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The life and loves of a young dreamer as he progresses from high school to a stint in the army and then college. Stories related Dobie's continual thoughts about the future, his running battle with his father over the prospect of acquiring work, his relationship with his "good buddy", slacker Maynard G. Krebs, and his endless romantic heartaches.


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S01E01 Caper at the Bijou 29/09/1959 Dobie and Maynard conspire tp rig the raffle at the local movie theatre so that Dobie can win enough money to take Thalia to the prom.
S01E02 The Best Dressed Man 06/10/1959 Dobie completes with Milton Armitage to see who's wardrobe can most impress Thalia. Milton doesn't know that Dobie is getting his fancy clothes on loan from the local tailer[played by Mel Blanc].
S01E03 Love is a Science 13/10/1959 Thalia urges Dobie to become a doctor, but he meets Zelda Gilroy and learns about the scientific concept of propinquity, the psychological tendency for people to form relationships with those whom they encounter often.
S01E04 The Right Triangle 20/10/1959 Dobie's rarely seen older brother Davey[played by Darryl Hickman] convinces him to invent an affair with a married woman to impress a new girl in school,but then everyone starts believing that Dobie really is having an affair with his math teacher,[played by Jean Byron].
S01E05 Maynard's Farewell to the Troops 03/11/1959 Maynard gets drafted [In real life Bob Denver had just been drafted so they had to write him out of the series.] This espiode introduces Michael J. Pollard as Maynard's couisin Jerome Krebs. Bob Denver got rejected 4-f and was soon back with the show and Jerome was never seen again.
S01E06 The Sweet Singer of Central High 10/11/1959 After a throat operation, Dobie can sing better than Milton, thus attracting Thalia.[This is the only other show where Jerome Krebs appears.]
S01E07 Greater Love Hath No Man 17/11/1959 Dobie tries to earn $6 to take Thalia to the Junior Prom.
S01E08 The Old Goat 24/11/1959 Before the big football game, Dobie hatches a scheme for winning by stealing the opposing mascot-a goat.
S01E09 Dobie Gillis: Boy Actor 01/12/1959 Dobie is up against Milton to be leading man in a school play.
S01E10 It Takes Two 08/12/1959 Dobie falls for Poppy Herring and must try to convince her he has a loving father to prove he has good genes to pass on to their children.
S01E11 Dobie's Birthday Party 15/12/1959 Dobie thinks everyone has forgotten his birthday.
S01E12 Deck the Halls 22/12/1959 Mr. Gillis is driven crazy by all the Christian celebrations, and allmost spends the holidays in jail.
S01E13 Couchville, USA 29/12/1959 Herbert seeks free advice from a child psychiologist.
S01E14 The Gaucho 05/01/1960 Mr. and Mrs. Gillis take in a young, handsome border from South America.
S01E15 The Smoke-Filled Room 12/01/1960 Dobie runs against Milton for junior class president. Thalia is Dobie's campaign manager.
S01E16 The Fist Fighter 19/01/1960 Dobie becomes ""Top Fist"" by knocking out the legendary Moose. Milton tries to gaimn the tide[and Thaila's affections] by challenging Dobie
S01E17 The Hunger Strike 26/01/1960 Dobie goes on a hunger strike until Thalia agrees to be his. guest star: Marlo Thomas and [briefly] Ryan O'Neal.
S01E18 The Flying Millicans 02/02/1960 Dobie falls for trapeze Aphrodite Millican, played by Yvonne 'Batgirl' Craig.
S01E19 Room at the Bottom 09/02/1960 Thalia talks Dobie's parents into sending him to Willoughby prep school. He doesn't go,but there is a dream sequence where Mr. Gillis imagines Dobie with a rich roommate, played by Steven Franken,indicating that despite its production number and date,this episode must have preceded the introduction of the Chatsworth Osborne,Jr. character. Also features Jean Byron as Dobie's math teacher and little Ronnie Howard as her son.
