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The New Dick Van Dyke Show was Dick Van Dyke's return to television after pursing movie roles, following the highly sucessful run of the Dick Van Dyke Show. In this incarnation he was Dick Preston, a talk show host and later a soap-opera actor. The show focused on his work and his home life with wife Jenny (Hope Lange) and daughter Annie (Angela Powell). The show ran on CBS from 1971-1974. For the first two seasons, the Prestons lived in Arizona. Dick hosted a local talk/variety show called "The Dick Preston Show." His sister/secretary was "Mike" Preston, and he and Jenny's best friends was Bernie Davis and his wife Carol. Dick's boss was Ted Atwater, a money-greedy type of man. For the last season, Dick, Jenny, and Annie left Arizona for Hollywood, where Dick got an acting job on the soap opera "Those Who Care." New characters were Richard and Connie Richardson. Sadly, when the first format was just kicking up, the second format came in and caused the ratings to decli


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The New Dick Van Dyke Show

S01E01 Smoke Rings 18/09/1971 Dick demonstrates how to blow smoke rings to a chimpanzee who is appearing on his talk show. Unfortunately, Dick gets caught in his own ring when he becomes addicted to smoking.
S01E02 A Star Ain't Born 25/09/1971 Goodbye, Phoenix. Hello, Hollywood...maybe...but, only if Dick can have a successful screen test with a glamourous leading lady.
S01E03 Mid-term Dinner 02/10/1971 AKA New Girlfriend. Reminiscent of "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner", the Preston's get a big surprise when Lucas's girlfriend shows up to dinner, and just happens to be black. The most surprised is Dick's mom, known for her bigotry.
S01E04 Everything From A to Z 09/10/1971 Annie, unknowingly, takes a "dirty" book with her to school. Thus, giving a whole new meaning to sex education.
S01E05 The Tennis Pro 16/10/1971 Jenny takes tennis lessons, and Dick becomes green with jealousy.
S01E06 A House is Not a Home, Yet 23/10/1971 When the house of their dreams becomes available, the Prestons decide to move. Problems arise as they try to sell their old house and Annie decides she doesn't want to leave.
S01E07 The Replacement 30/10/1971 Dick gains a sidekick on his talk show. Soon, he begins to fear that the popular (and egotistical) singer will steal his job.
S01E08 Queasy Rider 06/11/1971 In one of the funniest episodes of the show, Dick buys a motorcycle and against advice from everyone takes it out to the desert on a ride. When he runs out of gas and takes refuge in an old cabin, thinks take a turn for the worse.
S01E09 The Storm 13/11/1971 A storm descends on the Preston's household, and they find themselves re-enacting Noah's ark.
S01E10 Conductor and the Lady 20/11/1971 When symphony conductor Paul Franz is a guest on Dick's talk show, Dick asks him on the air to come to their house for dinner, throwing Jenny into a panic and Dick into the dog house
S01E11 Off and Running 27/11/1971 In the series pilot, Dick and Jenny Preston have been married for 18 years and are the proud parents of two children, 10 and 16. With Dick's talk show doing well, they feel that their life is next to perfect, until unexpected news arrives--Jenny is pregnant.
S01E12 A Room With a View 04/12/1971 A misunderstanding causes Jenny to think Dick is building her a sewing room instead of the sauna he's planning on.
S01E13 Linda, Linda, Linda 11/12/1971 An ever-helpful Dick promises a young starlet a world-record. To Jenny's dismay, the record is for the longest TV kiss.
S01E14 Pepito of Mexico 18/12/1971 Someone's playing Robin Hood with the Preston's items. Unfortunately, it seems to be an inside job.
S01E15 Bernie Did It 01/01/1972 After fighting with his manager, Dick must negotiate his own contract with the station manager.
S01E16 Annie Get Your Bike 08/01/1972 This flashback episode focuses on the calamaties that ensue when Jenny goes into labor. Also, Annie feels ignored becuase of the baby's arrival. Also, young Lucas gets a new bike and falls off breaking his nose!
S01E17 What is Your Husband Doing Tomorrow 15/01/1972 Jenny becomes suspicious when Dick keeps missing dinner. Is he seeing gorgeous models for business or pleasure?
S01E18 The Birth 22/01/1972 The alternative title to this episode could have been: Jenny and the Unmarried Hitchhiker. Dick must deal with them both on the way to the hospital for the birth of the Preston's third child.
S01E19 The Split 29/01/1972 Dick plays marriage counseler when Bernie and Carol split up over the issue of having children.
S01E20 The Harry Award 05/02/1972 Dick is being honored with an award, unfortunately, the ceremony is being held at a restricted gold club.
S01E21 People's Choice 12/02/1972 Jenny and Dick find themselves on opposite ends of the school board election.
S01E22 After the Ball is Over 19/02/1972 Mike's ex-husband returns and the chase in on. Is he really reformed?
S01E23 no 99 00/00/0000
S01E24 no 98 00/00/0000 Annie gets a part in a commerical opposite Dick.
S01E25 no 97 00/00/0000 Dick agrees to a drinking test for his show, that shows the evils of drinking, but while under the influence he says a few things about marriage that Jenny does not find funny
S01E26 no 96 00/00/0000
S01E27 no 95 00/00/0000
S01E28 no 94 00/00/0000
S01E29 no 92 00/00/0000 When the house next to the Preston's comes up for sale, it's hard for them to admit they don't want Bernie and Carol to buy it.
S01E30 no 93 00/00/0000 Bernie comes up with a game show he is sure will be a winner for the network, if he can only sell the idea.
S02E01 The Former Mr. Preston 17/09/1972 A guest on Dick's talk show claims to be Jenny's first husband.
