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The Nostalgia Critic is a popular video series created by Chicago comedian Doug Walker. In the show he plays the titular Nostalgia Critic, a grumpy and easily aggravated character who mostly reviews entertainment from the 1980s and 1990s. His catch-phrase, "I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it, so you don't have to," usually opens and ends each video.


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S01E01 Transformers The Movie: Review 06/04/2008 The Nostalgia Critic reviews Transformers The Movie. However, he actually doesn't find anything wrong with this movie.
S01E02 Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue 07/04/2008 With the thought of all your favorite cartoon characters coming together for a feature-length episode, how could you go wrong? Well, the Nostalgia Critic shows how wrong it can get when he reviews Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, a Saturday morning special, introduced by George H.W. Bush, that teaches the dangers of drug use. However, the Nostalgia Critic feels that most of the cartoons look more like they have been smoking something rather than practicing what they are preaching.
S01E03 Cloverfield - Trailer Review 08/04/2008 Confused by the lack of clarity from the Cloverfield trailer, the Nostalgia Critic speculates about what the monster of the movie could be. Is it Donkey Kong, is it the Puff of Smoke from lost, is it Jesus, is it the Bad Robot icon, or is it a combination of the above. The Nostalgia Critic tries his best to find out.
S01E04 Power Rangers: A Look Back 09/04/2008 The Nostalgia Critic looks back at the Power Rangers with his review of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. However, with a thin plot, pointless scenes earlier on, and overall not making much sense, the Nostalgia Critic finds this movie to be everything but morphenomenal.
S01E05 Harry Potter Book 7 Launch 10/04/2008 The Nostalgia Critic decides to attend the midnight launch of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book. With so many Harry Potter fans waiting, as well as being dressed up as their favorite Harry Potter characters, the Nostalgia Critic can't resist interviewing and teasing them.
S01E06 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movies 11/04/2008 Growing up loving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Nostalgia Critic decides to revisit the live-action movies. However, with lackluster endings and a terrible third movie, will the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise be as good as he once thought?
S01E07 Top 11 Scariest Nostalgic Moments 12/04/2008 Everyone has been scared as a kid. So, the Nostalgia Critic decides to have a Top 11 list of the scariest moments from our childhood. Why Top 11? Because he likes to go one step beyond.
S01E08 Super Mario Brothers: The Movie 13/04/2008 Growing up during the popularity of the Super Mario Brothers games, a movie based on them could not be anything but awesome. However, the Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie and shows that movies are nothing like the games they are based off of and are more terrible than entertaining.
S01E09 Cloverfield Review 14/04/2008 After watching the Cloverfield movie, the Nostalgia Critic vents his anger about what ultimately became of the identity of The Monster. Afterwards, he reenacts the movie using his own hand-held camera.
S01E10 Street Fighter + Mortal Kombat: The Movie Reviews Part 1 15/04/2008 The Nostalgia starts off this double-episode special by reviewing the movie Street Fighter. Even though it contains Raul Julia's final performance, it still doesn't stop the Nostalgia critic from hating the movie. With a confusing story, Jean-Claude Van Damme's accent, and an overly huge cast, the Nostalgia Critic shows that once again, movies based on videogames are terrible.
S01E11 Street Fighter + Mortal Kombat: The Movie Reviews Part 2 16/04/2008 The finale of the two-part review special has the Nostalgia Critic reviewing the movie Mortal Kombat. However, with Johnny Cage's one-liners, Raiden's voice, an overly weak CIA agent, an Asian actor throw-in, and a PG-13 rating, the Nostalgia Critic finds more frustration than entertainment from this movie.
S01E12 Space Jam Review 17/04/2008 With the Looney Tunes and Michael Jordon teaming up for a movie, how can it go wrong. According to the Nostalgia Critic, it can. With the Looney Tunes not being funny, as well as the entire movie feeling like one big advertisement, the Nostalgia Critic shows that some things are better left seperate.
S01E13 Angry Video Game Nerd Rant 18/04/2008 After having so many viewers post comments about how much his reviews are similar to those of the Angry Video Game Nerd, the Nostalgia Critic responds to the Angry Video Game Nerd by saying that he is the superior talent. However, in the process he begins an everlasting feud with his rival, The Angry Video Game Nerd.
S01E14 Angry Video Game Nerd Rant Part 2 19/04/2008 After hearing The Angry Video Game Nerd's response to his video, the Nostalgia Critic is confused by his polite and complementing response. So, the Nostalgia Critic decides to decode the message and find out what he really meant.
S01E15 Pokémon: The Movie 20/04/2008 The Nostalgia Critic reviews Pokemon: The Movie. However, with no explanation as to what Pokemon are, as well as being a movie based around violence, yet promoting non-violence, the Nostalgia Critic finds the movie more confusing than entertaining.
S01E16 AVGN Wizard Rant 27/04/2008 After finding out that the Angry Video Game Nerd is reviewing The Wizard, after posting on his site the day before that he was going to review that movie, the Nostalgia Critic lashes out once again against the Angry Video Game Nerd.
S01E17 The Wizard 04/05/2008 After moving up the date of the review due to his feud with The Angry Video Game Nerd, The Nostalgia Critic finally reviews the movie The Wizard. With many sexual and violent themes, as well as the kids talking like adults, the Nostalgia Critic finds it hard to believe that this is a kid's movie. However, will the coolness of Lucas Barton make up for the rest of the movie's faults?
S01E18 The Top 11 Naughtiest Moments in Animaniacs 11/05/2008 The Nostalgia Critic celebrates the greatness of the Animaniacs by counting down the Top 11 naughtiest moments from the show.
S01E19 Batman and Robin 23/05/2009 Regarded as one of the worst movies of all time, The Nostalgia Critic decides to review the movie Batman and Robin. With horrible puns and being horribly clichéd, this movie finally makes the Nostalgia Critic fly into a mad rage.
S01E20 Top 11 Catchiest Theme Songs 01/06/2008 Growing up watching television shows, everyone remembers certain theme songs from their childhood. The Nostalgia Critic counts down the Top 11 catchiest theme songs.
S01E21 90's Sports Montage 09/06/2008 The Nostalgia Critic finds it puzzling why we watch sports movies, even though we know what the outcome of the movie will be. Regardless, he decides to look at some of the sports movies from the 80s and 90s including The Mighty Ducks, Little Giants, Angels in the Outfield, Little Big League, The Sandlot, and other sports movies.
S01E22 AVGN Response... Response 15/06/2008 After hearing the Angry Video Game Nerd's insulting response, the Nostalgia Critic challenges him to review a horrible nostalgic movie.
S01E23 Top 11 Drug PSAs 22/06/2008 Kids are always warned about the dangers of drugs. However, some PSAs were scarier than informative. Due to growing up with drug PSAs, the Nostalgia Critic decides to countdown the Top 11 drug PSAs.
S01E24 The Battle of Epic Proportions 29/06/2008 The Nostalgia Critic surprises The Angry Video Game Nerd at one of his own live appearances at a game store. The two decide to mock fight outside, along with Captain S. Who will win, and who will be left in the dust?
S01E25 Captain Planet 06/07/2008 With nothing better to watch during the timeslot, the Nostalgia Critic reviews Captain Planet, a show that he was pretty forced to watch as a kid. He mocks the premise of the show, as well as vents his hate for the character of Wheeler, due to his annoying Brooklyn accent and his name. Later on, he interviews Ma-Ti, the character with the most useless power of the Captain Planet team, the power of Heart.
S01E26 Double Dare 13/07/2008 The Nostalgia Critic salutes Double Dare as one of the greater shows that once aired on Nickelodeon. Not only does he review the greatness of the show, but he also honors the host, Marc Summers, for hosting a messy show while having obsessive compulsive disorder.
S01E27 3 Ninjas 20/07/2008 At first thought, combining the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Home Alone movies was an interesting idea. However, the Nostalgia Critic shows that it's just a poor attempt at cashing in on the two franchises when he reviews the movie, 3 Ninjas.
