamie King (Jamie Foxx, "In Living Color") is an aspiring actor who heads to Hollywood in hopes to find fame and fortune in the entertainment industry. To support himself, he works at his Aunt Helen (Ellia English) and Uncle Junior's (Garrett Morris, "Martin") Los Angeles hotel, the King's Towers. On the job, he annoys co-worker Braxton P. Hartnabrig (Christopher B. Duncan), the up-tight accountant, and tries to win the attention of gorgeous desk clerk, Francesca "Fancy" Monroe (Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, "NYPD Blue", "Opposite Sex"), who has made it clear that she is not interested in an office romance. Nevertheless, Jamie is determined to maintain his skills as an entertainer and move into the limelight. After starting out as a member of the "In Living Color" troupe, Foxx stars in his own show that was the WB's highest-rated series for the 1996-1997 season. First Telecast: August 28, 1996 Last Telecast: January 14, 2001 Episodes: 100 Color Episodes


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Jamie Foxx Show

S01E01 Pilot 28/08/1996 When Jamie King arrives in Hollywood, California, from Texas, he dreams of succeeding in show business. First, he'll have to be content with working and living at the aging, once-famous Los Angeles hotel "The King's Tower", owned by his sensible aunt Helen King, and her troublesome husband Junior King.
S01E02 The Bad Seed 04/09/1996 When Jamie learns that Fancy loves children, he tries to impress her by becoming mentor to young Nelson, the most harmless-looking child Jamie could find. But Nelson quickly figures out that Jamie is exploiting him to attract Fancy, and sets out to make Jamie's life hellish by stealing various items from around the hotel -- computer files, Junior's fine Cuban cigars and Fancy's diary--and letting Jamie take the blame. Tag: Jamie and Nelson read Fancy's diary.
S01E03 Burned Twice By the Same Flame 11/09/1996 An embarrassed Jamie asks Fancy to pose as his girlfriend when his newly engaged ex shows up at the hotel for a convention and he jumps to the conclusion that she is in town to see him. Meanwhile, Junior is stumped by a hotel plumbing problem. Tag: Fancy walks in on a half naked Jamie and Braxton.
S01E04 Who's da Man? 18/09/1996 Jamie takes the recently dumped Braxton to his favorite sports bar, owned by basketball player Gary Payton, and after some flirting lessons from Jamie, it's "B Smooth" who impresses the ladies. Meanwhile, Helen tries to cure Junior of lotto fever.
S01E05 We Finally Got a Piece of the Pie 25/09/1996 Jamie schemes with Junior to start a business selling Helen's popular sweet-potato pies and turns the hotel into a giant bakery, with Helen, Junior and Fancy helping to bake. But Jamie unwisely tastes one of the pies to find out why they are so popular, he eats the next day's entire order one after another.
S01E06 And Bubba Makes Three 02/10/1996 Braxton's induction into the Burgeoning Black Men's Club coincides with a visit from his unrefined parents.
S01E07 Stuck on You 09/10/1996 As an anniversary surprise for Helen, Junior secretly sends her wedding ring to a jeweler for reconditioning. At Junior's request, Jamie picks up the ring, but while showing the ring to Fancy and Braxton, Jamie hears Helen approaching and, panicking, slips it onto Fancy's finger--where it gets stuck. Jamie must think fast to save Junior's surprise.
S01E08 Kiss & Tell 30/10/1996 Jamie hosts a Halloween masquerade party at the hotel, complete with prize money for the best costume. When Fancy refuses to be his date, Jamie invites another woman, Chante, to make Fancy jealous. However, Fancy and Chante wear identical costumes. By mistake, Jamie passionately kisses Fancy--who hides the fact that she actually enjoys it. Jamie and Fancy privately fantasize about each other....
S01E09 Seems Like Old Times 06/11/1996 Junior reunites with his former army buddies, including ""Charming"" Charles, now a successful entertainment attorney. Impressed with Jamie, Charles promises to help his career by introducing him to powerful people. Thrilled, Jamie convinces Charles to stay in the hotel for a few days -- then witnesses Charles making romantic advances to Helen. Proclaiming her love for her husband, Helen rebuffs Charles, but Charles persists, trying to get her to betray Junior. Jamie finally ruins his career opportunities to expose Charles' behavior. Tag: Jamie and the gang sing in the lounge.
S01E10 A Star Is Almost Born 13/11/1996 Jamie's dreams of stardom may come true with the arrival of director Ike Yee, who uses the hotel as the setting for his latest movie starring Jackie Chin. Tag: Jamie rehearses for Ike Yee's movie.
