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Case Studies in Forensic Science Forensic scientists work with a variety of methods (i.e. computer technology, anthropology, entomology) to solve crimes which would otherwise remain unsolved, through finding seemingly obscure clues such as tire tracks, bullet fragments and hair samples and then putting the pieces together. Interviews with forensic pathologists, cold case detectives, and victims families illustrate the process involved in solving cases. Three separate cases are spotlighted in each episode of this series.


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S02E01 Mind Hunters 22/04/1997 Psychological Profiling: Take a trip into the minds of the worst society has to offer. Every detail tells FBI Profiler Robert Ressler what he needs to know . . . to catch the killer.
S02E02 Camera Clues 29/04/1997 Forensic Photography: The unforgiving eye of the camera is there at the scene to catch the clues when a crime first happens. Who takes what the camera has to say and turns it into useable information?
S02E03 Double Helix 06/05/1997 DNA Analysis: Your DNA can either convict you or set you free. These experts use anything from blood to chewing gum to find the answers they need.
S02E04 Web of Clues 13/05/1997 Forensic Entomology: Bug have been around for millions of years. Their habits surrounding death can tell these experts when the victim died.
S02E05 Faces of Tragedy 13/05/1997 Forensic Sculpting: These experts can take nothing more than their knowledge, clay, and a skull and bring the victim to life. Once nameless victims can now have a name.
S02E06 Without A Trace 20/05/1997 Missing Person: In America nearly 1.8 million people are reported missing each year, factor in the world and that number triples. Using computer databases and other means victims are found, laid to rest…or never seen again.
S02E07 Burning Evidence 03/06/1997 Identifying Burned Remains: Murder is hard to prove with no body, when the victim has been burned it is even more difficult. Fire does more than destroy evidence . . . it can keep the secrets you don’t want anyone to know.
S02E08 Short Fuse 10/06/1997 Explosives Investigations: A woman opens a box which explodes killing her. Soon to follow are five other bombs just as deadly as the first. This soon turns into a massive investigation leaving the experts to sift though the evidence.
S02E09 Death Grip 17/06/1997 Fingerprinting: The backbone to forensic science, the fingerprint is a very effective way to identify victims and criminals. Not only are fingerprints used but also palm prints and foot prints. Data entered into massive databases make identifying people easy…when there is a hit.
S02E10 Signed In Blood 24/06/1997 Handwriting Analysis: Every pass of the pencil leaves a little of ourselves behind. Taking the time to evaluate documents can tell the difference between suicide and murder.
S02E11 Witness To Terror 01/07/1997 Black Boxes: A plane plunges toward the ground and upon impact little remains. The only possible survivor is the flight data recorder. This little black box could hold the answers to the last terrifying minutes.
S02E12 Trial of the Century 08/07/1997 Forensics in the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial: The verdict is in Not Guilty of murder. O.J. Simpson emerges a free man. What was the evidence and could it be trusted? These experts break down the evidence could and could not tell us.
S02E13 Deadly Target 15/07/1997 Ballistics: A body with a gunshot wound to the head, the gun is next to the body. Was it suicide or murder? Every part of the gun can be analyzed for the correct answer.
S03E01 Fatal Compulsion 02/12/1997 Forensic psychologists delve into the minds of serial killers, explaining why, most often, they can be a friendly neighbor or a tenacious co-worker – the ones who hide their darkness better than anyone else.
S03E02 Bodies of Evidence 09/12/1997 It is difficult to convict a murderer if the body can’t be found, but forensic science is finding ways to do it. A speck of blood, a piece of a fingernail or a strand of hair may now be enough evidence to prove a murder and capture a killer.
S03E03 Shreds of Evidence 16/12/1997 The tiniest filament can become a mark of distinction in the most singular and intimate of ways. Investigators have come to rely on forensic evidence as fine as a carpet fiber or as innocent as an eyelash to crack difficult cases.
S03E04 Seeds of Destruction 30/12/1997 Plants help provide oxygen and nutrients for existence. In criminal investigations, a simple seedpod can provide the missing link by placing a suspect at a crime scene. Dirt left on shoes, tires or clothes can pinpoint a crime scene.
S03E05 Lethal Dosage 06/01/1998 While drugs can cure disease and ease pain, they can also be agents of murder. Toxicologists can examine blood and tissue to uncover cases where death is not as natural as it may seem – from slow arsenic poisoning to quick cocaine overdoses.