S01E28 Top 11 Hottest Animated Women 28/07/2008 The Nostalgia Critic decides to countdown the Top 11 hottest animated women from his childhood.
S01E29 Video Game Review 03/08/2008 At long last, the Nostalgia Critic holds up his end of the deal with The Angry Video Game Nerd by reviewing a horrible video game. The game that he decides to review is Bébé's Kids for the SNES.
S01E30 The Search for the Nostalgia Chick 10/08/2008 Since he's not a girl, the Nostalgia Critic proclaims that he can't effectively review girl movies and television shows. So, he announces a contest to help him find his Nostalgia Chick, the one to take over this job.
S01E31 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 11/08/2008 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Masters of the Universe, based on the He-Man cartoon series. However, due to homoerotic overtones and a depressing plot, he find that this movie has almost nothing to do with He-Man.
S01E32 Follow That Bird 18/08/2008 The Nostalgia Critic decides to tear apart the movie Follow That Bird, a Sesame Street movie. However, will he be able to actually talk bad about such iconic characters from his childhood?
S01E33 Saved by the Bell 25/08/2008 The Nostalgia Critic decides to review the television show Saved By The Bell. With horrible canned laughter, dated fashions, and unusual stories, the Nostalgia Critic finds the show more weird than entertaining. He also looks at famous episodes such as Jessie becoming addicted to caffeine pills and Zack stopping an oil corporation from building an oilrig on the campus.
S01E34 Tom and Jerry the Movie 01/09/2008 Growing up loving the cartoon, The Nostalgia Critic reviews Tom and Jerry the Movie. However, with Tom and Jerry speaking, becoming good friends, and several musical numbers, he finds out that this movie is nothing but garbage by comparison.
S01E35 Top 11 Saddest Moments 09/09/2008 The Nostalgia Critic announces his Top 11 saddest nostalgic moments from the movies and shows of his childhood.
S01E36 Nostalgia Chick Winner! 15/09/2008 The Nostalgia Critic breaks the three-way tie by choosing Lindsay Ellis as his Nostalgia Chick, but what will become of the other two runners-up?
S01E37 Surf Ninjas 18/09/2008 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Surf Ninjas. However, he finds every scene "genius". Is it true that he finds such an awful movie enjoyable, or is something else going on?
S01E38 NC vs AVGN Last Showdown 24/09/2008 The Angry Video Game Nerd interrupts one of the Nostalgia Critic's transmissions and challenges him to one final battle. The catch is that the Nostalgia Critic has to come to him.
S01E39 Top 11 Nostalgic Animated Shows 29/09/2008 The Nostalgia Critic counts down the Top 11 nostalgic animated shows from his childhood.
S01E40 Kazaam 06/10/2008 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Kazaam. However, he finds that due to Shaquille O'Neal's poor acting and a lame plot, this movie is better off not existing at all.
S01E41 AVGN vs NC Final Battle 10/10/2008 This is it. The final battle between The Nostalgia Critic and The Angry Video Game Nerd takes place in the Nerd's room. Who will ultimately emerge as the greater talent?
S01E42 Off To Beat the Nerd 12/10/2008 The Nostalgia Critic documents his road trip from Chicago to Philadelphia to take on the Nerd along with his brother. How will he be able to keep himself busy on the trip, knowing what awaits him at his destination.
S01E43 Drew Struzan Tribute 13/10/2008 The Nostalgia Critic salutes Drew Struzan, who is well known for creating and painting famous movie posters.
S01E44 Halloween 08 Special 21/10/2008 The Nostalgia Critic gives a negative review of the Teddy Ruxpin doll. However, the doll comes to life for revenge.
S01E45 NC VS AVGN Retrospect 25/10/2008 The Nostalgia Critic looks back at his feud with The Angry Video Game Nerd by playing clips and showing off fan art based off of the feud.
S01E46 Double Dragon 28/10/2008 The Nostalgia Critic reviews Double Dragon, a movie based off of the arcade video game. With cheesy villains, low quality storytelling, and trying to be more complex than the video game, he finds that the movie was made more by producers wanting money than making a good movie.
S01E47 Top 11 Underrated Nostalgic Classics 04/11/2008 Wanting to make sure others know of other not-so-well-known nostalgic movies, the Nostalgia Critic counts down the Top 11 most underrated nostalgic classics.
S01E48 Howard the Duck 11/11/2008 The Nostalgia Critic reviews Howard the Duck, a movie with weird interactions between an anthropomorphic duck and humans. With a movie about a human girl falling in love with a duck, as well as having dark themes for a silly premise, he finds it more confusing than funny or entertaining.
S01E49 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation 17/11/2008 Due to so many viewers requesting that he review Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, the Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie, but finds that the rumors of it being a horrible sequel are very true. With no plot and too many fighting scenes, will this movie make the Nostalgia Critic view the first movie as a masterpiece?
S01E50 Godzilla (1998) 26/11/2008 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1998 movie, Godzilla. However, does the horrible track record of the people producing this movie mean that this movie will be just as bad as Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow?
S01E51 Top 11 Disney Villains 03/12/2008 Disney has brought children some very memorable villains. So, the Nostalgia Critic counts down the Top 11 Disney Villains of all time.
S01E52 Super Mario Brothers Super Show 16/12/2008 The Nostalgia Critic decides to review the Super Mario Brothers Super Show, including The Legend of Zelda. However, with inconsistent stories, being a bad parody of other movies, and poor animation, the Nostalgia Critic finds this show to be anything but super.
S01E53 Top 12 Greatest Christmas Specials 22/12/2008 Being in the Christmas spirit, the Nostalgia Critic counts down the Top 12 greatest Christmas specials.
S01E54 Jingle All the Way 30/12/2008 Suffering from the post-Christmas blues, the Nostalgia Critic reviews Jingle All the Way. With horrible acting, overly crazy situations, and the fact that it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, he finds that this movie is better left wrapped up than opened on Christmas day.
S02E01 Nicktoons 06/01/2009 January is Nickelodeon month, so the Nostalgia Critic decides to first take a look back at the popular nicktoon shows. He takes a look back at Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats, Doug, Rocko's Modern Life, AAAHH!!! Real Monsters, and Hey Arnold.
S02E02 A Look Back At Nickcoms 13/01/2009 Continuing with his Nickelodeon month reviews, the Nostalgia Critic looks back at the sitcoms of Nickelodeon, or as he calls them, the Nickoms. He looks back at You Can't Do That on Television, Clarissa Explains it All, Hey Dude, Salute your Shorts, and The Adventures of Pete and Pete.
S02E03 SNICK 21/01/2009 In honor of Nickelodeon month, the Nostalgia Critic takes a look back at the shows from the SNICK lineup. Among the shows that he reviews are Roundhouse, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, All That, Prometheus and Bob, Action League Now!, and Kenan & Kel.
S02E04 Good Burger 27/01/2009 After failing to find footage for Nickelodeon game shows, the Nostalgia Critic instead reviews the Nickelodeon movie Good Burger. However, with many poor jokes and annoying characters, will reviewing this movie be worth it?
S02E05 The Making of the Final Battle 30/01/2009 This video shows behind-the-scenes footage and the making of the final battle between the Nostalgia Critic and The Angry Video Game Nerd.
S02E06 Ferngully 03/02/2009 The Nostalgia Critic and The Nostalgia Chick team up to review FernGully: The Last Rainforest. With uninspired characters, scientific inaccuracies, a preachy attitude, and pointless scenes, will this movie be too horrible for even two critics to handle?
S02E07 A Kid in King Arthur's Court 11/02/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews A Kid in King Arthur's Court. Although, with absurd situations, historical inaccuracies, and amateur filmmaking techniques, he finds that this movie turns out to be less entertaining than what it sounds like.
S02E08 Good Son 13/02/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Good Son. However, this movie is so bad that he lost his voice screaming at it and has to review it using cue cards.
S02E09 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog 18/02/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews two shows involving Sonic the Hedgehog, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog. One will be utter trash and one will be brilliant by comparison. Which one is which?
