Affiche The O'Keefes
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The series was about the O'Keefe family: Harry and Ellie, together with their children, Lauren, Danny and Mark. The plot centered on the fact that the O'Keefe parents had homeschooled their children for most of their lives ans with the dramatic and comic interest arising in situations where the children were beginning to experience the outside world.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The O'Keefes

S01E01 Pilot 00/00/0000 When Harry finally relents and agrees to send Danny and Lauren to the local public high school, they get a crash course in how the outside world works.
S01E02 Election 00/00/0000 When Lauren (Tania Raymonde) decides to take a stand and run for student body president, the whole family works on her campaign, but Lauren is soon shocked to learn that the world of politics is full of dirty tricks.
S01E03 Substitute Teacher 00/00/0000 Lauren (Tania Raymonde) and Danny (Joseph Cross) are mortified when Harry (Judge Reinhold) volunteers to substitute teach biology at their high school and uses their personal lives in his lesson plans. When the school offers Harry a permanent position, Ellie (Kirsten Nelson) and the kids try to convince Harry to return to his veterinary pratice and to home-schooling Matt (Matt Weinberg).
S01E04 Football 00/00/0000 Seeking the attention of a beautiful cheerleader, Danny (Joseph Cross) joins the football team. But when Lauren (Tania Raymond) becomes an honorary cheerleader and influences the squad to pay less attention to football and more to school issues, Danny is forced to choose between his new jock status and his sister's well-being.
S01E05 Jobs 00/00/0000 Lauren (Tania Raymonde) and Danny (Joseph Cross) convince Harry (Judge Reinhold) to let them get jobs at the mall, but when Lauren's co-worked sets her up as a thief and Danny is taken advantage of by his boss, the whole family works together to correct the wrongs of the capitalist system.
S01E06 Unknown Title 00/00/0000
S01E07 Unknown Title 00/00/0000 Lauren's classmate Wade asks her out on her first date. Even though Ellie gives her permission, Harry doesn't want Lauren to go, but he finally relents. Lauren's friends Monique, Nicole, and Tiffany come over to help her get ready and to give her advice. But Lauren eschews their suggestions. Ellie catches Harry trying to spy on Lauren and Wade during their date at a pizza parlor. But eventually, Harry learns to trust Lauren. Wade likes Lauren because she's different and prefers to have their second date at the O'Keefe house.
S01E08 Unknown Title 00/00/0000 Lauren gets invited to a really cool party and wants to bring Danny. At first, Harry doesn't want them to attend but relents as long as they call him every hour on a huge World War II walkie-talkie. As soon as they arrive, Lauren and Danny learn from the hostess, Summer, that their adult supervisor drank too much alcohol and is unconscious. Lauren meets a new friend, Noah, and Danny fights for the reputation of a girl he likes, Olivia. All of the guests—except Noah, Lauren, Danny and Olivia—get inebriated. Without Lauren's and Danny's knowledge, Harry, Ellie and Mark sneak into the party to check on them. Even though they are shocked at the drunken teenagers, Harry and Ellie are proud of their children's conduct.