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    # The Messengers sets out to find America’s next great inspirational speaker. From four casting calls in Dallas, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, six hundred and fifty people will be narrowed down to the top 20 speakers. The final pool will be narrowed down to 10 contestants. In each episode the final 10 contestants will be pushed outside of their comfort zone as they go on field trips to such places as the county morgue or a night out on the streets of L.A. without food or shelter. They must draw on these experiences to craft a 3-minute inspirational presentation. The winner ofThe Messengers will be awarded a book publishing deal and the chance to host their own television show.


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S01E01 Charity 23/07/2006
S01E02 Struggle 30/07/2006
S01E03 Perseverance 06/08/2006
S01E04 Hope 13/08/2006
S01E05 Eulogy for John or Jane Doe 20/08/2006
S01E06 Love 27/08/2006

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