S02E10 Top 11 Nostalgic Mindfucks 24/02/2009 Growing up, everyone has seen a show or movie that has had some kind of really twisted scene. So, the Nostalgia Critic decides to countdown the Top 11 most messed up moments.
S02E11 Twister 03/03/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Twister. With it's scientific inaccuracies and boring dialogue, he finds that this movie is the one doing all the sucking.
S02E12 Garbage Pail Kids 11/03/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. With disgusting characters, no plot, and exceptionally poor animatronics, the Nostalgia Critic finds that this movie is something else that belongs in a garbage pail.
S02E13 Rock A Doodle 17/03/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Rock A Doodle. By pointing out its confusing narrative, the horrible acting of the young protagonist, and inconsistencies in the plot, he feels that this movie marks the decline of Don Bluth's career.
S02E14 Titanic: The Legend Goes On 24/03/2009 The Nostalgia Critic takes on the movie Titanic: The Legend Goes On. However, with unrealistic relationships, bad editing, and a rapping dog, he feels that this movie should have went down with the ship.
S02E15 Pagemaster 13/03/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Pagemaster. Although, with poorly developed characters and situations, will he get through the review without being bored to death?
S02E16 Neverending Story 01/04/2009 As an April Fools Day special, Chester A. Bum reviews The Neverending Story in the Nostalgia Critic's place.
S02E17 Moonwalker 08/04/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Moonwalker, but finds that it's just a big ego-trip for Michael Jackson. However, will one special musical number redeem the movie in his eyes?
S02E18 Top 11 Dumbest Superman Moments 15/04/2009 The Superman movies are very nostalgic, but even they have had some dumb moments. So, the Nostalgia Critic counts down the Top 11 dumbest Superman moments.
S02E19 TMNT 22/04/2009 Many users have requested that the Nostalgia Critic review the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. So, he decides to review TMNT. Will he find the movie to be just as good as the originals, or is it beyond his generation?
S02E20 Red Sonja 05/05/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Red Sonja. However, with lackluster performances and Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the stars, will he find the movie interesting, or just boring and hard to understand?
S02E21 TGWTG Team Brawl 10/05/2009 As the Nostalgia Critic enjoys another good morning, he runs into The Angry Video Game Nerd and another battle begins. However, when the Nostalgia Chick, Kyle Justin, The Spoony One, Benzaie, and many others join in the fight, it turns into a team brawl between the gamers and the critics. Which team will emerge triumphant?
S02E22 Short Circuit 1 and 2 13/05/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews both Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2. With two movies starring a talking robot, how could it possibly be bad?
S02E23 Batman vs Dark Knight 20/05/2009 The Nostalgia Critic introduces a new way to review and compare similar movies. This time he compares the original 1989 Batman to the 2008 Dark Knight movie. Which one will emerge as the better Batman movie?
S02E24 Full House 26/05/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the show Full House. Despite it being a popular television show, he can't understand how it lasted so long with bland characters and unfunny jokes.
S02E25 North 03/06/2009 With the movie North being so widely known as being terrible, even by Siskel and Ebert, the Nostalgia Critic can't help but review it. With unfunny jokes and extremely stereotypical and racist ethnicities being portrayed, perhaps he should have passed this one up.
S02E26 Critic and Nerd: TMNT Making of Coming Out of Their Shells 10/06/2009 Deciding to put aside their differences and review something together, the Nostalgia Critic and The Angry Video Game Nerd decide to review a documentary about a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles band. However, this movie may be so bad that not even the two of them can handle it.
S02E27 Sidekicks 17/06/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Sidekicks. With a kid constantly dreaming about Chuck Norris, the film becomes even more self-indulgent than Moonwalker. Can Chuck Norris save the movie from the wrath of the Nostalgia Critic?
S02E28 Gargoyles 24/06/2009 The Nostalgia Critic salutes the Walt Disney show, Gargoyles.
S02E29 Transformers 2 27/06/2009 In honor of his first review, the Nostalgia Critic goes back to his original formula for reviewing the latest Transformers movie, Transformers 2.
S02E30 Steel 01/07/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews Steel. With Shaquille O'Neal's wooden acting when trying to portray a super hero, this movie is going to be easy for the Nostalgia Critic to bash.
S02E31 Top 11 Cereal Mascots 07/07/2009 If there is one thing that kids know best, it is cereal. So, the Nostalgia Critic counts down the Top 11 cereal mascots.
S02E32 Barb Wire 14/07/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Barb Wire, a movie that he thinks was made solely to show off Pamela Anderson's body.
S02E33 LOTR Animated vs LOTR 22/07/2009 The Nostalgia Critic compares the 1978 animated The Lord of the Rings movie and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Which one will be considered the best Lord of the Rings movie?
S02E34 Last Action Hero 29/07/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Last Action Hero. With Arnold Schwarzenegger's accent and how the movie pokes fun at itself, the Nostalgia Critic finds it hard to comment on the movie. However, with so many random star appearances and lack of realism, he still gives it a try.
S02E35 Captain N 04/08/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the show Captain N: The Game Master. Even though he likes Nintendo, it still doesn't make up for the show's undeveloped characters that barely resemble their video game designs, as well as the fact that it constantly plugs Nintendo characters and products.
S02E36 We're Back! 12/08/2009 The Nostalgia Critic decides to review We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story in the style of Hunter S. Thompson.
S02E37 Warriors of Virtue 18/08/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Warriors of Virtue. Despite the fact that it promises martial arts and kangaroos, he finds the movie to be incredibly boring.
S02E38 Captain America 25/08/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Captain America. However, he finds that this super hero is portrayed like a pushover and always getting beaten.
S02E39 Top 11 F*ck Ups 01/09/2009 Everyone makes mistakes, and the Nostalgia Critic is no exception. So, he counts down the Top 11 mistakes he's made so far.
S02E40 Alone In The Dark 08/09/2009 After being requested to review an Uwe Boll movie, the Nostalgia Critic decides to review Alone in The Dark. However, the movie is so bad that he loses his voice and is forced to use the Macintalk to speak. Just before he's ready to give up, Spoony and Linkara decide to help him review the movie. Will three critics be enough to review an Uwe Boll movie?
S02E41 Blank Check 15/09/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Blank Check, a movie that blandly ripoffs many ideas from other movies, especially Home Alone. He also finds that there is a weird romantic relationship involving a kid, Preston, and Shay, a full grown woman F.B.I. agent. With such a bland movie, the Nostalgia Critic finds it hard to enjoy it.
S02E42 Halloween III 17/09/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Halloween III. He finds that it is one of the strangest sequels that he has ever seen since it has nothing to do with the previous movies in the series. He also finds the movie to be very boring and not very scary.
S02E43 Doug's Top 20 Favorite Movies (1) 17/09/2009 After complaining about so many movies, Doug decides to reveal the top 20 movies that he likes the best. This is the first half of his countdown.
S02E44 Doug's Top 20 Favorite Movies (2) 17/09/2009 Continuing with the countdown of his top 20 favorite movies, Doug reveals the best of the best. This is his top 10 favorite movies of all time.
S02E45 Willy Wonka vs. Charlie 22/09/2009 The Nostalgia Critic compares the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory starring Gene Wilder to the 2005 remake, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp. Which one will win?
S02E46 Cool as Ice 29/09/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the film Cool as Ice, staring Vanilla Ice in his first and last acting role.
S02E47 Suburban Commando 06/10/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the sci-fi comedy Suburban Commando, starring Hulk Hogan and talks about how some wrestlers just don't know how to act.
S02E48 The Next Karate Kid 13/10/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews The Next Karate Kid, a film that shows us that the Karate Kid movies have gotten pretty bad over the years.
S02E49 Casper 20/10/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1995 live-action film, Casper. Will he like it, or will he find that the movie is so terrible that it's terrifying?
S02E50 Superman IV 27/10/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the movie Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. With cheap effects and several plot holes, this movie may be too awful to be reviewed by just one reviewer.
S02E51 Congo 03/11/2009 The Nostalgia Critc reviews the movie Congo that teaches us the difference between real gorillas and guys in ape costumes.