S01E20 The Power of Positive Thinking 16/02/1960 In order to win Thaila from Chatsworth, Dobie reads a book on mental power so he can be the "dominating man" Thalia wants
S01E21 Dobie Spreads a Rumor 23/02/1960 Dobie and Maynard are puzzled when a rumour they spread about Zelda inheriting a fortune seems to become reality. Thie episode offers a rare glimpse of Zelda's family including her three sisters and her harried father.
S01E22 Love is a Fallacy 01/03/1960 Based on one of Shulman's best stories, Thalia tries to educate Dobie in logical thinking.
S01E23 The Chicken from Outer Space 08/03/1960 As a biology class project Maynard gives a chicken an overdose of growth hormones
S01E24 Rock-a-Bye Dobie 15/03/1960 Dobie and a girl friend take a baby-sitting job,but the Gillises suspect Dobie is secretly a father.
S01E25 Taken to the Cleaners 29/03/1960 Dobie,Maynard,and Thalia capture crooked dry-cleaner who had almost conned them before.[In this episode Thalia admits that, ""Even if my father had kidneys of stell, my mother was younger than springtime, my sister was married to a trillonaire and my brother was president of Harvard, i'd still want money!""]
S01E26 That's Show Biz 05/04/1960 Dobie and most of his friends reluctanly partcipate in a talent show
S01E27 The Prettiest Collateral in Town 12/04/1960 Dobie's dad wants him to romance a banker's daughter so he can get a loan.
S01E28 Live Alone and I Like It 19/04/1960 Dobie wants to prove he's grownup, so he moves away from home. He and Maynard share a small apartment.
S01E29 The Big Sandwich 26/04/1960 Thalia hatches a scheme for Dobie to sell sandwiches at the school picnic.
S01E30 Soup and Fish 03/05/1960 Dobie, Maynard, and Chatsworth must all share the same tuxedo to get in to a black-tie party at the Armitage mansion.
S01E31 Where There's a Will 10/05/1960 Herbert worries about what will happen to the store after he's gone
S01E32 Put Your Feet in Our Hands 17/05/1960 Dobie and Chatsworth complete for the attention of a girl whose father owns a shoe store. Both try to get jobs in the store.
S01E33 Competition is the Life of Trade 24/05/1960 Dobie's newest girlfriend's father happens to be opening a new grocery store. Mr. Gillis tries to spy under the name Fred C. Dobbs.
S01E34 The French, They Are a Funny Race 31/05/1960 Maynard falls for a French girl and shaves off his goatee.
S01E35 The Unregistered Nurse 07/06/1960 Dobie falls for an older nurse, and feigns a disease so he can be near her.The disease he feigns turns out to be highly contagious
S01E36 The Long Arm of the Law 14/06/1960 Dobie's new date's father turns out to be a cop with whom he had a disagreement about picking flowers in the park.
S01E37 Here Comes the Groom 21/06/1960 A discouraged Dobie finally gives up on finding his dream girl and agrees to marry Zelda.
S01E38 A Taste of Lobster 28/06/1960 Dobie finds a girl who doesn't care about money, until her younger sister starts going on finance dates with a richer boy.
S01E39 Dobie's Navy Blues 13/09/1959 Dobie lies about joining the navy to impress a girl's sea-mined father
S02E01 Who Needs Elvis? 20/09/1960 Dwayne Hickman had recorded an album of weak teenage pop songs during the off-season
S02E02 You Ain't Nothin' But a Houn' Dog 04/10/1960 Maynard enters Dobie's old school essay "My Dog" in a newpaper Father's Day contest,but changes it to "My Dad". Dobie unexpectedly wins the newpapers contest-and becomes closer to his father as a result.
S02E03 Baby Talk 18/10/1960 Maynard finds an abandoned baby in the park.
S02E04 Dobie Goes Beatnik 25/10/1960 Thelonius Monk comes to town and invites Maynard to sit in on bongos! But Herbert needa a favor which will require Dobie and Maynard to switch identities.
