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They were three hipper-than-hip undercover cops with a touch of menace and plenty of attitude. They walked the walk and talked the talk--and an entire generation stepped into line. Julie, Linc and Pete--Peggy Lipton, Clarence Williams III and Michael Cole, respectively--changed the television landscape. Now, take a journey back to the turbulent '60s and relive the phenomenon known as The Mod Squad, a bold TV series that redefined fashion, from hairstyles to language. "Solid." One Black, One White, One Blonde.................. The early cop show format, as defined by shows like Dragnet, was certainly entertaining, but let's face it¦sometimes those flatfoots could be a bit square. The cops doled out justice, but they didn't have a lot of fun doing it. It seemed that the description of TV cops might never include the word "cool," until (whew!) The Mod Squad showed up to save the day.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Mod Squad

S01E01 The Teeth of the Barracuda 24/09/1968 The daughter of a California governorial candidate is caught with drugs and is blackmailed.
S01E02 Bad Man on Campus 01/10/1968 Pete, Linc and Julie work undercover in a high school to break up a juvenile car theft ring.
S01E03 My, What a Pretty Bus 08/10/1968
S01E04 When Smitty Comes Marching Home 22/10/1968 A Vietnam veteran awakens on the beach beside the body of his Army nemesis. Linc helps his old friend figure things out.
S01E05 You Can't Tell the Players Without a Programmer 29/10/1968 A computer dating agency sets up to find very wealthy women and send out a young stud to rip them off.
S01E06 A Time to Love -- A Time to Cry 12/11/1968 After an LSD trip, photographer Robbie Larson wakes up beside the dead body of one of his models.
S01E07 Find Tara Chapman! 19/11/1968 Unaware she has contagious meningitis, a singer who witnessed a mob murder flees the hospital.
S01E08 The Price of Terror 26/11/1968 The squad searches for the assailant behind the attempts on Greer's life, leading to the kidnapping of Julie in exchange for Greer.
S01E09 A Quiet Weekend in the Country 03/12/1968 An ex-convict tells Greer that drug pushers will be meeting at a rural trailer camp.
S01E10 Love 10/12/1968 Pete's cousin Karen turns to kidnapping to gain her parents attention after they are distracted by the new baby.
S01E11 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starlet 17/12/1968 This episode is one of the creepiest Mod Squad shows! The trio is planted in an acting community to find out who is killing the young starlet wannabes. Julie is staying at the same small apartment house where all the starlets are. Mrs. Petree who runs the place, and her very creepy son Norman (ugh very very disturbing portrayal). Norman has a habit of walking into the starlets rooms and sniffing their stockings and other unmentionables! The TV Host who is a perv and cant keep his clammy paws off of the starlets, and the abusive actor wannabe Timmy who thinks he is a Brando/Dean all are suspect, but dont count out the other characters.
S01E12 The Guru 31/12/1968 Posing as hippies the trio investigate the bombing of an underground paper, resulting in murder.
S01E13 The Sunday Drivers 07/01/1969 Linc is convinced that the death of his friend, Tommy Salido, a stunt-driver was not accidental. The trio investigates and uncover a drug smuggling operation.
S01E14 Hello Mother, My Name Is Julie 14/01/1969
S01E15 Flight Five Doesn't Answer 21/01/1969 Mob assassins force a plane to crash, stranding Greer, Linc, and Pete and a government witness in the desert. All in search of five million dollars of missing mob money.
S01E16 Shell Game 29/01/1969
S01E17 Fear Is the Bucking Horse 04/02/1969 Far West Acres is Western Rodeo where the squad is sent to protect former TV Cowboy star Billy Kilgore from a series of bizarre attacks against his life.
S01E18 A Hint of Darkness, A Hint of Light 11/02/1969 Blind author Jenny Wills is viciously attacked on the beach by an unknown assailant, who makes repeated attempts on her life. Unbeknowst to her, he thinks she saw him commit a crime.
S01E19 The Uptight Town 18/02/1969 A racist town tries to pin a murder on a black man who had nothing to do with it.
