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In a small island town, the bodies of young nameless men are turning up dead with grisly wounds to their necks. As Season One of The Lair begins, a young journalist named Thom is investigating the mysterious John Doe Murders. Clues lead Thom to a private gentlemen’s club called The Lair, where the darkest desires are fulfilled. As Thom gets closer to solving the mystery, he finds himself ensnared in a blood thirsty coven of vampires. As the story unravels, a lost love fulfills its destiny and old alliances are betrayed. This supernatural soap is as dark as it is erotic and will leave fans wanting to return to The Lair again and again.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Lair

S01E01 Episode 101 01/08/2007 Thom, an investigative journalist, meets with a strange man who tells him that The Lair, a notorious sex club, is linked to a string of unsolved murders that have been plaguing his small city for years. When Tom's jealous boyfriend, Jonathan, also gets caught up in The Lair, things get personal.
S01E02 Episode 102 01/08/2007 Jonathan’s body has been found face-down in the river bank, but unlike the others he has somehow survived. While Jonathan lies comatose in a hospital bed, Damian-an ancient vampire and the leader of The Lair-speaks of finishing him off for good. Thom, unaware of the scheming vampires in his midst, pays his unconscious boyfriend a visit.
S01E03 Episode 103 29/08/2007 Eric rejoins the boys at The Lair, where Damian initiates him into "the inner sanctum" of fellow hunks risen from the dead. Thom visits The Lair soon after, searching for information about his comatose boyfriend. Damian responds by placing Thom in a near-fatal trance, but Laura saves him just in time. They approach Trout and Belmont for clues, but encounter only more questions. Meanwhile, Damian is coming for Jonathan once more.
S01E04 Episode 104 05/09/2007 Thom encounters Damian in Jonathan's hospital room, instantly reminding Damian of Richard Devere, the man who painted his portrait two centuries ago, the only man he's ever loved. Devere was a vampire who gave Damian immortality and the capacity for evil; Damian in return drove a stake through his heart. He believes Thom to be Devere reincarnated, and Colin takes advantage of Damian’s infatuation to finally gain control of The Lair.
S01E05 Episode 105 12/09/2007 Damian suspects one of the vampires of having stolen the missing painting, and he goes to the orgy room to take care of the man who betrayed him. Trout, desperate to gain a search warrant to The Lair, finally discovers evidence that is conclusive enough to gain legal entry. Jonathan’s neck wound has healed, to Belmont ’s astonishment, but he still has no memory of what happened. Despite Jonathan’s amnesia, Damian intends to kill him once and for all. Laura is unwittingly brought into his scheme.
S01E06 Episode 106 29/09/2007 When Laura comes to after the incident with the knife, Sheriff Trout is forced to reconsider what he knows to be true about the island. He and Jonathan revisit The Lair to find Colin in charge, but what has happened to Damian? Thom is mysteriously released from his prison and is reunited with Jonathan. However, the bittersweet scene grows simply bitter when Thom learns that Jonathan is harboring a secret.
S02E01 Episode 201 05/09/2008 With Damian imprisoned, Colin seizes control of the Lair. Ian, a hitch-hiking stranger with a dark secret, is befriended by an islander with terrifying consequences.
S02E02 Episode 202 19/09/2008 Damian appears to Thom in spirit form in an attempt to free himself. Dr. Jake Waldman receives a strange plant, the Lumina Orchis, for an unorthodox experiment.
S02E03 Episode 203 03/10/2008 The reappearance of Thom's ex-boyfriend, Richie, causes Damian to issue a veiled threat to Thom. Jake's plant starts exerting a strange influence over him.
S02E04 Episode 204 17/10/2008 Dr. Waldman becomes increasingly possessed by the Lumina Orchis, which causes Tim to worry about him. Colin goes outside the Lair in search of victims.
S02E05 Episode 205 31/10/2008 Tim puts a drunk Jake to bed as the evil Mr. Spivey breaks into their house and is killed by the Lumina Orchis which has now become a life force to be reckoned with.
S02E06 Episode 206 14/11/2008 Sheriff Trout, still battling his eyesight troubles, goes out on patrol and finds Spivey's body. Thom meets Ian at the Sheriff's house. Laura is released from jail for lack of evidence. Ian meets Tim in a bar and the two become friendly. Laura and Richie go to Thom's house where they find him sealing the windows up with plastic. Frankie's ghost accuses Colin of burying him alive and reveals that Damian has escaped his prison.
S02E07 Episode 207 28/11/2008 Damian goes out to find a victim but warns Thom to stay put as Colin is plotting to kill him. Jake locks himself in the lab, once again possessed by the plant.
