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Produced by Hal Roach. Many thanks to: Glenn Mitchell - Series Consultant and Sleeve Notes The Whole Hog Design Co Ltd - Design Simon Williams - Illustrations Robert Lewis - Sons of the Desert The Laurel & Hardy Apperecion Society


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Laurel and Hardy Show

S03E01 Duck Soup 13/03/1927 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy are hiding out in a vacant house when prospective renters come for a tour. They must act quickly so Oliver pretends to be the owner and Stanley pretends to be a servant.
S03E02 Slipping Wives 03/04/1927 Silent Short - Laurel is asked to give up his handyman job to attend a party. The woman that is hiring him needs him to pretend to be a well-to-do man and flirt with her to make her husband jealous.
S03E03 Love 'Em and Weep 12/06/1927 Silent Short - A businessman is being blackmailed and asks Stanley for help.
S03E04 Why Girls Love Sailors 17/07/1927 Silent Short - Stan plays a sailor whose girlfriend gets kidnapped by a sea captain. He dresses up as a woman to try and distract the captain so he can get his girlfriend back. The captain's wife sees what is going on and is not the least bit pleased.
S03E05 With Love and Hisses 28/08/1927 The boys are part of an Army Reserve group, headed for a weekend camp. Sergeant Banner (Hardy) gets in trouble with Captain Bustle (James Finlayson) by flirting with Bustle's two female companions. Private Cuthbert Hope (Laurel) is also on the train, causing trouble. While going through their exercises at their destination, the men pause to bathe in a lake. Hope is supposed to watch their clothing, but instead he joins them. Banner tosses away his cigarette, which completely burns up everyone's outfits. Bustle's ladies happen by, and the naked platoon are forced to hide behind a billboard and have to somehow get back to camp. On the way, they knock over a hornet's nest, resulting in a title card reading, "All's well that ends swell," and a final shot showing the men from the back, their behinds swollen to preposterous proportions.
S03E06 Sugar Daddies 10/09/1927 Silent Short - Stanley plays the lawyer of a rich oil tycoon that had become married acidentally. Stan must find a way out for his client.
S03E07 Sailors, Beware! 25/09/1927 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy discover a con man on a cruise ship and must find a way to foil his plans.
S03E08 The Second Hundred Years 08/10/1927 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy play convicts trying to dig a tunnel out of prison but wind up in the warden's office.
S03E09 Now I'll Tell One 15/10/1927 Silent Short - Stan plays the lawyer of a man headed to divorce court.
S03E10 Call of the Cuckoo 15/10/1927 Silent Short - A man has problems with his new house that is located next to an insane asylum.
S03E11 Hats Off 05/11/1927 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy get jobs selling washing machines door-to-door for the Kwickway Washing Machine Co.
S03E12 Do Detectives Think? 20/11/1927 Silent Short - Laurel & Hardy are hired as bodyguards for a judge whose life is threatened by an escaped prisoner.
S03E13 Putting Pants on Philip 03/12/1927 Silent Short - Hardy meets Laurel who plays his nephew visiting from Scotland. Hardy is outraged when he arrives in a kilt and takes him to get a new pair of pants.
S03E14 The Battle Of The Century 31/12/1927 Silent Short - Laurel is a fighter with Hardy as his manager. A big pie fight breaks out when a deliveryman slips on a banana peel.
S04E01 Leave 'Em Laughing 28/01/1928 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy go to the dentist's office so Laurel can have a tooth pulled. The dentist accidentally pulls Hardy's tooth. Both guys are happy about this because of the laughing gas that they were given. They then proceed to cause a big traffic jam after running into a traffic cop.
S04E02 Flying Elephants 19/02/1928 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy fight for the love of a woman in this Stone Age tale.
S04E03 The Finishing Touch 25/02/1928 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy are contracted to build a house in just a day. When they get it done birds land on the roof causing the house to start falling apart. The owner wants his money back and a big fight begins.
S04E04 From Soup To Nuts 24/03/1928 Silent Short - When a rich couple plans a big dinner party as they enter high society they have the misfortune of hiring Laurel and Hardy as their waiters.
