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The Name of the Game was actually three series under one title. Each of the three stars of the show, Gene Barry, Robert Stack and Tony Franciosa were featured in their own self-contained episodes. The connection between them was Howard Publications, a Los Angeles based publishing empire that had been built up from scratch by its dynamic owner, Glenn Howard. Howard's position of power, his confrontations with business and political enemies, and his own flamboyant lifestyle were portrayed in his portion of The Name of the Game. Within the Howard empire were investigative correspondent Jeff Dillon and editor Dan Farrell. Dillon was a super-agressive former newsboy who had clawed his way up to a position of power and respect working for Howard's People Magazine. Farrell was a former FBI agent who had gone into the publishing business because it provided a position from which to make the public aware of the threats posed by organized crime.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Name of the Game

S01E01 Fear of High Places 20/09/1968 Jeff Dillon (TF) investigates the death of a beautiful model. The murder involves an industrialist who is about to assume an important government post.
S01E02 The Witness 27/09/1968 When a Mafia informant is assassinated, Dan Farrell (RS), senior editor of Crime Magazine looks for the only other witness to a major mob crime. She allegedly committed suicide eight years earlier, Farrell discovers that she is living in a village under an assumed name; unfortunately, he is being followed by the mob assassin.
S01E03 The Taker 04/10/1968 Glen Howard (GB), Crime Magazine publisher, refuses to support a powerful businessman who backs a crooked political candidate and finds himself in a battle of wits in the takeover of his publishing empire.
S01E04 Collector's Edition 11/10/1968 Jeff Dillon (TF), investigative reporter for Crime Magazine. Max, a phtographer, had once saved Dillon's life when the two were on assignment in Vietnam. Now Max is accused of murder, and he's counting on Dillon's help in clearing his name.
S01E05 Nightmare 18/10/1968 Dan Farrell (RS) patiently prepares to exact his revenge upon the robbers that murdered his wife.
S01E06 Incident in Berlin 25/10/1968 Howard (GB)goes to Berlin to arrange the release of one of his top editors who has been arrested in East Germany as a spy.
S01E07 Shine On, Shine On, Jesse Gil 01/11/1968 Howard (GB) assigns Dillon and Peggy to investigate the complexities of small-town politics after a murder occurs. A woman accuses a shrewd financial manipulator of being responsible for her brother's death.
S01E08 Lola in Lipstick 08/11/1968 While in Rome, publisher Glenn Howard (GB) finds corruption, illicit romance and narcotics at every turn.
S01E09 The Protector 15/11/1968 Howard (GB) goes up against a bigoted millionaire who sets out to solve the nation's racial problems with his own private army.
S01E10 Ordeal 22/11/1968 A woman sits on death row hoping that Farrell (RS) can find enough evidence to prove that she did not murder her husband.
S01E11 The White Birch 29/11/1968 Howard (GB) travels to Prague, Czechoslovakia, where he and other rival journalists try to get custody of an ailing author's latest work.
S01E12 High On A Rainbow 06/12/1968 When drugs start appearing in the hands of school children, Farrell (RS)and Peggy pose as a truck driver and car-hop as they investigate a narcotics ring.
S01E13 The Black Answer 13/12/1968 Crime Magazine reporter Jeff Dillon(TF)is investigating the fire-bombing death of a black newspaper editor who advocated nonviolence. The chief suspect is Joe X Lee, a leading black militant. The motive may have been that Lee was about to be exposed as a fraud, who'd sold out his brothers to the cops.
S01E14 Pineapple Rose 20/12/1968 This time the focus is on researcher Peggy Maxwell, who is kidnapped while digging up information on a famous rock star. The series' regulars sit this one out, permitting correspondent Andy Hill (Cliff Potter) to investigate Peggy's disappearance. With the help of an FBI agent, Hill unearths a hotbed of mob-motivated intrigue.
S01E15 The Revolutionary 27/12/1968 Howard(GB) helps an exiled president of a South American nation regain control in the midst of a counter-revolution.
S01E16 Swingers Only 10/01/1969 Farrell (RS) takes a hand in the investigation of a murder at a ""Swinging Singles"" apartment. The victim is the mistress of one of Farrell's editors. The wife of the victim who despite her despair over her husband's pecadilloes urges Farrell to find the guilty party.
S01E17 The Inquiry 17/01/1968 Howard (GB) is called before a Senate committee to answer charges that he stole a fortune in U.S. Army funds while serving with the OSS in Italy during World War II.