S01E20 A Reign of Guns 25/02/1969
S01E21 A Run for the Money 11/03/1969 Pete falls for Ginny, who believes her jailed father is innocent of robbery.
S01E22 Child of Sorrow, Child of Light 18/03/1969 Julie poses as an unwed mother to infiltrate an extortion racket that blackmails parents of adopted babies.
S01E23 Keep the Faith, Baby 25/03/1969 A murderer stalks the suspended priest who heard his confession.
S01E24 Captain Greer, Call Surgery 01/04/1969 Greer thinks a series of hospital drug robberies are inside jobs. The trio poses as hospital staff to solve this case.
S01E25 Peace Now -- Arly Blau 08/04/1969 Linc and Pete go undercover as prison inmates to protect the life of a convicted draft dodger, whose father is a General in the Vietnam War.
S01E26 A Seat by the Window 15/04/1969 The trio splits up onto three tour buses to find the killer of a man found at a bus station.
S02E01 The Girl in Chair Nine 23/09/1969 A clairvoyant's prediction about a missing college student leads to an illegal abortion ring.
S02E02 My Name Is Manolette 30/09/1969 Thieves send a little boy to do the stealing and reap the rewards. Manolette runs away and the trio help him find a new home.
S02E03 An Eye for an Eye 07/10/1969 A narcotics gang kidnaps Greer's girlfriend, widow of an FBI agent. In trade they want squealer Crowley who is testifying against them.
S02E04 Ride the Man Down 14/10/1969 Pete tries to help a young woman and winds up the chief suspect in a murder. The team sets out to clear Pete of an obvious frame-up.
S02E05 To Linc -- with Love 21/10/1969 Linc's new love is evasive and secretive about her past which places a strain on their budding relationship.
S02E06 Lisa 04/11/1969 The squad is unaware that the writer they are assigned to protect, has a split personality.
S02E07 Confrontation! 11/11/1969
S02E08 Willie Poor Boy 18/11/1969 An illerate small time crook gets caught when he can't read the sign warning of danger. The squad rallies to help him if he cooperates with the law and snitches on his partner, who is responsible for the death of the security guard.
S02E09 The Death of Bill Hannachek 25/11/1969 Julie poses as a singer at a Country Western bar to find out the real reason behind Wild Bill Hannachek's death.
S02E10 A Place to Run, A Heart to Hide In 02/12/1969
S02E11 The Healer 09/12/1969
S02E12 In This Corner -- Sol Albert 16/12/1969 Tenants revolt against a racist slum lord and threaten the wrong person. Trio confronts the slum lord to no avail, until interventions from the Rabbi Tannenbaum convince him otherwise.
S02E13 Never Give the Fuzz an Even Break 23/12/1969 Con artist Admiral Nathaniel Johnson takes on the trio and teaches them the art of the con. They comply and become enamored of the Admirals ways and realize too late they are being conned themselves.
S02E14 The Debt 30/12/1969
S02E15 Sweet Child of Terror 06/01/1970 Disturbed handyman kidnaps the daughter of his employer, believes that Julie is the daughter. Ends in a showdown.
S02E16 The King of Empty Cups 20/01/1970
S02E17 A Town Called Sincere 27/01/1970
S02E18 The Exile 03/02/1970
S02E19 Survival House 10/02/1970
S02E20 Mother of Sorrow 17/02/1970
S02E21 The Deadly Sin 24/02/1970
S02E22 A Time for Remembering 03/03/1970 Beau Graves is released from prison after the trio put him there two years ago. Pete is trying to decide whether or not to quit the trio and work for his dad. Flashbacks to previous episodes after Linc is shot make it clear to everyone the importance of their ""family"".
