Affiche The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers
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The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, also known as The LXD, is a web series about two groups of rival dancers: heroes (The League of Extraordinary Dancers) and villains (The Alliance of the Dark) who discover they have superpowers, referred to as "the ra", through their dance abilities.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

S01E01 The Tale of Trevor Drift 07/07/2010 At his senior prom, a seemingly ordinary teenager, Trevor Drift, discovers his extraordinary abilities and the secret his family always vowed to keep from him.
S01E02 AntiGravity Heroes 07/07/2010 Two best friends break into a warehouse and uncover strange artifacts that unleash incredible powers.
S01E03 Robot Love Story 14/07/2010 A man wakes up in a hospital with no memory and severe convulsions. With the help of a nurse, Autumn, he learns to control the robotic ticks that control his body and plague his heart. However, not everything and everyone is as they seem.
S01E04 The Uprising Begins 21/07/2010 Two long-time enemies, Tendo and Spex, face-off in an action-packed after-hours showdown. Only one will emerge victorious, but the message is clear--the Uprising has officially begun and The LXD must be reassembled.
S01E05 The Lettermakers 21/07/2010 With the Uprising having begun, it is up to the Lettermakers to assemble The LXD army and recruit fresh blood to fight the ultimate battle. However, to find the most extraordinary, they must hone their own skills first.
S01E06 Duet 28/07/2010 Former LXD members now in hiding are called to action with the start of the Uprising. Two of those are former lovers Katana and Jato. They must let go of their past for the good of the group, but their connection is undeniably strong.
S01E07 The Dark Doctor Deal 28/07/2010 Autumn, having gone rogue, is being reprogrammed by the Dark Doctor to follow his command once again and fulfill her part of their deal.
S01E08 Elliot's Shoes 03/08/2010 Unassuming hero Elliott Hoo discovers a pair of magical shoes with a personality of their own. Once he puts them on, he finds himself being taken down a new path... toward an unknown future.
S01E09 Fanboyz 11/08/2010 Childhood friends Stereo, Phono and Minijack are the self-declared biggest fans of The LXD and dream of someday becoming LXD members themselves. Can hard work and determination make a LXD superhero? Can the fans actually become the heroes?
S01E10 I Seen a Man 17/08/2010 A mysterious street prophet tells the story of a man named Copeland who has the potential to be great, but struggles with demons inside his head and on his feet.
S03E01 The Extraordinary 7 11/08/2011
S03E02 Ashes 11/08/2011
S03E03 Forbidden 18/08/2011
S03E04 Can't Dance 25/08/2011
S03E05 Salvage 08/09/2011
S03E06 Reprogram 08/09/2011
S03E07 RA Games 08/09/2011
S03E08 Mess in Aisle 7 15/09/2011
S03E09 Alliance of the Dark 15/09/2011
S03E10 Rise of the Drifts 22/09/2011
S00E01 Meet the Cast: Luis Rosado 21/06/2012 Go behind the scenes from The Tale of Trevor Drift (S01E01) and meet Luis "Bboy Luigi" Rosado.
S00E02 Meet the Cast: Travis Wong 28/06/2012 Go behind the scenes of AntiGravity Heroes (S01E02) and meet Travis Wong.
S00E03 Meet the Cast: Chadd Smith 05/07/2012 Go behind the scenes of Robot Love Story (S01E03) and meet Chadd Smith aka: Madd Chadd.
S00E04 Meet the Cast: Richard Vasquez 12/07/2012 Go behind the scenes of The Uprising Begins (S01E04) and meet Richard "Steelo" Vazquez.
S00E05 Meet the Cast: Christopher Toler & Aaron Cook 19/07/2012 Go behind the scenes of The Lettermakers (S01E05) and meet Christopher "Lil C" Toler & Aaron "Duece" Cook.
S00E06 Meet the Cast: Galen Hooks 26/07/2012 Go behind the scenes of Duet (S01E06) and meet Galen Hooks.
S00E07 Meet the Cast: John Nelson 02/08/2012 Go behind the scenes of The Dark Doctor Deal (S01E07) and meet John "JRock" Nelson.
S00E08 Meet the Cast: Harry Shum, Jr. 09/08/2012 Go behind the scenes of Elliot's Shoes (S01E08) and meet Harry Shum, Jr.
S00E09 Meet the Cast: Terence Dickson, Aja George & Shonnie Solomon 16/08/2012 Go behind the scenes of Fanboyz (S01E09) and meet Terence Dickson, Aja George & Shonnie Solomon.
S00E10 Meet the Cast: Christopher Scott 23/08/2012 Go behind the scenes of I Seen a Man (S01E10) and meet Christopher Scott.
S00E11 Behind the Scenes: "School" 04/10/2012
S00E12 Building the Legion: Part 1 11/10/2012 Go behind the scenes of The LXD universe with the cast and crew of this epic dance adventure!!
S00E13 Behind the Scenes: "Super Ballet" 18/10/2012 Directed by Jon M. Chu, "Super Ballet" is the unreleased LXD episode. This is your behind-the-scenes look at the making of this never-before-seen LXD adventure.
S00E14 Behind the Scenes: "Rising" 25/10/2012
S00E15 Behind the Scenes: "Mark of the Ox" 01/11/2012
S00E16 The Uprising Begins - Season 1 DVD/Film Version 07/07/2010 The next evolution of dance begins in the groundbreaking, provocative first installment of The LXD: The Uprising Begins. From visionary writer/director Jon M. Chu (STEP UP 3D), this original series chronicles the journey of seemingly ordinary people who discover they have extraordinary powers and must choose their place in an epic war between good and evil. There's high school outcast Trevor Drift (Bboy Luigi) uncovering his family's dangerous secret, fallen soldier Sp3cimen (Madd Chadd) running from his dark past, and unassuming hero Elliot Hoo (Glee's Harry Shum Jr.) haunted by newly discovered supernatural gifts. All of whom are called to fulfill their destiny and join The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. Each chapter showcases the unbelievable flips, spins and twists that have already made The LXD a pop cultural phenomenon and one of the most highly anticipated series ever launched. Join the adventure, uncover the mystery. The next evolution of dance starts now.
S00E17 Secrets of the Ra - Season 2 DVD/Film Version 00/00/0000 Get to know the back story of the villains of The LXD. Organization X, called The Ox, and The Umbras.
S00E18 Rise of the Drifts - Season 3 DVD/Film Version 00/00/0000 Now see the back story of how the LXD was formed and what led to the Ox and the Umbras uniting to become the Alliance of the Dark. It all leads to one incredible end.