S01E18 The Incomparable Connie Walker 24/01/1968 Conway ""Connie"" Walker is the first black mayor of a large unnamed city. In addition to suffering the slings and arrows of racism, Walker is the target of accusations that he has been accepting kickbacks. Crime magazine reporter Jeff Dillon (TF) investigates when a city accountant is murdered.
S01E19 Love-In At Ground Zero 31/01/1968 Howard (GB) is kidnapped by a group of protestors who demand he witness their suicide and then write an expose of the army's testing of chemical warfare weapons.
S01E20 The Suntan Mob 07/02/1969 Dan Farrell (RS) convinces a moll to help him prove that the mafia is controlling a tiny island.
S01E21 Keep the Doctor Away 14/02/1969 Jeff Dillon (TF) investigates a doctor who is really a bungling killer.
S01E22 The Bobby Currier Story 21/02/1969 Currier (Brandon de Wilde) is a young, small-town perennial loser. He kidnaps the daughter of the local sheriff and goes on a murder spree. Dan Farrell (RS) tries to unearth the circumstances that turned the hapless Currier into a murderer.
S01E23 A Wrath of Angels 28/02/1969 Dan Farrell (RS) investigates as a man and a priest try to clean up the slums and end up having a showdown with a powerful Mafioso.
S01E24 The Third Choice 07/03/1969 Howard (GB) tries to save a Howard Publications editor kidnapped by a man who hopes to use the ransom to overthrow an African government.
S01E25 Breakout To A Fast Buck 14/03/1969 Dan Farrell (RS ) is called in to investigate a prison break. One of the escapees is an elderly former building contractor, who didn't want to join his fellow cons in their breakout. Farrell suspects that the contractor is being sprung in order to help break into one of the buildings that he designed.
S01E26 An Agent of The Plaintiff 21/03/1969 Howard (GB) is the victim of a conspiracy hatched by his own attorney, the lovely-but-lethal Bethany Cromwell, and plaintiff Harold Wyler.
S02E01 Lady on The Rocks 19/09/1969 A happy marriage might be a front for the wife's fear and guilt as Howard (GB) suspects.
S02E02 A Hard Case of The Blues 26/09/1969 Blues singer Jesse Boone's business manager has just died under mysterious circumstances. He also swindled Jesse out of $200,000. Thing of it is, Jesse couldn't care less--and Crime magazine editor Dan Farrell (RS) wants to know the reasons for her apathy.
S02E03 Blind Man's Bluff 03/10/1969 An ex-district attorney gives Crime magazine reporter Jeff Dillon (TF) a phony story. It's all part of a complex plan for revenge. He was blinded several years earlier, and his wife's face was mutilated; now the former D.A. wants to trap the man responsible for his sightlessness.
S02E04 The Emissary 10/10/1969 An old-line French Marxist who happens to be an old friend of Crime magazine publisher Dan Howard (GB) would like him to help him pull off a delicate diplomatic mission. The Red Chinese delegation has just stormed out of an international health conference, and Howard has been assigned to woo them back.
S02E05 Chains of Command 17/10/1969 Farrell (RS) is investigating charges that the officials of a prison on the Mexican border are shipping out forced labor to local farms. It has been further charged that the officials are getting rich on kickbacks. Assuming a false identity and taking a job in the border town becomes very hazardous.
S02E06 Goodbye Harry 24/10/1969 Roving reporter Sam Hardy's boss, Crime magazine publisher Glenn Howard (GB), sends Hardy and magazine researcher Peggy Maxwell on a dangerous fact-finding mission. Their quarry is American missile scientist Harry Roarke. While it appears as though Harry has defected to Cuba, he may very well be hiding out in the States, in fear for his life.
S02E07 Give Till It Hurts 31/10/1969 The object of Farrell's (RS) latest investigation is a professional fundraiser. The editor recognizes him as a notorious con man, so it should be no problem to expose his racket. But problems there are, especially when an unknown gangster type pressures him to lay off.
S02E08 The Perfect Image 07/11/1969 Howard (GB) has recently been instrumental in getting the new mayor of Chicago elected. Recently uncovered evidence, however, suggests that he is in bed with the Mob. Howard and Crime magazine researcher Peggy Maxwell try to weed out the truth.
S02E09 The Prisoner Within 14/11/1969 Dillon (TF) investigates the story of a young man who is challenged by an Army officer to undergo prisoner of war training. He accepts the survival training challenge.
