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Revealing the traumatic, shocking, humorous and occasionally bizarre experiences of victims of nightmare neighbours. This brand new series goes behind closed doors to find out what really happens between neighbours when disputes arise, looking at some of the most extreme and extraordinary cases in Britain today.


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S01E01 Episode 1 01/04/2014 The Chawner family, who have caused over 600 complaints from angry neighbours, move into a quiet suburban street in Blackburn. A psychiatrist in Clapham battles a huge renovation next door and thumping basslines, pounding walls and slamming doors are depriving a mother and her family of sleep.
S01E02 Episode 2 08/04/2014 The peace of rural Somerset is shattered when animal-loving Meg Sunningdale moves to the small village of Withycombe. Meg fiercely protects all creatures great and small, a view at odds with some of the locals, especially when she takes to feeding the local badgers. Matters come to a head when she erects posters naming and shaming one of the villagers for taking part in a government backed cull to prevent tuberculosis spreading in cattle, resulting in him and his family being driven out by an animal rights backlash. Though Meg receives a police caution, the trouble does not end there. Animal Rights activists start turning up in droves – leaving the village under siege and Meg's relations with her neighbours beyond repair. In Woodford Green, friendships are thrown out of the window when Tariq Ahmed's plans to extend his three-bedroom end-of-terrace house into a five bedroom mansion lead to untold misery for his neighbours Helen Coughlan and Tony and Veronica Martin. The extension will go right up to Helen's boundary, severely blocking light and restricting access to her property. To Helen's disbelief, the council approves the building plans. The disruption is immediate, with endless noise and seemingly unsafe building practices being carried out by Ahmed's partly YouTube-educated crew. The colossal structure begins to overshadow Helen's house and shroud it in darkness, while the Martins discover huge cracks inside their property. Following their complaints, Ahmed starts to threaten his neighbours, even saying that he will blow up their house... In Bournemouth, mum Debra Freestone has been happily parking her car on a small unregistered strip of land that backs onto her garden for over 20 years. In 2011, she inherits some money and decides to apply to the Land Registry to officially claim the land, building a gated driveway on it in the meantime. When her new neighbour Charles Garegnani demands that she remove the gates and driveway, sh
S01E03 Episode 3 15/04/2014 Barry and Phyllis Roddis were enjoying an idyllic retirement in their quiet Barnsley neighbourhood until new neighbour Barrie Barker moved in next door and started scrapping cars in his driveway. When Mr Roddis led a neighbourhood appeal to stop the noise, he became the target of Mr Barker's anger. A nine-year campaign of intimidation, verbal and physical abuse followed, which had a devastating effect on the pensioners' lives and finally resulted in a prison sentence for Mr Barker. When Maurice Forsyth-Grant's family fell on hard times, they were forced to vacate and finally sell their ancestral home, Ecclesgreig Castle in Scotland. However, they were able to keep a small part of the estate and a few out buildings in which Maurice now lives. When businessman Gavin Farquhar and his company bought the now dilapidated castle, Maurice hoped that they would restore it and the estate to its former glory. However, the new owners' plans for the castle were very different, resulting in a dispute between the neighbours that has raged for years, leaving the castle, surrounding roads and land to fall further into disrepair. In Streatham in south London, squatters have made life hell for Richard and Philomena Chadwick, who have been battling to evict them for five years. Their next-door neighbours' bongo playing parties and rooftop sunbathing have destroyed the privacy of the Chadwick's once secluded garden, but constant appeals to the authorities have fallen on deaf ears due to a loophole in the law. Squatting is allowed in commercial properties – and the neighbouring building to the Chadwick's was previously an antique shop as well as a home. For now the squatters are not budging, but Richard is not giving up without a fight...
S01E04 Episode 4 22/04/2014 The De Roper family thought that they had found their dream home when they moved into a house in Yeovil, Somerset. That dream was rudely shattered by their larger-than-life neighbour Peter Stoodley and his 120 noisy chickens and cockerels running riot in his small backyard. As well as the chickens, there were rats feasting on the rotting eggs and carcases of dead chickens scattered around the yard. The family spent the next two years battling to persuade the authorities to give Mr Stoodley an ASBO banning him from keeping animals. They finally got what they hoped for, but five years on, their neighbour has other ideas... After moving into a quiet village in Anglesey, 67-year-old Pamela Booth was delighted when her new neighbour Delyth Jones befriended her with kind offers to help her around the house. However, Delyth had an ulterior motive. A year into their friendship, Pamela found out that she had been fraudulently using her bank card and had systematically robbed her of more than £1,000 over ten months. Delyth pleaded guilty in court, but Pamela no longer has a friend and is unable to pay her winter heating bills. Budding rapper Elvis once topped the charts in his native Kenya, but his dreams of making it big in the UK music industry have landed him in a heap of trouble with his neighbours in Dagenham. They complain that the 24-year-old wannabe repeatedly keeps them awake by playing loud music into the early hours in his flat. Despite 80 complaints, a number of visits from the council and a noise abatement order, the self-proclaimed 'music terrorist' is unrepentant. Even when he receives a £1,000 fine, he remains defiant. He just moves his beat-making to his brother's house, a mile away.
S01E05 Episode 5 29/04/2014 The historic Cotswold village of Broadway is much admired for its tranquillity and beauty, but behind the picturesque façade lurks a bitter dispute between neighbours living in the same street. Cafe owner Robert Brown took advantage of his long-standing friendship with the McSweeneys and the Maymons to get them to invest in a business proposition to expand his catering empire. Such was their trust that they lent him £120,000 between them, each family unaware that they were not the sole investor. When the business began to fail, they discovered Brown's duplicity and that the chances of getting any money back were remote. In Bristol, Tim Wrigley initially warmed to Barry Collins when he moved in next door, even helping run errands for his invalid neighbour and accepting his bizarre gifts of meat and cheese. However, when Tim began to refuse his neighbour's increasing demands and offers of gifts, Barry suddenly turned nasty. After two years of abuse, with intervention from the council and the police, Tim managed to get an injunction against Mr Collins for harassment. It should have ended there, but his neighbour took no notice and eventually ended up behind bars. Valerie Loney's peaceful flat which she shared with her son James in Northampton became a nightmare of noise with the arrival of a new neighbour in the flat next door. Endless loud music, shouting and even personal threats had the family at their wits' end. The Housing Association were powerless to help until there was enough proof to evict, so eventually James decided to fight back. With the aid of a video, he uploaded evidence of the continual disturbance on to the internet for others to see, gaining support and sympathy online. It took a year before James recorded the evidence that he wanted, but would it be enough to get his nightmare neighbour evicted?
S01E06 Episode 6 06/05/2014 Documentary series about Britain's feuding neighbours, using CCTV footage and material from victims' own cameras. Janet Perrie and Fiona Hope disrupted the peace of the tiny Ayrshire village of Dipple when they moved in with their 22 dogs.