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Jaime, Tiara, Tahiti and Presley – sisters of Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Bruno Mars - leave the sand and surf of Hawaii for the City of Angels to take the music industry by storm in WE tv’s newest docu-series, The LYLAS. Premiering Friday, November 8 at 9pm ET/PT, the sisters prepare to launch their music career, but are soon faced with personal and professional obstacles they didn’t see coming including the untimely death of their mother and major rifts with their management team. Proving that musicality and fame run in the family, this new hour-long series chronicles Bruno Mars’ four sisters as they follow their dreams of superstardom while striving to stay true to themselves and their Hawaiian roots. Tahiti, Tiara and Presley leave their hometown of Honolulu, HI to join sister Jaime in Los Angeles (LA) to officially give music a shot. But The LYLAS will soon be put to the test when these sisters find themselves not only on the same continent for the first time in years, but under the same roof. Though they love each other deeply, the sisters have never worked this closely, causing the mix of strong personalities, coupled with the pressure to succeed, to be explosive.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Lylas

S01E01 Aloha L.A. 08/11/2013 In the shadow of their famous brother, Bruno Mars, The Lylas move from Hawaii to Los Angeles to make a name for themselves.
S01E02 Bust Out or Bomb 15/11/2013 The Lylas argue with their manager over a failed meeting with a high profile music producer. Tahiti, Tiara & Presley settle into Jaime's house but feel smothered & secretly sign a lease on a home without Jaime.
S01E03 Life's a Pitch 22/11/2013 A surprise visit threatens to derail the sisters' first show. Tiara slams Tahiti for slacking. A famous vocal coach tells the sisters their singing is awful, while the rift with Ben continues to grow.
S01E04 Mall and Chain 29/11/2013 Nerves run high during The Lylas' first live show in Hawaii. But the jitters don't end as they land a second gig in L.A., only two days later. Ben and his ego cross the line and the girls have had enough.
S01E05 The Phone Call 06/12/2013 After a tragedy strikes, will the girls find the strength to go on?
S01E06 Headed Home 13/12/2013 Grieving over the sudden loss of their mother, The Lylas are unable to sing and struggle to keep their band intact. They decide to do something their mom was against in her honor.
S01E07 Voices in My Head 20/12/2013 The Lylas go into the studio with a new song written by their brother, Bruno. A former Pussycat doll teaches them choreography, but a fight over who will sing the lead pushes the group to its breaking point.
S01E08 The Game Changer 27/12/2013 The Lylas complete their newest song, Voices in My Head, but will it be good enough to meet Bruno's standards? Meanwhile, the band is in flux.

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