S01E11 A Killer Ending 20/11/1996 Jamie thinks a hotel guest is a fugitive killer---who's eyeing Fancy as his next victim.
S01E12 A Thanksgiving to Remember 27/11/1996 Jamie's childhood friend Icepick, a flamboyant pro-football star cut by his team on Thanksgiving Day, threatens to jump from a window ledge.
S01E13 I Am What I Scam 08/01/1997 Jamie is jealous when Fancy's smooth-talking ex-boyfriend Kenneth sweeps into the hotel flashing plenty of cash -- and a diamond ring. However, news from two mysterious guests tells Jamie it's not time to ring those wedding bells just yet: they're about to nab a notorious scam artist.
S01E14 I Do, I Didn't 22/01/1997 Fancy throws a wild bachelorette party for her sorority sister Janine, but the bride gets cold feet the day after when she wakes up next to the stripper -- Jamie.
S01E15 Little Red Corvette 29/01/1997 Jamie is much too quick to buy a Corvette off a shady guy on the street, and when the car turns out to be hot, he and Braxton land in jail with prisoners planning to tunnel to freedom.
S01E16 Act Like You Love Me 05/02/1997 Movie actress Edwina DuBois, a college gal pal of Helen's, tries to show Jamie the ways of the casting couch while teaching an acting seminar at the hotel.
S01E17 Westside 12/02/1997 Jamie's left in charge for the weekend with one rule -- no wild parties -- a promise that's hard to keep when the Westside Connection checks in with a wad of cash and a huge entourage. Jamie must compete with a smitten Ice Cube for Fancy's affection. Then, with the hotel a complete mess due to the party, Jamie learns that Helen and Junior are returning home early.
S01E18 The Young and the Meatless 19/02/1997 Jamie has a beef with his conscience when he's offered a job as spokesperson for a hamburger joint right after agreeing to become a vegetarian, in order to impress Fancy.
S01E19 Step Up to Get Beat Down 26/02/1997 A chance to sing on a local radio show nets Jamie a contract with record mogul Sweet and Low, but when the deal comes up a little short he tries to raise the stakes -- a move that leads to several "accidents" at the hotel. Eventually, Jamie annuls the contract by threatening to reveal some embarrassing information about the producer.
S01E20 Break Yourself, Fool 30/04/1997 Fancy's new boyfriend, a police officer named Morris, has skills as a hostage negotiator that come in handy when Jamie and Braxton are held captive in a bank robbery gone awry.
S01E21 I've Fallen and I Won't Get Up 07/05/1997 A hotel guest scams a free room after claiming to have fallen on a wet lobby floor. But when Jamie learns of her duplicity and boots her out, the Kings land in a courtroom.
S01E22 Save the Drama for Your Mama 14/05/1997 Jamie is looking forward to a visit from his mom, a chanteuse whose maternal duties often took a back seat to her career. When a call from her agent pulls her away from yet another important night in her son's life, it forces Jamie to face some hard truths about their relationship.
S01E23 00/00/0000
S02E01 Freezer Burn 07/09/1997 A pool party at the hotel turns frosty for Fancy, who gets locked in the freezer with Jamie and Braxton.
S02E02 The Accused 14/09/1997 All fingers point to Braxton after a string of thefts at the hotel.
S02E03 The Employee Formerly Known as Prince 21/09/1997 An African prince takes a job at the hotel and pursues Fancy as his future princess.
S02E04 One Flew Over the County's Nest 28/09/1997 A knock on the head lands Jamie in the hospital, where he's mistakenly committed to the psychiatric ward.
S02E05 Is She Is, or Is She Ain't? 05/10/1997 Braxton seems to be dating a stripper.
S02E06 Do the Write Thing 12/10/1997 A Hollywood agent becomes interested in Jamie's TV script.
S02E07 Misery Loves Company 26/10/1997 While he is feeling blue the gang offers him some friendly love.
S02E08 Dog Pounded 02/11/1997 Jamie gets ""Dog Pounded"" by his friends and family.
S02E09 Mo' Money, Mo' Problems 09/11/1997 When the family wins the lottery they end up having more problems then they thought.
S02E10 Traffic School Daze 16/11/1997 To avoid another ticket on his driving record, Jamie must go to traffic school.
S02E11 Too Much Soul Food 23/11/1997 Jamie and the family have a thanksgiving dinner but when they have to go to the hospital the whole thing gets ruined.
