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Morecambe and Wise, described as 'the most illustrious, and the best-loved, double act that Britain has ever produced', first achieved their phenomenal television success in the early 1960s with this long-running hit series for ATV. Showcasing their mildly anarchic humour, impeccable sense of timing and keen eye for the absurd in a feast of uproarious sketches and lampoonery. Each half-hour extravaganza features fast-moving skits and musical parodies, with Eric and Ernie giving us their very own Telstar and inimitable versions of television favourites Supercar, Face to Face and Candid Camera - turning to crime with a satirical take on some of the most popular police series of the '60s. But that’s not all! They reveal their keen appreciation of Shakespeare by enacting Brutus and Cassius' quarrel in Julius Caesar and, in a nod to contemporary theatrical trends, Cleopatra's death scene is played in modern dress. To clear up any possible confusion, there’s even a sketch to help viewers remember which one is which...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Morecambe & Wise Show

S01E01 ATV Series 1 Episode 1 12/10/1961
S01E02 ATV Series 1 Episode 2 19/10/1961
S01E03 ATV Series 1 Episode 3 26/10/1961 Acker Bilk
S01E04 ATV Series 1 Episode 4 02/11/1961
S01E05 ATV Series 1 Episode 5 09/11/1961
S01E06 ATV Series 1 Episode 6 16/11/1961
S01E07 ATV Series 1 Episode 7 23/11/1961
S01E08 ATV Series 1 Episode 8 30/11/1961
S01E09 ATV Series 1 Episode 9 07/12/1961
S02E01 Pilbroch Bla 30/06/1962 Alcoholics Anonymous, Boxing Match, Cossack dancing, Pilbroch bla - folk singers, solid door
S02E02 Soccer players 07/07/1962 The Flintrocks, Scientific lecture and paper bag, Soccer Players, Fear of flying, Alice in wonderland
S02E03 Tape recorder 14/07/1962 Tape recorder, Doctor Kildare, Shocking version of Granada, Snooker, Impressions, Battering ram.
S02E04 Eric's dictionary 21/07/1962 Supercar, Eric's dictionary, Chinese restaurant, Julius Caeser, More of Eric's impressions, lots of doors
S02E05 Pick Your Luck 28/07/1962 Pick Your Luck, Who should start the show - double headed coin, Snap, Zoo Quest - Eric back from South America, One man black and white minstrel, Train behind door
S02E06 Eric at the piano 04/08/1962 Dick of Doxon Green, Magic Moments with doves, Eric at the piano - Honeysuckle Rose, Pick of the ladies. Illusionist - Sawing a woman in half and levitation, Door and magic lamp
S02E07 Scottish soldiers 11/08/1962 Candid Snaps, The Twist, Scottish Soldiers, Cleopatra in modern dress, Escapology, Drawbridge door
S02E08 Boom Oo Yatta-ta-ta 18/08/1962 76 Sunset strip, After the party and songs, Boom Oo Yatta-ta-ta, The Sheik - silent film, Charles Laughton in Mutiny On The Bounty, Revolving door
S02E09 Telstar link to America 25/08/1962 Naked Village, Stunt acting, Telstar link to America, Wearing glasses, Lincoln impression. Ladies toilet door.
S02E10 Pas de Deux 01/09/1962 Mystery Tales, Glasses (no glass), Pas de Deux Ballet, Cards - Carlotta, Abraham Lincoln, Automatic door Episodes 10-13 were recorded after episode 9 but transmitted before, to extend the series.
