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Roger and Kaye live next door to Eve and Herb. Eve and Herb's daughter Suzie marries Roger and Kaye's son Jerry. This forces the families to be a bit closer than they would prefer, particularly since Jerry and Suzie live in the garage. Written by Ed Sutton The Hubbards and Buells are the best of friends despite their wildly different lifestyles. Herb Hubbard is a successful lawyer and Eve is a former champion athlete, while Roger Buell is a television writer and his wife Kaye is a poor housekeeper to the point of being lazy. Also, Roger and Kaye's son Jerry was married to Herb and Eve's daughter Susie. Sometimes the friendship is tested as both "mothers-in-law" try to help their children as they go through the early stages of their marriage.


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S01E01 On Again, Off Again, Lohengrin 10/09/1967 A fight breaks out between the Hubbards and the Buells about their children's wedding plans.
S01E02 Everybody Goes on a Honeymoon 17/09/1967 The newlyweds' honeymoon is over when the Hubbards and the Buells show up at their resort hotel.
S01E03 All Fall Down 24/09/1967 Problems arise when both Kaye and Eve break their legs skiing.
S01E04 A Night to Forget 01/10/1967 Kaye and Eve are locked inside a store for the night.
S01E05 The Newlyweds Move In 08/10/1967 Kaye and Eve promise not to interfere in their kids' lives when the newlyweds move into an apartment above the Hubbards' garage.
S01E06 The Career Girls 15/10/1967 Kaye and Eve audition for parts in a play.
S01E07 Who's Afraid of Elizabeth Taylor? 22/10/1967 Kaye and Eve throw their husbands out after they both admit they would like to have an affair with Elizabeth Taylor.
S01E08 My Son, the Actor 29/10/1967 The Hubbards and the Buells help Jerry win a part in the school play.
S01E09 How Do You Moonlight a Meatball? 05/11/1967 Eve helps Kaye sell her famous spaghetti and meatballs on the college campus to help pay off Suzie's ring.
S01E10 I Thought He'd Never Leave 12/11/1967 A fugitive bank robber hides out at the Hubbards' home.
S01E11 The Great Bicycle Race 19/11/1967 The Hubbards and the Buells enter a cycling club.
S01E12 Through The Lurking Glass 26/11/1967 When Roger is arrested--the whole clan disguises themselves in costumes to go and rescue him.
S01E13 Divorce-Mother-In-Law Style 03/12/1967
S01E14 The Not Cold Enough War 10/12/1967
S01E15 You Challenge Me to a What? 17/12/1967 Herb and Roger have a fight, which leads to Roger challenging Herb to a duel.
S01E16 Everybody Wants to Be a Writer 31/12/1967 Eve and Kaye try to write a TV script, but unfortunately it turns out that they stole it from another writer.
S01E17 The Kids Move Out 07/01/1968 Jerry and Suzie decide to move out when Eve and Kaye's interference and medling ways become too much for the both of them to endure.
S01E18 The Hombre Who Came to Dinner (Part 1) 14/01/1968 The Hubbards recieve an unexpected visit from their bullfighting friend; who plans on stick around a while.
S01E19 The Hombre Who Came to Dinner (Part 2) 21/01/1968
S01E20 Don't Give Up the Sloop 28/01/1968 The two couples fight over who actually owns the boat that they won on a game show.
S01E21 I'd Tell You I Love You, But We're Not Speaking 04/02/1968 Jerry and Suzie decide to use a group therapy session to get their parents speeking again.
S01E22 Herb's Little Helpers 11/02/1968 Eve becomes Herb's secretary when his regular calls in sick.
S01E23 Bye, Bye Blackmailer 25/02/1968 Eve uses Herb's reserve money to pay back Roger the loan he gave, without telling Herb she's using his own money.
S01E24 The Wig Story 03/03/1968 Kaye believes Roger has fallen in love with the blonde wig she borrowed from Eve.
S01E25 It's Only Money 10/03/1968 Herb plots to get even after Roger makes him pay for half the bill at a restaurant - even though Roger and Kaye ordered the more expensive dishes.
S01E26 I Haven't Got a Secret 17/03/1968 Roger's scripts are being considered for a TV series, but Kaye just can't do as he wishes and keep the secret to herself.
