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The story of two young women sharing a flat in Liverpool in the early 1970. Although there were several cast changes during the life of the series, a posh vs common theme ran throughout. The original cast was Dawn (Pauline Collins) and Beryl Hennessey (Polly James), but Sandra Hutchinson (Nerys Hughes) replaced Dawn from Series 2 onward. Carol Boswell (Elizabeth Estensen) eventually replaced Beryl. Also notable was Mollie Sugden (Are you being Served) playing Sandra's snobbish mother. The storylines for this comedy usually revolved around the pair's troubles in their relationships with men, problems at work, and interfering families.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Liver Birds

S01E01 Potent Perfume 25/07/1969
S01E02 The Photographer 01/08/1969
S01E03 Aristocracy And Crime 08/08/1969
S01E04 Torremolinos, Costa Del Sol Or Southport? 15/08/1969
S02E01 The Wedding 07/01/1971 It's the day before Beryl's Gloria's wedding, though Gloria announces that their dad's been seeing another woman, and their Mam's being brave. She also now doesn't want to get married.
S02E02 Look Before You Leap 14/01/1971 After finishing with Peter Crawford, Sandra is so upset, that Beryl tracks him down and invites him to the flat. Unfortunately there's a case of mistaken identity when a salesman turns up.
S02E03 Housekeeping 21/01/1971 Being short on the housekeeping, and with lots of IOUs in their holiday fund, the girls decide they need to earn some money. Sandra suggests selling the commode but the search for a new part for it leads them to the auction house.
S02E04 The Proposal 28/01/1971 With Sandra wanting the flat for herself and her boyfriend Danny, Beryl pretends she has a boyfriend of her own, but in reality is visiting Gerry in the flat below.
S02E05 The Good Samaritans 04/02/1971 In full helping people mode, Sandra decides to let Irene and her new husband stay in their flat for the weekend. They'll stay at Gerry's whilst he's away, and look after the cat. Unfortunately Gerry & his mum turn up.
S02E06 Three's A Crowd 11/02/1971 A friend of Sandra's arrives for a couple of days. She's an actress, posh, and sexy and soon gets up Beryl's nose, especially after the effect she has on their two dates.
S02E07 The Man Downstairs 18/02/1971 The girls both throw themselves at the suave, sports car owning new downstairs neighbour. After learning that he's spending the weekend at his parent's guest house in Llandudno, they both decide to go and surprise him.
S02E08 The Flat 25/02/1971 Due to their constant arguing, the girls eventually decide to move to a bigger flat in Allerton. Unfortunately due to the cost, they need a third person to share so start interviewing.
S02E09 The Dog 04/03/1971 Sandra brings home a stray dog, even though they're not allowed to keep pets. Then the girls get told that the landlord is going to make an inspection, but how do they hide the dog?
S02E10 Grandad 11/03/1971 Wondering what to do as it's Saturday, Sandra gets roped into looking after her Grandad. She coaxes Beryl to join her but Grandad soon proves more trouble than expected.
S02E11 Mother's Day 18/03/1971 It's Mother's Day, and both girl's parents arrive to spend the evening with them. Not only do things get off to a very frosty start, but Beryl breaks Sandra's mother's posh present.
S02E12 Promotion 25/03/1971 Sandra gets promoted in work. Wishing she was more like Sandra, Beryl decides to take elocution lessons. Practicing on a posh customer soon gets Beryl into trouble though, and Sandra is told to give her the sack.
S03E01 One's A Crowd 11/02/1972 The girls move to a bigger, more salubrious flat in the block 'Beech View'. They attend a poetry reading session at a local pub, where Sandra is smitten by the readings of Neville Kane. Back at the flat a snooty woman asks them to sign a petition to evict a supposedly noisy tenant but when this turns out to be Neville, the girls stand by their principles as he is black and they will not be party to racism.
S03E02 Birds On The Dole 18/02/1972 The girls are out of work and their efforts to find jobs are not helped by the presence of a mouse in the flat. But the rent is due so it's down to the dole office to sign on. Sandra goes incognito, seeing it as below her dignity, but Beryl has no such qualms. She even meets two uncles and a cousin there but they cause a fight and all end up in court.