S02E05 The Mystic Powers of Maynard G. Krebs 01/11/1960 Maynard has temporary ESP, which will allow hiw to prodict the winner of the Kennedy-Nixon pressidential election
S02E06 The Face That Stopped the Clock 15/11/1960 Maynard takes a job selling clock-statues at an army surplus store.
S02E07 Maynard G. Krebs: Boy Millionaire 22/11/1960 Maynard finds a purse full of cash.
S02E08 Around My Room in 80 Days 29/11/1960 A rare glimpse of Maynard's home life. Most of this episode has to do with Dobie and Maynard helping a classmate not to drop out of school.
S02E09 Drag Strip Dobie 06/12/1960 Zelda helps Dobie build a hot rod so that he can impress a girl by beating Chatsworth in a car race. This may be the episode where Dobie drives a Sunbeam Alpine or that episode might be "It Takes Two".
S02E10 Jangle Bells 20/12/1960 Dobie choses going to a huge Christmas party with Chatsworth rather than a small one with Maynard, and feels guilty enough to have a Scrooge-like dream.
S02E11 Parlez-Vous English 27/12/1960 This episode is based on one of the stories from "I Was A Teenagers Dwarf", Max Shulman's second Dobie book. Dobie meets a pretty fatalistiically morose French girl who savors the negative things in life. She thinks Dobie is an oaf, and Dobie hates her bleak attitude "like poison" but she keeps coming around and Dobie can't understand why.
S02E12 The Day The Teachers Disappeared 03/01/1961 All the teachers come down with the flu and parents have to take over the classes.
S02E13 What's My Lion? 10/01/1961 A lion escapes from a zoo and becomes attached to Maynard.
S02E14 The Big Question 24/01/1961 In order to graduate, Dobie and Maynard must write an essay on the subject "Whither Are We Drifting?"
S02E15 Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife? 31/01/1961 Dobie tries to get his father to spend more time with Mrs. Gillis.
S02E16 The Bitter Feud of Dobie and Maynard 07/02/1961 Maynard is convinced that he is dragging Dobie down in life so he tries to antagonize Dobie into ending their friendship.
S02E17 Zelda, Get Off My Back 14/02/1961 Zelda decides she's tired of being rejected by Dobie and turns her attentions to Chatsworth.
S02E18 I Was a High School Scrooge 28/02/1961 Dobie, Maynard and Zelda think an old Central High star athlete is a bum, while he is actualy a big exective.
S02E19 Will Success Spoil Dobie's Mother? 28/02/1961 Winnie wins a date with Hollywood starlet Merilee Maribou and gives the prize to Dobie.
S02E20 The Second Childhood of Herbert T. Gillis 07/03/1961 It's Dobie's graduation, and Herbert, feeling embrassed that he never graduated, goes to night school to earn his diploma.
S02E21 Dobie Versus the Machine 14/03/1961 Dobie and Maynard, out of high school, don't know what to do with themselves and seek professional help. In the end they decide to enlist in the army.
S02E22 Baby Shoes 21/03/1961 The first of a dismal series of episode featuring Dobie and Maynard in the military. A very bad idea that was finally ababdoned near the end of this second season.
S02E23 I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Solider, Salior, or Marine 28/03/1961 Maynard misses the bus on his first day in the Army, but Chatsworth fills him in for him. After they switch back, Maynard finds that thanks to Chatsworth, he has become eligible for Officer Candidate School.
S02E24 The Chicken Corporal 04/04/1961 Being put in charge of his squad's barracks goes to Dobie's head and his friendship with Maynard suffers, along with the opportunity for a double date.
S02E25 The Solid Gold Dog Tag 11/04/1961 Despite opposition from his mother, Chatsworth decides to join Dobie and Maynard in the Army.
S02E26 The Battle of Maynard's Beard 18/04/1961 The Army orders Maynard to shave off his beard.
S02E27 Spaceville 25/04/1961 Maynard and a chimp get launched into space.
