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Jeff Schwarz is the owner of a large liquidation house named Direct Liquidation, a 30,000-square-foot warehouse filled with artifacts, antiques and everything else. "The Liquidator" follows as Schwarz, armed with a pocketful of cash, works seven days a week following leads and tips that could bring him to the next big buy. Back at the shop, his crew works to make room for the new merchandise by finding buyers for the old. The ultimate goal is to make as much money as possible, quickly, but in a business like this, nothing is guaranteed.


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S01E01 Bricks and Mortals 05/07/2012 After walking into a potentially lucrative deal, Jeff is forced to pick up the gavel and host an auction if he's going to see any profit. Will his motor mouth save the day?
S01E02 Heads... Or Tails Between Legs 12/07/2012 Jeff falls in love with a monster statue made of motorcycle parts… but so does Biker Doug. Will Jeff¹s affections for the statue jeopardize a lucrative sale?
S01E03 Everything Must Go 19/07/2012 Jeff decides to mess with his staff by surprising them with unannounced shipments. But when the merchandise arrives, it's Jeff who goes into overdrive to sell it off. Will his efforts pay off?
S01E04 The Flip 26/07/2012 Jeff strikes while the iron sizzles and starts flipping merchandise before taking possession. Will he get burned, or can he juggle enough deals to pull it off?
S01E05 Of Mensch and Men 02/08/2012 Jeff goes crazy when he comes out on the losing end in a pricey electronics deal. So will he keep his cool when a parade of wise guys and a rabbi beat him up for a deal?
S01E06 Turn Over 09/08/2012 You have to have a thick skin if you want to work at Direct Liquidation. So how will a pretty young librarian-in-training handle her initiation into this politically incorrect boy's club?
S01E07 Up In Smoke 16/08/2012 Jeff scoops up a shipment of furniture that might have been used to sell drugs. With the stench of marijuana thick in the air, will Jeff be able to find the right buyer for this special merchandise?
S01E08 No Way, Jose 23/08/2012 With a major shipment en route and no more room in the warehouse, Jeff must convince Jose to share his space with the enemy. Jose is suspicious but Jeff is charming (and sneaky) -- who will come out on top?
S01E09 Storage Locker Roulette 30/08/2012 Jeff places his bets on a series of storage lockers, even though he knows the odds are against a big jackpot. Will the gamble pay off or leave him in the lurch?
S01E10 Dealmakers Anonymous 06/09/2012 After buying a shipment of Asian noodles that are about to expire, Jeff is forced to admit that he's addicted to the deal. The only question is, can he sell them before they expire?
S01E11 A Chip Off the Old Block 13/09/2012 Jeff’s son Nick convinces his dad to partner on a new t-shirt line, as intern Daniel takes on the management of a Pop-Up store. Jeff’s expectations are impossibly high. Can these young protégés prove their deal-making chops?
S01E12 Settling the Score 20/02/2012 As Jeff races against the clock to get top dollar for a warehouse full of dollar store junk, his "frenemy" Jose plots to get even for the piles of pallets Jeff snuck into his warehouse. Will it be a sweet deal or sweet revenge?
S01E13 On the Block 27/09/2012 Inspired by the kinky contents of a bailiff seized barn, Jeff decides to hold the mother of all auctions. But a visit from local by-law officers puts the whole plan jeopardy – will Jeff find a loophole, or will his hands be tied?
S02E01 Risky Business 08/11/2012 In the season two premiere, Jeff rolls the dice on the biggest gamble of his career-bidding tens of thousands of dollars, sight unseen, for a truckload of high-end electronics that has been damaged in a transportation mishap. He awaits delivery, his stomach in knots.
S02E02 Has the Master Lost His Mojo? 15/11/2012 Jeff takes delivery of a massive load of dubious merchandise-including pallets of foam Easter eggs and Halloween pumpkins-and his staff starts to worry. Meanwhile, a planned auction of high-end goods teeters on the brink of disaster.
S02E03 No Rest for the Wicked 22/11/2012 Jeff makes deals non-stop, wherever he is, all day and all night. That’s why he’s successful, but also the reason why he’s such a stress case. He tries his best to decompress, but finally reaches a breaking point. Jeff reluctantly lets his family take him on a brief vacation, but that doesn’t stop him from making deals and riding his staff.
