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"On November 13, Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence. (Unger's unseen wife slams door. She reopens it and angrily hands Felix his saucepan) That request came from his wife. Deep down, he knew she was right, but he also knew that someday, he would return to her. With nowhere else to go, he appeared at the home of his childhood friend, Oscar Madison. Sometime earlier, Madison's wife had thrown him out, requesting that he never return. Can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy?"


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Odd Couple

S01E01 The Laundry Orgy 24/09/1970 Felix and Oscar try to break up their poker game so that they can go out with the Pigeon sisters.
S01E02 The Fight of the Felix 01/10/1970 A tough hockey player challenges Felix to a boxing match.
S01E03 Felix Gets Sick 08/10/1970 Oscar's date with a stewardess is interrupted by Felix's sickness.
S01E04 The Jury Story 15/10/1970 Oscar and Felix flash back to how they first met, "12 Angry Men" style.
S01E05 The Breakup 22/10/1970 When Oscar throws Felix out of the apartment, he moves in with Murray, then Vinnie, and then the Pigeon sisters.
S01E06 Oscar's Ulcer 29/10/1970 Oscar's ulcer begins to flare up again.
S01E07 I Do, I Don't 05/11/1970 When Felix feels he's responsible for the separation of a young couple on their wedding day, he tries to get the stubborn couple back together.
S01E08 Oscar the Model 12/11/1970 Felix gets Oscar to pose for a cologne ad.
S01E09 The Big Brothers 19/11/1970 Oscar and Felix become big brothers to a fatherless boy.
S01E10 It's All Over Now, Baby Bird 03/12/1970 Felix's parrot dies, and he insists on a formal funeral.
S01E11 Felix is Missing 10/12/1970 Felix goes missing, and Oscar thinks his buddy is dead.
S01E12 Scrooge Gets an Oscar 17/12/1970 In a parody of "A Christmas Carol", Oscar dreams he is haunted by Felix's ghost.
S01E13 The Blackout 24/12/1970 Oscar's poker buddies think he swiped $50 during a blackout.
S01E14 They Use Horseradish, Don't They? 07/01/1971 Felix's determination to win a cooking contest drives Oscar nuts.
S01E15 The Hideaway 14/01/1971 Felix gets angry when an Eskimo quarterback is exploited.
S01E16 Lovers Don't Make House Calls 29/01/1971 Oscar is smitten by Dr. Nancy Cunningham, who is treating Felix's allergies.
S01E17 Engrave Trouble 05/02/1971 A thug helps Felix find a stolen watch.
S01E18 Bunny Is Missing Down by the Lake 12/02/1971 A weekend at a mountain cabin proves horrendous.
S01E19 You've Come a Long Way, Baby 19/02/1971 An abandoned baby ruins Oscar's big night.
S01E20 A Taste of Money 26/02/1971 Oscar's and Felix's neighbor may be a bank robber.
S01E21 Oscar's New Life 05/03/1971 After being fired from the newspaper, Oscar seeks employment at a girlie magazine.
S01E22 What Makes Felix Run 12/03/1971 Oscar helps Felix try to cure his neatness by making him into a slob.
S01E23 What Does a Naked Lady Say to You? 19/03/1971 Felix's librarian girlfriend has a secret -- she's the star of a nude play.
S01E24 Trapped 26/03/1971 Oscar, Felix and Nancy get trapped in the basement on the way to a costume party.
S02E01 Natural Childbirth 17/09/1971 Oscar and Felix help a pregnant girl prepare for childbirth.
S02E02 Felix's Wife's Boyfriend 24/09/1971 Felix's jealousy spikes when Gloria dates Nancy's brother.
S02E03 Hospital Mates 01/10/1971 Felix and Oscar are hospitalized at the same time.
S02E04 Sleepwalker 08/10/1971 Oscar acts out his anger with Felix while sleepwalking.
S02E05 A Grave for Felix 15/10/1971 Felix plots his final resting place.
S02E06 Murray the Fink 29/10/1971 Oscar and Felix are arrested after Murray raids the poker game.
S02E07 Does Your Mother Know You're Out, Rigoletto? 05/11/1971 In a production of Rigoletto, Oscar is the court jester and Felix is the maestro.
S02E08 The Fat Farm 12/11/1971 Oscar and Felix check into a fat farm, but Oscar can't abide by its strict rules.
S02E09 The Odd Couple Meet Their Host 19/11/1971 A TV talk program is the setting for an Oscar-Felix showdown.
S02E10 Win One for Felix 03/12/1971 Felix coaches a youth football team.
S02E11 Being Divorced is Never Having to Say I Do 10/12/1971 Oscar's ex-wife is remarrying, but Felix interferes and ruins Oscar's hopes to stop paying alimony.
S02E12 Surprise, Surprise! 17/12/1971 Oscar's poker game and Felix's daughter's birthday party are on a collision course.
S02E13 Felix the Calypso Singer 24/12/1971 Nancy cannot go away with Oscar on vacation, so Oscar talks Felix into joining him.
