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The New Lassie premiered in the fall of 1989 and ran for two seasons in Syndication.Making a total of between 48 and 52 half-hour episodes. Chris McCullough and his wife Dee live in a small town, Glenridge, California. They live with their two children, Will and Megan, and of course his pet dog, Lassie. Chris is a building contractor. One frequent visiting relative is Uncle Steve. Adventures deal with several subjects related to ecology and family values. The series starred Will Estes Nipper as Lassie's newest owner,Will McCullough. It also featured the original Timmy,Jon Provost as Uncle Steve.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The New Lassie

S01E01 Lassie At Last (a.k.a. Incident In Glenridge) 09/09/1989 The beloved collie finds further adventure in California. In the opener, Uncle Steve (Jon Provost- who played Timmy in the original series) is shot while walking in the woods with Lassie. The culprit is a deer hunter out of season who proceeds to blame Lassie for a false bite so the dog can't lead to Steve's whereabouts.
S01E02 City Lights 16/09/1989 Frightened and alone in the city, Lassie meets a young boy, Mike (Chance Corbitt) who shares her predicament.
S01E03 Bingo Was Her Name 23/09/1989 Lassie brings a stray dog home to the McCulloughs.
S01E04 Heatwave 30/09/1989 Lassie is trapped in a hot car while Will is on the soccer field trying to impress the coach and a young lady (Katie Jane Johnson)
S01E05 Water Watchdog (a.k.a. Contamination) 07/10/1989 When Megan becomes ill after swimming in a polluted lake, Chris sets out to investigate the source of the contamination.
S01E06 Dangerous Party (a.k.a. Halloween) 14/10/1989 Will's friend Wayne (Gabriel Damon) is determined to play a prank on an elderly neighbor the night before Halloween.
S01E07 Roots 21/10/1989 A woman from Steve's past claims Lassie. June Lockhart of the original ""Lassie"" series appears as the collie's former owner, who comes looking for her pet and finds her long lost son. This episode reveals the way the McCulloughs got Lassie, when as a puppy, Steve had pulled her out of a burning car
S01E08 Tinker 28/10/1989 When a councilwoman (Patricia McCormack) tries to remove Tinker, a miniature horse from the neighborhood, Megan, Will and Lassie dig into the case.
S01E09 A Dog And His Boy 04/11/1989 An autistic boy (Gregor Hesse) finds an enthusiastic friend in Lassie.
S01E10 New Generation 11/10/1989 Eager to raise money for a new racing bike, Will decides to sell one of the puppies that Lassie is expecting.
S01E11 Once Upon A Time... 18/11/1989 Mr. Shepherd, a mysterious magician (Tony Jay) fails to impress Megan with hocus-pocus until his performance at a benefit show
S01E12 Witness 25/11/1989 Will joins his friend Arnie (Joah Williams) in a prank that closes the school for the day, freeing the boys to get into more trouble.
S01E13 Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner? 08/09/1990 An unexpected houseguest (Roddy McDowall) who evidently dislikes children and animals upsets Dee and Will until they discover who he really is.
S01E14 I'm Still Alive 15/09/1990 After a troubling phone call, Dee and Lassie head for the lake, where they get trapped in an old cabin.
S01E15 The Skateboard Dare (ak.a.Trapped) 22/09/1990 Will accepts a challenge to tackle a maze set up by a practical joker (Chris Demetral), unaware of the danger ahead.
S01E16 Just Another Saturday 29/09/1990 Megan helps the victim of a motorcycle accident, unaware that the crash has broken a gas line to the house.
S01E17 Steve Comes Back 06/10/1990 When Uncle Steve takes Will and Megan gliding, they learn that hanging out with him can be dangerous.
S01E18 Wild West 13/10/1990 An old family photo sends the McCulloughs to a ghost town on a quest for hidden treasure, but a modern day outlaw is hiding there as well.
S01E19 Pot Hunters 20/10/1990 Lassie discovers buried Indian treasure and some thieves track her down.
S01E20 The Big Blowup (a.k.a. Watch Your Step) 27/10/1990 Will, Megan and Lassie play ball at Chris's latest construction site- a field scattered with live artillery shells.