S03E06 Tools of Death 13/01/1998 A tool used to commit a crime can often be the same tool used to solve it. The pattern a machine leaves on an item, the unusual way a tool crimps a wire and even something as innocuous as the shape of a wood chip can lead to a killer.
S03E07 Out of the Grave 13/01/1998 Advancement in science and technology are encouraging people to revisit the past in hopes of answering questions that have remained unanswered. Techniques from the 20th century are applied to cases dating back as far as ancient times.
S03E08 Infallible Witness 27/01/1998 Investigators are always on the cutting edge of new forensic techniques that can help them solve cases more accurately. Advanced techniques allow crime solving to take on a new dimension, providing safer and more efficient ways to capture criminals.
S03E09 From the Ashes 03/02/1998 Insurance torchings, mob burnouts and arson murders: these crimes are designed to take all clues with them. But a case can be built from ashes. Arson investigators do everything from gathering physical evidence to mounting undercover operations.
S03E10 Living In Terror 10/02/1998 Because of new technologies, terrorism is a growing international threat. With the expertise of bomb squads, chemists and tool mark experts, bombs are deactivated and criminals are caught.
S04E01 Lethal Obsessions 24/11/1998 In the mind of an obsessive killer, raw desire replaces all reason and murder becomes an opportune means to an end. While forensic investigators follow the physical evidence, psychologists study the jumbled inner-workings of the criminal mind.
S04E02 Traces of Guilt 17/11/1998 The smallest of clues can solve even the biggest cases. Often the scales of justice are balanced by just a few milligrams of evidence – a couple of fibers, a smudge of blood or a strand of hair. Never underestimate the weight of these tiny clues.
S04E03 Electronic Witness 29/12/1998 As technology becomes a bigger part of our lives, it’s becoming difficult to do anything without leaving behind an electronic trace. Cell phones and ATMs track our every move. When it comes to solving murders, this isn’t necessarily such a bad thing.
S04E04 Dead Wrong 08/12/1998 Often, murderers will change or stage a crime scene, turning murder into suicide, pinning blame, or hiding the body completely. However, forensic investigators can detect masterful disguises and the truth can be found from clues at the scene.
S04E05 Lasting Impressions 01/12/1998 No crime scene is absent of clues. No matter how chaotic or how clean it may appear to be, the culprit is bound to leave something telling behind. Sometimes it’s nothing more than a fingerprint or shoe tread. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed.
S04E06 Women Who Kill 26/01/1999 Men aren’t the only ones who kill. Though female killers usually choose less violent methods than their male counterparts, they’re equally as deadly and often more calculating. But thanks to forensics, they’re no more likely to get away with it.
S04E07 Deadly Dealings 15/12/1998 Contract killings allow someone to establish the perfect alibi. By hiring someone else to do his or her dirty work, a person can deflect guilt or twist the truth. Forensics is changing that, leading investigators to the employers of killers.
S04E08 Body Count 22/12/1998 Some people do get away with murder, at least for a while. Flush with their success, they murder again and again. But with each kill, they get sloppier, leaving investigators more and more clues, which eventually lead to their undoing.
S04E09 A Taste of Poison 09/02/1999 Poisoners are the most dangerous culprits in the crime world: smart assassins. They rely on their devious stealth and must put their victims at ease to earn their trust. And, usually, they don’t stop at just one victim.
S04E10 Grave Discoveries 23/03/1999 Some cases can’t be solved immediately. The passage of time can convince people to talk and new technologies can discover overlooked clues. Forensic scientists often reevaluate unsolved crimes and apply new means to solve them.
S04E11 Texas Rangers 30/03/1999 The Texas Rangers were established in the 1800s to protect settlers from Native Americans. That role has evolved greatly over time to keep up with a changing society. Today, their job includes solving murders with advanced forensics labs.
S04E12 Bad Medicine 06/04/1999 Forensics is not only used to solve murders. Drug trafficking has created a deadly criminal underworld and many forensic investigators are devoted to cracking these violent drug rings.
S04E13 Unlikely Sources 13/04/1999 Some of the best clues come from the least likely places. Seemingly meaningless objects – beer bottles, insects, doormats – have been used by forensics scientists to solve the most baffling of crimes. The murders of Virginia Russell, Hye-Yon Smith and Janet Overton are evidence of this.
S04E14 True Crime 27/04/1999 Some crime writers know just as much about crime as a police officer, investigator or any criminal. Using combined perspectives from law enforcement, journalism and criminal psychology, writers provide new and exciting first-hand accounts of murder.
