Affiche The Legends of Treasure Island
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The retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. The story takes place in a darker, more mysterious and magical Treasure Island - with new friends, foes, laughs and a different storyline from the original book.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Legends of Treasure Island

S01E01 The Quest Begins 00/00/0000 Jim leaves the Admiral Benbow after being chased by pirates. With his new friends, Jim sets sail to Treasure Island.
S01E02 Memories Are Made Of This 00/00/0000 After building up camp, Jim, Jane, Dr. Livesey, Squire Trelawney and Captain Smollett are out looking for the treasure, when they stumble upon a mysterious mist.
S01E03 The Watch Tower 00/00/0000 Jim and Jane take a boat to Skeleton Island and loose the map. Unfortunately, Long John Silver finds this out.
S01E04 Now You See Me 00/00/0000 When entering Flint's crew graveyard, Jane finds a ring that turns her invisible, but can't take it off her finger. Believing the treasure is buried there, the pirates also enter the graveyard.
S01E05 Flint's Return 00/00/0000 Captain Flint's ghost rises up from it's grave once a year, Jim and his friends try to use this in order to lure the pirates into a trap.
S01E06 The Cave Of Babel 00/00/0000 Dr. Livesey and Jim discover a magical cave, but when Jim rushes in, nothing stays the same. When it seems it can't go any worse, the pirates join in.
S01E07 The Labyrinth 00/00/0000 When Pew uses the Squire as bait, Jim and his friends must find him in a dangerous labyrinth. Meanwhile, Long John Silver has different plans.
S01E08 The Merman Prince 00/00/0000 Long John Silver is after a lost compass that should lead him to the treasure, but when a merman prince promises to help in exchange for finding him a wife, it's all up to Jane.
S01E09 The Fountain Of Truth 00/00/0000 Long John Silver drinks the water from what he thinks to be the Fountain of Youth, only to find it is in fact the Fountain of Truth.
S01E10 The Pool Of Prophecy 12/11/1993 Jim falls into a pool which gives him visions of what is about to come. It's up to JIm to decide about his fate.
S01E11 Return To Sender 00/00/0000 Ben steals the map for a noble cause. Is he a friend or foe?
S01E12 Tails We Win 00/00/0000 Jane decides to run away after being ignored. Unknown to Jane, the pirates attack and take prisoners the rest of the explorers. Now Jane must rescue her friends on her own, or does she?
S01E13 The Beginning Of The End 00/00/0000 When Long John Silver fires a cannon ball to an ancient fire-god statue, the entire island reaches it's untimely end.
S02E01 Consequence 00/00/0000 The island has been destroyed, but there is still a small chance of saving it if Jim and Ben succeed.
S02E02 Reunion 00/00/0000 Separated from everyone else, Jane enters Captain Flint's ship 'The Skull'.
S02E03 Silver In The Islands Underworld 00/00/0000 Silver didn't exactly die, but he does go to the island's underworld - where he actually makes improvements.
S02E04 Silvers Bond 00/00/0000 To save his own neck, Silver makes a deal to bring the soul of another instead of his, to serve an eternity in the underworld.
S02E05 Emily 00/00/0000 When they hear music in the middle of the night, Jim and Jane go and investigate. What they find may take their lives.
S02E06 Forest Of Darkness 00/00/0000 The Squire is kidnapped and worshiped as an almighty ruler, but Ben finds there's another reason for the worshiping.
S02E07 City In The Sky 00/00/0000 The Squire, believing himself to be dead, finds himself both romantically involved and also in a fight against Long John Silver.
S02E08 Antidote 00/00/0000 Jane is bitten by a snake, Jim and Ben must journey inside a mountain to find a special herb that can help.
S02E09 Dragon 00/00/0000 Pew creates a dragon that swallows Jim, Silver follows him in.
S02E10 Allegiance 00/00/0000 A new group of pirates arrives and they take out of the island a chest full of treasure. Jim and his friends infiltrate the new ship.
S02E11 The Oracle 00/00/0000 Silver, Jim and his friends are transported to an underwater realm, where they are about to get executed.
S02E12 Double Cross 00/00/0000 Silver and Pew team up again to follow Ben who should lead everyone to the treasure.
S02E13 One For All 00/00/0000 The treasure is found, but there is one last challenge for everyone - getting the treasure on the ship and sailing home.