S02E52 Siskel and Ebert 10/11/2009 The Nostalgia Critic pays tribute to his favorite critics, Siskel and Ebert. Due to their take on movies and the lasting impression they left on the world, The Nostalgia Critic honors them with a look back at their work.
S02E53 Judge Dredd 17/11/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1995 action film Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone.
S02E54 Holiday Clusterf**k 21/11/2009 The Nostalgia Critic sings a special song about all the stress people have to go through during the holidays.
S02E55 Tank Girl 24/11/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1995 movie Tank Girl, based off the comic book series by the same name. However, this poor adaptation was too long and stupid for the Nostalgia Critic to follow.
S02E56 Jack Frost 01/12/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1998 Christmas film Jack Frost. Will this movie provide Christmas cheer for the Nostalgia Critic, or will its nonsensical story send him into a yuletide rage?
S02E57 He-Man and She-Ra - A Christmas Special 08/12/2009 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1985 He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special, based on the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra: Princess of Power animated series. Will two super heroes make this a super special or a super failure?
S02E58 The Return of the Christmas Specials 16/12/2009 It has been one year since the Nostalgia Critic did his Top 12 Christmas Specials. Now he decides to do a Top 11 of all the Christmas specials that he forgot to mention.
S02E59 Star Wars Holiday Special 22/12/2009 After failing to believe that such a holiday special existed, the Nostalgia Critic is forced to review the universally hated 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. With such a Christmas bomb on his hands, has the Nostalgia Critic finally met his match?
S02E60 Ernest Saves Christmas 29/12/2009 After surviving the Star Wars Holiday Special, the Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1988 Christmas movie Ernest Saves Christmas. Will this movie make up for the last holiday special, or will it forever sour his view of the Christmas season?
S02E61 00/00/0000
S03E01 Commando 05/01/2010 The Nostalgia Critic reviews another Arnold Schwarzenegger film. This time he reviews the 1985 American action film Commando. Will he like it, or will this be yet another Schwarzenegger movie bomb?
S03E02 Junior 12/01/2010 The Nostalgia Critic continues his month of Arnold Schwarzenegger reviews with the 1994 comedy movie Junior, in which Schwarzenegger is the first man to become pregnant.
S03E03 Conan (1) 19/01/2010 Keeping with his Schwarzenegger reviews, the Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1982 action film Conan the Barbarian. With both Schwarzenegger and Mako starring in the film, will the Nostalgia Critic be able to last through it?
S03E04 Conan (2) 21/01/2010 Taking place after his review to Conan the Barbarian, the Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1984 sequel Conan the Destroyer. Will it be better than the first one? Only the Nostalgia Critic can tell you.
S03E05 Turtles Forever 25/01/2010 Doug decides to review the made-for-tv animated movie, Turtles Forever. The reason he's not reviewing the movie as the Nostalgia Critic is because this movie is something that Doug really likes. With both the 1987 and 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series groups teaming up for this 25th anniversary special, Doug has a lot to say about it.
S03E06 End of Days 26/01/2010 The Nostalgia Critic ends his month of Schwarzenegger reviews with the 1999 action/survival horror film End of Days. With a movie that intends to be horrifying, the Nostalgia Critic has more than the plot to worry about.
S03E07 Battlefield Earth 02/02/2010 While you were still learning to spell your name, the Nostalgia Critic celebrates his 100th episode with a review of the 2000 film Battlefield Earth.
S03E08 Bebe's Kids 09/02/2010 Despite torturing himself with the game, the Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1992 animated feature Bebe's Kids.
S03E09 Lost in Space 16/02/2010 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1998 science fiction film Lost in Space. Will he like it or will he want to throw it into the nearest black hole?
S03E10 Top 11 Villain Songs 23/02/2010 With every villain there's a song nearby. So, the Nostalgia Critic counts down the Top 11 villain songs.
S03E11 Quest for Camelot 02/03/2010 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1998 animated film Quest for Camelot. However, will this movie bring back bad memories of A Kid in King Arthur's Court?
S03E12 Old vs New - Nutty Professor 09/03/2010 The Nostalgia Critic decides which Nutty Professor movie is the best, either the old one or the new one. Which will prevail?
S03E13 Biodome 16/03/2010 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1996 movie Bio-Dome. Will it be good, or does it belong in its own Bio-Dome?
S03E14 Neverending Story II 23/03/2010 The Nostlagia Critic finally gets a chance to review a Neverending Story movie when he reviews The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter. Will this movie be his fantasy, or will it be his worst nightmare?
S03E15 Top 11 Most Awkward Christopher Walken Moments 30/03/2010 Christopher Walken is a famous actor, but he, like everyone else, has awkward moments. So, the Nostalgia Critic counts down the Top 11 most awkward Christopher Walken moments.
S03E16 Flubber 06/04/2010 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1997 Disney movie Flubber. With a character made of green, slimey rubber, how can he not like this movie?
S03E17 Home Alone 3 13/04/2010 The Home Alone series is one of the most recognizable and unique movie series of the 90s. However, the Nostalgia Critic reviews the worst movie of the series, the 1997 family film Home Alone 3.
S03E18 Old vs New - King Kong 28/04/2010 King Kong is considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time. So, the Nostalgia Critic decides to see which version, the 1933 or 2005 version, is the best one.
S03E19 Drop Dead Fred 27/04/2010 The Nostalgia Critic decides to review the 1991 film, Drop Dead Fred. Though targeted as a children's film, this movie has many adult and dark humor elements. Will this be good or bad for the Nostalgia Critic?
S03E20 The Care Bears Movie 11/05/2010 The Nostalgia Critic tortures himself by watching the 1985 animated film, The Care Bears Movie.
S03E21 Kickassia: The Withering Eye (1) 16/05/2010 The Nostalgia Critic confronts Kevin Baugh with the offer to surrender Molossia to him. When Kevin silently ignores him, Critic calls the Channel Awesome crew into battle. When the first attack on Molossia goes horribly wrong, the crew decide to gear up, and get ready for an all-out raid on the micronation.
S03E22 Kickassia: Triumph and Treacle (2) 17/05/2010 The night before the invasion, the NC attempts to convince Spoony to "give in to the madness"....
S03E23 Kickassia: Inglorious Glory (3) 18/05/2010 When the Nostalgia Critic is confronted with several problems within the nation, and ignores them in favor of watching television, Fritz Von Baugh begins to sow seeds of dissent among the new government officials.
S03E24 Kickassia: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning (4) 19/05/2010 Mistrust is abound as the team decides to turn against the Critic...
S03E25 Kickassia: The Fall of the Risen (5) 20/05/2010 Dr. Insano is unleashed upon the unsuspecting Nostalgia Critic. But when the ensuing battle supposedly claims a life, the team is forced to resort to their original plan....
S03E26 Kickassia: All the Really Bad Shit Happens (6) 21/05/2010 The attack launched by the critics sends the Nostalgia Critic fleeing into his home, only for Phelous to have him cornered.....
S03E27 Jaws 3D 25/05/2010 This film comes from a time when 3D was just a cheap gimmick... and not the really expensive gimmick it is today.
S03E28 Free Willy 01/06/2010 Free Willy is considered to be a classic family film, yet the Critic struggles to see why...
S03E29 A Troll in Central Park 08/06/2010 Considered to be the worst movie Don Bluth ever made... lets watch!
S03E30 Theodore Rex 15/06/2010 NC finds the concept of the movie too idiotic to find a proper introduction.
S03E31 Top 11 Coolest Cliches 22/06/2010 The best and coolest cliches ever in film.
S03E32 Hook 29/06/2010 Looky Looky I sit through this movie?
S03E33 Independence Day 06/07/2010 The cliches, the obvious stereotypes, the plotholes...this movie has it all! Checkmate!
S03E34 The Room 13/07/2010 You're tearing me apart Lisa!
S03E35 The Tommy Wiseau Show 20/07/2010 Tommy Wiseau's image must be protected...even from himself...
S03E36 The Phantom 27/07/2010 The purple costume against the green jungle setting is the least of this terrible superhero film's problems...