S04E15 Coroner’s Casebook 18/05/1999 A good coroner can deliver what is necessary to solve a crime, while a bad one can destroy an otherwise solid case. Two of the country’s most respected coroners provide an inside look into their jobs, sharing their insights into crime solving.
S05E01 Remnant of Blame 27/04/1999 Solutions to atrocious crimes can hinge on the smallest of clues. Even with advanced technology, vision remains an important tool. Forensic investigators must train their eyes to find the full story of a murder written in a single scrap of evidence.
S05E02 Partners in Crime 26/12/1999 There’s an old saying that a burden shared is a burden halved. But when people team up to commit murder, the weight of their guilt remains just as heavy. Investigators must rely on forensic science to capture partners in crime.
S05E03 Scattered Clues 19/10/1999 There’s never a good reason for murder but some killers are especially cruel – choosing their victims at random or with no apparent motive and then expertly covering their tracks. These crimes may seem unsolvable, but telling clues remain.
S05E04 Natural Witness 02/11/1999 The great outdoors may offer clues to solving heinous crimes. Seed germination and the presence of certain insects provide vital information about murders. It takes the skilled eyes of a forensic entomologist and botanist to decipher nature’s clues.
S05E05 Tainted Trust 16/11/1999 Poison is the subtlest murder weapon and poisoners are sometimes the most brutal killers, harming their victims over time to disguise the murder. Investigators must see through the unusual circumstances to bring these murders to light.
S05E06 Presumed Dead 14/12/1999 What does it take to prove murder if the victim cannot be found? Forensic investigators must go to great lengths to catch the killer when the victim is only presumed dead.
S05E07 Broken Vow 21/12/1999 When lovers turn on each other or marriages fail, some coldblooded spouses find a gruesome way to gain an uncontested divorce: murder. Forensic scientists must piece together the mystery of love gone awry to catch these killers.
S05E08 Cold Cases 11/01/2000 There’s no statute of limitations on murder, so as a case turns cold and clues become scarce, investigators must rely on modern forensic technology to solve the crimes and catch the killers.
S05E09 Family Plots 25/01/2000 Every family has its secrets and sometimes blood relations lead to bloodshed. When murder becomes a family affair, investigators must turn to science to uncover family plots.
S05E10 Blood Money 08/02/2000 Some people murder for love, others murder out of hatred. But sometimes people kill for the money. When greed is the motive, investigators must make every clue pay off in these murder-for-profit cases.
S05E11 Murder By Numbers 15/02/2000 For some killers, once is never enough. Often, cold and calculated serial killings are more difficult to solve than violent crimes of passion. For investigators, the challenge is steep when the killers murder by numbers.
S05E12 A Federal Offense 28/03/2000 When there’s a difficult case to crack, agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms can be called in to help. These investigators have the means to tackle crimes involving drugs, arson and weaponry.
S05E13 Flames of Justice 13/04/1999 Sometimes arson fires are set to cover a different, more heinous crime – such as murder. But killers are wrong to think that fire destroys all vital clues. Arson investigators can pull evidence from scorched rubble to ignite the flames of justice.
S06E01 False Witness 10/10/2000 Often, the witnesses of a crime are also the main suspects. They’re able to manipulate the truth to throw off the authorities. When a murder is committed and deceit clouds the evidence, investigators turn to forensics to uncover the truth.
S06E02 Trails of Evidence 24/10/2000 A simple clue can provide the missing link by placing a suspect at the scene of the crime. Dirt left on shoes, tires or clothes can pinpoint where the crime occurred. It takes the skilled eye of a forensic investigator to follow the trail.
S06E03 Missing 21/11/2000 Approximately 1.8 million Americans are reported missing each year. Some are runaways who eventually find their way home but others simply disappear without a trace. When foul play is suspected, investigators turn to forensics to find the missing.
S06E04 In the Line of Fire 07/11/2000 Some people don’t care who they kill; they just want to hurt innocents. Bombers, snipers and spree killers: these murderers are the hardest to catch because they have no connection to their victims, people in the wrong place at the wrong time.
S06E05 For Love or Money 12/12/2000 Sometimes blood relations lead to bloodshed. When money is the motive, murder can rip at the very foundation of family and marriage. When homicide becomes a family affair, investigators must turn to forensics to shed light on these crimes.
S06E06 Left at the Scene 26/12/2000 Even the most puzzling cases can be solved with the tiniest of residue left behind at the crime scene. Trace evidence and paint analysis can be used to track down a serial killer or dog hair can be used to link separate murders to a single suspect.