S01E27 Jerry's Night Out with the Boys 24/03/1968 Jerry wants to go play poker but Suzie won't let him - and their parents take sides in the argument.
S01E28 The Long, Long Weekend 31/03/1968 A snowstorm traps the Buells and the Hubbards in their mountain cabin.
S01E29 Jealousy Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 07/04/1968 Eve gets jealous when Herb's former girlfriend visits.
S01E30 How Not to Manage a Rock Group 28/04/1968 The Buells and the Hubbards decide to invest in a new rock group called The Warts.
S02E01 Here Comes the Bride, Again 15/09/1968 Jerry and Suzie agree to renew their vows in second wedding ceremony for Kaye's mother who is visting from Italy.
S02E02 The Match Game 22/09/1968 The Buells and the Hubbards come up with a plan to help Jerry save his job at a computer dating service.
S02E03 A Little Pregnancy Goes a Long Way 29/09/1968 Kaye and Eve think Roger and Herb are planning to take them on a Hawaiian cruise.
S02E04 Love Thy Neighbor, If You Can't Get Him to Move 06/10/1968 Flashbacks show how the Buells bought the house next door to the Hubbards.
S02E05 I Didn't Raise Myself to Be a Grandmother 13/10/1968 Eve and Kaye set out on a self improvement quest after deciding that they haven't done enough with their lives.
S02E06 Even Mothers-in-Law Have Mothers-in-Law 20/10/1968 Roger and Herb's mothers come to visit.
S02E07 The Matador Makes a Movie 27/10/1968 The Buells and the Hubbards try to get roles in Raphael Del Gado's upcoming film.
S02E08 It's a Dog's Life 10/11/1968 Kaye and Eve each give Jerry and Suzie a puppy as a gift.
S02E09 The First Anniversary is the Hardest 24/11/1968 Suzie gives Jerry's jacket away, unaware that their folks hid money in one of the pockets as a surprise gift.
S02E10 The Birth of Everything but the Blues 01/12/1968 To earn extra money, Suzie becomes an animal babysitter.
S02E11 Nome, Schnome, I'd Rather Have It at Home 08/12/1968 Jerry and Suzie surprise everyone with their plans to move to Alaska.
S02E12 Hail, Hail, the Gang's Still Here 15/12/1968 Herb and Eve hide under their bed to avoid Roger and Kaye.
S02E13 Didn't You Use to Be Ozzie Snick? 22/12/1968 Kaye's bandleader ex-boyfriend shows up.
S02E14 Make Room for Baby 05/01/1969 The Buells and the Hubbards decide to add another room to the Jerry and Suzie's apartment, and to save money by doing the work themselves.
S02E15 Haven't You Had That Baby Yet? 12/01/1969 Eve and Kaye misplace Suzie on their way to the hospital.
S02E16 And Baby Makes Four 19/01/1969 Suzie gives birth to twins, and the in-laws argue over what to name them.
S02E17 Nanny Go Home 26/01/1969 Kaye and Eve scheme to get rid of the nanny hired to watch the babies after the woman refuses to let the eager new grandmothers visit whenever they want.
S02E18 Double Trouble in the Nursery 02/02/1969 Kaye and Eve volunteer to watch the twins while Jerry and Suzie take off for a quiet weekend to themselves.
S02E19 Void Where Prohibited by In-Laws 09/02/1969 The girls try to win a cereal contest to raise money for the twins' college education.
S02E20 Guess Who's Coming Forever? 23/02/1969 Kaye and Eve rent out Jerry and Suzie's newly vacant apartment to a black man.
S02E21 Every In-Law Wants to Get Into the Act 02/03/1969 The Buells and the Hubbards decide to take Jerry's place in a nightclub act after he catches the flu.
S02E22 Two on the Aisle 16/03/1969 The Buells and the Hubbards argue over who will use the two theater tickets received in the mail.
S02E23 Take Her, He's Mine 23/03/1969 Kaye grows jealous of Roger's new secretary.
S02E24 Show Business is No Business 30/03/1969 Eve and Kaye compete for the job of Don Rickles' partner in a benefit show at the lodge.
S02E25 The Charge of the Wife Brigade 06/04/1969
S02E26 The Not-So-Grand Opera 13/04/1969 Kaye and Eve compete for the lead role in their club's upcoming opera production.
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