S02E28 Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Wow 02/05/1961 Dobie's mother becomes jealous when she learns that the attractive widowed mother of Dobie's latest girlfriend [played by Yonne Craig] is an old flame of Mr. Gillis.
S02E29 Dobie Plays Cupid 09/05/1961 Dobie tries to improve Maynard's confidence with girls.
S02E30 Like Father, Like Son, Like Trouble 16/05/1961 Dobie gets cast in the army play and while in costune, leads a girl to believe he is an army offical. The problem she is the daughter of a real army officer.
S02E31 Be it Ever So Humble 23/05/1961 Dobie and Maynard get weekend passes, but Zelda has been telling all the girls back home that she and Dobie are engaged. Features a nice turn by Jennifer West as Zelda's pre-teen sister Jenny.
S02E32 Aah, Yer Fadder Wears Army Shoes 30/05/1961 Dobie exaggerates his dad's war record to impress a girl from a long military family.
S02E33 Everything But the Truth 06/06/1961 Zelda invents a secret engagement to try and impress some sorority girls.
S02E34 Goodbye Mister Pomfritt, Hello Mr. Chips 13/06/1961 Dobie and Maynard, though still in the military, organize a tribute to Mr. Pomfritt, hoping to convince him not to leave Central High.
S02E35 Take Me to Your Leader 20/06/1961 Dobie, Maynard,and Zelda discuss alien possession, and thus believe that the store's next patron, a beautifull blonde, is secretly an alien.
S02E36 This Ain't The Way We Used To Do It 27/06/1961 Offended by what he sees a laxity in today's army, ex-sergeant Herbert Gillis puts his son's squad through some rugged training exercises before they graduate.
S03E01 Ruptured Duck 10/10/1961 Dobie and Maynard get their honorable discharges from the army and decides to go to college.
S03E02 Dobie,Dobie, Who's Got Dobie? 17/10/1961 Zelda competes with a beautifull college girl for Dobie's affections.
S03E03 Move Over, Perry Mason 24/10/1961 Maynard sues after getting his hand struck in the store's gumball machine. Was the machine defective or is Maynard an "accident prune"?
S03E04 The Fast White Mouse 31/10/1961 Dobie and Zelda worry they are genetically inferior and thus doomed to failure like the loser rat in their biology class experiments.
S03E05 The Gigolo 07/11/1961 Maynard becomes the most sought-after date because no girl's boyfriend would be jealous of him. Maynard lets this go to his head and Dobie tries to snap him back to his old, simple self
S03E06 Dig, Dig, Dig 14/11/1961 Dobie wants to study Egyptology, but Mr. Gillis thinks Dobie only has a crush on the teacher, played by Jean Byron, making her first appearance as Dr. Burkhart.
S03E07 Eat , Drink, and Be Merry ..For Tomorrow: Ker-boom 21/11/1961 Maynard predicts the end of the world.
S03E08 The Richest Squirrel in Town 28/11/1961 A larcenous rodent is stealing from Mr. Pomfritt's desk, but Maynard and Dobie get blamed.
S03E09 The Second Most Beautiful Girl in the World 05/12/1961 Dobie finds he has to share hie new date, a tender-hearted girl, with another boy on each date he takes her on.[Based loosely on one of Max Shulman's original short story from the first book.]
S03E10 This Town Ain't Big Enough for Me and Robert Browning 12/12/1961 Dobie decides to follow the advice in one of Browning's poems.[A man's reach should exceed his grasp.] This not only costs him his new girl, but almost Zelda as well.
S03E11 Have Reindeer, Will Travel 19/12/1961 Maynard gives the class's Christmas funds to a poor Mexican family.
S03E12 Crazylegs Gillis 26/12/1961 Dobie and girlfriend [played by Michelle Lee] have to babysit for a college football player's kids and ends up having to fill in for him during the game.
S03E13 Blue Tail Fly 02/01/1962 Dobie runs against Chatsworth for student council. Campaign manager Zelda wants to have Dobie sing like Chatsworth and his hired folk-singers, but Dobie wants to run on the issuse alone.