S06E07 Invisible Death 01/02/2001 Poison is an almost invisible form of death and is often interpreted as a heart attack or underlying health issue. But when foul play is suspected, toxicologists must look for hidden clues in blood and tissue to bring these murders to light.
S06E08 To Kill Again 13/02/2001 Some people do get away with murder, at least for a while. Thrilled by their success, they tend to kill again and again. But with each crime they leave behind more clues for investigators. In this episode, two serial killers are profiled.
S06E09 Written in Bone 06/03/2001 At the scene of a murder, sometimes the only clues to the killer come from the victim. Forensic anthropologists use skeletal remains to decipher the clues written in the bones to bring the murderers to justice.
S06E10 Cold Blooded 17/04/2001 Time of death is an important consideration in an investigation but when a killer destroys the body, even the best medical examiner would be at a loss about how to calculate death's time frame. Forensics has its own techniques for solving these crimes.
S06E11 Fatal Error 01/05/2001 Accidental deaths, suicides, disappearances and fires: they’re an everyday part of an insurance investigator’s job. But these cases shouldn’t be taken at face value. Forensics has become a vital tool in exposing insurance fraud.
S06E12 Dead in the Water 22/05/2001 Drowning deaths often look like accidents and over time water can destroy the few clues the killer may have left behind. Investigators must turn to forensic science to solve homicides in which the victims were found in bodies of water.
S06E13 Scent of the Kill 11/09/2001 A dog can be a dead man’s best friend. Some dogs have been trained by law enforcement to sniff out corpses, drugs, explosives and missing persons. Even with advances in science, a dog’s nose is often first to find fundamental clues.
S07E01 Bloodlust 18/09/2001 For homicide investigators, it’s a race against time when they track their deadliest foe: a serial killer who murders to feel alive.
S07E02 Deadly Aim 28/08/2001 When a killer turns a gun on a victim, ballistic analysis is key to cracking the case. Each shot fired leaves behind its own clues, allowing scientists to target murderers with deadly aim.
S07E03 Stolen Identity 04/09/2001 When theft is committed, something valuable is stolen. But when a criminal needs a new identity, theft becomes lethal.
S07E04 Silent Witness 11/09/2001 Sometimes, seemingly small and insignificant clues – three hairs, microscopic fibers, a paint chip – become a victim’s silent witness and help solve even the most baffling of cases.
S07E05 Deadly Intentions 25/09/2001 When abduction turns to murder, forensic science is a vital key to finding justice for the victims of a kidnapper’s deadly intentions.
S07E06 Patterns of Guilt 11/12/2001 The tread of a tire, a single shoe print or even the shape of a bruise can help investigators track down murderers.
S07E07 A Deadly Smile 18/12/2001 Investigators rely on forensic odontology – the examination of dental evidence – to identify a body from a single tooth and to catch two ruthless killers from their bite marks.
S07E08 Military Justice 01/01/2002 The law enforcement agency of the United States Navy and Marine Corps uses forensic science to solve perplexing murders and fulfill their motto: “To the living we owe respect; to the dead, we owe the truth.”
S07E09 The Unforgotten 19/02/2002 Years after a murder has been committed, investigators use modern technology and advanced DNA analysis to shed new light on crimes that have gone unpunished for far too long.
S07E10 Tainted Blood 05/03/2002 Forensic scientists find clues written in blood as they investigate the murders of three women who were killed by men who once loved them.
S07E11 Buried Secrets 26/02/2002 The elements of nature can reduce a body to bones in a matter of weeks. Combining art and science, forensic anthropologists can give victims a face long after they’ve been forgotten.
S07E12 Proof Of Innocence 19/03/2002 Sometimes, the wrong people are punished for crimes they did not commit. Forensic scientists use DNA analysis to overturn convictions of these innocent men and women who have spent years behind bars.
S07E13 Drawing Conclusions 26/03/2002 A teenager is abducted on a shopping trip. Two hikers go missing on the Appalachian Trail. A grandmother never returns home from work. Forensic artists turn witness statements into pictures to recreate the face of their killers.
S07E14 Stranger Than Fiction 10/09/2002 A millionaire is murdered for a stash of buried treasure. A young woman dates violent men, only to be killed by her best friend. When real crimes are stranger than fiction, forensic science can sort fact from fantasy.
S07E15 Predators and Parasites 21/05/2002 For the forensic entomologist, insects that nest in corpses are like witnesses to the crime. By studying their behavior, scientists learn everything -- from when a murder was committed to what sort of weapon was used.