S03E37 Zeus and Roxanne 03/08/2010 The Nostalgia Critic questions if why a dog and a dolphin can get along, why can't our mom and his dad?
S03E38 Animaniacs Tribute (1) 11/08/2010 In a special three part NC episode, NC interviews Tom Ruegger, Sherri Stoner, Nathan Ruegger, Paul Rugg, and John McCann from Animaniacs. They discuss the genesis of the show, the characters, the creative aspects and anecdotes.
S03E39 Animaniacs Tribute (2) 11/08/2010 Part 2 of the Nostalgia Critics Animaniacs Tribute.
S03E40 Animaniacs Tribute (3) 11/08/2010 Part 3 of the Nostalgia Critics Animaniacs Tribute.
S03E41 The Flintstones Movie 17/08/2010 Can Rock Nostalgia Critic rock survive this rocking mess?
S03E42 Mr. Nanny 24/08/2010 The Hulkster is left home alone with two young sadistic killers in this terrible 90's film...
S03E43 Rocky IV 31/08/2010 In what is considered to be the silliest of all of the Rocky movies, (seriously, it had a robot!) NC laments about that and how it seemed to make the series jump the shark.
S03E44 Chairman of the Board 07/09/2010 Chairmen of the BORED.
S03E45 The Next Top 11 Nostalgia Critic Fuck Ups 14/09/2010 Douchy McNitpick returns to point out more of the Nostalgia Critic's mistakes.
S03E46 Pound Puppies the Movie 21/09/2010 The Nostalgia Critic tries to get through this incoherent mess of a film...
S03E47 The Pebble and the Penguin 28/09/2010 It's been a while... let's look at another Don Bluth movie!
S03E48 Ernest Scared Stupid 05/10/2010 Nostalgiaween begins with the last of the Ernest movies shown in theaters. Not even milk can stop it now!
S03E49 Top 11 Scariest Performances 12/10/2010 As Nostalgiaween marches on, NC covers the top 11 Scariest Performances on film!
S03E50 IT 19/10/2010 Let's start the Stephen King movie drinking game!
S03E51 Leprechaun 26/10/2010 Nostalgiaween ends with NC doing his best Cinema Snob impression before the man himself arrives on the scene...
S03E52 My Pet Monster 22/11/2010 The Nostalgia Critic questions ending it all after watching this forgotten 80's stinker...
S03E53 Nostalgic Commercials 09/11/2010 NC looks at old commercials from the '80s and '90s
S03E54 Old vs New - The 10 Commandments vs The Prince of Egypt 17/11/2010 NC compares the 1956 10 Commandments movie with the animated feature, The Prince of Egypt (1998)
S03E55 The Thief and the Cobbler 23/11/2010 The Nostalgia Critic tries to make sense of this legendary troubled film...
S03E56 Waterworld 30/11/2010 Was it a flop? No doubt. Was it a bad movie? Well...lets find out.
S03E57 Little Monsters 07/12/2010 There have been multiple movies trying to explain the world of monsters from in the closet and under the bed... and, unfortunately, Little Monsters was one of them...
S03E58 Rover Dangerfield 14/12/2010 How could one of the greatest stand ups of all time make one of the worst kids films of all time? Here's how...
S03E59 You're a Rotten Dirty Bastard: Christmas Special 21/12/2010 A Christmas special narrated by Santa Christ, parodying It's a Wonderful Life. The Critic quits his job due to being angry about there being nothing to review for Christmas. Roger, his guardian angel, comes in to show how other people on the That Guy With The Glasses Team live without his existence, only for everyone to be much better off without him.
S03E60 The First Couple: TMNT 29/12/2010 The critic rewatches and reviews the first five episodes of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon
S03E61 00/00/0000
S04E01 Neverending Story 3 04/01/2011 We must not give in to the Nasty.
S04E02 Ferngully 2 11/01/2011 After unsuccessfully trying to recruit the Nostalgia Chick to help him like she did with the first movie, the Critic finds it confusing as to how the first film was successful enough to spawn a sequel.
S04E03 Secret of NIMH 2 18/01/2011 After donning SWAT gear to review the sequel to one of his favorite films, he criticizes how the movie ignores Mrs. Brisby, the inferior animation, and the idiotic plot and characters
S04E04 Care Bears 2 25/01/2011 Sequel Month is almost over...and the Critic has saved the worst for last. Time for a game of disappearing bears...
S04E05 Dungeons and Dragons 01/02/2011 Uh, you've got something on your lip.
S04E06 The Top 11 Dumbest Spiderman Moments 08/02/2011 Only 11?
S04E07 The Lost World - Jurassic Park 15/02/2011 That's, that's chaos theory.
S04E08 Return of the Nostalgic Commercials 22/02/2011 It's the return of commercials! NC takes a seat in his comfy chair to look at more of the sometimes cool, sometimes downright strange commercials from his childhood.
S04E09 Inspector Gadget: The Movie 01/03/2011 Go go gadget, refund!
S04E10 Old vs. New - Karate Kid 08/03/2011 The Critic compares the classic original 1984 film with the impressive 2010 remake
S04E11 The Langoliers 15/03/2011 The Critic and his future self head back in time to see if the past really is eaten by giant mudball monsters.
S04E12 Airborne 22/03/2011 EXTREME!!!
S04E13 Baby Geniuses 29/03/2011 While attending the Animarathon convention, The Critic takes a look at this 1999 film and is completely drained of all creativity.
S04E14 The X-Men Cartoon 06/04/2011 The Critic looks at the first two episodes of the original X-Men animated series.
S04E15 The Magic Voyage 12/04/2011 Watch the Critic suffer a psychotic breakdown.
S04E16 Double Team 19/04/2011 Thanks to Van Dam, Rodman, and Rourke, "Frying the Coke" is born...
S04E17 Top 11 Dumbasses in Distress 27/04/2011 The Critic lists the Damsels-in-Distress who's only purpose is to be rescued when you wish they'd just be killed.
S04E18 Jaws 4 - The Revenge 03/05/2011 Do sharks roar? Do they explode when impaled by boats? Lets find out....
S04E19 Gordy 10/05/2011 Pig Power in the House
S04E20 The OTHER Animated Titanic Movie 17/05/2011 Could there really be another animated Titanic movie that's worse than the one with a rapping dog??
S04E21 Revenge of the Commercials 24/05/2011 The Critic's third and final nostalgic commercial compilation
S04E22 Once Upon a Forest 31/05/2011 RRRheumatism!!!
S04E23 Little Nemo 07/06/2011 Remember Little Nemo? No? Probably for the best....
S04E24 Old vs. New - True Grit 14/06/2011 The Critic compares the 1969 and 2010 "True Grit" films
S04E25 Nostalgia Critic (sort of): Transformers 3 Review 05/07/2011 The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the latest Transformer movie, but gets an unexpected letter...
S04E26 Milk Money 12/07/2011 You know...for kids!
S04E27 Rad 19/07/2011 BMX Bikers from the 80s? I've heard of worst things to make a movie out of.
S04E28 Duck Tales 26/07/2011 Is life still like a hurricane?
S04E29 Care Bears in Wonderland 02/08/2011 The NC finishes off the FINAL Care Bears movie! Thank God!
S04E30 Cop and a Half 09/08/2011 NC reviews one of the biggest family blunders of the 90s!
S04E31 The Top 11 Batman the Animated Series Episodes 16/08/2011 NC looks at the best episodes of one of the greatest TV shows of all time!
S04E32 Alaska 23/08/2011 Charlton Heston trying to gun down a Polar Bear? You sure this is fiction?
S04E33 Top 11 Nostalgia Critics I Will Never Do 29/08/2011 See which movies and shows Doug will never look at EVER for a Nostalgia Critic review.
S04E34 Let's Play Bart's Nightmare 06/09/2011 NC does a "Let's Play" for the first time...God help us all.
S04E35 James and the Giant Peach 13/09/2011 This WAS a strange little movie, wasn't it?
S04E36 The Avengers 20/09/2011 A look at the disastrous 1997 adaptation.
S04E37 Simon Sez 27/09/2011 The red-headed wonder herself (Lupa) helps the NC review the greatest pairing in cinema history...Dennis Rodman and Dane Cook. Pray for them.