S03E14 I Do Not Choose to Run 09/01/1962 Herbert is running for mayor and Dobie falls in love with his opponent's daughter.
S03E15 Happiness Can't Buy Money 16/01/1962 Chatsworth wants Mr. Gillis to teach him to be more responisble.
S03E16 Magnificent Failure 23/01/1962 Mr. Gillis decides to sell the store.
S03E17 For Whom the Wedding Bells Tolls 30/01/1962 Doibie and Maynard stow away on a boat headed for South America. Dobie wants to get away from Zelda, but she follows them.
S03E18 Girls Will Be Boys 13/02/1962 Maynard goes out with a female version of himself. Dobie thinks she should act more feminine. When she realizes it's fun to be feminine, Maynard gets scared away.
S03E19 Marriage Counselor 20/02/1962 When Dobie's psychology class teaches him about the many benefits of marriage, he decides it's time to marry Zelda. But at Maynard's suggestion, she decides that Dobie must first show her a sign of passionate love, such as a serenade.
S03E20 The Big Blunder and Egg Man 27/02/1962 To impress a girl, Dobie invests more than he should in his economics class project. He buys stock in an egg company and ends up with a room full of eggs. Cheryl Holdridge gueast stars as Daphne Winsett. [Dwayne Hickman began dating Holdridge after this episode.]
S03E21 The Frat's In the Fire 06/03/1962 When Dobie wants to join an exclusive fraternity, Mr. Gillis bribes members to accept him.
S03E22 Like, Oh Brother 13/03/1962 Dobie and Maynard help Dr. Burkhart[Jean Byron] establish a center for disadvantaged kids. Maynard wins over the little delinquents by talking to them on their own level.
S03E23 Birth of a Salesman 20/03/1962 Dobie tries to convince Maynard that he is not going to fall for any more money-mad girls, but then successful college dropout Thalia Menninger shows up on campus and asks Dobie and Mr. Pomfritt to come work for her as salesmen.
S03E24 Names My Mother Called Me 27/03/1962 When his latest girlfriend tells him to change his silly name, Dobie learns that he is named after a Noble Prize winner.
S03E25 Dobie Gillis: Wanted Dead or Alive 03/04/1962 In order to get good enough grades to follow his latest heartthrob to Harvard, Dobie must cheat on an exam to pass his poetry class.
S03E26 The Truth Session 10/04/1962 Maynard decides to always speak the truth, upsetting all his friends in the process.
S03E27 I Remember Mau Mau 17/04/1962 Because Dwayne Hickman was sick, Dobie is only in the monologue. Maynard writes an article for the school newspaper about a primitive dance demonstration in his anthropology class, but takes his cue from tabloid writing and makes it sound like an orgy.
S03E28 Sweet Success of Smell 24/04/1962 When their biology professor discovers that Maynard can track missing objects by their smell, Maynard becomes a Private Nose. Kristen Nelson, Ricky's wife, guest stars.
S03E29 When Other Friendships Have Been Forgot 01/05/1962 Maynard moves away and Dobie misses him greatly.
S03E30 I Was a Boy Sorority Girl 08/05/1962 Dobie and Maynard take jobs as waiters at a sorority house party.
S03E31 It Takes A Heap o'Livin' to Make a Cave a Home 15/05/1962 Maynard discovers a prehistoric throwback living in a cave and decides to move in with him
S03E32 Back-to-Nature Boy 22/05/1962 Chatsworth's cousin Edwina is tired of society life. She wants Maynard to show her how to live the simple life.
S03E33 How To Cheat an Honest Man 29/05/1962 When Dobie tries to impress a girl who expects complete honesty; he, his dad, and Maynard get arrested for trying to reverse a "fixed" parking ticket.
S03E34 Bachelor,Father, and Son 05/06/1962 Winnie goes to visit her sister in Cleveland, leaving Herbert and Dobie to enjoy the bliss of bachelorhood for a week on their own.