S02E14 And Leave the Greyhound to Us? 31/12/1971 Oscar wins a greyhound and wants to race it, but Felix wants it as a pet.
S02E15 Security Arms 07/01/1972 Oscar and Felix move into a high-security building.
S02E16 Speak for Yourself 14/01/1972 In a flashback, young Felix suffers from an epic case of bad nerves so Oscar proposes to Gloria for him.
S02E17 You Saved My Life 21/01/1972 Oscar saves Felix from falling out of the window, but soon regrets the act as Felix's efforts to thank him only lead to annoyance.
S02E18 Where's Grandpa 28/01/1972 While Felix is out of town, his grandfather arrives and pesters Oscar just like Felix does.
S02E19 Partner's Investment 04/02/1972 Oscar, Felix and Murray run a Japanese restaurant.
S02E20 Good, Bad Boy 11/02/1972 Felix overreacts when his daughter is asked to a dance by a reform-school youth.
S02E21 A Night to Dismember 18/02/1972 The night when Oscar and Blanche split up is seen from three different points of view.
S02E22 Oscar's Promotion 25/02/1972 Oscar gets a chance to cover a Chinese wrestling star, but Felix's concern for the athlete threatens Oscar's assignment and his job.
S02E23 Psychic, Shmycic 03/03/1972 Felix believes he can see the future and predicts a murder attempt on Oscar.
S03E01 Gloria, Hallelujah 15/09/1972 It's a computer-dating disaster when Oscar gets matched with Felix's ex-wife.
S03E02 Big Mouth 22/09/1972 Oscar and TV sports legend Howard Cosell engage in a tongue-to-tongue showdown.
S03E03 The Princess 29/09/1972 Oscar falls in love with a princess whose royal portrait is being shot by Felix.
S03E04 The Pen Is Mightier Than the Pencil 06/10/1972 Felix takes a writing course despite having no talent.
S03E05 The Odd Monks 13/10/1972 Felix and Oscar join a monastery for a retreat of peace and contemplation.
S03E06 I'm Dying of Unger 20/10/1972 Oscar is unable to start writing his book while Felix won't stop cracking his whip.
S03E07 The Odd Couples 27/10/1972 Oscar tries prevent his mother from finding out about his divorce.
S03E08 Felix's First Commercial 03/11/1972 Felix can direct his first television commercial if Oscar gets friend and NFL legend Deacon Jones to appear in the ad.
S03E09 The First Baby 10/11/1972 Felix suffers from a unique case of trauma while expecting a child.
S03E10 Oscar's Birthday 17/11/1972 Felix intends on giving Oscar a surprise party, whether Oscar likes it or not.
S03E11 Password 01/12/1972 Oscar and Felix appear as contestants on TV game show Password.
S03E12 The Odd Father 08/12/1972 Felix tries to be a pal to his daughter.
S03E13 Don't Believe in Roomers 22/12/1972 A mystery woman makes Oscar and Felix rivals.
S03E14 Sometimes a Great Ocean 05/01/1973 Felix takes Oscar on a cruise ship to avoid junk food.
S03E15 I Gotta Be Me 12/01/1973 Felix and Oscar seek group therapy to resolve their hostilities.
S03E16 The Ides of April 19/01/1973 The IRS summons Felix, but it's Oscar who ends up audited.
S03E17 Myrna's Debut 02/02/1973 Felix tries to turn Oscar's tap-dancing secretary Myrna pro.
S03E18 The Hustler 09/02/1973 Oscar turns to pool hustling to pay Felix for costumes for his opera group.
S03E19 My Strife in Court 16/02/1973 Felix plays lawyer when he and Oscar are charged with ticket scalping.
S03E20 Let's Make a Deal 23/02/1973 Felix and Oscar appear as contestants on "Let's Make a Deal", dressed as the front and back ends of a horse.
S03E21 The Odyssey Couple 02/03/1973 Oscar lies to his mother and tells her that he has a girl -- and she wants to meet her.
S03E22 Take My Furniture, Please 09/03/1973 Felix redesigns the apartment with ultra-modern furniture, but Oscar can't stand it.
S03E23 The Murray Who Came to Dinner 23/03/1973 Felix and Oscar try to get rid of a depressed houseguest.
S04E01 Gloria Moves In 14/09/1973 Felix's ex-wife visits and he thinks that he can convince her to take him back.
S04E02 Last Tango in Newark 21/09/1973 Edward Villella teaches Oscar and Felix how to dance while dancing to music from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.
S04E03 The Odd Decathalon 28/09/1973 Felix comes up with a scheme to prove he is more physically fit than Oscar.
S04E04 That Was No Lady 05/10/1973 Felix's new love interest is married to a jealous professional football player (played by NFL legend Alex Karras).
S04E05 The Odd Holiday 12/10/1973 Flashback Episode: Felix attempts to salvage Oscar's marriage and ends up destroying his own marriage.