S04E38 The Tommyknockers 04/10/2011 Why do Stephen King Mini-Series bring us so much joy?
S04E39 The Haunting 11/10/2011 Is this one of the worst remakes of all time? If you liked the original, yes.
S04E40 Blair Witch 2 - Book of Shadows 18/10/2011 Did the first one make you motion sick? Just try stomaching the story of this one.
S04E41 Exorcist 2 25/10/2011 Wrapping up Nostalgia-Ween with one of the strangest sequels ever!
S04E42 Doug's First Movie 01/11/2011 By popular demand, the NC looks at a movie based off his most hated show.
S04E43 The Cell 09/11/2011 Before you see The Immortals, take a look at what the directed made long, long before.
S04E44 Superman - The Animated Series 15/11/2011 Take a look at the origins of the hit cartoon!
S04E45 Top 11 Reasons He Won't Review Digimon 06/11/2011
S04E46 Felix the Cat - The Movie 22/11/2011 They'll make a flick out of anything, won't they?
S04E47 Moulin Rouge 30/11/2011 A film of this magnitude must be bitched about through song!
S04E48 Babes in Toyland 06/12/2011 Keanu Reeves and Drew Barrymore? YAY! 1986? NAY!
S04E49 The Grinch 16/12/2011 Yes, this review is done entirely in rhyme.
S04E50 Child's Play 20/12/2011 Time to look at the timeless holiday classic.......Child's Play?
S05E01 Santa Claus The Movie 04/01/2012 Hey, that doesn't look like Tim Allen!
S05E02 Star Trek: The Motion Picture 12/01/2012 Star Trek Month has begun! PS - If you're watching this for the first time on Blip and not, there might be a joke you miss at 18:38. So nah.
S05E03 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock 17/01/2012 NC looks at the third film in the Star Trek Legacy!
S05E04 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier 25/01/2012 What DOES God need with a star ship?
S05E05 Star Trek: Generations 01/02/2012 Two of the greatest Starfleet captains of all time making eggs! SOLD!
S05E06 Star Trek: Insurrection 08/02/2012 Linkara joins the review, but is this REALLY the worst Star Trek film ever?
S05E07 Patch Adams 14/02/2012 The doctor is in? I'm checking out!
S05E08 Ponyo 22/02/2012 The Critic Reviews Ponyo (2008) For His 200th Episode He Thinks About Souskes Mothers Reckless Driving And Ponyos Close Encounters With a Screaming Baby Exorcist Style
S05E09 Dunston Checks In 28/02/2012 The Critic is enraged over this 1996 comedy for one simple reason: "MONKEYS AREN'T FUNNY!"
S05E10 Thomas and the Magic Railroad 08/03/2012 How the Hell did they get Peter Fonda and Alec Baldwin?
S05E11 Top 11 Nostalgia Critic Fuck Ups Part 3 13/03/2012 See the next line of mistakes the NC made in his reviews.
S05E12 Richie Rich 20/03/2012 The richest kid in the world plays the richest kid in the world...what a stretch.
S05E13 Jungle 2 Jungle 27/03/2012 Help the Critic witness the Feces of the World!
S05E14 Old vs New - Manhunter vs Red Dragon 10/04/2012 Which adaptation of the Thomas Harris book is better?
S05E15 Star Chaser 17/04/2012 Sage joins the review as we see another feast of table scraps from 80s Sci-Fi!
S05E16 Transformers Cartoon 24/04/2012 Is the show really more than meets the eye?
S05E17 A Simple Wish 01/05/2012 Mara Wilson...that is all.
S05E18 Alien Resurrection 08/05/2012 Prometheus has got NOTHING on Alien 4!
S05E19 Jack 15/05/2012 Robin Williams directed by WHO?
S05E20 Heavy Metal (with Diamanda Hagan) 22/05/2012 Only Diamanda can make a strange film stranger.
S05E21 Mr. Magoo 29/05/2012 If Mr. Magoo can't see anything, does that mean he can't see how bad this movie is, either?
S05E22 Top 11 The Simpsons Episodes 05/06/2012 Now here's a list you know you can't stay away from.
S05E23 Signs 12/06/2012 Back when people still liked M. Night Shyamalan, but God knows why.
S05E24 Digimon the Movie (with JesuOtaku) 03/07/2012 No way I'm going after this flick alone!
S05E25 The Top 11 F*** YEAH Movie Themes 11/07/2012 MEEEEEEUSIC!
S05E26 Baby Geniuses 2 17/07/2012 They're baaaaaaack!
S05E27 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 24/07/2012 Just a simple story about a man and his Willie.
S05E28 The Wiz (with Todd In The Shadows) 31/07/2012 I wonder if the wizard can get me a new script...
S05E29 Total Recall (with Sci-Fi Guy) 07/08/2012 Get your ass to dis review!
S05E30 Scooby Doo 14/08/2012 Scooby-Doo hits the big screen, while the Critic hits the puke bags! The Critic reviews Scooby Doo (2002) with the help of his future and past selves All good things must come to an end....
S06E01 The Odd Life of Timothy Green 05/02/2013 I think this film used too much fertilizer.
S06E02 Is Twilight the WORST Thing Ever? 12/02/2013 Don't act like it hasn't crossed your mind...
S06E03 Pearl Harbor 20/02/2013 Behold, the Passion of the Bay!
S06E04 Does Romeo and Juliet Suck? 26/02/2013 Is one of the greatest love stories of all time a big load?
S06E05 Son of the Mask 05/03/2013 This shit is scary! Scary! SCARY!
S06E06 What the F*** was Up with Where the Wild Things Are? 12/03/2013 Why WAS this so damn weird?
S06E07 The King and I 19/03/2013 I always said Rogers and Hammerstein needed more dragons...
S06E08 What's with the Princess Hate? 26/03/2013 Why can't we all just live Happily Ever After?
S06E09 Catwoman 02/04/2013 Catwomen unite against the evils of Halle Berry!
S06E10 Farewell to Roger Ebert 05/04/2013 Good bye to one of the great lovers of movies.
S06E11 The Looney Toons Show - Good or Bad? 09/04/2013 Is Warner Brothers' latest revision of our timeless characters a hit or miss?
S06E12 The Cat in the Hat 16/04/2013 Bad...BAD kitty!
S06E13 Did Seinfeld Lie to Us? 24/04/2013 What's it REALLY about?
S06E14 The Top 11 South Park Episodes 01/05/2013 You asked, so here it is! Did your favorite make the list?
S06E15 Is Parody Dead? 07/05/2013 Or are they ALL gonna be like Epic Movie? What happened to all the great spoof movies?
S06E16 Jurassic Park 14/05/2013 I have a fossil bone to pick with this flick.
S06E17 Why is Loki so Hot? 22/05/2013 Really? THIS guy is a heart-throb?
S06E18 A.I. Artificial Intelligence 28/05/2013 That ending...that horrible, HORRIBLE ending! The Critic checks out Spielberg's attempt to bring Kubrick's vision to life.
S06E19 Are Video Games Art? 04/06/2013 Who's playing who in this argument?
S06E20 Master of Disguise 12/06/2013 Said to be one of the worst comedies of all time. Turtle!
S06E21 What Does The Secret of NIMH Mean? 18/06/2013 Yeah it's a good movie, but what's it all about?
S06E22 Turbo - A Power Rangers Movie 25/06/2013 For their 20th anniversary, the Power Rangers relive one of their most embarrassing projects. GO GO NOSTALGIA RANGER!
S06E23 Are Superheroes Whiny Little Bitches? 02/07/2013 Come on! How much emotional baggage do these people have?
S06E24 Top 11 Dumbest Lord of the Rings Moments 11/07/2013 Which moments are the least precious?
S06E25 Is it Right to Nitpick? 16/07/2013 When do the little problems become big problems?
S06E26 Batman Season 4: Hit or Miss? 30/07/2013 Was the fourth season of the Animated Series a fresh new look or an attempt to fix something that was never broken?