S03E35 Like Low Noon 12/06/1962 Bully Butch Baumgartner, Dobie's old nemesis and now the army's heavyweight boxing champ, is coming home on the noon bus. The word is that he is coming back to knock Dobie's brains out. But he is so impressed by Dobie's courage in actually standing up to him that he ends up befriending Dobie.
S03E36 An American Strategy 19/06/1962 Dobie gets a job at a lumber company and dates the boss' daughter, although he already has a girlfriend.
S04E01 A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the way to a Funny Thing 26/09/1962 Maynard saves a suicidal jumper but falls from the ledge himself and is taken to a psycho ward. Dobie is hardly in this episode at all as Hickman was sick.
S04E02 What's a Little Murder Between Friends 03/10/1962 Dobie names Thaila as his beneficiary on a life insurance policy, then becomes paranoid that she and Maynard are trying to kill him.
S04E03 Northern Comfort 10/10/1962 Mrs. Gillis's cousin Virgil visits, and gets the Gillises to supply him with all he needs for a singing engagement.
S04E04 The Ugliest American 17/10/1962 On a class trip to an African jungle, Dobie is captured by a tribe of cannibals-who, it turns out, have made Maynard their chief.
S04E05 A Splinter Off the Old Block 24/10/1962 Dobie's teenage cousin Duncan moves in with the Gillises, and tells Dobie's girlfriend that Dobie needs help for a drinking problem.
S04E06 What Makes the Varsity Drag? 31/10/1962 Dobie joins the football squad to impress a girl, but only succeeds in making her big bruiser boyfriend jealous.
S04E07 Like Hi, Exlosives 07/11/1962 Dobie's cousin Dunky and Maynard don't realize they're accidentally loaded up the Gillis Grocery delivery truck with a case of nitroglycerin.
S04E08 Where is Thy Sting 14/11/1962 Dobie pretends to be terminaly ill to gain a girl's sympathy. However, due to a mixup, Dobie is led to believe he's really in poor health.
S04E09 Flow Gently, Sweet Money 21/11/1962 An older woman [played by Yvonne Craig] teaches Dunky how to be rotten to succeed in the world so he'll be able to provide for her younger sister. But meanwhile the younger sister is falling for nice, honest Dobie.
S04E10 Strictly for the Birds 28/11/1962 Dobie and Maynard train a mynah bird to help them with their history exam.
S04E11 The Iceman Goeth 05/12/1962 Maynard and Duncan accidentally lock Mr. Gillis in the meat freezer, and think they've killed him.
S04E12 Doctor Jekyll and Mister Gillis 12/12/1962 To avoid failing an upcoming test that will cause him to flunk out of school, Maynard drinks a potion that is supposed to turn him into a genius, but ends up transforming him into a monster.
S04E13 Will the Real Santa Claus Please Come Down the Chimney 19/12/1962 To cure Maynard of his childish belief in Santa Claus, Mr. Gillis climbs down the chimney on Christmas Eve - but gets stuck.
S04E14 Who Did William Tell? 02/01/1963 Cousin Dunky gets a role in a visiting production of William Tell and falls for a young opera star, unaware she has a jealous boyfriend.
S04E15 Too Many Kooks Spoil the Broth 09/01/1963 Dobie falls for a kitchenware heiress and wants to impress her by selling one of the man's Quickie-Cookers, but gets competition from his visiting southern cousin, Virgil.
S04E16 Vocal Boy Makes Good 16/01/1963 Performing at Pryor College, the Lettermen hire Dobie as an emergency replacement singer.
S04E17 All Right, Dobie, Drop the Gun 23/01/1963 A fugitive criminal and his girlfriend hold up the Gillies in the store. Maynard arrives and complicates the situation.
S04E18 And Now a Word From Our Sponsor 30/01/1963 Dobie is the new DJ on the college radio station. A mobster tries to give him payola to make his country-singer girlfriend a star. But meanwhile Zelda has singing aspirations of her own with an album called "How To Drive Men Wild", produced by Maynard. Zelda's not half-bad as a singer. We also get a rare glimpse of Maynard playing guitar and singing.