S04E05 You're Darn Tootin' 21/04/1928 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy play goof-ball musicians in a local marching band.
S04E06 Their Purple Moment 19/05/1928 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy slip out of the house for some fun. When Stan tries to pay their tab he finds out that his wife has found and taken his stash of money. The boys need to find a way to pay up.
S04E07 Should Married Men Go Home? 08/09/1928 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy find trouble on the golf course after getting kicked out of Oliver's house by Mrs Hardy.
S04E08 Early to Bed 24/03/1928 Silent Short - Stan works for Ollie as a butler after Ollie receives a large inheritance.
S04E09 Two Tars 03/11/1928 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy are a couple of sailors on leave from their ship. They decide to rent a car and take their girlfriends on a drive. Things are fine until they run into a traffic jam and all heck breaks loose.
S04E10 Habeas Corpus 01/12/1928 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy are hired by a mad scientist to keep him supplied with body parts from a local cemetary.
S04E11 We Faw Down 29/12/1928 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy trick their wives into letting them go to a poker game. They get involved with two young ladies and one of the ladies rather jealous boyfriend who happens to be a boxer.
S05E01 Liberty 24/01/1929 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy play escaped convicts. As they are escaping they put on new clothes but put on each other's pants by mistake. They continue to try and switch pants in several funny locations.
S05E02 Wrong Again 23/02/1929 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy get jobs as stable hands.
S05E03 That's My Wife 23/03/1929 Silent Short - Oliver is about to inherit a large fortune from his rich Uncle Bernal. The only condition is that he be happily married. Mrs Hardy gets mad and walks out on Oliver just before Uncle Bernal stops for a visit. Oliver talks Stanley into dressing up like a woman a pretending to be Mrs. Hardy.
S05E04 Big Business 20/04/1929 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy get jobs selling Christmas trees. They spend most of the time fighting with their customers.
S05E05 Unaccustomed as We Are 04/05/1929 Sound Short - Ollie asks his friend Stan over for dinner. Mrs Hardy is not happy about the invitation and leaves the boys to fend for themselves. Their problems get bigger when Ollie's pretty neighbour volunteers to help out.
S05E06 Double Whoopee 18/05/1929 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy get jobs in a fancy hotel and, as usual, find themselves in all kinds of trouble.
S05E07 Berth Marks 01/06/1929 Sound Short - Stan and Ollie are musicians who cause all sorts of trouble on a train trip to their next performance.
S05E08 Men O'War 29/06/1929 Sound Short - Laurel and Hardy play sailors on shore leave. They have no money until Stanley wins the jackpot on a slot machine.
S05E09 Joyeux pique-nique 10/08/1929 Sound Short - Laurel and Hardy decide it's a nice day to take their families on a picnic. One mishap after another threatens to ruin their plans.
S05E10 They Go Boom! 21/09/1929 Silent Short - Stanley plays Dr. and tries to cure Ollie's cold.
S05E11 Bacon Grabbers 19/10/1929 Silent Short - Laurel & Hardy are ordered to repossess a radio from the toughest man in town.
S05E12 The Hoose-Gow 16/11/1929 Sound Short - Laurel and Hardy are mistakenly arrested at a police raid and sent to a work camp where mayhem ensues.
S05E13 Angora Love 14/12/1929 Silent Short - Laurel and Hardy attempt to sneak their pet goat into their apartment.
S07E01 Be Big! 07/02/1931 Ollie pretends to be sick so he and Stan can sneak away from their wives and go to a party.
S07E02 Chickens Come Home 11/02/1931 Sound Short - An old flame threatens to blackmail Ollie and ruin his race for mayor.
S07E03 The Stolen Jools 04/04/1931
S07E04 Our Wife 16/05/1931 Sound Short - Ollie's father-in-law-to-be is less than impressed with him making it necessary for an elopement.
S07E05 Laughing Gravy 06/06/1931 Sound Short - Laurel & Hardy hide their pet dog in their apartment despite their landlord's objections.
S07E06 Pardon Us 15/08/1931 Feature - Laurel and Hardy wind up in jail after they are caught making moon shine during Prohibition.