S03E03 Good Little Girls Should Be In Bed 25/02/1972 Beryl has a new boy-friend, the cultured Robert, who is several years older than her. He is returning to London the next day and asks her to spend the night with him. On Sandra's advice Beryl agrees, but is very nervous. To loosen her up Robert goes to the local casino to buy some alcohol but bumps into Sandra there - she's an old friend. Beryl meanwhile, back at the flat, has some unwelcome visitors in Robert's flatmate and his 'bird', who proceed to get all cozy with each other while Beryl hides!
S03E04 Birds On Strike 03/03/1972 Beryl takes the day off work in order to go on a date and uses the excuse that she is off sick with tonsillitis. On her return the next day she sees there is industrial unrest and a union leader asks her to address a meeting. She is, however, far from happy to oblige and wonders whether her lie about being sick will ultimately be exposed. It also clashes with a date which she'd much rather go to!
S03E05 Fella-A-Day Girl 10/03/1972 Beryl declares that she's a "Fella-a-Day" girl, and Sandra is smitten with her new man Paul. Sandra soon goes off him though when he doesn't ring her as promised. Robert phones Beryl - he's up from London and wants to meet up in David's flat (he's in Majorca so won't bother them)! Then a very pregnant and depressed Gloria turns up, so Beryl puts her with Sandra - they can cheer each other up! Unable to really leave the flat, Beryl invites Robert over, though her evening goes from bad to worse when her mother turns up as well.
S03E06 Birds And Bottom Drawers 17/03/1972 Reading her horoscope in the local paper Sandra sees that a proposal of marriage is forthcoming. Added with Beryl's that says a close friend will get married, Sandra dresses up and goes shopping for men! All she comes back with though is a huge chest on wheels - her 'Hope Chest'. She has decided to start collecting items in time for her big day. Out shopping in the sale, she gets herself into trouble with the handsome store detective and the store manager - for stealing!
S03E07 The Christening 24/03/1972 Gloria comes around to the flat, and asks both Sandra and Beryl to be Godmothers to her new baby, whatever she's to be called! Beryl decides she doesn't want to go though, when they decide they are not going the Catholic route. She says she's "not going to an Anglican Church"! Beryl and Sandra then find themselves holding the baby when she is dropped off by their mothers. Then the vicar arrives to check them out, and falls for Sandra.
S03E08 Birds On Horseback 31/03/1972 Sandra is being courted by a rather upper class boyfriend and she decides that, in order to give herself some credibility, she would be as well to take riding lessons. Her boyfriend, Giles goes fox hunting, and Sandra hopes that he might ask her along too. Beryl comes with her, literally for the ride, but after Sandra's horse end up in a lake, the girls end up buying it to save it from being made into cat food. Unfortunately they cannot afford to keep it.
S03E09 St. Valentine's Day 07/04/1972 Valentine's Day is fast approaching and Beryl is feeling unloved because she has no boy-friend to send her a card or present. Sandra decides that her friend needs cheering up with a night on the town but, as is so often the case with her well-intentioned plans, it does not go as it should do, providing surprises of a different nature.
S03E10 Birds In The Club 14/04/1972 Sandra has been dating rugby player Rupert and is asked to represent the club in the local Miss Hot Pants competition. Beryl, on the other hand, is not happy with the attitude of the lads at the club, whom she regards as beer-swilling morons. She decides that they would be better off getting chatted up by footballers instead. Sandra gave her measurements as 35-24-35 but when she discovers that her bottom is 2 inches bigger than she thought (37, due to her constant eating), Beryl pushes her into a regime of dieting and exercise.
S03E11 The Driving Test 28/04/1972 After not returning from her tandem bike trip to Rhyl with boy-friend Johnny until gone midnight, Beryl thinks it is high time the girls invested in a car and stumps up for an old banger. Aubrey, the boss's son who is dating Sandra, agrees to teach them both. However, whilst he is happy to let Sandra use his swish new car, Beryl has to learn in her old heap.
S03E12 Liverpool Or Everton 05/05/1972 Whilst Beryl is a die-hard Everton football fan, Sandra's newest boy-friend Joe supports Liverpool so the battle lines are drawn, especially after Joe's works team, which he captains, is thrashed 7 - 0 and Beryl mocks him. He challenges her to come with a female football team to take his boys on. It's up to Beryl's Uncle Dermot to get them all into some sort of shape!
