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Jimmy Stewart stars as James K. Howard, an anthropology professor at a small town university called Josiah Kessel College, which was founded by his grandfather. Living an easy life, his world becomes complicated after his son's house burns down and he offers to let his entire family move in with him temporarily.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Jimmy Stewart Show

S01E01 By Way of Introduction 19/09/1971
S01E02 Love in a Briefcase 26/09/1971 When Jim loses his briefcase, a comedy of errors ensues.
S01E03 The Price of Plumbing Is Numbing 03/10/1971 The lack of a second bathroom causes problems for the 3 generations trying to live under one roof.
S01E04 Father and Son Game 10/10/1971 Jim tries to get his fumble-fingered son Teddy into a father-son baseball game.
S01E05 Another Day, Another Scholar 17/10/1971 The campus is rife with rumors about Professor Howard and a sexy coed.
S01E06 A Hunch in Time 24/10/1971 Ecology-minded Jim is concerned about P.J.'s involvement in a developer's grandiose scheme.
S01E07 The Identity Crisis 31/10/1971 Jim and Luther defy their age by going on a spree in San Francisco.
S01E08 Guest of Honor 07/11/1971 A visiting professor from Eastern Europe bedevils the Howards with his lack of knowledge of American customs.
S01E09 Pro Bono Publico 14/11/1971 Jim confronts the local Booster Club over a prime piece of real estate.
S01E10 A Bunk for Unc 21/11/1971 Jim's easy-going lifestyle is disrupted by a visit from his hard-driving uncle.
S01E11 A Vote for Howard 28/11/1971 Jim finds himself caught in the middle when both his wife and his son decide to run for the same seat on the city council.
S01E12 Period of Readjustment 05/12/1971 As Wendy tries to protect her father-in-law from an aggressive saleswoman, we learn how the the different generations of Howards ended up living in the same house.
S01E13 Luther's Last Love 12/12/1971 Luther's strange gum-chewing fiancee is actually part of a scheme to discourage matchmaking.
S01E14 Cockadoodle Don't 26/12/1971 The Howard family struggles to define the rules of peaceful coexistence.
S01E15 As the Escrow Flies 02/01/1972 Will Jim and Martha actually be lonely now that P.J. and Wendy have found their dream house and are planning to move out?
S01E16 Eighty-Nine Pounds of Love 09/01/1972 The Howards need to get rid of Jake's troublesome dog without breaking the boy's heart.
S01E17 The Quarterback Ache 16/01/1972 Everyone on campus joins in the campaign to help the overweight star quarterback of the football team lose 10 pounds.
S01E18 Aunt's in My Plans 23/01/1972 Luther becomes attracted to Martha's visitng Aunt Lydia.
S01E19 Paper Work 30/01/1972 The Howards accidentally add Luther's exam books to papers collected for recycling.
S01E20 Song of the Jailbird 06/02/1972 Jim ends up in jail after a student prank results in his playing the accordion for a stripper at a stag party.
S01E21 Price Is Right 13/02/1972 There is much excitement and anxiety in Easy Valley, as art connoisseur Vincent Price arrives to judge a local art contest, including Martha's portrait of Luther.
S01E22 Jim's Decision 20/02/1972 Jim has to decide whether it is appropriate to keep appearing on TV plugging his anthropology book.
S01E23 Old School Ties 05/03/1972
S01E24 A Bone of Much Contention 12/03/1972 A flamboyant developer wants to erect his latest hamburger joint on the site where a rare fossil has been discovered.