S02E23 Return to Darkness, Return to Light 17/03/1970
S02E24 Call Back Yesterday 24/03/1970
S02E25 Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot! 31/03/1970
S02E26 The Loser 07/04/1970
S03E01 Long Road Home 22/09/1970
S03E02 See the Eagles Dying 29/09/1970
S03E03 Who Are the Keepers, Who Are the Inmates? 06/10/1970
S03E04 'A' Is for Annie 13/10/1970
S03E05 The Song of Willie 20/10/1970
S03E06 Search And Destroy 27/10/1970
S03E07 Just Ring the Bell Once 03/11/1970
S03E08 Welcome to the Human Race, Levi Frazee! 10/11/1970
S03E09 A Far Away Place So Near 17/11/1970
S03E10 A Time of Hyacinths 01/12/1970
S03E11 The Judas Trap 08/12/1970
S03E12 Fever 15/12/1970
S03E13 Is There Anyone Left Is Santa Paula? 29/12/1970
S03E14 A Short Course in War 05/01/1971
S03E15 Kicks Incorporated 12/01/1971
S03E16 A Bummer for R.J. 19/01/1971
S03E17 The Hot, Hot Car 26/01/1971
S03E18 Suffer, Little Children 09/02/1971
S03E19 Is That Justice? No, It's Law 16/02/1971
S03E20 A Double for Danger 23/02/1971
S03E21 Welcome to Our City 02/03/1971
S03E22 The Comeback 09/03/1971
S03E23 We Spy 16/03/1971
S03E24 The Price of Love 23/03/1971
S04E01 The Sentinels 14/09/1971
S04E02 Cricket 21/09/1971
S04E03 Home Is the Streets 28/09/1971
S04E04 Survival 05/10/1971
S04E05 Color of Laughter, Color of Tears 12/10/1971
S04E06 The Medicine Men 19/10/1971
S04E07 The Sands of Anger 26/10/1971
S04E08 The Poisoned Mind 02/11/1971
S04E09 Exit the Closer 09/11/1971
S04E10 Whatever Happened to Linc Hayes? 16/11/1971
S04E11 And a Little Child Shall Bleed Them 23/11/1971
S04E12 The Loser 30/11/1971
S04E13 Death of a Nobody 07/12/1971
S04E14 Feet of Clay 14/12/1971 Linc befriends a deaf-mite who becomes a reluctant hero after saving a guard's life in a warehouse fire.
S04E15 I Am My Brother's Keeper 04/01/1972
S04E16 Deal with the Devil 11/01/1972
S04E17 Kill Gently, Sweet Jessie 18/01/1972
S04E18 Shockwave 25/01/1972
S04E19 No More Oak Leaves for Ernie Holland 01/02/1972
S04E20 The Cave 08/02/1972
S04E21 The Wild Weekend 15/02/1972
S04E22 The Tangled Web 22/02/1972
S04E23 Outside Position 29/02/1972
S04E24 Big George 07/03/1972
S05E01 The Connection (1) 14/09/1972
S05E02 The Connection (2) 14/09/1972
S05E03 The Thunder Makers 21/09/1972 The Squad investigates when a youth joins a motorcycle gang, plots a fake payroll robbery of his father's company and learns the other gang members are playing it for real.
S05E04 Yesterday's Ashes 28/09/1972
S05E05 A Gift for Jenny 05/10/1972
S05E06 Taps, Play It Louder 12/10/1972
S05E07 Eyes of the Beholder 19/10/1972
S05E08 Good Times Are Just Memories 26/10/1972
S05E09 Corbey 02/11/1972
S05E10 Can You Hear Me Out There? 09/11/1972
S05E11 Another Final Game 16/11/1972
S05E12 Crime Club 23/11/1972
S05E13 The Twain 30/11/1972
S05E14 Belinda -- End of Little Miss Bubble Gum 07/12/1972
S05E15 Kristie 14/12/1972
S05E16 Sanctuary 21/12/1973
S05E17 Run, Lincoln, Run 04/01/1973
S05E18 Don't Kill My Child 18/01/1973
S05E19 Death in High Places 25/01/1973
S05E20 Put Out the Welcome Mat for Death 01/02/1973
S05E21 Scion of Death 08/02/1973
S05E22 The Night Holds Terror 15/02/1973
S05E23 Cry Uncle 22/02/1973
S05E24 And Once for My Baby 01/03/1973