S03E13 The Parrot 12/05/1972 Animal lover Sandra decides to support the RSPCA as well as becoming a vegetarian. Her mother brings her pet parrot Bonaparte around for Sandra to mind whilst they go away on holiday. Beryl is not happy though, she is afraid of it, and fears that she might catch something. Then the suicidal Jake turns up. He rang the girls earlier by mistake, meaning to phone the Samaritans. Trying to prove to Sandra that humans are more important than animals, Beryl stuck her neck out and invited him around.
S04E01 Anybody Here Seen Thingy? 02/01/1974 It's Beryl's birthday, and Sandra is planning a surprise party for her. Among her presents she gets a hamster in the post from Robert. Only Beryl hates 'rodents', or at least she does until she finds out that the hamster is pregnant. She also has a massive goldfish bowl, a far too big knitted jumper, and a strange blue hat from Mrs Hutchinson. They then discover that Thingy has gone missing so the race is on to find it.
S04E02 Friends At First Sight 09/01/1974 Sandra's brother is coming to visit her from Australia. She hasn't seen him for 8 years and is getting quite excited. Sandra thinks that Beryl should start seeing him as it will stop her 'moping about Robert'. Beryl's a bit shocked though when he invites her jogging with 6 in the morning! As the two of them get closer, there are shocks all round when Mrs Hutchinson finds a marriage certificate.
S04E03 Life Is Just A Bowl Of Sugar 16/01/1974 Sandra is on cloud nine with her new boyfriend Paul (he makes her tingle). After he gives her money to buy herself a present, she opts for a cut-glass sugar bowl to prepare herself for when he proposes. Whilst in the bath, Sandra wonders if it would help Paul decide if he were to see a 'happily-married' couple, so decides to take him to her parents house for tea. Before she even gets out of the bath though, her 'happily married parents' turn up at the flat arguing. They announce that they are going to get divorced.
S04E04 Where's Beryl? 23/01/1974 Beryl and Sandra travel to London for a weekend away with their boyfriends. They get to stay in a large, swish hotel, however whilst Sandra is put in a big, comfortable room directly opposite to the one occupied by Paul, Beryl gets separated from the others and given a room at the very top, with no light, no water, and no heat! After dressing up for a posh meal out, Paul and Sandra get into a big argument over the amount of bosom on display by her low cut dress.
S04E05 Girl Saturday 30/01/1974 Following an eye test Beryl is told that she will need to wear glasses and that she can pick them up on Saturday. By coincidence this is the day when she is meeting boyfriend Robert, who is coming up from London. Vanity takes hold and Beryl decides against letting Robert see her in her glasses, so Sandra and Paul decide to both wear glasses to make her feel more comfortable, only with disastrous consequences.
S04E06 Pack Up Your Troubles 06/02/1974 The girls have one week off and only £25. Sandra's parents have parted, her dad is in a bedsit - she needs a holiday somewhere. With Jamaica out of the question, they decide to go pony trekking across the Pennines, but first they need to sort out Sandra's parents. Arriving at Sandra's mothers though, they see a strange man arriving with some flowers!
S04E07 Have Hen Will Travel 13/02/1974 After sleeping in and being late for work yet again, Beryl's boss gets fed up and sacks her. For good measure, he also sacks Sandra. During the hunt for work, Sandra fancies the vacancy for 2 farm hands in Caerphilly, Wales. She doesn't mention in the application form that her and Beryl aren't men, so the farmer gets a bit of a shock. They bungle along, until they are asked to kill Henrietta the chicken for dinner!
S04E08 Love Is... 20/02/1974 Hard up for cash, Sandra gets a job in a local dog kennels. Beryl meanwhile has trouble at the laundrette, and becomes the main cleaner around the flat, constantly interrupting Sandra and Paul when they try to be all romantic, and ruining all Sandra's clothes. Beryl thinks she's a failure. A phone call to Robert though, freaks her out when a woman answers. Sandra then makes matters even worse when she declares that Paul has proposed. With everyone around her getting divorced though, how does she tell Paul that she actually doesn't want to marry him? Beryl then gets a ...