S02E12 Super Face Off 14/12/1997 Jamie and Braxton face-off for the final face-off.
S02E13 Soul Mate to Cellmate 11/01/1998 Jamie and Braxton become very close but when they become cellmates. Braxton freaks out over the other cellmates.
S02E14 Papa Don't Preach 18/01/1998 A minister's daughter finds that she likes performing with Jamie's band more than singing in the church choir.
S02E15 Convent-ional Gifts 01/02/1998 Jamie's bawdy present for Braxton winds up in the hands of Helen (Ellia English), who mistakes it for a gift she's giving a nun. Mother Superior: Helen Martin. Fancy: Garcelle Beauvais. Junior: Garrett Morris. Annabeth: Ella Joyce.
S02E16 Passenger 187 08/02/1998 Jamie's first time on an airplane turns into an adventure after a little bad pork---and a lot of alcohol---leaves the pilot incapacitated.
S02E17 Ain't Nothin' Happenin' Cap'n 15/02/1998 Jamie (Jamie Foxx) is unable to perform when Fancy (Garcelle Beauvais) challenges him to meet her in her bedroom.
S02E18 It's All Good, Fellas 22/02/1998 Jamie saves the life of a mobster, who in turn offers to ""eliminate"" a fitness instructor who's caught Fancy's eye.
S02E19 You Ain't Gotta Go Home, But... 01/03/1998 Financial woes cause Braxton and Jamie to become an odd couple of roommates.
S02E20 The Afterschool Special 26/04/1998 Jamie's young pal Nelson (Orlando Brown) gets his hands on a gun after being worked over by a schoolyard bully.
S02E21 I'm Too Sexy for This Shot 03/05/1998 Jamie and Braxton find what appear to be nude pictures of Fancy (Garcelle Beauvais) on the Internet.
S02E22 How Jamie Got His Groove Back 17/05/1998 Jamie is involved in a fender bender with vocalists K-Ci and Jo Jo
S03E01 Jamie Returns 18/09/1998 Jamie returns from his tour with K-Ci and Jo Jo to find that Fancy (Garcelle Beauvais) has moved on without him.
S03E02 Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game 25/09/1998 Jamie feels guilty after his deception causes problems between Fancy (Garcelle Beauvais) and Silas (Alan F. Smith); Helen and Junior (Garrett Morris) learn that honesty isn't always the best policy.
S03E03 Men-o-pause 01/10/1998 Helen's youthful new look leaves Junior feeling like a senior citizen, so he asks for Jamie's help---and ends up with a makeover.
S03E04 Swing Out Sister 08/10/1998 Jamie's little sister, Kim, visits from Texas with big plans that her meddlesome brother objects to. Meanwhile, things begin to heat up between Braxton and his new friend Cameron.
S03E05 Is There a Doctor in the House? 15/10/1998 When Silas gets called into surgery, Jamie steps in to escort Fancy to her high-school reunion.
S03E06 Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner? 29/10/1998 Jamie tries to reunite Braxton with an old girlfriend, not realizing that Braxton is already seeing the GPS Girl.
S03E07 Just Don't Do It 05/11/1998 Jamie's mother (JoMarie Payton) is engaged to a younger man (Gerald Levert).
S03E08 We Got No Game 12/11/1998 Jamie takes on the challenge of coaching a Pee-Wee basketball team, but gets frustrated during a game and challenges the opposing coach to a personal grudge match. The opposing coach, who is an NBA player is sure to beat Jamie, unless Jamie can find some help.
S03E09 Lonesome Cow-Bro 19/11/1998 Junior and Helen tell Jamie the story of their ancestors' first hotel.
S03E10 Christmas Day-Ja Vu 17/12/1998 Jamie has his own version of Ground Hog Day by reliving Christmas Eve as a mall Santa puts a curse on him to teach him the meanig of Christmas.
S03E11 Taps for Royal 14/01/1999 Jamie tries to reunite Uncle Junior with his long-lost best friend.
S03E12 Bro-Jack 21/01/1999 Jamie must find the art thief who hit an Art auction at the King's Tower.
S03E13 Mr. Bo-Jingles 28/01/1999 Junior finds a mouse and they keep it as a pet.
S03E14 Scareder Than a Mug 04/02/1999 Helen's encounter with a mugger sends her into therapy.
S03E15 Forever Your Girl 11/02/1999 Jamie falls for a hotel guest in town searching for her biological father.
S03E16 Where There's a Will, Go the Other Way 18/02/1999 Jamie learns that Junior and Helen are leaving him the hotel in their will.