S07E16 In the Camera’s Eye 11/06/2002 Photography has long been a fundamental tool in homicide investigations. A single image can hold enough information to identify a suspect and preserve vital clues long after a witness’s memory fades.
S07E17 Wasted Youth 25/06/2002 When teenagers are driven to kill, their victims are not the only ones to suffer from their violent crime. In three such cases, the families of the killers and their communities become victims of these young criminals.
S07E18 Collective Justice 24/09/2002 Philadelphia’s Vidocq Society, named after an 18th century French detective, is one of the world’s most unusual crime-solving organizations – a members-only club made up of forensic professionals. Witness these sleuths solve impossible cases.
S08E01 Murder for Hire 15/10/2002 For some killers, murder can be a lucrative business. When a victim has been targeted for death, investigators must dig deep and go beyond the obvious to uncover a murder for hire.
S08E02 Toxic Death 03/12/2002 Sometimes the cause of death does coincide with the scene of the crime. When an untraceable poison is used as a murder weapon, investigators rely on forensic toxicologists to follow a killer’s tracks and expose a toxic death.
S08E03 Material Witness 10/12/2002 Lies, deception and contradicting witnesses can often throw investigators off the trail of justice. But when indisputable evidence refutes a killer’s story, police must use the clues to piece together the truth.
S08E04 Betrayed 17/12/2002 Sometimes when a death seems to be accidental, forensics can reveal the deception just below the surface. Law enforcement uses a variety of techniques to uncover the hidden truths that reclassify cases from tragic accidents to cold-blooded homicides.
S08E05 Elements of Murder 24/12/2002 A murdered woman is found stuffed in the boot of her car, and a routine investigation reveals a wife may not have abandoned her family on purpose. When everyday substances reveal hidden clues that break a homicide case, those substances become the elements of murder.
S08E06 Random Targets 14/01/2003 Most victims are meticulously chosen by their murderer because of a connection or because they match a set of criteria. The most terrifying cases of murder occur when the killer appears to choose victims at random.
S08E07 Grave Secrets 11/02/2003 Killers often will try to cover up their crime by hiding the remains of their victims. Sometimes bodies may lay hidden for years before they are discovered. That’s when forensic scientists are called upon to reveal buried clues.
S08E08 At Close Range 18/02/2003 When a victim is killed at point-blank range, police often suspect that a friend or acquaintance is to blame, because for a stranger it would otherwise prove too difficult. Investigators must use the clues to track down the most unlikely killers.
S08E09 Lethal Encounter 25/03/2003 In most murder cases, police rely on motive to pursue a killer. But when the murderer is a stranger, the crime may go unsolved for years. Investigators must employ an arsenal of forensic techniques to trace these seemingly random lethal encounters.
S08E10 Crimes of Passion 22/04/2003 When killers are driven by jealousy, rage and desire, their desperation is evident in both the crime and their efforts to cover their tracks. But forensic science can reveal even the smallest mistake to solve these crimes of passion.
S08E11 Absent Witness 13/05/2003 When murderers hide or destroy the remains of their victims, forensic scientists must reconstruct the scenes and prove murder for an absent witness.
S08E12 Marked for Death 17/07/2003 Often killers are careful to not leave any fingerprints behind. But the methods of the murder itself can leave a lasting impression on authorities, especially when the tools of a killer’s trade leave a victim marked for death.
S08E13 Fatal Abductions 10/06/2003 Anytime, anywhere, people disappear – and sometimes these disappearances end in tragic murder. Kidnappers always leave clues behind, but chasing them takes time, hindering investigators’ attempts to solve these fatal abductions.
S08E14 Medical Examiners Casebook 19/07/2003 Some killers choose to hide their victims and investigators must then rely on forensics to uncover proof of murder. From identifying remains to uncovering post-mortem clues, medical examiners are integral in solving some of the most brutal crimes.
S08E15 Trial by Fire 19/08/2003 At a crime scene, anything left behind or moved out of place is considered a clue. But a fire can extinguish everything in its path, challenging forensic investigators at every turn.
S08E16 Undaunted 08/07/2003 Solving crimes may begin with intuition but advanced science provides investigators with irrefutable proof to uncover staged accidents. When criminals go to great lengths to hide their crimes, skeptical investigators must remain undaunted.
S08E17 Forsaken Trust 05/08/2003 When victims of murder knew their killers, they can be caught off guard. The killers rely on their intimate knowledge to pull off the perfect crime. But even the best-laid plans leave traces of the forsaken trust.
