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George Findlay is the News Director of the local station in Toronto for "a major government controlled broadcast network". His life is complicated by three factors: he is completely self absorbed; most of the news stories don't happen they way or when he wants; and he functions in the Machiavellian bureaucracy of a government owned television network. Series II, after a brief hiatus the the Newsroom story continues.... George Findlay (Ken Finkleman) and his staff are back in the newsroom where pettiness and moral bankruptcy are taken to new depths. New faces, new phobias, new issues and Death haunt George as he maneuvers his way around the daily task of producing the news. Also this season, News Anchor Jim Walcott (Peter Keleghan) returns to brighten our day with moronic interviews with luminaries like Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky .


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S01E01 The Walking Shoe Incident 21/10/1996 George interviews people for a job as his personal assistant.
S01E02 Dinner at Eight 28/10/1996 When it is decided to hire a new co-anchor, Jim feels his job is in jeopardy.
S01E03 Deeper, Deeper 04/11/1996 Everyone is in fear for their jobs after the network announces budget cuts. George promises to fight the brass on their behalf, but the only one he actually fights to save is his own.
S01E04 The Kevorkian Joke 11/11/1996 When a failing screenwriter decides to commit suicide, George turns his videotaped attempt into a 5-part ratings winner. Then his new video star starts to have second thoughts.
S01E05 A Bad Day 18/11/1996 Insulting his colleagues is bad enough, but when George hits on a female guest, she walks off the show.
S01E06 Petty Tyranny 25/11/1996 George is obsessed with finding a bran muffin, but ends up in the middle of a fight with the cafeteria manager instead. The newsroom is excited to learn that Cynthia Dale will be spending two weeks with them until George manages to offend her, several times.
S01E07 Dis and Dat 10/02/1997 After George asks the young woman sitting outside his boss's office to get him coffee, Graham introduces her. She is Gillian Sorros, the new head of regional programming. She arrives with some strong ideas about George and his news department.
S01E08 Unity 17/02/1997 A female guest discussing the issue of Canadian unity is attracted to Jim, apparently impressed by his incredible ignorance.
S01E09 Parking 24/02/1997 George is driven to the edge of paranoia by the cumulation of a strange voice-mail message, the abduction of his couch, and the search for an indoor parking space.
S01E10 Meltdown (1) 03/03/1997 A visit by director David Cronenberg is eclipsed by the shocking prospect of a possible meltdown at a nearby nuclear reactor.
S01E11 Meltdown (2) 17/03/1997 As the news staff at the station panics, George interviews nuclear experts and tries to figure out how to make them entertaining on TV.
S01E12 Meltdown (3) 24/03/1997 George finally becomes so obsessed with the threat to his own life that he can no longer handle reporting on the state of the emergency.
S01E13 The Campaign 31/03/1997 Anchorman Jim decides to run for political office, but he makes the further mistake of letting George and other newsroom staffers run his campaign.
S02E01 America, America 12/01/2004 Jim is hired by a morning show in New York.
S02E02 Death 1, George 0 19/01/2004 George fails a Kafkaesque job evaluation in ways he never could have imagined. A valued veteran newsroom employee dies, George's empathy is qualified.
S02E03 Pushy Money Grubbing 26/01/2004 Racism infiltrates the newsroom.
S02E04 An Enormous Waste of Time 02/02/2004 A sniper kills again. A dog dies in the office. A power lunch goes wrong. And George regrets ever using the handicapped washroom.
S02E05 Anchors Away 09/02/2004 George's dream date is just that: nothing more than a dream. The intelligent segment producer Karen dumbs herself down for sex and Jim makes a book deal.
S02E06 One of Us 16/02/2004 George hires a temp from an old established WASP family thinking that connections will pay off. They don't. George pays.
S02E07 Never Read Symptoms 01/03/2004 George dodges jury duty in an animal rights case and ends up entangled with virus infected monkeys. Allen suffers from a brain tumor.
S02E08 The Fifty 08/03/2004 An argument between George and Alex over finding a $50 bill results in Alex losing his job on principle and then buying it back from George for a considerable sum ... also on principle.
S02E09 Slow Leak 15/03/2004 George's jealousy gets him arrested.
S02E10 Reality Strikes 22/03/2004 A film crew invades the newsroom, making George anxious.
S02E11 Say Cheese 05/04/2004 George tries to sell an idea for a cheese commercial; Jim develops a form of anorexia nervosa.
S02E12 The British Accent 12/04/2004 George secretly cancels his trip.
S02E13 The Second Coming 19/04/2004 Alex attempts suicide after being dumped by his girlfriend.
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