S03E17 Uncle Junior's Cabin 25/02/1999 Junior and Helen offer stressed employees their cabin for a weekend getaway but the staff accidentally get trapped in the cabin with no food.
S03E18 Change of Heart 29/04/1999 Fancy and Silas's relationship goes on the rocks.
S03E19 Fire and Desire (1) 06/05/1999 While dealing with her relationship with Silas, Fancy now has to deal with her jealousy of Jamie and Cherise.
S03E20 Fire and Desire (2) 13/05/1999 While the heroic Jamie and Cherise revel in the spotlight, Fancy burns with jealousy.
S03E21 Always Follow Your Heart 20/05/1999 Fancy tells Jamie how she feels about him and they get togeather.
S04E01 Just Fancy 24/09/1999 When Jamie introduces Fancy to hotel guest Debbe Dunning without mentioning that she's his girlfriend, Fancy thinks that something is going on between them
S04E02 Poker Face 01/10/1999 When Jamie ignores Fancy in favor of a poker game with the guys, she crashes the game and shows everyone how well she can play. Meanwhile, Braxton has problems with the Y2K upgrade he installed on the hotel's computer system.
S04E03 I Believe I Can Fly 01/10/1999 When Jamie's commercial jingle is rejected, he sends an irate e-mail to everyone at Jingles 2000. Meanwhile, Fancy brings a group of ""Family Feud"" contestants to King's Tower.
S04E04 Why Don't We Just Roll ... Reversal 08/10/1999 Inspired by their friends at a party, Jamie and Fancy try a role-reversal exercise that leads to a late-night argument about their future together. Meanwhile, Gloria tries to get a promotion to head of housekeeping.
S04E05 The Ugly Truth 15/10/1999 Jamie can't believe it when his position as top jingle writer is threatened by a woman who he thinks was hired just for her looks. Meanwhile, Fancy goes after a rich new client for the hotel.
S04E06 Homie, Lover, Friend 22/10/1999 Jamie becomes jealous when an old boyfriend invites Fancy to an exhibit at his art gallery, resulting in a confrontation over the matter of trust in their relationship.
S04E07 Give Me Some Credit 05/11/1999 After his credit card is denied while clothes shopping with Fancy and her well-to-do parents, Jamie must prove to her father that he will be able to provide for her. Meanwhile, Braxton is forced to cut the hotel's budget.
S04E08 Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire 12/11/1999 Jamie is afraid of what Fancy will think if she finds out that he has been escorting a young female client on the firm's orders, so he lies about why he has been breaking their dates. Meanwhile, Braxton decides to take up Fancy's idea for sprucing up the rooms at the hotel.
S04E09 Joy Ride 19/11/1999 When Jamie borrows Fancy's new BMW convertible for a beach outing, it gets towed away. Meanwhile, Braxton tries to avert a strike at the hotel.
S04E10 Get Up, Stand Up 02/12/1999 Fancy needs a new kitchen countertop installed in time for Nikki's bridal shower, which Fancy reluctantly agrees to host. Meanwhile, Braxton dreads attending an awards banquet in his honor because he can't find a date.
S04E11 Super Ego 07/01/2000 Fancy and her friends are kicked out of Jamie's NFL playoff party and leave the hotel with football's Lawrence Taylor and Charles Woodson. When Jamie catches up with the girls and their new friends at another bash, his big mouth leads to an athletic challenge.
S04E12 Family Business 14/01/2000 Jamie writes a jingle for a commercial promoting the King's Tower and he charges his aunt and uncle for his services, which jeopardizes his free lodging at the hotel.
S04E13 Friendly Fire 28/01/2000 Jamie is promoted to supervisor at Jingles 2000. His first task: fire an incompetent writer who is also one of his friends. Meanwhile, a flu epidemic hits the hotel staff.
S04E14 Home Suite Home 04/02/2000 Jamie joyfully moves into his own bachelor pad, but when Fancy starts decorating it for him, he begins to feel a little crowded by her constant presence.
S04E15 Behind the Jingle 11/02/2000 The pressures of being a supervisor affect the quality of Jamie's jingles, so he passes off one of Mouse's ideas as his own, which leads to a guilt-filled dream about his future.
S04E16 Partners Fo' Life 18/02/2000 To cover the medical costs of an injured friend, Jamie signs insurance forms that claim he and his friend are life partners, which leads to a misinterpreted party invitation.