S02E04 A Matter of Trust 29/11/2012 Jeff makes his living on a handshake every day-he’s got to know whom to trust. When he’s called in to negotiate for the goods in an Italian gelato café that appears to be brewing something on the side, Jeff has to be careful not to get in over his head. Meanwhile, other deals for dodgy Chinese mattresses and wicker furniture demonstrate the extent-and limits-of Jeff’s trust.
S02E05 Collecting Cash 06/12/2012 There’s a cardinal rule in the world of buy-and-sell: Never fall in love with your merchandise. But when Jeff finally decides to part with his beloved Motorcycle Monster statue, fellow-collector Rick appears to tempt him with even more novelty attractions. Sometimes even Jeff has to remember that money talks and love has a price.
S02E06 Man in the Middle 13/12/2012 When a guy phones with a batch of tuxedos to sell, it sure helps if you know a guy who buys tuxedos. And, luckily, Jeff knows everybody. With his Rolodex spinning, expert middleman Jeff brings together a series of buyers and sellers, skimming off a bit of cream each time-without breaking a sweat.
S02E07 Tough Sell 10/01/2013 For The Liquidator, snap decisions and big gambles are part of the game. But sometimes "slam-dunk" deals can give Jeff more trouble than he bargained for. High-end appliances at 50 percent off retail? Dirt-cheap hockey jerseys? What could possibly go wrong?
S02E08 A Hand Up 17/01/2013 Jeff has a soft side for old acquaintances who find themselves down on their luck. When his long-time "frenemy" JosE faces the loss of his business, Jeff helps him find a way back into the game. But JosE would do well to remember: there's always a price to pay for a hand up from Jeff.
S02E09 The Floor 24/01/2013 After going on a buying-bender, Jeff pressures his staff to fit his impulse purchases into an already overcrowded warehouse. Jeff's buddy Wayne manages to talk him into buying some weird, wacky-and BIG-items. After that, the flood of merchandise just keeps flowing-bedding, toys, hoodies, BBQs. Something's gotta give!
S02E10 You Get What You Pay For 31/01/2013 In the world of bottom-feeding liquidators, Jeff is a shark. But he often wonders if he could survive as an alpha predator in the uncharted waters of high-end merchandise. When some tempting deals cross his path, Jeff takes the plunge. Can blue-collar Jeff peddle fine art, antique musical instruments, and brand-name fashion?
S02E11 Eye Candy 07/02/2013 Jeff's warehouse is famous for "eye candy"-unusual and often kitschy pieces that add spark to his displays. But, when he gets talked into buying a mangy stuffed polar bear, Jeff crosses the line from kitsch to crazy. Who's going to buy this flea-bitten piece of junk?
S02E12 Good Buys and Goodbyes 14/02/2013 Jeff's large network of staff and associates can yield big paydays, and sometimes even bigger heartaches. He learns a bitter lesson when his old "pal" steals a lucrative deal right out from under him. Meanwhile, much-loved employee Christine departs Direct Liquidation-but not before negotiating one last deal with Jeff.
S02E13 Man Toys 21/02/2013 Most men are little boys at heart-and they love their toys. When a local go-kart track goes out of business, Jeff's excitement gets the better of him. He decides to host an auction to sell the used karts-and impulsively promises the track owners a $20-grand guarantee against the proceeds. Can he cobble together enough other "man toys" to make the auction a success?
S03E01 Bailiff Booty 27/06/2013 In hopes of buying goodwill with a local bailiff, Jeff agrees to liquidate the contents of a Chinese grocery. Problem is, he has only one day to clear out the exotic (and vile) stock. Can he rally his contacts and grossed-out staff to turn this mess into a profit? Adding to the stress, Sheldon makes himself a little too comfortable after renting an office in Jeff’s warehouse.
S03E02 Armed to the Rafters 04/07/2013 Touring an eye popping military warehouse turns Jeff into a kid again and leads to one of his biggest impulse buys yet. After dropping thousands on a package deal that includes a decommissioned .50 caliber machine gun, Jeff is inspired to throw a massive military surplus event that will take over the warehouse. Will he sell the goods and win the war…or wave the white flag?
S03E03 Size Matters 11/07/2013 A deal to auction off storage lockers also lands Jeff with an impulse buy of 11,000 sexy ?Walk of Shame? kits. Meanwhile, Daniel must save face and start working his sales mojo after picking up 620 pairs of shoes that turn out to be one size. Who will save face and who will be doing their own Walk of Shame?
S03E04 Tongue Twisted 18/07/2013 Jeff can‘t resist weird and wacky goods. When Sam is forced to sell a sweet vintage gas pump, he snaps it up. But after splashing out on an oddball mix of 6300 pickled peppers, 8 broken pianos and thousands of ornamental seashells, some selling has got to happen…and fast. Even if it means gambling with wily regular Gary.
