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En 1947, après avoir fait usage de la bombe H, l'Allemagne nazie et l'Empire du Japon ont remporté la Seconde Guerre mondiale et se sont partagé l'occupation des États-Unis : l'est est largement contrôlée par l'Allemagne alors que l'ouest est gouverné par le Japon. La partie centrale du continent est une zone neutre. En 1962, alors que le Führer Adolf Hitler est malade, les tensions politiques entre l'Allemagne et le Japon sont à leur paroxysme. Dans cette ambiance de guerre froide, un groupe de résistants tente de sécuriser les images d'un film secret, « The Grasshopper Lies Heavy », créé par le fameux « Maître du Haut Château ». Mais les polices japonaise et allemande sont sur leurs traces...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Man in the High Castle

S01E01 Pilot 15/01/2015 Joe Blake, a resistance fighter, leaves German New York with cargo for neutral Colorado. In Japanese San Francisco, Juliana Crane receives footage of the Allies winning the war and a bus ticket to Colorado from her sister. There, she meets Joe. Joe reveals a dark secret.
S01E02 Sunrise 24/10/2015 Frank's fate hangs in the balance as he is held captive by the Kempeitai. Juliana makes contact with a mysterious man who gives her a clue about the films. Obergruppenführer Smith is surprised by an unfortunate turn of events.
S01E03 TBA 20/11/2015 Joe and Juliana must act quickly as a vicious bounty hunter known as The Marshal arrives in Canon City. Tagomi makes plans with Wegener to pass valuable secrets from the Reich. Frank plots his revenge against the Japanese.
S01E04 Revelations 20/11/2015 Joe is increasingly torn between duty and his growing feelings for Juliana. While Ed tries to stop Frank from making an irrevocable decision, Smith's investigation is interrupted when he has trouble with his witness. Tagomi's plan goes awry as events take a dramatic turn at the Crown Prince's speech.
S01E05 The New Normal 20/11/2015 Juliana returns home, only to discover new clues that lead her closer to unraveling the mystery behind the films. Joe faces a tough debriefing upon his return home. Kido begins his investigation into the events surrounding the Crown Prince's speech. Tagomi and Wegener make a last-ditch attempt to complete their mission.
S01E06 Three Monkeys 20/11/2015 Joe celebrates VA day at Smith's house. Juliana accepts a job working for Tagomi as she continues her search for answers. Smith invites an old friend to join the celebrations, with surprising results.
S01E07 Truth 20/11/2015 Juliana makes a startling discovery about her sister's death. Frank reflects on recent events and makes an important decision about his future. Tagomi gains greater insight into Juliana's past.
S01E08 End of the World 20/11/2015 Juliana and Frank make plans to escape the Pacific States, only to be dragged back into danger by Joe as he tries to retrieve a new film. Smith's loyalty is put to the ultimate test when confronted with a startling family discovery.
S01E09 Kindness 20/11/2015 With time running out, a desperate Frank is forced to put his life on the line to help Joe. The pieces finally fall into place for Smith as he uncovers who was behind the assassination attempt. Tagomi is devastated when he's confronted with the consequences of his scheming. Kido's investigation takes a dramatic turn when he makes an important discovery.
S01E10 A Way Out 20/11/2015 As revelations abound, Juliana is forced to make the hardest decision of her life. Wegener returns to Germany to carry out his mission. Smith risks becoming the prey as he goes hunting with his assassin. Kido desperately tries to close his investigation before his time runs out.
S02E01 The Tiger's Cave 16/12/2016 When Julianna allows Joe to flee from the hands of the Resistance, she is questioned on her loyalty, Obergruppenführer John Smith returns with news on the event that almost led to his death and Trade Minister Tagomi is overwhelmed by the vision of life if the Nazis had failed to win World War 2.
S02E02 The Road Less Traveled 16/12/2016 After narrowly escaping death, Juliana discovers a family secret that could have global implications - and leads her to make a life-changing decision. Kido, Tagomi, and Frank all take dangerous risks, while back in New York, Joe settles into a normal routine, only to have it turned upside down when Smith gives him the opportunity he's waited for his whole life.
S02E03 Travelers 16/12/2016 Fighting to acclimatize to the strange new world of Nazi New York, Juliana seeks out the one person she thinks she can trust: Joe Blake. Angry and defiant after Juliana's departure, Frank is drawn to the Resistance movement and its charismatic leader. Joe confronts his own identity when he finally meets his father.