S06E27 Sailor Moon 06/08/2013 What made this annoying show a hit?
S06E28 Why is Tom and Jerry GENIUS? 13/08/2013 They're the greatest Cat and Mouse duo for a reason!
S06E29 Les Misérables - MUSICAL REVIEW 20/08/2013 Nostalgia Critic, Paw, Kyle, and brentalfloss take a look at last year's big SONG!
S06E30 Top 11 Adult Jokes We Never Got as Kids 27/08/2013 Oh, THAT'S what they mean!
S06E31 The Last Airbender 03/09/2013 Worst adaption ever? Only one can bring balance to the franchise!
S06E32 WTF is with the Ending of The Graduate? 10/09/2013 As if boy/cougar sex isn't strange enough, what does the ending mean?
S06E33 Bridge to Terabithia 17/09/2013 WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN...and how Disney can kill them, too?
S06E34 Is The Big Lebowski a Masterpiece? 24/09/2013 Yeah it's awesome, but is it out of it's element?
S06E35 The Shining Mini-Series 01/10/2013 Let Nostalgia-ween begin with the always classic Stephen King Mini-Series!
S06E36 Why Do We Love Zombies? 08/10/2013 Talk about brain food!
S06E37 NC and Cinema Snob: Sharknado 15/10/2013 Talk about jumping the shark, this movie has a whole TORNADO full of them.
S06E38 Should We Scare the Shit Out of Our Kids? 21/10/2013 Are we being too gruesome or not gruesome enough?
S06E39 Devil 29/10/2013 Can toast really help you find the Devil? This movie says...YES!
S06E40 How Come Super Mario Comics Don't Suck? 05/11/2013 A good Mario product that's NOT the video game?
S06E41 Dawn of the Commercials 12/11/2013 They're Baaaaaack!
S06E42 Has CGI Gone Too Far? 19/11/2013 It's everywhere everyday, but does it need to be?
S06E43 Man of Steel 26/11/2013 Angry Joe joins the Nostalgia Critic as they fight over the summer blockbuster.
S06E44 Top 12 Santa Clauses 03/12/2013 You all have your favorite Santa, but now you can have 12!
S06E45 Eight Crazy Nights 10/12/2013 How is it a cartoon of Adam Sandler is even less funny than the real Adam Sandler?
S06E46 Why Lie to Kids About Santa? 17/12/2013 Kinds friggin' cruel, isn't it?
S06E47 The Worst Christmas Special EVER! 24/12/2013 Doesn't get any piss-poor than this.
S06E48 Why is Arthur Christmas a Masterpiece? 31/12/2013 THIS film? Really?
S00E01 Commentary: The Wizard 04/05/2008 Doug and Rob discuss the making of the Wizard.
S00E02 Commentary: Batman and Robin 23/05/2008 Doug discusses the making of Batman and Robin.
S00E03 Commentary: Captain Planet 06/07/2008 Doug discusses the making of Captain Planet.
S00E04 Commentary: 3 Ninjas 20/07/2008 Doug, Rob, and Bargo discuss the making of 3 Ninjas
S00E05 Commentary: Tom and Jerry the Movie 01/09/2008 Doug and Rob discuss the making of Tom and Jerry The Movie.
S00E06 Commentary: Surf Ninjas 18/09/2008 Doug, Rob, and Bargo discuss the making of Surf Ninjas
S00E07 Commentary: Teddy Ruxpin 18/09/2008 Doug and Bargo discuss the making of Teddy Ruxpin.
S00E08 Commentary: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog 11/11/2009 Doug and Rob discuss the making of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
S00E09 Commentary: Superman 4 31/12/2009 Doug discusses the making of Superman 4.
S00E10 Commentary: The Star Wars Holiday Special 31/12/2009 Doug and Rob discuss the making of the Star Wars Holiday Special.
S00E11 Commentary: Moonwalker 01/02/2010 Doug and Rob discuss the making of Moonwalker.
S00E12 Commentary: Bebe's Kids SNES 09/02/2010 Fanny McBigBottom and Waverly Long-johns discuss the making of the Nostalgia Critic's Bebe's Kids (SNES) review...
S00E13 Commentary: Battlefield Earth 04/03/2010 Doug discusses the making of Battlefield Earth.
S00E14 Commentary: Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue 31/03/2010 Doug discusses the making of Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue.
S00E15 Commentary: Captain N 30/04/2010 Doug and Rob discuss the making of Captain N.
S00E16 Commentary: Garbage Pail Kids 06/05/2010 Doug and Rob discuss the making of Garbage Pail Kids.
S00E17 Commentary: Quest for Camelot 21/05/2010 Doug and Rob discuss the making of Quest for Camelot.
S00E18 Commentary: Care Bears 25/08/2010 Doug and Rob discuss the making of Care Bears.
S00E19 Commentary: Animaniacs Tribute Part 1 25/08/2010 Doug discusses the making of Animaniacs Tribute Part 1
S00E20 Commentary: Animaniacs Tribute Part 2 25/08/2010 Doug discusses the making of Animaniacs Tribute Part 2
S00E21 Commentary: Animaniacs Tribute Part 3 25/08/2010 Doug discusses the making of Animaniacs Tribute Part 3
S00E22 Commentary: Leprechaun 31/10/2010 Doug and Brad discuss the making of Leprechaun.
S00E23 Commentary: You're a Rotten Dirty Bastard: Christmas Special 02/01/2011 Doug discusses the making of You're a Rotten Dirty Bastard: Christmas Special.
S00E24 Commentary: Neverending Story 3 23/01/2011 Doug and Rob discuss the making of Neverending Story 3.
S00E25 Commentary: Fear and Loathing in ShadowCon 10/04/2011 Doug discusses the making of Fear and Loathing in ShadowCon.
S00E26 Commentary: IT 04/06/2011 Doug and Rob discuss the making of IT.
S00E27 Commentary: Ferngully 21/06/2011 Doug discusses the making of Ferngully.
S00E28 Commentary: Secret of NIMH 2 27/06/2011 Doug and Rob discuss the making of Secret of NIHM 2.
S00E29 Commentary: Batman TAS 30/08/2011 Doug discusses the making of The Top 11 Batman The Animated Series Episodes.
S00E30 Commentary: The OTHER Animated Titanic 05/09/2011 Doug and Rob discuss the making of The OTHER Animated Titanic Movie.
S00E31 Commentary: Dungeons and Dragons 12/10/2011 Doug (in character as Profion) and Rob discuss the making of Dungeons and Dragons.
S00E32 Commentary: Simon Sez with Obsurus Lupa 23/10/2011 Doug and Alison discuss the making of Simon Sez.
S00E33 Commentary: Moulin Rouge 11/12/2011 Doug, Brent, and Lindsay discuss the making of Moulin Rouge.
S00E34 Commentary: Lets Play Bart's Nightmare 19/12/2011 Doug discusses the making of Lets Play Bart's Nightmare.
S00E35 Commentary: Child's Play 30/01/2012 Doug and Phelan discuss the making of Child's Play.
S00E36 Commentary: Star Trek Insurrection 22/02/2012 Doug and Lewis discuss the making of Star Trek Insurrection.
S00E37 Commentary: Ponyo 04/03/2012 Doug discusses the making of Ponyo.
S00E38 Nostalgia Critic & Phelous: Child's Play 2 21/03/2012 Nostalgia Critic and Phelous are up to child's play again. Will Chucky take over Andy's body this time? Yes, yes he will and the other movies in the series don't exist. Found on
S00E39 Commentary: The Grinch 03/04/2012 Doug discusses the making of The Grinch.
S00E40 Commentary: Starchaser 02/05/2012 Doug and Bennett discuss the making of Starchaser.
S00E41 Commentary: A Simple Wish 19/06/2012 Doug and Holly discuss the making of A Simple Wish.
S00E42 Nostalgia Critic & Phelous: Child's Play 3 22/08/2012 The Nostalgia Critic and Phelous finish their Child's Play review trilogy.
S00E43 Doug's Favorite TV Shows (1) 02/10/2011 Part 1 of Doug's Top 20 Favorite TV Shows.