S07E07 Toute la vérité 19/09/1931 Sound Short - After Stan & Ollie save a girl from suicide, she follows them home, where they try to hide her from their wives.
S07E08 One Good Turn 31/10/1931 Sound Short - Stan & Ollie befriend an old widow, who they believe is being evicted when they hear her rehearsing for a play. Worse still, Ollie believes that Stan stole her mortgage money.
S07E09 Beau Hunks 12/12/1931 Sound Short - Ollie gets dumped by his love, who has just sent him a rejection letter. So he decides to join the foreign legion and Stan must go with him. Once there they notice that almost every legionnaire, the commander and even the chief of the Arabs have a photo from Ollie’s former love and might be there for the same reason. In a sandstorm Stan and Ollie get separated from the others and lost. However, they reach to Fort where they are expected as reinforcements before everyone else. The finale battle against the Arabian Riffians starts. Stan and Ollie act clumsily at first, and by chance, figure out how to defeat the enemy…
S07E10 On The Loose 26/12/1931 Zazu and Thelma decide that they are too good for the local boys and Coney Island. They jump at the chance to go out with two English gentlemen only to find out they want to take them to Coney Island. While there, they have a run in with Laurel and Hardy.
S10E01 Oliver The Eighth 13/01/1934 Laurel and Hardy play owners of a barber shop that compete for the hand of a rich widow who has place a personal ad for a new husband.
S10E02 Le bateau hanté 08/12/1934 The captain of a haunted ship gets Laurel and Hardy to help him snatch a new crew.
S10E03 Going Bye-Bye! 23/06/1934 Laurel and Hardy testify against a convict and send him to prison for life. He soon escapes and comes looking for them.
S10E04 Les joyeux compères 21/07/1934 Because of an illness Oliver gets advised to spend some time in the mountains. Once there, Stan and Ollie prepare a meal inside a trailer, of course doing the usual goof stuff. Later Mr and Mrs Hall (Charlie Hall, Mae Bush) appear there because they just run out of fuel. While Mr Hall goes back to his car, Mrs Hall stays with the boys. They drink water from a well, unknowing that a gang previously poured cheap liquor into the well, considering the strange taste because of the iron in it. When Mr Hall returns, noticing all of them, including his wife, drunk and singing, they start arguing.
S10E05 Babes in Toyland 14/12/1934 In mythical Toyland, Laurel and Hardy try to prevent Mother Peep's house from being repossessed by evil Mr. Barnaby.
S10E06 Hollywood Party 01/06/1934 Laurel and Hardy appear at the door while the party is happening. They sold the lions to Baron Munchausen and he paid with a cheque for 50,000 tiddlywinks and they want the lions back. The doorman refuses them entry so they lock him out and go looking for the Baron. Stan and Ollie can't find the Baron and end up at a bar. At the bar Lupe Vélez has been refused another drink and she screams her displeasure. They have a classic tit-for-tat argument with eggs. The doorman spots Stan and Ollie and gives chase. They end up outside and release the lions.
S10E07 00/00/0000
S00E01 A Tribute to the Boys 15/04/1992 This is a tv documentary where modern comedians share their thoughts about Laurel & Hardy. Also has many classic clips of Laurel & Hardy films. Appearing along with host Dom DeLuise in this 1992 TV special are Steve Allen, Johnny Carson, Henny Youngman, Blake Edwards, Walter Matthau, Rich Little, Bronson Pinchot, Robert Klein and the Smothers Brothers. Emphasis is on how the work of Laurel & Hardy influenced generations of comedians who followed them. Illustrating film clips feature Stan and Ollie plus Charlie Chaplin, Jean Harlow, Ben Turpin, Mae Busch, Jimmy Finlayson, Charley Chase, Billy Gilbert and many more. (Note that most of these vintage black & white segments have been colorized with a heavy hand.)
S00E02 This Is Your Life 01/12/1954
S00E03 On the Wrong Trek 18/04/1936 Charlie relates his harrowing vacation to his co-workers, including his encounter with two confused, derby-hatted hitchikers.