S02E04 Escalation 16/12/2016 Juliana discovers she's far from safe from the Resistance in the Reich. Smith confronts the reality of the lengths he's willing to go to in order to protect his son. And another father - Joe's - tries to persuade him to give Berlin a chance. Frank also has a decision to make: how far is he prepared to go to help the Resistance cause?
S02E05 Duck and Cover 16/12/2016 Joe learns a truth about his past that makes him question everything. The rift between Frank and Ed widens as Frank is drawn further into the Resistance. In order to assure her safety, Juliana must betray someone close to her.
S02E06 Kintsugi 16/12/2016 Nicole introduces Joe to an unexpected side of Berlin, that leads him down a new path. On her new mission, Juliana inserts herself into the Smith's inner circle. Tagomi is finally reunited with his family, only to be faced with the prospect of losing them again.
S02E07 Land O' Smiles 16/12/2016 As Juliana worms closer to the Smiths, she discovers a dangerous secret. Childan and Ed get themselves in a sticky situation as they try to settle the Yakuza debt. On a Resistance mission, Frank uncovers a Japanese plan that could realize his worst nightmare.
S02E08 Loose Lips 16/12/2016 Juliana gathers intel for the Resistance that could trigger WWIII. When the political situation in Berlin becomes unsafe, Joe must make a choice that could put his life in danger. Frank learns the truth about Juliana, leading him to question his newfound Resistance family.
S02E09 Detonation 16/12/2016 Tagomi faces a dilemma: to stay with his family or return to the world he left behind. Desperate to escape the Reich, Juliana strikes a final, dangerous deal with the Resistance. When Ed reveals a secret that puts the Resistance plan in jeopardy, Frank must decide how to deal with his best friend's betrayal.
S02E10 Fallout 16/12/2016 Tagomi enlists Kido in a deception to save Japan from destruction. As Smith's life crumbles around him, he makes a dangerously bold play to hold onto his power. Joe tries to do the right thing but suffers the ultimate betrayal. Juliana must make a heart-wrenching choice that will shape the future of the world.
S00E01 What If? 25/09/2015 What If America lost World War 2? Catch a glimpse of America in the Amazon Original Series The Man in the High Castle, premiering November 20th.
S00E02 What If? - Behind the Scenes 16/10/2015 Go inside the making of one of the most ambitious shows ever in the Amazon Original Series, 'The Man in the High Castle'. See how the cast and crew create a world that shows us what America would look like if it lost World War II.
S00E03 Inside the Castle: Ep. 1 - The Tigers Cave 15/12/2016 In this episode's behind-the-scenes look, Executive Producer Dan Percival discusses casting of the elusive, titular Man
S00E04 Inside the Castle: Ep. 2 - The Road Less Traveled 15/12/2016 In this episode's behind-the-scenes look, Executive Producer Dan Percival delves into the characters' search for the truth
S00E05 Inside the Castle: Ep. 3 - Travelers 15/12/2016 In this episode's behind-the-scenes look, Executive Producer Dan Percival discusses the theme of a new start as the characters embark on new journeys.
S00E06 Inside the Castle: Ep. 4 - Escalation 15/12/2016 In this episode's behind-the-scenes look, Executive Producer Dan Percival untangles the web of secrets and lies woven throughout.
S00E07 Inside the Castle: Ep. 5 - Duck and Cover 15/12/2016 Executive Producer Dan Percival discusses this episode as a major turning point of this season and gives historical context to Joe's story.
S00E08 Inside the Castle: Ep. 6 - Kintsugi 15/12/2016 In this episode's behind-the-scenes look, Executive Producer Dan Percival discusses the new wheels that have been put in motion.
S00E09 Inside the Castle: Ep. 7 - Land O' Smiles 15/12/2016 In this episode's behind-the-scenes look, Executive Producer Dan Percival explores the importance of family.
S00E10 Inside the Castle: Ep. 8 - Loose Lips 15/12/2016 In this episode's behind-the-scenes look, Executive Producer Dan Percival offers us a clue to decoding the show's time travel.
S00E11 Inside the Castle: Ep. 9 - Detonation 15/12/2016 In this episode's behind-the-scenes look, Executive Producer Dan Percival brings all the major storylines to a head.
S00E12 Inside the Castle: Ep. 10 - Fallout 15/12/2016 In the finale's behind-the-scenes look, Executive Producer Dan Percival discusses the thrilling climax where the characters' destinies are revealed to be intricately connected.
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