S00E44 Doug's Favorite TV Shows (2) 02/10/2011 Part 2 of Doug's Top 20 Favorite TV Shows.
S00E45 Suburban Knights (1) 26/06/2011 As a mysterious man makes his way to Chicago, the Critic gathers up his friends/co-workers for another epic adventure. Using a map from a recluse named Jaffers, he intends to find Malachite's Hand, a gauntlet with untold power.
S00E46 Suburban Knights (2) 27/06/2011 The Critic's group is making headway on the quest, finding a forest mentioned in the first riddle. While on their quest, tensions rise among the group.
S00E47 Suburban Knights (3) 28/06/2011 The Nostalgia Critic accidentally reveals that the map he has is a chain letter, which infuriates the group. Meanwhile, the Cloaks pursue Spoony's group to a nearby child's play ground.
S00E48 Suburban Knights (4) 29/06/2011 Things heat up as the teams come across more evils on their quest!
S00E49 Suburban Knights (5) 30/06/2011 More is discovered about the gauntlet and where it came from, but will that lead the team closer to it?
S00E50 Suburban Knights (6) 01/07/2011 Just who is Malachite anyway?
S00E51 Suburban Knights (7) 02/07/2011 The final chapter in the epically ridiculous saga!
S00E52 To Boldly Flee (1) 23/08/2012 The Final Adventure begins!
S00E53 To Boldly Flee (2) 26/08/2012 The Final Adventure Continues!
S00E54 To Boldly Flee (3) 29/08/2012 The Final Adventure continues to...continue!
S00E55 To Boldly Flee (4) 01/09/2012 The final adventure continues to continue...with it's...continuing.
S00E56 To Boldly Flee (5) 04/09/2012 In the continuation of the final part of the continuation we continue to continue into the...continuation.
S00E57 To Boldly Flee (6) 07/09/2012 We're continuing to continue the final continuing of the final adventure...continue.
S00E58 To Boldly Flee (7) 10/09/2012 We are now nearing the end of the continuing part of the final continuing continue to continue.
S00E59 To Boldly Flee (8) 13/09/2012 The end.
S00E60 Reefer Madness (Volume 2 DVD Exclusive) 18/09/2012 From TGWTG Volume 2 - the formally DVD only episode of NC, now available for all to watch
S00E61 Commentary: Reefer Madness 18/09/2012 Doug and Rob talk about the making of the Reefer Madness review.
S00E62 Commentary: Scooby Doo 20/09/2012 Rob and Doug take a look at the last episode.
S00E63 The Top 11 Best Nostalgia Critic Episodes 25/09/2012 Which ones are Doug's favorite?
S00E64 Blues Brothers SNES (Volume 2 DVD Exclusive) 02/10/2012 From the Best of TGWTG Volume 2 DVD. Doug reviews the SNES game - Blues Brothers
S00E65 Commentary: Blues Brothers SNES 02/10/2012 Doug discusses the making of Blues Brothers SNES.
S00E66 Worst NC Reviewed Movies Ever 09/10/2012 The worst of the worst that the NC has ever had to look at. Be warned, the number one spot goes on for QUITE a bit...
S00E67 Commentary: Digimon The Movie 15/10/2012 Doug and Hope discuss the making of Digimon the Movie.
S00E68 Turkish Rambo (Volume 1 DVD Exclusive) 16/10/2012 Hey kids, love Rambo? NOT ANYMORE! See the NC review from the Volume 1 DVD. One of the strangest remakes ever!
S00E69 Commentary: Turkish Rambo 16/10/2012 Doug and Rob discuss the making of Turkish Rambo.
S00E70 The Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Favorite Moments 23/10/2012 Doug counts down his top 11 favorite funniest moments from the Nostalgia Critic.
S00E71 Doomsday Machine (Volume 3 DVD Exclusive) 15/11/2012 A Volume 3 DVD Exclusive, now available for all to watch!
S00E72 Making of a Nostalgia Critic Episode (Volume 3 DVD Exclusive) 21/12/2012 Did you ever want to know how an Episode of Nostalgia Critic was made?
S00E73 The Review Must Go On 22/01/2013 Doug Walker - "The Creator" - faces an internal struggle as one very special character from his past comes back to haunt him.
S00E74 Esults 23/05/2013 Why insult idiots online when the Nostalgia Critic can do it for you?
S00E75 Bloopers - Les Miserables 07/09/2013 Russel Crowe wasn't the only thing we were laughing at!
S00E76 Commentary: The Last Airbender 10/09/2013 I still got a few more things to say about this movie!
S00E77 Commentary: Cat in the Hat 20/09/2013 Doug's new favorite review talked about by the cast.
S00E78 Commentary: Turbo a Power Rangers Movie 26/09/2013 The cast joins again to talk about the Rangers, life, and poor villain dubbing.
S00E79 In Loving Memory of Justin Carmical 28/01/2014 The critic talks about Justin Carmical's influence on the team and how much he shared with everyone. This episode ends with a really heartwarming clip from Justin.
S00E102 Making of Bloodrayne 24/07/2014
S00E103 Making of The Purge 03/08/2014
S00E104 Commentary: The Purge 08/08/2014
S00E105 Nostalgia Critic Does Ice Bucket Challenge 23/08/2014 The NC caves in, but at what cost?
S00E106 Making of Small Soldiers 24/08/2014 What goes into making DEVIL BONER!
S00E107 F**king Love Christmas Music Video 04/12/2014 The music video from the Nostalgia Critic’s Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer review.
S00E108 Making of Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer 07/12/2014 Because I (fill in the blank) love Christmas!
S00E109 Making of Christmas Story 2 27/12/2014 What was it like to work with Cinema Sins?
S00E110 Making of The Matrix 19/01/2015 It’s always best to blend in wearing a ton of leather.
S00E111 Making of Matrix Reloaded 07/02/2015 There’s a Shmucker born every minute!
S00E112 Making of Matrix Revolutions 19/02/2015 How many times did Doug do that laugh?
S00E113 Making of Haunted Mansion 25/03/2015 Admit it, you would LOVE to see Kanye West as Goliath.
S00E114 Making of Daredevil 04/04/2014 So why wasn’t Malcolm in this episode?
S00E115 Making of TMNT 2014 21/04/2015 What was it like to once again film with the Nerd?
S00E116 Making of Demolition Man 06/05/2015 How did this movie spark necrophilia?
S00E117 Kickassia Review (Nostalgia Critic Reloaded DVD Exclusive) 30/05/2015 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 2nd Anniversary Special of – Kickassia.
S00E118 Making of Fantastic 4 30/05/2015 The super review where we bare our chests…well some of us.
S00E119 Suburban Knights Review (Nostalgia Critic Reloaded DVD Exclusive) 31/05/2015 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 3rd Year Anniversary of – Suburban Knights.
S00E120 To Boldly Flee Review (Nostalgia Critic Reloaded DVD Exclusive) 02/06/2015 The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 4th Year Anniversary of – To Boldly Flee.
S00E121 Doug's Top 10 Disney Films 14/07/2015 Live acting, animated, it all counts! Here’s Doug’s favorite films from one of his favorite studios!
S00E122 Doug’s Top 10 Favorite Movie Moments 11/08/2015 Couldn’t get an NC to you guys this week, but here’s a look at some of Doug’s favorite moments from film ever!
S00E123 Video Game: Bebe's Kids 17/09/2008
S00E124 Paranoia 04/05/2013
S00E125 Cinema Snob Movie 13/10/2015
S00E126 Doug's Home Movies 13/10/2015
S00E127 Night of the Living Dead 13/10/2015
S00E128 Review Must Go On Review 13/10/2015
S00E129 Suicide Squad Trailer 09/05/2017 A sneak peak at Nostalgia Critic’s big review. Plus Doug does a trailer reaction of his own trailer…wait what?
S00E130 Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie 26/05/2017
S00E133 Doug’s Top 10 Crying Moments 23/01/2018 Ever wonder what movies, TV shows, or other entertainment make Doug tear up? These are the moments that make him sob like nobody’s business.