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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Legend of Dick and Dom

S01E01 Tickle Tournament 02/01/2009 Princes Dick and Dom enter a tickling tournament to win a Magnofish for the potion, and face the current world champions, the Two Shadows.
S01E02 Milk 09/01/2009 The next item on Dick and Dom's quest is a pint of milk, but Bottom World has run dry. Who has eaten all the cows?
S01E03 Princess Gladys 16/01/2009 Our heroes need dandruff from the golden hair of Princess Gladys. Prince Dom is in love, but has a rival for her hand in marriage.
S01E04 The Neehi Tribe 23/01/2009 Dick and Dom seek the fruit of the lost Neehi tribe, but will it lead to war?
S01E05 Swampy's Girlfriend 30/01/2009 The two princes need the song of the swamp monster to add to their potion.
S01E06 Hairwolf 06/02/2009 The princes' potion requires a lock of hair from the golden wig of Barnet, but the wig is cursed and a foul beast terrorises the land.
S01E07 Nan Trap 13/02/2009 The quest for the next ingredient leads the gang to Nan's house, but will she ever let them leave?
S01E08 Mists of Time 20/02/2009 The heroes need The Mists of Time to add to their potion. Who would have thought this quest would take them to modern-day Slough?
S01E09 Back to School 27/02/2009 Princes Dick and Dom send their terrible wizard, Mannitol, back to wizard school while they hunt down a dragon's clack, the next potion ingredient.
S01E10 The Tears of Fury 06/03/2009 The terrible Furies are feared throughout the land but our heroes need to make one cry to continue their quest.
S01E11 Rock Hard 13/03/2009 When the gang try to pinch the King of Kong's conker, Princes Dick and Dom are turned to stone; is this the end for our heroes?
S01E12 Alan the Vampire Baby 20/03/2009 The potion needs a little something from Alan the Vampire Baby. Our heroes must journey to Deepest darkest Pramsylvania.
S01E13 Dr Cheese 27/03/2009 After months of searching for ingredients, the potion is finally complete - but will it work? The heroes return to the kingdom of Fyredor to try it out, and remember the many adventures they had along the way.
S02E01 Beastly 03/03/2010 With a terrible plague turning the citizens of their home kingdom into beasts, bungling princes Dick and Dom are once again Fyredor's last hope. Joined by their less-than-heroic companions, light-fingered servant Lutin and useless mage Mannitol, they have just weeks to re-re-make a cure before Fyredor is doomed forever. The journey is fraught with danger and double-crossing, they soon find themselves tackling the evil Hag Puss, planning a bank heist, even journeying to the centre of the world in their quest for ingredients. And all the while a rather scary enemy is lurking in the shadows The princes return home to find the plague has taken a terrible turn for the worse - everyone is turning into animals!
S02E02 Dick's Brain 10/03/2010 The antidote needs 'the brain of a prince called Dick'. Not great news for Prince Dick.
S02E03 Hag Puss 17/03/2010 The heroes need the pus from an old hag's zit. Her magic is powerful, and she is obsessed with butter
S02E04 Sirens 24/03/2010 The sirens are twelve feet tall with rows of razor-sharp teeth, and the heroes need one of their talons for the potion.
S02E05 Garlic Tuesday 01/04/2010 Garlic Tuesday comes but once a year. What will Prince Dick find in his stinky stocking?
S02E06 Heist 07/04/2010 With their potion vial locked in a bank vault, our team must break in and steal it back. Will the Princes pull it off?
S02E07 Hairy Fizzogs 14/04/2010 The Hairy Fizzogs are the hottest and hairiest boy band in Bottom World. What will happen now they too have the plague?
S02E08 Journey to the Centre of Bottom World 21/04/2010 The Eye of the Beholder is required for the potion. The heroes must descend to Bottom World's very core.
S02E09 Haunted 28/04/2010 The princes need to put a ghost into the potion. Where better to find one than Aaargh Manor?
S02E10 The Beastmaster 05/05/2010 The princes are captured by their arch enemy. Is there any hope for them and their poor plague-stricken homeland?

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