S00E04 Roughest Africa 30/09/1923 Two African Explorers, Stanislaus Laurello and Hans Downe, travel round Africa, from Los Angeles to Hollywood, trying to capture and photograph animals, but have more encounters than they had hoped for. Some animals encountered are bears, emu's, an elephant and a family of lions.
S00E05 The Home Wrecker 20/01/1924 After being discharged from the 372nd infantry, on account of a bean shortage, smithy seeks employment. He finds employment at a construction site, where he helps to build a house, and soon causes havoc amoungst other workers. The constuction company owner leaves for a week, and tells his secretary to send a letter to Mr. Smith telling him to complete the construction of the house while he (the owner) is away. The letter is accidently sent to Smithy who manages to complete the house. When the owner returns the house is complete, and Smithy is commended until the last support beam is removed...
S00E06 The Four Wheeled Terror 16/11/1924 Avery DuPoise is a wealthy business man, organising a race. He meets one the competitors of the race, who is in love with DuPoises daughter. Another competitor crashes into the action, who is also in love DuPoises daughter. DuPoise suggests that who ever wins the race will have the opportunity to visit his daughter every Wednesday night. An action packed races commences, with one competitor doing more than usual to win the race.
S00E07 Crazy to Act 15/05/1927 Millionaire film producer Gordon Bagley wants to marry Ethel St. John, the leading lady in his latest film. Ethel is in love with Arthur Young, the hero of Bagley's lastest movie. Work on the film starts, and at the preview screening is shown to be disasterous. Ethel then goes away with Arthur, while Gordon runs on a rotating movie set.
S00E08 West of Hot Dog 30/12/1924 Silent Short featuring only Stan Laurel - On his way to collect inheritance in the small town on Hot Dog, Stan gets robbed by highwaymen, one of which is the other person who shall attend the reading of their late Uncle's will. The reading of the will states Stan will get everything, including 'The Last Chance Saloon', but in the case of Stan's death, the saloon will be split between Bad Mike and his friend. Stan nows flees town, but gets on Bad Mike's horse, which takes him to Bad Mike's house. Bad Mike and his gang arrive at the house, after robbing the saloon. They soon hear Stan, and an epic gun battle follows, with the town Sheriff not far behind.
S00E09 Oranges and Lemons 12/08/1923 Silent Short featuring only Stan Laurel - After getting into a scuffle with his boss and some co-workers, an orange packer tries to help another co-worker, only to wind up in a conflict with him as well. Trying to elude his boss, he heads inside the packing house, and visits with the women who are packing fruit into cases. Then he heads to a storage area, and tries to use the machinery to escape his pursuers.
S00E10 Biograpgie (Hats Off) 00/00/0000
S00E11 The Second 100 Years 08/10/1927 The Second Hundred Years (aka The Second 100 Years) is a silent comedy short film starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy prior to their official billing as the duo Laurel and Hardy. The team appeared in a total of 107 films between 1921 and 1951.
S00E12 Ladrones 04/01/1930 Bilingual and extended version of the film "Night Owls" (1930), filmed simultaneously with its predecessor for the Spanish market. Running time almost twice as long, this adaptation offers plenty of new gags and a different ending. Laurel & Hardy were coached by Spanish tutors and read some of their dialogue as written phonetically on blackboards off scene.
S00E13 The Soilers 25/11/1923 Silent short starring Stan Laurel and was released in the same year as the Western silent movie drama The Spoilers. The name of one character from the original, "McNamara", may have a parody in the name of the James Finlayson character.
S00E14 La Vida Nocturna 19/04/1930 In this Spanish-language version of "Blotto" bachelor Oliver wants henpecked Stan to go out with him to a Prohibition-era nightclub, so they plan a ruse to get him out of the house. The fiery Mrs. Laurel overhears their plans and replaces the contents of Stan's hidden bottle of liquor with tea and spices. While the boys are at the club enjoying the dancers and the speakeasy-type atmosphere, they imbibe the concoction with seltzer water. The power of suggestion causes them to act like sloppy drunks, but the sight of a hot-tempered Mrs. Laurel with a shotgun quickly sobers them up.