S04E19 Two For the Whipsaw 06/02/1963 Chatsworth pays Dobie to take his place at a fancy dinner with old friends of the family, whose daughter he remembers as being particularly ugly.
S04E20 The Moon and No Pence 13/02/1963 Dobie falls for brainy Russian ballerina and solicits Zelda's aid to improve his grades. When that fails, he ends up dancing outside her window.
S04E21 The Beast With Twenty Fingers 20/02/1963 Maynard and Herbert get struck in one of those finger toys just as Mr. Gillis is about to leave for a grocer's convention. This weak premise was typical of the show's decline for lack of enough Shulman scripts.
S04E22 Thanks For the Memory 27/02/1963 When a foreign student likes Dobie because he is simple-minded, Zelda decides to teach him how to improve his memory. Meanwhile, Maynard is attracted to her elephant.
S04E23 Three Million Coins in the Fountain 06/03/1963 When Chatsworth's family goes broke, he gets Maynard and Dunky to help him raise money claiming it is charity for a needy family.
S04E24 Beethoven, Presley, and Me 13/03/1963 The song-analyzing qualities of a computer are transfered to Maynard, and cousin Virgil uses his ability to predict hit songs to become a singing star.
S04E25 The Little Chimp That Couldn't 20/03/1963 A test chimpanzee is doomed unless Maynard can show that he is more talented than he seems.
S04E26 There's Always Room for one Less 27/03/1963 Thrown out by his mother, Chatsworth moves in with the Gillises for a while. But what are the motives for the Gillis's generosity?
S04E27 The General Cried at Dawn 03/04/1963 Maynard doubles for a Latin American general while on vacation.
S04E28 Now I Lay Me Down to Steal 10/04/1963 Staying overnight at the Osbourne mansion with Dobie and his new girlfriend, Maynard is suspected of stealing jewelry from their safe when he is found sleepwalking.
S04E29 Lassie, Get Lost 17/04/1963 A teenage celebrity's dog is lost and Dobie tries to find it.
S04E30 The Rice and Old Shoes Caper 24/04/1963 Zelda is tired of being rejected by Dobie, while Maynard realizes that no other woman would put up with him. Maynard agrees to marry Zelda but her plan is to induce Dobie to come to Maynard's rescue and take his place.
S04E31 Requiem for an Underweight Heavyweight 01/05/1963 Maynard temporarily gains super-strength. Mr.Gillis becomes his prizefighting manager.
S04E32 I Was a Spy for the F.O.B. 08/05/1963 Maynard and the Gillises go to Washington D.C. and Maynard gets mistaken for a rocket scientist and sought by foreign spies for his secret fuel formula.
S04E33 Therer's a Broken Light for Every Broken Heart on Broadway 15/05/1963 Maynard guides a fellow student to become a singing sensation, then ponders if he should step aside when a big-time agent wants to take her on. (The plot was farfetched, but it did have a touching story.)
S04E34 Beauty Is Only Kin Deep 22/05/1963 Dobie falls in love with a girl at school, but family tradition prevents her from marrying until a match can be found for her older sister.
S04E35 The Call of the, Like, Wild 29/05/1963 A chemical concoction makes Maynard, like, irresistible to women.
S04E36 The Devil and Dobie Gillis 05/06/1963 Desperate for date money, Dobie figuratively sells his soul to Chatsworth (in a dream sequence) and agrees to fix the outcome of a $5000 charity raffle.
S00E01 The Caper at the Bijou (Unaired Pilot) 00/00/0000 This pilot episode was trimmed down and run as the first episode of season 1.
S00E02 Interview with Dwayne Hickman 00/00/0000 A new interview with Hickman--still looking youthful and a touch mischievous
S00E03 Coke Time Special 00/00/0000
S00E04 Color Dobie Skit 00/00/0000