S03E05 The Irregulars 25/07/2013 Jeff faces off with several smooth-talking regulars looking for a favour and finds himself saddled with a whole lot of dubious merchandise. Now the proud owner of a truckload of the world’s ugliest jeans, a collection of used staging furniture and an enormous baby grand, Jeff must find a way to turn goodwill into cold, hard cash.
S03E06 Belly Up 01/08/2013 Jeff is a charitable man – when businesses go bust, he’s waiting in the wings to offer relief (and make himself a buck in the process, of course). Jeff’s faith in the almighty dollar is confirmed when he turns a tidy profit off of an ordained minister…but when he closes on an electronics warehouse gone bust, Jeff quickly realizes that no good deed goes unpunished.
S03E07 Friends with Benefits 08/08/2013 When eccentric client Cowboy Dave demands more Western props Jeff risks alienating longtime dealer Wayne by going behind his back to his supplier. And then a sweet deal for vanilla from frenemy Jose attracts take-no-prisoners Jamaican chef Yo Mamma, who gambles that the route to a liquidator’s heart is through his stomach.
S03E08 The More, the Barrier 15/08/2013 Sparks fly when bailiff Sheldon orchestrates a bidding war that pits Jeff against his own customers…in his own warehouse! In an effort to get back on top, Jeff gambles on a massive warehouse full of high-end furniture. Will he ignite a bidding war of his own…or be left holding the bag? Meanwhile, paisano Walter comes back to haunt Jeff over a bricks deal gone bad.
S03E09 Brief Encounters 22/08/2013 When faced with competition on a deal for 20,000 pairs of underwear, Jeff rashly agrees to flip the tighty-whities in record time. And Jeff will stop at nothing to make the sale – even if it means squeezing into a suit to do it. But when he enters the boardroom of a major chain store he’s sweating bullets. Jeff the shark is officially a fish out of water…
S03E10 I’d Bet the Pot 29/08/2013 After consulting with various ‘experts’, Jeff takes a major risk and shells out $30,000 for a warehouse full of hydroponic equipment. This is foreign territory for Jeff – thank goodness staffer Jorge knows all about the ‘tomato’ growing industry! The ensuing sale attracts a steady stream of oddball farmers and every time the cash register rings Jeff knows that – on this deal at least – he’s definitely selling HIGH!
S03E11 He Works Hard for the Money 05/09/2013 Jeff likes to boast that he can sell anything. But will he be able to put his money where his mouth is when faced with a truckload of broken guitars…and a live goat?
S03E12 What’s Your Beef? 13/09/2013 Jeff pushes too hard for a store full of frozen meat and risks taking one on the nose. A heated round with a scrappy art dealer leaves Jeff fuming.
S03E13 Phone A Friend 19/09/2013 Addicted to the high of the buy, Jeff finds himself stuck with an oddball array of random merchandise, including a truckload of b-grade lumber. Will his “go-to guys” bail him out or leave him high and dry?
S03E14 California Dealin 21/11/2013 A collector’s warehouse full of mystery antiques tempts Jeff…but he’ll have to drive all the way to California with the world’s worst travel companion to get it! Will he return with a treasure? Or a headache?
S03E15 Coffin Up Cash 28/11/2013 Jeff’s desire to tap into niche markets sometimes leads him out on a limb. Will he find himself buried alive when he fills the warehouse with handicap scooters…and a coffin?
S03E16 The Smell of Money 05/12/2013 Jeff smells money when he commits to a high stakes storage locker auction and a risky plan to sell off a down-and-out restaurant. Will his big gamble pay off…or leave him with an even bigger mess?
S03E17 What Women Want 12/12/2013 Jeff’s manhood is challenged when he tries to move a slate of women’s merchandise. Will his attempts to sell lace and sequins reveal a weakness…or does he really know what women want?
S03E18 Operation: Liquidate 09/01/2014 Jeff drops a bomb on his staff and buys four truckloads of television set props with nowhere to put the goods. Will they win the battle and pull off the biggest outdoor sale in Liquidator history?
S03E19 Down…But Not Out 16/01/2014 Jeff reaches the end of his rope as he tries to profit from an exhausting string of deals with Wayne. And a woodworking auction takes a shocking twist proving that liquidation isn’t all quick flips and fast money.