S02E11 Party games 08/09/1962 Y Cars, Pruning rare plant, East of West Side Story, Party Games Hide and Seek, Folk Singers - Frederik and Nina, Long drop
S02E12 Naked girl under fur coat 15/09/1962 Face to Face, Eric's Pipe, New Talent, French Film - naked girl under caot, Hollywood song medley - Eric gets wet, Waterfall
S02E13 Courtroom drama, Latin music 22/09/1962 Juke Box Judges, Eric's acting bits, Latin-American music, Courtroom drama, Open door. This was recorded before episodes 10-13 but transmitted last
S06E01 Pantomime table tennis 01/10/1967 Music: --The Kinks - ""Dandy"" & ""Well-Respected Man"" --Engelbert Humperdinck - ""Release Me"" and ""Country Girl"" --Millicent Martin - ""Call Me"" Comedy: --Morecambe and Wise take a flight in a model airplane. --Morecambe and Wise do a ventriloquist act. Aired 29-Jul-1967 (US - ""Piccadilly Palace"" ABC-TV, colour) Aired 1-Oct-1967 (UK - ""The Morecambe & Wise Show"" ATV, b/w)
S06E02 Adagio dancers 22/10/1967 Music: --The Small Faces - ""I Can't Make It"" & ""All or Nothing"" --Bobby Rydell - ""The Impossible Dream"" & ""The Joker"" --Millicent Martin - ""The Day the Circus Left Town"" (with the Paddy Stone Dancers) Morecambe and Wise comedy sketches: --A parody of Adagio dancers --A spoof of a popular soap opera Aired 03-Jun-1967 (US - ""Piccadilly Palace"" ABC, colour) Aired 22-Oct-1967 (UK - ""The Morecambe & Wise Show"" ATV, b/w)
S06E03 Pie Throwing 12/11/1967 Music: --The Hollies - ""On a Carousel"" & ""Stop, Stop, Stop"" --Tom Jones - ""That Old Black Magic"" and ""Detroit City"" --Millicent Martin - ""Fever"" and ""Eleanor Rigby"" Morecambe and Wise comedy sketches: --A pie throwing demonstration --The problems of the nearsighted Aired 27-May-1967 (US - ""Piccadilly Palace"" ABC-TV, colour) Aired 12-Nov-1967 (UK - ""The Morecambe & Wise Show"" ATV, b/w)
S06E04 English village life 10/12/1967 Music: --Manfred Mann - ""Ha Ha, Said the Clown"" & ""Just Like a Woman"" --George Maharis - ""Baby Has Gone Bye-Bye"" & ""All Right, OK, You Win"" --Millicent Martin - ""Singin' in the Rain"" & ""Make It Easy on Yourself"" Morecambe and Wise comedy sketches: --The duo play figures on a Greek vase --A look at English village life Aired 01-Jul-1967 (US - ""Piccadilly Palace"" ABC-TV, colour) Aired 10-Dec-1967 (UK - ""The Morecambe & Wise Show"" ATV, b/w)
S06E05 Grieg's Piano Concerto 31/12/1967 Music: --Frankie Avalon - ""I Could Write a Book"" & ""What Is This Thing Called Love?"" --The New Vaudeville Band - ""If I Had a Talking Picture of You"" and ""Finchley Central"" --Millicent Martin - ""Window Wishin'"" Morecambe and Wise comedy segments: --A version of Grieg's Concerto in A Minor --Impressions of Samson and Delilah, Julius Caesar Aired 15-Jul-1967 (US - ""Piccadilly Palace"" ABC-TV, colour) Aired 31-Dec-1967 (UK - ""The Morecambe & Wise Show"" ATV, b/w)
S06E06 Hollywood westerns 14/01/1968 Music: --The Moody Blues - ""Fly Me High"" & ""Really Haven't Got the Time"" --Tommy Leonetti - ""Once Upon A Time"" and ""This is the Life"" --Millicent Martin - ""Light Another Cigarette"" Comedy: --Morecambe and Wise spoof Hollywood westerns and musicals. Aired 22-Jul-1967 (US - ""Piccadilly Palace"" ABC-TV, colour) Aired 14-Jan-1968 (UK - ""The Morecambe & Wise Show"" ATV, b/w)
S06E07 Silent films 04/02/1968 Music: --Peter Nero (pianist) - ""A Walk in the Black Forest"" & ""Variations on a Theme"" --The Tremeloes - ""Silence Is Golden"" & ""Here Comes My Baby"" --Millicent Martin - ""How Insensitive"" & ""Coronet Man"" Comedy: --Morecambe & Wise parody silent films --Eric Morecambe joins Peter Nero for a piano duet. Aired 12-Aug-1967 (US - ""Piccadilly Palace"" ABC-TV, colour) Aired 4-Feb-1968 (UK - ""The Morecambe & Wise Show"" ATV, b/w)