S02E10 The Civilized Men 28/11/1969 Farrell (RS) heads to Florida to probe into a cattle scam. Someone has been selling tainted meat, the end product of a rustled shipment of government livestock. Could the Mob be involved?
S02E11 High Card 05/12/1969 A U.S. Senator claims to have photographic proof that Howard (GB)was the man who tipped off the Cubans about the Bay of Pigs.
S02E12 The Power 12/12/1969 Dan Farrell (RS) sets about to investigate corruption on the waterfront. Farrell finds himself in the middle of a power struggle between two brothers battling for control of the longshoreman's union.
S02E13 Laurie Marie 19/12/1969 When Laurie Marie gets lost on the vast country estate of millionaire industrialist Robert Coates, he posts a $10,000 reward for anyone who can return the girl unharmed. This results in a stampede of mercenary characters who make a shambles of Coates' estate. Watching from the sidelines is reporter Jeff Dillon (TF) and his girl friday Peggy.
S02E14 The Tradition 02/01/1970 Howard (GB) and a young Greek woman are forced to flee for their lives when they challenge an ancient Greek custom.
S02E15 The Brass Ring 09/01/1970 A Boxer is suspended when he punches out an obstreperous reporter. Feeling partly responsible, Dan Farrell (RS) tries to help the young fighter. Farrell soon learns that the boy's manager may be arranging a fixed bout.
S02E16 Island of Gold And Precious Stones 16/01/1969 A late millionaire's millions have disappeared, and reporter Jeff Dillon (TF) wants to find out why. Together with his crack researcher Peggy Maxwell, Dillon checks out the deceased man's relatives. Each, it seems, has a reason for wanting the man dead, and each had opportunity to make off with the inheritance.
S02E17 The Takeover 23/01/1970 As special envoy, Howard (GB) visits a crisis-torn Asian nation whose Chief of state allegedly robbed the treasury and vanished. The ladies reinforce Howard's suspicions of a frame-up and sparks a probe that sends him into guerrilla territory.
S02E18 The Garden 30/01/1970 Dan Farrell (RS) is on the trail of a possible scam. A ""Pop"" psychiatrist who is strong on placebos but short on ethics, treats his wealthy patients at a lavish remote retreat called The Garden. Farrell is convinced that he is a phony, and tries to prove it
S02E19 Tarot 13/02/1970 Glenn Howard (GB) tries to prove that a young girl did not really kill herself and finds himself dangerously entangled with a coven of deadly witches.
S02E20 The King of Denmark 20/02/1970 Dillon (TF) investigates when an ancient and invaluable manuscript is found, and a girl disappears increasing the mystery.
S02E21 The Skin Game 27/02/1970 Farrell (RS) investigates deaths caused by an illegal dilution of medical supplies in a small African nation.
S02E22 Man of The People 06/03/1970 Jilted by ""populist"" tycoon Cesar Rodriguez, Hilary thirsts for revenge. She plans to publish a series of articles exposing the popular Rodriguez as a fraud, using his Mexican heritage to hornswoggle his own people.
S02E23 Echo of A Nightmare 20/03/1970 The crime in question occurred some 25 years ago. Now the kidnapper has been mysteriously murdered, compelling Dan Farrell (RS) to investigate. Curiously, the partner of the abduction victim's millionaire father tries to bribe Farrell to drop the case.
S02E24 Jenny Wilde Is Drowning 27/03/1970 When a young actress becomes suicidal, Jeff Dillon (TF) attempts to prevent her suicide attempts.
S02E25 One of The Girls in Research 03/04/1970 Howard's research girl has romantic daydreams about him as they try to locate an eccentric conniving industrialist who is trying victimized her.
S02E26 The Other Kind of Spy 10/04/1970 Dillon (TF) investigates a chemical plant that has blown up only to discover industrial espionage as the motive.
S03E01 So Long, Baby, And Amen 18/09/1970 Dan Farrell (RS) reports his findings at a Congressional committee hearing on addictive drugs. Later he finds himself entangled with a self-destructive, drug-addicted young girl.
S03E02 A Love to Remember 25/09/1970 At his college class reunion, Howard (GB) meets a strange, beautiful woman who tells him how a crush she once had on him has ruined her life.
S03E03 Cynthia Is Alive And Living in Avalon 02/10/1970 Cynthia is a reclusive jet-setter who has of late become a political activist. She refuses all interviews and keeps hidden in a rambling house on the island of Avalon. At the urging of his pal, reporter Paul Tyler decides to make a name for himself by getting the exclusive story on Cynthia.
