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A visual history of Milwaukee


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Making of Milwaukee

S01E01 Natives and Traders 26/11/2006 Chapter 1: Natives and Traders Native Americans, Fertile Land, Pristine Waters. French Explorers and Trader Soloman Juneau. Exile of the Potawatomi.
S01E02 New Frontiers 26/11/2006 Chapter 2: New Frontiers Lake Michigan brings Settlers. Agricultural Plenty. Milwaukee’s Three Founders Struggle for Supremacy. Milwaukee becomes a City, 1846.
S01E03 King Wheat 26/11/2006 Chapter 3: King Wheat Wheat Sows the Seeds of a Growing City. Railroads and Brash Byron Kilbourn.
S01E04 Here Come the Germans 26/11/2006 Chapter 4: Here Come the Germans Waves of German Immigrants. Beer, Brats, Gemutlichkeit. Milwaukee, “the German Athens of America”.
S01E05 Neighbors and Strangers 26/11/2006 Chapter 5: Neighbors and Strangers Milwaukee becomes a Melting Pot; Irish, English, African-Americans. Ethnic Tensions, Abolitionist Fervor, and a Tragic Shipwreck. The Civil War.
S01E06 City of Industries 26/11/2006 Chapter 6: City of Industries Tanneries, Breweries, Slaughterhouses. Steam Engines, Machine Shops, Iron Rails. Plankinton, Pfister, Pabst, Miller, Allis. Milwaukee Grows Economic Muscle.
S01E07 City of Immigrants 26/11/2006 Chapter 7: City of Immigrants Ethnic Europe Discovers Milwaukee. A Polish Fishing Village and Milwaukee’s Bascilica. Irish, Italians, Greeks, Jews & Eastern Europeans Spice the Ethnic Stew.
S01E08 Machine Shop of the World 26/11/2006 Chapter 8: Machine Shop of the World Milwaukee, the Manufacturing Powerhouse. Enterprising Inventors, Mechanics, and Machinists. Workers Seek the Eight Hour Day. Rioting and Bloodshed in 1886.
S01E09 Greater Milwaukee 26/11/2006 Chapter 9: Greater Milwaukee Architectural Adventures: Mansions, Theaters, Offices, a Million-Dollar City Hall in 1895. Suburbs Rise from South Milwaukee to Whitefish Bay. A “Big Small Town”.
S01E10 Trouble in Town 26/11/2006 Chapter 10: Trouble in Town Dirty Air and Water. Dirty Milwaukee Politics. Socialists and Labor Rise Up for Clean Government.
S01E11 Socialists at Work 26/11/2006 Chapter 11: Socialists at Work “Municipal Enterprise”. Honest Government and Civic Virtue. Creating Milwaukee’s Park System.

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