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The Jesters is an Australian comedy show written for The Movie Network


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S01E01 Hard Time Getting Soft Time 08/09/2009 University students Michael, Steve, Zak and Tony think theyve hit the jackpot when comedy legend Dave Davies decides he likes their satirical student newspaper enough that he wants to give the group their own show as The Jesters. The dream mightve sunk before it has had a chance to swim as the show gets set for the chopping block thanks to low ratings. Showbiz vet Dave is determined not to have The Jesters go down as his first colossal failure, instructing the team to get some free publicity the best way he knows how: by having one of them get arrested. Besides a non-existent audience, Jesters founder Michael has more problems to worry about: he has to hide his lack of connection to various worthy charities despite having to film a convincing television commercial for the good causes. Now in the newfound position of having attention from the media, Jester Steve is taught the fine art of the pre-prepared spontaneous radio phone interview by the master of the fake art himself, Dave Davies.
S01E02 The Female Voice 15/09/2009 Further proving you should never read your own reviews, a new member joins the team as Dave insists a female comedy writer be hired after one review criticises The Jesters for being a ‘Boys Club’. Steve reluctantly does as he’s told, however the crass new female writer is not exactly the breath of fresh feminist air Dave thought she would be. Media manipulation becomes the order of the day as Jester Zak attempts to plant self-serving blurbs about himself in the newspaper after reading a positive story about Dave planted in a newspaper gossip page by his wily publicist.
S01E03 Breakfast Clubbed 22/09/2009 Brimming with confidence now that the show’s a hit, Steve and Zak decide to take on the fill-in breakfast shift on a popular FM radio program, despite the pair being warned by the far more experienced Dave and Kat they’re taking too much on. It seems Dave’s warnings are going unheeded everywhere: Michael finds himself in hot water when he decides The Jesters will hold a farcical competition to judge all the world’s major religions, despite Dave’s vocal disapproval of the idea. Unsurprisingly, the announcement of which religion is the ‘One True Religion’ is met with outrage from Muslims, Scientologists and every religion in-between. Aspiring serious musical artist Tony is also finding the pressures of being a Jester too much to bear as one of his straight-faced songs becomes a hit and frustratingly gets misinterpreted as a comedic track by the public.
S01E04 Going Corporate 29/09/2009 The conundrum of selling out for cold, hard cash becomes an issue when The Jesters are offered a small fortune to perform at a corporate gig on a tropical Queensland resort. The team seem happy to use Big Business for what they can, but aren’t prepared to face the possibility of being used themselves. The sins of the past also come knocking when a ten-year-old blooper clip showing Dave throwing a childish tantrum on camera makes its way onto YouTube for the world to see. Network exec Julia also inflicts her will on Zak and Tony by insisting they create more of an on-line presence via The Jesters website. The pair goes about recording bits and pieces with people around the office with disastrous results.
S01E05 All Nighter 06/10/2009 Finding themselves under the whip, Dave makes the team work in the office all night to deliver a script for the show on time. Michael, however, has other things on his mind – namely himself. He’s set to appear on brainiac quiz show The Einstein Factor, and he’s determined to spend his time preparing for his debut on the show.
S01E06 Real Talent 13/10/2009 Michael is furious to discover Dave and Kat have gone behind the team's back by getting paid actors to pretend to be real people in The Jesters supposedly unscripted stunts. When Michael makes an official complaint to the network, the situation rapidly spins out of control. Meanwhile, cocky womaniser Steve is relishing in all of the fresh female attention he’s received since being on the show, but finds himself making the ill-advised decision to sleep with an influential TV critic. To his astonishment, the night of passion doesn’t lead to the glowing reviews he was hoping for. Resident Jesters musician Tony finds himself being booked to appear on the ABC radio segment ‘Friday Night Funnies’ and, determined not to be stereotyped solely as a writer of goofy ditties, spends the whole week trying to write something funny that doesn’t come with musical accompaniment.
S01E07 And the Loser Is... 20/10/2009 It’s Australian TV’s night of nights: The Logies. Although The Jesters team have been nominated for a coveted Logie, Steve has also been nominated for an individual Logie due to his increasing popularity with the public. Unofficial leader Michael realises Steve is taking over his mantle as the group’s Top Dog, causing jealousies to surface. Logies attendees are also tense as expectations are running high that The Jesters are set to unleash a stunt at some point during the ceremony.
S01E08 Wrap Up 27/10/2009 It has been an eventful first season of The Jesters, but it’s finally wrapping up – and so it seems is the team. Disillusioned with their experience as TV stars, Michael wants The Jesters to return to their roots and produce a satirical newspaper. The group, however, has begun to splinter: Steve is offered a solo show by another network and Dave accepts an offer to host his own chat show after filming a successful pilot. After a series of prank auditions for a non-existent musical, Zak and Tony also find themselves being pulled in a different direction as they are forced to put on a real musical stage show to avoid prosecution for false advertising. Could it all add up to being the final nail in The Jesters’ coffin?
S02E01 Don't Look Back 22/02/2011 Di goes into damage control when an unauthorised biography of Dave includes a rumour of a bizarre sex act involving a gum boot. And Steve thinks his own fling with a famous actress is great publicity until her ‘sex ratings’ are leaked.
S02E02 The Fallout 01/03/2011 he Jesters become national pariahs when they use children dressed as Nazis in a comedy sketch. Dave agrees to be filmed having lunch with Barry Otto. And Tony’s schoolgirl cousin spends the week doing work experience with The Jesters.
S02E03 A Bit On The Side 08/03/2011 Steve feels threatened by a fill-in Jester. Zak is no help as Michael struggles to write his new opinion column. Steve tries hosting a new comedy blooper clip show. And George Clooney has agreed to appear on Dave’s chat show “Remembering”.
S02E04 The Reunion 15/03/2011 The original cast of The Dave Davies Show get together for a one-off live TV special but not everyone finds Dave’s beloved comedy characters funny. And Michael’s new girlfriend, nicknamed ‘Yoko’, causes trouble for The Jesters.
S02E05 Staged 22/03/2011 he Jesters are doing a live stage version of The Jesters while Michael is sued for defaming a politician in a comedy sketch. And Dave is on location with Baz Luhrmann’s new film ‘Gum Tree’ which now includes an explicit sex scene for Dave.
S02E06 Weekend At Davies 29/03/2011 Dave invites the Jesters, Di, Kat & Julia to spend the weekend at his farm which turns into a boozy and dangerously frank affair, even for Dave’s party guest, Kerri Anne Kennerley. There will be tears before bedtime – and beyond.
S02E07 Stunted 05/04/2011 The gang find themselves on the receiving end of pranks & stunts from a new Jesters rip-off show called Stunted. Michael appears on Dancing with the Stars while Steve’s new comedy play is slowly deconstructed by the director and cast.
S02E08 Go For Gold 12/04/2011 Both Dave and Steve are nominated for the Gold Logie as Michael represents the team in contract negotiations with Julia. Kat is surprised when Steve makes a serious pitch for a proper relationship. And Di announces her retirement.

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