S02E02 The Needle 24/09/1972 In a flashback episode, Dick and Jenny recall about the hotel they spent the night in on the way to an important wedding and the needle Dick got stuck in his leg.
S02E03 The Great Prestoni 01/10/1972 The office is robbed after hours and Dick must make a daring escape from the crooks--with hilarious results.
S02E04 Big Brother is Watching You 18/03/1973 When Dick's brother arrives with a new lady, Bernie recognizes her as a nude dancer.
S02E05 Bernie's House 15/10/1972 When the house next to the Preston's comes up for sale, it's hard for them to admit they don't want Bernie and Carol to buy it.
S02E06 Power of the Bleep 25/02/1973 When Dick's show is censored, he walks off of the set. Will Jenny be able to stand having him at home?
S02E07 The Game 05/11/1972 Bernie comes up with a game show he is sure will be a winner for the network, if he can only sell the idea.
S02E08 What Do You Want To Be? 12/11/1972 An episode of Dick's show requires the gang to pretend to be someone from history. Dick as Mark Twain and Fred Astaire, Jenny as Lena Horne, Carol as Barbra Streisand and Mike as Ladybird Johnson.
S02E09 Chef Mike 19/11/1972 Mike is given her own cooking show but she only knows how to cook one thing.
S02E10 Ashes and Urns 26/11/1972 Dick's mother brings her father's ashes over to the house so they can scatter them according to his wishes. But somehow during the night, the ashes disappear
S02E11 Old Dick and Jenny 03/12/1972 A sexy new divorced neighbor among other things make both Dick and Jenny to wonder if the other one still sees them as attractive.
S02E12 Big Time Baby 10/12/1972 A network exec drops some hints that Dick's show may be moving to New York.
S02E13 Blood is Thicker than Oatmeal 17/12/1972
S02E14 The Jailbird 24/12/1972 On his way home Christmas Day, Dick gets caught speeding and doesn't have enough money to to get out of jail. When he calls Bernie to bail him out, he too gets a ticket and Christmas doesn't look very merry.
S02E15 Dick and the Baby 07/01/1973 Dick is left in charge of the baby when Jenny and Annie head out of town, but it seems he mislaid Chrissy at the grocery store. A great football episode
S02E16 The New Neighbors Part 1 14/01/1973 The Preston's new neighbors are fast becoming great friends and even allow Dick to buy stock in their tool company. But when it becomes known to Dick that the company is a mafia front, things get a little scary.
S02E24 Guess Who's Coming To Sedar 25/03/1973 Carol (a Catholic) has to pretend to be Jewish, so that Bernie's mother won't be upset.
S03E01 Those Who Care 10/09/1973 When Dick gets offered a part on a popular soap opera, the Prestons leave their home in Arizona for California.
S03E02 Dennis Takes a Wife 17/09/1973 A neurotic script writer falls for the Preston's houseguest.
S03E03 One of the Boys 24/09/1973 Dick has all of his friends over for a poker game. But, as the host, he's torn between the game and the baby.
S03E04 Dick in Deutsch 01/10/1973 When Dick and Jenny win a trip to Germany, things go from bad to worse when a mix up in rooms almost get Dick arrested for immoral behavior.
S03E05 Lt. Preston of the 4th Calvary 18/03/1974 Annie accidently walks in on her parents while they are making love
S03E06 I'll Cry Today 15/10/1973 Dick goes to the dentist, but the laughing gas has some unusual effects.
S03E07 The Young Surgeons 22/10/1973 This flashback episode has Dick describing his first acting job to his co-workers.
S03E08 She Kisses Like a Dead Mackerel 29/10/1973 A cold, wet, drunk and very jealous Jenny makes an umseemingly comment about Dick's co-star that gets picked up by the press.
S03E09 Preston Al Naturale 12/11/1973 An Italian director thinks Dick would be perfect for this new movie but Dick isn't so sure when he discovers he'll have to do a nude scene with a sexy Italian actress.
S03E10 Turning Pro 19/11/1973 Lucas visits his parents and has some interesting plans. He's leaving school to become a professional bowler.
S03E11 Exit Laughing 26/11/1973 Dick's Uncle Jackie comes for a visit and ends up dying, which sets off a family battle over how the funeral should be conducted.
S03E12 What Your Best Friend Doesn't Know 03/12/1973 Dick's old friend can't memorize his lines.
S03E13 Mr. Dazzle 17/12/1973 Dick has a chance to do a commerical that pays well and could lead to other jobs, but it's a cheesy ad for a toilet bowl cleaner.
S03E14 He Who Steals My Friends 31/12/1973 Richard and Connie introduce Dick and Jenny to friends of theirs and the two couples hit it off so well, the Richardsons began to feel jealous.
S03E15 Back Break Kid 07/01/1974 An eager actor puts Dick in a back brace while they are rehearsing. Will the young stud take over Dick's job while he recovers?
S03E16 Balzac, Come Home 14/01/1974 The Prestons babysit, then lose Margot's spoiled dog.
S03E17 The Hickey 21/01/1974 An ambitious young actress gives Dick something more than he bargained for--a hickey.
S03E18 House Guests 28/01/1974 Company comes and stays and stays and stays and tempers start to fly.
S03E19 The Pregnancy 11/02/1974 When Jenny thinks she might be pregnant, Dick has a dream that he and the guys at work are the ones expecting.
S03E20 Man of Medicine 18/02/1974 Dick quits his job when a producer promises him the lead in a new show. Problem is, it that it hasn't sold yet.
S03E21 Commercial Housewives 25/02/1974 Jenny gets a chance to do a commerical but it doesn't go over well.
S03E22 A Fake Matisse is Better Than a Real Anzelowitz 04/03/1974 Jenny buys a painting for $75 that she is convinced is a Matisse, but the art dealer appears to be dragging his feet on the decision.