S02E08 Episode 208 12/12/2008 Laura tells Thom she's leaving the island. Sheriff Trout arrives at Jake's and unknowingly exposes Ian the the artificial moonlight machine with horrifying results.
S02E09 Episode 209 26/12/2008 Ian wreaks havoc on the island before becoming wounded. Season two concludes with another Lair showdown as Laura is attacked and Thom faces down Colin.
S03E01 Episode 301 04/09/2009 Thom is struggling to live among the vampires of the Lair as it’s only human occupant. His monogamous relationship with Damian forces him to be the sole source of Damian’s blood nourishment and Thom is slowly wasting away. Sheriff Trout revisits an old case and is puzzled by what seems to be someone knocking at the door, only to find no one there when he goes to answer it. At the Arkham Harbor Light Tim meets, Athan a stranger who waers dark sunglasses at all times. Athan takes up Tim’s offer to rent a room in what was once Dr. Waldman’s house. After Tim leaves Athan hooks up with a young man, Charley, which results in Charley’s horrific death. Athan is a male gorgon and his stare suddenly turns Charley into stone. Damian has Richie place his painting in a hidden room, where an old disused telephone begins to ring. Answering it Richie tells Damian that the voice on the other end was Colin… and that he’s coming back! Richie places Colin’s ashes in a safe place under his bed, waiting for his next call from the dead.
S03E02 Episode 302 11/09/2009 Thom catches Damian with another man and finally tells him that their affair is over. But Thom can't be sure of his true feelings, suspecting that Damian may be using magic to create the illusion of what Thom truly feels. Frankie appears to Thom and encourages him to check out a new book about the island's supernatural history written by a local author, Harris Chichester. The book tells of the Ring of Erebus, buried somewhere on the island, that imparts a magical shield to whoever wears it. Thom is skeptical but agrees to think about it. Sheriff Trout has a flashback to his time spent mentoring a young man named Dennis, who we learn was the victim of an cold case murder that happened on the island two years earlier. Gary and Richie perform a ghastly blood ritual and revive Colin!
S03E03 Episode 303 18/09/2009 Thom goes to the bookstore and bumps into Athan, who has also purchased the book Thom is seeking. Thom meets the author, Harris, and the two hit it off. Frankie later convinces Thom to go back to visit Harris that night and see if Harris has any clue as to where the Ring of Erebus might be hidden. He also learns that the ring was buried 200 years ago with the disembodied head of the sorcerer, Carter Vane. The legend says that whoever would protect Vane's head would receive one wish… a wish that would last only for as long as that person possessed and protected Vane's head!
S03E04 Episode 304 25/09/2009 Thom meets with Harris and after a few bottles of wine the two find themselves in bed together. Athan has a horrifying nightmare in which he relives the gorgon's curse. Tim tries to help, but Athan pushes him away in a fit of panic. Trout continues to torment himself over the fate of Dennis, the young man he tried to help, but failed and receives a phone call from Deputy Miller letting him know that Marcus Stiles, the sole suspect in Dennis's case has been captured at last. Richie comes to Thom’s house, desperate and alone, he puts a gun to his head and pulls the trigger!
S03E05 Episode 305 02/10/2009 Thom rushes to get the unconscious Richie to the hospital, where both Dr. Kent and Sheriff Trout suspect that there may be more to the shooting than first meets the eye.
S03E06 Episode 306 09/10/2009 Frankie and Thom go to the old graveyard using the information they have gathered from Harris and they dig up an old trunk containing the mummified head of Carter Vane!
S03E07 Episode 307 16/10/2009 Tim suspects that Athan may have stolen some historic documents from the local museum and they have a tense standoff.
S03E08 Episode 308 23/10/2009 Colin and Matty discover the dead body in the parking lot of the Harbor Light and Colin promises to cover it up.
S03E09 Episode 309 30/10/2009 Von Hess tells Damian that she is seeking revenge on him, but she’s not ready yet to reveal what it’s all about.
S03E10 Episode 310 06/11/2009 Frankie visits Damian and convinces him to agree to Thom’s plan to make him mortal again. Colin learns that Damian is missing.
S03E11 Episode 311 13/11/2009 Sheriff Trout is cleared in the case of Stile’s death and gets back on the case. Damian, now mortal, returns to Thom’s house and they are reunited.
S03E12 Episode 312 20/11/2009 Thom and Damian enjoy a few hours of normalcy together, as Colin visits the Lair and rallies support from among Damian’s loyal following.
S03E13 Episode 313 27/11/2009 Gary brings Colin the gun with which he plans to shoot Damian dead. Athan and Tim head over to Thom’s house for a ‘do or die’ showdown.
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