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Martin Hurdle est un agent d'entretien en apparence des plus banales. Mais en réalité, il dissimule un talent exceptionnel : il a l'étrange capacité de reproduire les voix des autres. Jusqu'à présent, ses imitations de célébrités et de collègues se sont avérées sans intérêt. Cependant, lorsqu'il apprend, par une ancienne petite amie, qu'il est le père d'un garçon de 19 ans et que leur première rencontre approche, Martin réalise qu'il doit entrer dans l'âge adulte, et peut être trouver un moyen d'utiliser son don afin de faire face à ses nouvelles responsabilités...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Mimic

S01E01 Episode 1 13/03/2013 It's a typical midweek morning in gridlocked traffic and on the radio Terry Wogan announces that 'it's on mornings like this that I wish I was back in Phuket bouncing a lady boy on each knee!'. But this isn't the voice of Terry Wogan - it's the voice of Martin on his way to a dead-end job at a pharmaceutical company that he's managed to drag out for over seven years. But his life takes a dramatic turn when he finds out that he could be the father of 18-year-old Steven, the son of former lover Dionne Martin and Steven arrange to meet, and Martin is determined to make a good first impression. His best friend Jean thinks that his mimicry will impress Steven, but Martin is not convinced and instead decides to ask for a promotion at work. When a conversation about his career prospects doesn't go to plan, Martin decides to seek revenge by imitating his HR Manager over the company Tannoy. Finally, Martin and Steven pay an awkward visit to the DNA clinic to find out the truth. Unfortunately this only leaves Martin feeling more concerned about his worth as a father. Is he Steven's dad? And if he is, how can he avoid being such a disappointment?
S01E02 Episode 2 20/03/2013 Martin is feeling lonely and timid, but absorbed by his impersonations of Christopher Walken he convinces a gorgeous American swimsuit model to send him naked pictures. Having quit work for a total of three days, Martin returns to find his younger co-worker Chelsea, played by Amy Metcalf is now in charge. Feeling restless and unhappy he calls his former lover Dionne for an explanation as to why she's kept his now 18-year-old son Steven a secret. His mate Neil is preoccupied with online dating, so Martin heads for the refuge of his favourite Irish pub unaware that Steven is searching for him.
S01E03 Episode 3 27/03/2013 Jean accidentally leaves the bath water running for six hours and floods Martin's basement. He's hoping the computer repair shop can salvage his laptop hard drive, but Martin ends up having a brush with the police over an innocent naked baby picture. Martin decides it time to take his newly-discovered son Steven on a trip to the zoo in an attempt to make up for lost time. And once there, Martin surprises one visitor by slipping into the guise of wildlife legend David Attenborough.
S01E04 Episode 4 03/04/2013 After a blissful few weeks, Jean's love life comes to a halt. Stephen's management of Martin's new career as a voice-over artist is in full swing and he's secured him another job recording some sat nav voices. When he finds himself at a loose end during recording, Martin starts to kill time with an ad lib multi-character conversation. Little does Martin know he's being filmed on the studio security camera and the subsequent footage is about to change his life...
S01E05 Episode 5 10/04/2013 As the day of Martin's first TV appearance draws closer, Jean decides he needs a makeover in preparation. However, it doesn't exactly go to plan and when Martin finds that he has lost his voice, Neil escorts him to his dad's doctor for a cure. As Martin's nerves build to an all-time high, will the tension be too much for him?