S03E20 Crossing The Line 23/01/2014 Jeff scoops a deal from Wayne, gets spanked in a sex shop and tries to sell an aging accordion to his own Mother. Will his ruthless tactics cross the line or score big profits?
S03E21 Bail Out 30/01/2014 Jeff banks a favour when he buys a load of cheap crafting supplies from Sheldon. But can he count on Sheldon to pay it forward when he needs it the most?
S03E22 Taken for a Ride 06/02/2014 Jeff gets taken for a ride when he falls hard for a vintage motorbike. When the deal hits the ditch, will he find a way to salvage his investment? Or will he crash and burn?
S03E23 Treasure or Trash? 13/02/2014 Jeff wears down sellers by mercilessly trash-talking their merchandise. But his tune changes when he tries to convince buyers that industrial pressure gauges and cheap pink t-shirts are actually treasures. Can he spin his way to profit?
S03E24 Rotten Timing 20/02/2014 Jeff gambles on a series of end-of-the-line deals in hopes of a big payday. But can he beat the clock and squeeze a profit out of a pile of off-season goods…and a mountain of dodgy tomato paste?
S03E25 Hairy Situation 27/02/2014 Jeff dives headfirst into a controversial deal for fur coats and risks his reputation on a quirky Hollywood memorabilia auction. Can he turn a truckload of pelts and a lock of Elvis’ hair into cold hard cash?
S03E26 Redneck Round-Up 06/03/2014 Jeff and Daniel come face-to-face with some dubious characters when they hit the road in search of smokin’ deals in the California desert. Will Jeff’s old-school door-knocking approach prove profitable…or perilous?
S04E01 Sink or Swim 08/01/2015 Jeff looks to have a high priced yacht as the centerpiece of an upcoming auction but has to scramble when it becomes unavailable just before the day of the event.
S04E02 King of Scrap 15/01/2015 Jeff looks to close deals involving pet food and native goods, the latter which he plans to sell in an auction. However, a last minute snag threatens to hamper the chances of the auction being a success.
S04E03 Measuring Up 22/01/2015 Jeff meets with a man looking to get into the liquidation business and looks to flip him items he just acquired. Jeff acquires a number of tuxedos but finds he has to unload them fast.
S04E04 Big Flipping Deal 29/01/2015 Jeff looks to flip a large quantity of dance studio style clothes and the inventory of a closing store acquired in deals.
S04E05 Hare Raising Deals 05/02/2015 When a rabbit shelter asks Jeff to pay more than he should for a load of donated clothing, will Jeff sacrifice his own profit for the baby bunnies, or can he find a way to help the bunnies while still helping himself?
S04E06 Going Going Bong 12/02/2015 When Jeff buys a boatload of bongs, his first instinct is to put them on the shelves of Direct Liquidation. But after his regular customers don’t bite, how will Jeff get these bongs long gone?
S04E07 Doll-ars to Dough-nuts 19/02/2015 Liquidating the contents of a restaurant should be easy – but the equipment is in such terrible condition Jeff can’t even recover his costs – until he tries a new tactic.
S04E08 The Orient Distress 26/02/2015 After receiving a load of rotten furniture, Jeff goes all the way to Indonesia in a bid to get his money back. But once he’s face-to-face with the shady manufacturer, will Jeff’s temper get the better of him?
S04E09 Lost in Persuasion 05/03/2015 Jeff only has a few days in Indonesia to fill up a container of furniture, but his tough-guy negotiating style doesn’t fly with the locals. Will Jeff be able to change up his game in time?
S04E10 In The Schwartz Team 12/03/2015 Jeff’s empire is growing, but when his second store’s Grand Opening looks like it might end up being a bland opening, will Jeff’s micromanaging turn things around -- or turn everyone off?
S04E11 Show Me The Moo-la 19/03/2015 When Apprentice Daniel starts making thousand-dollar deals without checking with Jeff first, will Daniel’s inexperience cost Jeff money? Or will Jeff have to re-evaluate Daniel’s role at Direct Liquidation?
S04E12 Hustle Apostle 26/03/2015 A priest, a rabbi, and Jeff walk into a dorm, but only one of them walks away with a building full of falling-apart furniture. The joke's on Jeff as he tries to turn old couches into cash.
S04E13 Cagey Dealing 02/04/2015 When Jeff finds out a risky high-tech deal he bought is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, will he flip it for fast cash or go for the gold?
S04E14 Pimping Iron 09/04/2015 After dropping $50,000 for high-end gym equipment that won’t sell, Jeff calls in help to get out of the deal. But will the cavalry arrive prepared to help - or to do battle?