S08E18 Coronor Investigator 03/01/2004 Coroners play a vital role in piecing together the final moments of someone’s life. Los Angeles County coroner Julie Wilson provides an in-depth look into the science of death, as well as the techniques and methodology used by coroner investigators.
S09E01 Hidden Obsessions 28/10/2003 Sometimes those closest to a victim can be the most dangerous. Beneath a layer of trust can lurk a deadly obsession. In these cases, authorities employ an arsenal of forensic techniques to uncover the twisted path of lies that leads to murder.
S09E02 Blind Trust 25/11/2003 Often, a killer will build the victim’s trust before he or she attacks. In this episode, New Mexico police search for a missing teenager who disappeared from a local skating rink. Authorities suspect the two friends she was last seen with.
S09E03 Shattered Vows 10/01/2004 Marriage is one of the tightest bonds two people can have, until lies and deceit drive one of them to kill. In this episode, forensic experts are employed to link a woman’s husband to her violent murder and uncover a murder disguised as an accident.
S09E04 Fatal Impressions 13/01/2004 Sometimes the faintest fingerprint or tire track is all investigators need to solve even the most brutal of crimes. When a woman’s body is discovered in a field, detectives employ a rarely used technique to bring her killer to justice.
S09E05 Misplaced Loyalty 17/01/2004 A house fire in California turns into a murder investigation when authorities discover that the victim’s best friend and personal manager had recently cleaned out her bank account.
S09E06 Killing Time 29/01/2004 A killer will often try to disguise the victim’s body in an attempt to the hide the actual cause of death; however, forensics cannot be fooled. In this episode, authorities use reverse DNA testing to identify remains and solve an old crime.
S09E07 Silent Killers 13/03/2004 When money is the motive, there is no limit to what a killer will do to get away with their fortune. When officers find the dismembered remains of a young man, they also discover his girlfriend recently took out an insurance policy on the deceased.
S09E08 Out To Kill 16/03/2004 Sometimes, cooperation from people who are not associated with a crime in any way is the only link between a criminal and the clues left behind for forensic experts. This episode examines cases in which good Samaritans help solve puzzling crimes.
S09E09 Raw Greed 27/03/2004 Even ordinary objects, when used to kill, carry enough evidence for forensic scientists to piece together the most complicated murders. In this episode, criminals are brought to justice with evidence found on mundane, household objects.
S09E10 Murderous Attractions 10/04/2004 The most sacred of vows are sometimes not enough to stop a serious desire. In this episode, a nurse suspects a patient’s husband of attempted murder by poisoning and a man stages his depressed wife’s murder as a suicide.
S09E11 Broken Trust 24/04/2004 Often, criminals misuse the trust they’ve built with their victims to commit heinous misdeeds. A family discovers the mummified remains of a pregnant woman; a nurse notices an unusually high number of deaths in an ICU unit and suspects foul play.
S09E12 Price of Murder 08/05/2004 When the amount of money is substantial, a person can be motivated to do terrible things to someone they love. Police discover that a large life insurance policy was motive for a man’s murder. A woman hires help to cover up her husband’s death.
S09E13 Stolen Youth 12/06/2004 Murdering a child is perhaps the most heinous of crimes. But no matter how defenseless a killer believes a young child to be, there is no hiding from the clues left behind.
S09E14 Loved to Death 17/07/2004 Forensic science has advanced so much that even the oldest remains still share the clues necessary to convict a killer. Investigators use DNA to solve a murder case from 1980.
S09E15 Written in Blood 14/08/2004 Blood can be the most telling evidence of a murder and often it is the only thing investigators have to link a killer to his or her victim. Forensic scientists and medical examiners look at blood spatter patterns to determine how someone was killed.
S09E16 Critical Evidence 28/08/2004 Whether it is a fingerprint or a single bullet, sometimes it is the smallest piece of evidence that is needed to crack the biggest cases. In this episode, detectives use an ingenious technique to find the bullet that killed an elderly man.
S09E17 Fatal Twist 18/09/2004 When an unexpected crime occurs with no eyewitnesses, very few clues and the killers on the run, authorities must rely on forensic science to discover the fatal twist in these cases.
S09E18 Vanished 31/10/2004 Murderers will go to great lengths to keep their crimes concealed, but forensic evidence is impossible to cover up. In this episode, authorities rush to identify bodies found in drum barrels and locate several missing women linked to the killer.

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