S04E09 Anyone For Freedom? 27/02/1974 Beryl is really happy, and has been singing the Wedding March ever since Robert proposed to her. The kitchen is a mess though, and Sandra would rather have her freedom. Robert is coming up from London, and has arranged to meet Beryl at the posh Apollo. Beryl asks Sandra for help in buying a ring, and a dress, she wants a 'solitaire with two stones'! While in the restaurant toilet getting changed into her posh dress though, a woman pinches all her things, clothes and all, leaving her in just her bra, panties and heels!
S04E10 Follow That Ring 06/03/1974 Beryl seems to be having trouble with her ring. First it gets attached to Robert while they are saying goodbye at the train station. Then the morning it arrives back in the post, she leaves it in Sandra's trifle dish and she swallows it. Both panicked, Sandra is rushed to hospital, with parents and Paul in tow.
S04E11 The Bride That Went Away 13/03/1974 Beryl has news from Robert that he has been made an Area Manager in Liverpool, so they can get married earlier. Not rushing things too much, they've arranged the date for 'a week tomorrow'! Beryl's mother though, needs to know lots of personal details of Robert when she finds out he's an agnostic! After having a big chat with Sandra, Beryl has a nightmare about the wedding, so runs off scared. All Paul can do to help though, is move his things into the flat in Beryl's place, much to Sandra's horror. Sandra and Paul try and search for her before having to meet Robert ...
S04E12 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 20/03/1974 Beryl is making her own wedding dress, but has to be careful as Robert is staying with her and Sandra for the week. They then get another visitor, as the lady from the kennels phones and asks Sandra if she'll look after Skip the dog for the weekend. Unfortunately he's a big lump, and just sleeps on the sofa - Robert's bed. There's more trouble when the girls' mothers discover that he's staying there!
S04E13 And Then There Was One 03/04/1974 Beryl and Sandra are both getting sad. It's Beryl's last day in the flat before her big wedding day. Sandra gives her a wedding present early, it's sexy pink underwear. Then a strange woman phones twice looking for Robert, and she won't say what it's in reference to. They track her down though, and she turns out to be pregnant. On the big day, some street urchins let the tires of the wedding cars down, and everyone has to go to the wedding partly on the bus, and then hitching a lift in a lorry.
S05E01 It Takes All Kinds 05/09/1975
S05E02 Look After The Children... 12/09/1975
S05E03 You've Got To Laugh 19/09/1975
S05E04 Love Is A Many Stupid Thing 26/09/1975
S05E05 Dinner For Three 03/10/1975
S05E06 The Lily And The Dandelion 10/10/1975
S05E07 Everybody Is Beautiful 17/10/1975
S06E01 Facing Up To Life 13/02/1976
S06E02 The Maypole 20/02/1976
S06E03 Honey 27/02/1976
S06E04 The Never-Ending End 05/03/1976
S06E05 Badgers And Otters 12/03/1976
S07E01 Friends And Lovers 17/10/1976
S07E02 She Dreams A Lot 24/10/1976
S07E03 A Mark On The World 31/10/1976
S07E04 Love 'Em -- And Almost Leave 'Em 07/11/1976
S07E05 Oh, The Shame Of It 14/11/1976
S07E06 Cry, Please 21/11/1976
S07E07 The Nearly Hat 28/11/1976
S07E08 Yellow And Green Make Blue 05/12/1976
S08E01 Something Beginning 23/09/1977
S08E02 The Flower Picker 30/09/1977
S08E03 You've No Idea What I've Been Through 07/10/1977
S08E04 God Bless Us And Save Us 14/10/1977
S08E05 They Decide Up There What Goes On Down Here 21/10/1977
S08E06 The Edge 28/10/1977
S08E07 The Struggle 04/11/1977
S09E01 There's No Place Like Away From Home 24/11/1978
S09E02 The Sixth Day 01/12/1978
S09E03 Various Kinds Of Old 08/12/1978
S09E04 Weeds 15/12/1978
S09E05 Somewhere To Live...Somewhere To Love 29/12/1978
S09E06 The Best Things In Life Are Not Free 05/01/1979
S10E01 Hello Again 06/05/1996
S10E02 Mrs. Boswell Comes To Call 13/05/1996
S10E03 Spare That Tree! 20/05/1996
S10E04 On The Town 27/05/1996
S10E05 Going Into Hospital 03/06/1996
S10E06 Out Of Hospital 17/06/1996
S10E07 Moving Out? 24/06/1996