S04E15 Cut Me a Deal 16/04/2015 A collector brings in a couple of heavies to intimidate Jeff.
S04E16 Stripped Bare 23/04/2015 It´s a sexy dream come true for Jeff as he liquidates a lingerie shop but will he and Daniel be so wowed by the women customers they end up giving away the profit?
S04E17 Desperate Measures 30/04/2015 Jeff's competitor shows up with a truckload of mattresses.
S04E18 Jaded 05/05/2015 When Jeff pulls a dirty trick on a mattress competitor, will it save him a bunch of cash or get him in a bunch of trouble with the seller?
S04E19 Clean Sweep 14/05/2015 When Jeff buys a carful of clothes he doesn’t want to help out a charity, will he be able to trick a greenhorn liquidator into getting him out of the deal?
S04E20 Sweeten the Deal 21/05/2015 Jeff’s skills are put to the test as he tries to sell dozens of skids of candy that will expire in just a few days.
S04E21 The Blind Side 28/05/2015 When a partner makes a deal using Jeff’s money for a bunch of dirty restaurant equipment, it’s up to Jeff to get it sold fast!
S04E22 Floor Your Friends 04/06/2015 When Jeff decides to put employee Tom in charge of a huge hardwood flooring deal, will Tom rise to the challenge? Or will the only thing on the rise be Jeff’s blood pressure?
S04E23 Eyes on the Prize 11/06/2015 A five-ton truck full of merchandise pulls up but Jeff doesn't remember buying the items.
S04E24 The Right Combination 18/06/2015 When too many vendors answer his call for coin-operated lockers, Jeff finds himself with hundreds more than he needs, and no place to store them.
S04E25 Worth His Salt 25/06/2015 Jeff forgets to book staff for an auction and now must be clerk, cashier, locker cracker and auctioneer by himself.
S04E26 Profit Wars 02/07/2015 Jeff needs to turn a mountain of weapons into some quick cash; he turns to his associate Sam to help him out. But when Sam sniffs weakness, will he go for Jeff's throat?
S04E27 On The Go: Palm Trees & Face Palms 10/09/2015 Jeff is left high and dry in California when he tries to help his friends stage a huge estate sale there. Will he pull off a desert miracle, or watch his profits disappear like a mirage?
S04E28 On The Go: Kink in the Road 17/09/2015 Jeff’s all tied up in knots when a chance house call to a Palm Springs collector leads him into a dungeon full of leather bondage gear.
S04E29 On The Go: Flip Flop 24/09/2015 Jeff has eight hours to sell a hotel's falling-apart furniture and turn a pile of garbage into gold.
S04E30 On The Go: Not My First Rodeo 01/10/2015 Jeff and Daniel travel to Vancouver Island, hoping to pick up out-of-the-way deals for almost nothing.
S04E31 On The Go: Heads and Tails 08/10/2015 The company next door wants to unload $100,000 worth of motors; Jeff must decide to make friends or make money.
S04E32 On The Go: Sock It to Me 15/10/2015 Jeff gets saddled with a container full of unfashionable socks that no one in town will touch, until he decides that honesty isn’t the most profitable policy.
S04E33 On The Go: Bucked Off 22/10/2015 When Jeff finds negotiating with a couple of Alberta pickers too easy, his warning system goes off.
S04E34 On The Go: Tooling Around 29/10/2015 On his way home from Alberta, Jeff struggles to flip a deal for antique tools. Will he get clobbered by cowboys, or knocked out by a girl in a teddy bear costume?
S04E35 On The Go: Jose em Down 05/11/2015 When Jeff tries to make a deal at his vet´s office, his business goes to the dogs. Will he fare any better by letting José take the reins on the next one, or will his best frenemy sabotage him?
S04E36 On The Go: Street Cred 12/11/2015 When Jeff and Daniel discover their Toronto auction is a sinking ship, they hit the streets in a wild attempt to bail it out.
S04E37 On The Go: Straddle The Saddle 19/11/2015 Jeff risks going behind a friend's back to make a deal for some Western props
S04E38 On The Go: A Passage To India 26/11/2015 On a buying trip to New Delhi, Jeff and Daniel wonder what will do them in first-scorching heat, dangerous roads or tough Indian negotiators.
S04E39 On the Go: The Schwarz That Broke The Camels Back 03/12/2015 Jeff and Daniel struggle to keep their cool with hardcore lady negotiators and a temperamental camel in Jodhpur, India.

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