S06E08 Apache Dance 25/02/1968 Music: --Eric Burdon & the Animals - ""When I Was Young"" & ""Good Times"" --Gene Pitney - ""Town without Pity"" & ""On the Street Where You Live"" --Millicent Martin - ""Something Missing Now"" --Millicent Martin (with the Paddy Stone Dancers) - ""Running Wild"" Comedy: --Gladys Whitred joins Morecambe and Wise for a selection of arias. --Millicent Martin does an apache dance with Morecambe and Wise Aired 5-Aug-1967 (US - ""Piccadilly Palace"" ABC-TV, colour) Aired 25-Feb-1968 (UK - ""The Morecambe & Wise Show"" ATV, b/w)
S06E09 Pop parody 17/03/1968 Music: --Georgie Fame - ""Sweet Thing"" & ""Funny How Time Slips Away"" --Bobby Vinton - ""Mr. Lonely,"" ""To Life"" and ""Sunrise, Sunset"" --Millicent Martin - ""You're Gonna Hear from Me"" Morecambe and Wise comedy: --An Arabian sheik's first impressions of London. --A parody of pop singing groups (with Morecambe & Wise and the show's writers) Aired 24-Jun-1967 (US - ""Piccadilly Palace"" ABC-TV, colour) Aired 17-Mar-1968 (UK - ""The Morecambe & Wise Show"" ATV, b/w)
S06E10 East Side Story 31/03/1968 Peter and the Wolf, East Side Story. 01 Known as Piccadilly Palace in the USA. Ep01 20 May 67
S06E11 Ventriloquist act 10/01/1968 Music: --The Kinks - "Dandy" & "Well-Respected Man." --Engelbert Humperdinck - "Release Me" and "Country Girl." --Millicent Martin - "Call Me." Comedy: --Morecambe and Wise take a flight in a model airplane and do a ventriloquist act. Known as Piccadilly Palace in the USA. Ep09 29 Jul 67
S07E02 - 00/00/0000
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S07E04 - 00/00/0000
S07E05 - 00/00/0000
S07E06 Shadow puppets 07/10/1968 Teaching Eric golf, Shadowgraphs, The Desert Song
S07E07 - 00/00/0000
S07E08 - 00/00/0000
S11E01 - 00/00/0000
S11E02 - 00/00/0000
S11E03 - 00/00/0000
S11E04 - 00/00/0000
S11E05 - 00/00/0000
S11E06 - 00/00/0000
S11E07 - 00/00/0000
S11E08 Christmas Special 1971 25/12/1971 With Andre Previn, Shirley Bassey, Glenda Jackson, Francis Matthews,
S12E01 - 00/00/0000
S12E02 - 00/00/0000
S12E03 - 00/00/0000
S12E04 - 00/00/0000
S12E05 - 00/00/0000
S12E06 - 00/00/0000
S12E07 Christmas Special 00/00/0000 Vintage festive fun from the comedy duo. Guests include Glenda Jackson, Shirley Bassey, Dick Emery and Patrick Moore.
S12E08 Christmas Special 00/00/0000
S13E01 - 00/00/0000
S13E02 - 00/00/0000
S13E03 - 00/00/0000
S13E04 - 00/00/0000
S13E05 - 00/00/0000
S13E06 - 00/00/0000
S13E07 - 00/00/0000
S13E08 - 00/00/0000
S13E09 - 00/00/0000
S13E10 - 00/00/0000
S13E11 - 00/00/0000
S13E12 - 00/00/0000
S13E13 Christmas Special 1973 25/12/1973 Guests Vanessa Redgrave Hannah Gordon The New Seekers. Plus guest appearances by Yehudi Menuhin, Rudolf Nureyev, Laurence Olivier, Andre Previn
S14E01 - 00/00/0000
S14E02 - 00/00/0000
S14E03 - 00/00/0000
S14E04 - 00/00/0000
S14E05 - 00/00/0000
S14E06 - 00/00/0000
S14E07 Christmas Special 00/00/0000
S15E01 - 00/00/0000
S15E02 - 00/00/0000
S15E03 - 00/00/0000
S15E04 - 00/00/0000
S15E05 - 00/00/0000
S15E06 - 00/00/0000
S15E07 Christmas Special 1976 25/12/1976 Watch for Ernie, Toy football, Mornin Standard, The pound, Elton John arriving, Curtains, Play a Simple Melody, Singing in the Rain, Elton to replace Eric, Mata Hari, Angela Rippon dance
S15E08 Christmas Special 00/00/0000
S15E09 Special 00/00/0000
S15E10 Christmas Special 00/00/0000
S15E11 Christmas Special 00/00/0000
S16E01 - 00/00/0000
S16E02 - 00/00/0000
S16E03 - 00/00/0000
S16E04 - 00/00/0000
S16E05 - 00/00/0000
S16E06 - 00/00/0000
S16E07 Christmas Special 00/00/0000
S17E01 - 00/00/0000
S17E02 - 00/00/0000
S17E03 - 00/00/0000
S17E04 - 00/00/0000
S17E05 - 00/00/0000
S17E06 - 00/00/0000
S17E07 - 00/00/0000
S17E08 Christmas Special 00/00/0000
S18E01 - 00/00/0000
S18E02 - 00/00/0000
S18E03 - 00/00/0000
S18E04 - 00/00/0000
S18E05 - 00/00/0000
S18E06 - 00/00/0000
S18E07 - 00/00/0000
S18E08 Christmas Special 00/00/0000
S19E01 - 00/00/0000
S19E02 - 00/00/0000
S19E03 - 00/00/0000
S19E04 - 00/00/0000
S19E05 - 00/00/0000
S19E06 - 00/00/0000
S19E07 Christmas Special 00/00/0000

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