S03E04 Battle at Gannon's Bridge 09/10/1970 An ex-convict Eddie Gannon, who holds the lease on a converted church used as a halfway house for recently released prisoners,is endangered by a rash of unsolved crimes in the neighborhood. Gannon asks Crime magazine editor Dan Farrell (RS) to prove that none of his fellow ex-cons are responsible for the thefts.
S03E05 The Enemy Before Us 16/10/1970 Crime Magazine reporter Jeff Dillon (TF) is back in his old neighborhood in New York's ""Little Italy"", Dillon hopes to take a break from his hectic responsibilities and recapture ""something real"" from his younger days. Unfortunately, he is bombarded by pain and disillusionment from every side: his stepmother is gravely ill, and her son is deeply involved with drug dealing.
S03E06 The Time Is Now 23/10/1970 Howard (GB) investigates the death of a moderate black educator at a campus torn into a struggle between militants and moderates.
S03E07 The War Merchants 30/10/1970 Farrell (RS) investigates the death of an old friend and discovers an international weapons-smuggling operation.
S03E08 Little Bear Died Running 06/11/1970 When an Indian kills the friend of a reporter, Paul Tyler (RC) investigates.
S03E09 All The Old Familar Faces 13/11/1970 Howard (GB) tries to find out who is behind a series of death threats levelled against him. He interviews several likely suspects who, in flashback, explain just what might have prompted them to kill.
S03E10 I Love You, Billy Baker (1) 20/11/1970 Las Vegas superstar Billy Baker, who is known far and wide for his reluctance to grant interviews,is particularly close-mouthed on the subject of a beautiful young dancer with whom he'd once been in love--and who now is very much dead. Crime magazine reporter Jeff Dillon (TF) wants to know why.
S03E11 I Love You, Billy Baker (2) 27/11/1970
S03E12 Why I Blew Up Dakota 04/12/1970 Dan Farrell (RS) looks into the strange bombing of an odd-ball artist.
S03E13 Aquarius Descending 11/12/1970 Glenn Howard (GB), who is instrumental in discrediting a corrupt politician. Seeking revenge, the politician orders a young hard-case to romance Howard's impressionable 17-year-old niece. The plan is to involve the girl in a scandal and ruin Howard and his magazine.
S03E14 The Glory Shouter 18/12/1970 A fire-and-brimstone tele-evangelist is plagued by gremlins from within his organization who are tapping his till. Dan Farrell (RS), investigates only to deduce that he may be the one siphoning from his own flock's donations.
S03E15 A Sister From Napoli 08/01/1971 A district attorney up for a judgeship is deemed unfit and an investigation ensues by Lewis Corbett(PF).
S03E16 Los Angeles 2017 15/01/1971 Publisher Glenn Howard (GB)is suddenly whisked away from his plush office in 1971. He finds himself in a world beneath the Earth's surface, circa 2017. The powers-that-be in this subterranean world refuse to answer Howard's many questions as to what has happened on the surface.
S03E17 The Man Who Killed A Ghost 05/02/1971 The real personality of a famous cowboy star is exposed by David Corey (RW).
S03E18 Seek And Destroy 05/02/1971 Dan Farrell (RS) runs into many dead ends as he endeavors to discover why an important scientist suddenly died.
S03E19 A Capitol Affair 12/02/1971 Howard Publications journalist intervenes when a misguided Washington gossip columnist tries to destroy the career of a promising government official who happens to be her boyfriend.
S03E20 The Savage Eye 19/02/1971 Dan Farrell (RS) looks into a conflict involving loggers and the filming of a documentary.
S03E21 Appointment in Palermo 26/02/1971 Howard (GB) goes to Italy to research a story, then finds himself mistaken for a Sicilian patriarch. He is kidnapped by one of the families involved in a centuries-old blood feud.
S03E22 Beware of The Watchdog 05/03/1971 Dan Farrell (RS) investigates a consumer advocate who is currently masterminding an expose of the fish-canning industry. When several attempts are made on his life, the advertisers are under suspect.
S03E23 The Broken Puzzle 12/03/1971 The governor of an unnamed state though popular with his constituents runs the state like a banana-republic dictatorship, complete with uniformed thugs. Glenn Howard (GB) finds that the source of his power may have bigger political stakes in mind.
S03E24 The Showdown 19/03/1971 Howard's (GB) ancestor, an old west gambler, tries to stay alive in the face of a showdown.