S04E17 Hot Coco on a Cold Night 25/02/2000 Fancy fulfills a fantasy for Jamie by waiting on him hand and foot, and he begins to prefer his dream lover to the real thing. He expects his girlfriend to pamper him continually, which leads to an embarrassing display of attention during an important business dinner.
S04E18 Rollin' in the Dough 07/04/2000 Jamie advises Braxton's financial group to invest in a doughnut franchise, but Braxton balks at the idea, causing the other members of the group to kick him out.
S04E19 Musical Chairs 20/04/2000 Jamie sings with Nicole at a nightclub, which rekindles his interests in a career in music -- despite Fancy's misgivings. Jamie later agrees to perform with Nicole again after they are asked back for another gig.
S04E20 Jamie in the Middle 28/04/2000 Jamie works on a jingle with Method Man and Redman and they both seek Jamie's help in courting Nicole, but she doesn't date rappers.
S04E21 I Second That Demo-tion 05/05/2000 Jamie and Nicole risk their jobs by working on their demo tape in the Jingles 2000 studio after hours -- against company policy and they later meet the night janitor who claims he is related to Montell Jordan.
S04E22 Roadtrip (1) 12/05/2000 Nicole kisses Jamie on the stage before they perform a gig in Las Vegas, a trip Fancy refused to join them on. Fancy then makes a surprise visit to Jamie's hotel room only to find that he is sharing it with Nicole.
S04E23 Roadtrip (2) 19/05/2000 To win Fancy back, Jamie buys her an engagement ring, only to get an offer from Nicole to sing with her on tour in Europe.
S05E01 On Bended Knee 08/10/2000 Jamie balks at proposing to Fancy, so he breaks up with her---but accidentally leaves an engagement ring at her apartment. He and his pals then search her place for the rock, hoping to find it before Fancy does.
S05E02 Double or Nothing 15/10/2000 Phil and Mouse take Jamie to a club to help him get over losing his job and Fancy, but Jamie's pickup lines fall flat with the ladies. Then he meets a woman named Nancy, who seems to have much in common with Fancy.
S05E03 Serve No Wine Before I Get Mine 22/10/2000 After a series of low-paying gigs, Jamie gets a break and records one of his original songs for a record producer, but the arrangement might not be as legitimate as the singer thinks.
S05E04 Shades of Gray 29/10/2000 A lonely Jamie spends the night with Fancy at her apartment, but the morning after proves awkward for the former couple. The tension increases later that night when Jamie sees Fancy with another man at a party.
S05E05 I'll Do It My 05/11/2000 Jamie refuses to sign with a record company and instead tries to sell compact discs of his original music over the Internet.
S05E06 Candy Girl 12/11/2000 Jamie wants to film a video for his latest song at the hotel, but Helen opposes the idea because of the video's sexual content. To further complicate matters, the actress slated to appear in the video objects to her lack of wardrobe.
S05E07 Shakin' and Fakin' 19/11/2000 Jamie gets sick after eating Japanese food and Fancy nurses him through the night, only to have him fake a relapse the next day to keep her from going out with another guy.
S05E08 If the Shoe Fits... 26/11/2000 Jamie finds a pair of size-22 sneakers under Fancy's bed and he thinks that she is involved with NBA star Kevin Garnett, who books a press conference at the hotel.
S05E09 Cupid 10/12/2000 After striking out with Fancy at a bowling alley, Jamie calls upon Cupid to help him win back Fancy's affections. Meanwhile, Mouse starts dating a new woman he met with the love god's help.
S05E10 Bachelor Party 17/12/2000 Jamie catches Fancy auditioning male dancers for her bachelorette party after they each promised not to have such gatherings, so he and Mouse plan to get even.
S05E11 East Side Story 07/01/2001 The Kings announce their retirement and offer the hotel to Jamie and Fancy — but Fancy considers a job offer in New York. Meanwhile, Braxton feels unappreciated at work, having assumed that his time at the hotel would merit his taking over the operation.
S05E12 Episode 100: Always and Forever (a.k.a. Happily Ever After) 14/01/2001 After a five-seaon run, the comedy series takes a final bow with this star-studded celebration of Jamie and Fancy's wedding. The series, which debuted in 1996, followed the escapades of Jamie King (Foxx), an aspiring singer working in his family's L.A. hotel. The on-again, off-again relationship between Jamie and Fancy (Garcelle Beauvais) formed the lighthearted show's romantic center. In the series finale, Jamie sets out to retrieve his tuxedo for the big day and finds himself scrambling to get to the event on time as the bride, her parents (Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis Jr.) and his mother (Gladys Knight) anxiously await his arrival.