S01E21 Burglary 03/11/1989 When burglars strike the McCullough household, Lassie runs off to sound the alarm.
S01E22 Snake Bite 10/11/1990 Will, Lassie, a local merchant and a rattlesnake are trapped in the man's store.
S01E23 Livewire 17/11/1990 Fallen power lines electrify a fence. A loose electrical wire turns a metal fence by Will's baseball field into a high voltage hazard.
S01E24 Crush 24/11/1990 Will and Lassie meet a disabled boy (Anthony Jacobsen) during basketball practice who has a crush on Megan.
S02E01 No Pets Allowed 07/09/1991 An older man (Gale Gordon) may lose his dog when his landlady (Margaret O'Brien) decides to forbid pets.
S02E02 Best of Show 10/09/1991 Megan grooms Lassie for a dog show.
S02E03 Lifeguard 17/09/1991 Lassie is a lifeguard at the beach.
S02E04 Leeds, The Judge 21/09/1991 Lassie, Will and Leeds survive an airplane crash.
S02E05 The Gathering Of The Clans 28/09/1991 Lassie saves the clan's Highland Lodge when a dishonest developer (Robert Walker) tries to buy the families' traditional meeting lodge.
S02E06 The Stranger 05/10/1991 Lassie saves Will at a hardware store. Lassie and Will protect a merchant (Matt Roe) from an escaped convict (John Walcott) bent on revenge.
S02E07 Saviour of Kittens 12/10/1991 Lassie saves 3 kittens from being taken to the pound.
S02E08 Lassie, The Psychic 17/10/1991 Lassie turns psychic at Megan's party telling the guests their fortunes.
S02E09 The Amazing Lassie 25/10/1991 Lassie goes to Tommy Rettig's (Jeff from the original series) computer college to compete against other dogs. Lassie sniffs out the culprit who tampered with the school computer.
S02E10 Digging Up Danger 02/11/1991 Lassie, Will and Megan explore an Indian cave to look for relics and are rescued by Chris and Dee after Lassie runs for help.
S02E11 The Baby 09/11/1991 Lassie saves a baby from being in a car accident.
S02E12 Diamond Pin 09/11/1991 Lassie finds a lost diamond pin in a dirt hole, put in the hole by a Poodle.
S02E13 The Puppy Problem 23/11/1991 Lassie finds the man who hit her puppy, Laddie, with Will and Chris's help.
S02E14 The Bridge 30/11/1991 Will and Lassie fall through a hole in a bridge while crossing it.
S02E15 Nikki's Family 07/12/1991 Lassie settles a family dispute.
S02E16 Dog Afternoon 11/12/1991 Lassie finds a black girl who was supposed to be dead after undergoing a delicate operation.
S02E17 The Represa 21/12/1991 While the McCulloughs are visiting Mexico, Lassie warns them of a dam breaking, causing a flood.While returning a runaway boy (Isaac Ocampo) to his family the McCulloughs encounter danger in a heavy rainstorm.
S02E18 Lassie, Movie Star 04/01/1992 Lassie is fired on a movie set and replaced by another dog. The other dog did not satisfy the director, so he hires Lassie back.
S02E19 Puppy Talk 11/01/1990 Lassie talks to puppies and they talk back to Lassie.
S02E20 Punch With Rum 18/01/1992 Lassie has a bad reaction from a bee sting on her nose and the vet gives her medication.
S02E21 A Rabbit Tale 01/02/1992 Lassie and Megan help two rabbits escape from being victims of experimentation. Meanwhile, the McCulloughs are pestered by a mouse.
S02E22 Will's Essay 08/02/1992 Lassie helps Will's essay to win 3rd place.
S02E23 A Will And A Way 15/02/1992 The McCulloughs try to cheer the excentric Mr. Leeds.
S02E24 Hostage: A Dog's Life 22/02/1992 Will springs into action when Lassie is held hostage by a fugitive (Lance Kerwin).
S02E25 Justice 29/02/1992
S02E26 The Computer Studio 07/03/1992
S02E27 A Friendship Forever 14/03/1992