S00E15 Tiembla y Titubea 00/00/0000 Spanish version of Below Zero. This film was simultaneously produced in English and Spanish language versions. The English language version was Below Zero (1930). To film this Spanish language version, Laurel and Hardy read their lines from cue cards on which Spanish was printed phonetically. At the time of early talkies, dubbing was not yet perfected.
S00E16 Noche de duendes 16/10/1930 Spanish language version of The Laurel and Hardy Murder Case and the film Berth Marks combined.
S00E17 A Chump at Oxford (Extended) 16/02/1940 A Chump at Oxford, directed in 1939 by Alfred J. Goulding and released in 1940 by United Artists, was the penultimate Laurel and Hardy film made at the Hal Roach studios. Originally released as a streamliner featurette at forty minutes long, twenty minutes of footage largely unrelated to the main plot were later added for the European distribution. The longer version is the one most often seen today.
S00E18 A Tribute to Laurel & Hardy 25/10/2011 Documentary about Laurel & Hardy
S00E19 Wild Poses 28/10/1933 Spanky's parents are encouraged to get his photo taken by Otto Phocus, the local photographer, but Spanky isn't partial to the idea, especially when he overhears Phocus talking about "shooting" and "cutting" and taking him literally. The gang comes to help Spanky by ruining Phocus's film and accidentally breaking a lens. Spanky's attitude is less than helpful either, often punching the harried photographer to the nose. Finally, dad tries to distract Spanky with one camera as Phocus takes the real shot, but mom gets tangled in the wire. The incident causes Spanky to start laughing. Phocus snaps his picture convinced he has a wonderful photograph, rushing to develop it, but because of the Rascals tampering with his equipment, there's no picture. He rushes to stop Spanky's parents to try one more time, but Spanky has had enough and he pops the relentless photographer on the nose one last time.
S00E20 The Tree in a Test Tube 17/04/1943 Stan and Ollie are stopped by narrator Pete Smith for the purpose of showing the audience how much wood and wood by-products the average person carries. Stan and Ollie then begin to open their pockets and briefcase, pulling out a variety of things that derive from the tree. The narrator talks all the way through this short film (about 7 minutes long). The idea is that scientists can put everything that comes from the tree into one test tube.
S00E21 On Location with the Boys 25/10/2011 Various locations where filming took place for many Laurel and Hardy films and shorts.
S00E22 Los Calaveras 19/04/1931 This Spanish language film was produced simultaneously with the filming of the two English language Laurel and Hardy shorts Be Big! (1931) and Laughing Gravy (1931). The two shorts were edited together into one continuous film. Laurel and Hardy read their lines from cue cards on which Spanish was written phonetically. At the time of early talkies, dubbing was not yet perfected. The same was done for a French language version, Les carottiers (1931).
S00E23 Les carottiers 00/00/0000 This film combines the French language versions of two Laurel & Hardy short films, Be Big and Laughing Gravy, into a pseudo-feature in which the actors speak phonetic French. Commencing with Be Big: the boys fail to join their wives for a weekend in Atlantic City because they've been invited to a stag meeting of their lodge...but they never make it to their lodge, either, because Ollie gets his feet stuck in Stan's too-small boots. A title card explains that the boys have subsequently been kicked out by their wives, and are left with only their little dog, at which point begins Laughing Gravy: on a wintry night in an apartment house where pets are forbidden, the boys attempt to hide their dog, Laughing Gravy, from the landlord, but are threatened with expulsion. However [in a plot twist not found in the original English language version], Stan then receives a letter saying that he will inherit a fortune from his uncle if he leaves Ollie forever; the uncle blames Ollie for Stan's low ...
S00E24 Politiquerías 01/05/1931 A remake in Spanish of the Laurel and Hardy short Chickens Come Home (1931) , expanded into a feature by adding scenes of a magician and a regurgitator performing.
S00E25 Laurel & Hardy Home Movie 01/01/1956 Sadly, this was the last footage from Laurel & Hardy ever! This is a private Home Movie of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy taken in 1956 at the home of Stan Laurel's daughter Lois in California. It was taken after Stan had suffered a stroke, & Ollie had lost a lot of weight. Taken at a family reunion, If your a collecter you will want this rare original clip in colour.

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