S04E06 The New Car 19/10/1973 Parking nightmares for Oscar and Felix as they fruitlessly attempt to find a parking spot for their new automobile.
S04E07 That Is the Army, Mrs. Madison 26/10/1973 Flashback Episode: Oscar gets married and spends the wedding night in the Army barracks.
S04E08 The Songwriter 02/11/1973 Felix decides to write a song for Jaye P. Morgan.
S04E09 Felix Directs 09/11/1973 Felix makes a movie about... Oscar Madison!!
S04E10 The Pig Who Came to Dinner 16/11/1973 Bobby Riggs appears and tries to hustle Oscar out of all his possessions.
S04E11 Maid for Each Other 23/11/1973 Oscar and Felix try to find a maid who is beautiful enough for Oscar, and clean enough for Felix.
S04E12 The Exorcists 07/12/1973 Felix is convinced the air conditioner is haunted by a ghost.
S04E13 A Barnacle Adventure 21/12/1973 Oscar and his dentist try to convince Felix to invest in a new product: barnacle-made glue!
S04E14 The Moonlighter 04/01/1974 In order to repay borrowed money, Oscar takes a job working in a greasy-spoon cafe.
S04E15 Cleanliness is Next to Impossible 11/01/1974 Oscar decides to be as clean as Felix after being called a slob by his girlfriend.
S04E16 The Flying Felix 18/01/1974 Felix is afraid of flying, but he has a photography assignment in Houston. Will he overcome his fear?
S04E17 Vocal Girl Makes Good 25/01/1974 The New York Metropolitan Opera's Marilyn Horne stars as Felix's new discovery, but is too shy to appear in his opera unless Oscar is in it as well.
S04E18 Shuffling Off to Buffalo 08/02/1974 Felix's brother tries to convince him to leave New York City.
S04E19 A Different Drummer 22/02/1974 Felix tries to get his old college band on Monty Hall's nostalgia program.
S04E20 The Insomniacs 01/03/1974 Suffering from sleeplessness, Felix keeps Oscar awake with his fussing.
S04E21 New York's Oddest 08/03/1974 Felix joins the NYPD's civilian unit.
S04E22 One for the Bunny 22/03/1974 Felix's first big assignment is to photograph a centerfold.
S05E01 The Rain in Spain 12/09/1974 Oscar's secretary is upset over the loss of her errant beau.
S05E02 To Bowl or Not to Bowl 19/09/1974 Felix drops a bombshell when he refuses to participate in the championship bowling match.
S05E03 The Frog 26/09/1974 Oscar loses Leonard's entry in a frog-jumping event.
S05E04 The Hollywood Story 03/10/1974 Felix becomes Oscar's agent, who lands a bit part in a movie.
S05E05 The Dog Story 10/10/1974 Felix abducts Silver the Canine Wonder from a bad agent.
S05E06 Strike Up the Band or Else 17/10/1974 After losing $500 to Billy Bob Babcock in a poker game, Oscar only gets 24 hours to pay up.
S05E07 The Odd Candidate 24/10/1974 Felix enters Oscar in an election against an incumbent city councilman.
S05E08 The Subway Show 31/10/1974 Felix tries to convince Oscar that New York City is a fun place to live.
S05E09 The Paul Williams Show 07/11/1974 Felix gets very serious and stiff competition trying to get his daughter's attention when Paul Williams arrives in town.
S05E10 Our Fathers 21/11/1974 Flashback Episode: Felix's chance meeting between his and Oscar's fathers.
S05E11 The Big Broadcast 28/11/1974 After Oscar takes a job as a radio host, Felix comes up with his own ideas to boost the ratings.
S05E12 Oscar in Love 12/12/1974 Oscar wants to be a family man.
S05E13 The Bigger They Are 14/12/1974 Oscar is volunteered by Felix to model for a series of weight-loss advertisements.
S05E14 Two on the Aisle 19/12/1974 Oscar must fill in for the newspaper's theater critic, who is on vacation, but has trouble understanding the titles, let alone the plays.
S05E15 Your Mother Wears Army Boots 16/01/1975 Felix helps Oscar get a job with Howard Cosell.
S05E16 Felix the Horse Player 23/01/1975 Oscar wins a lot at the track -- with help from a friend's tips. Wanna guess?
S05E17 The Rent Strike 31/01/1975 Felix starts a picket line with his fellow tenants over high rent rates.
S05E18 Two Men on a Hoarse 07/02/1975 Oscar resists throat surgery, so Felix keeps nagging him to have it.
S05E19 The Roy Clark Show 14/02/1975 Oscar's old Army buddy visits, and his musical talent impresses Felix.
S05E20 Old Flames Never Die 21/02/1975 Felix is upset when he learns that his high school girlfriend is now a grandmother.
S05E21 Laugh, Clown, Laugh 28/02/1975 Felix is jealous when Oscar and Richard Dawson are selected to be co-hosts of a TV show.
S05E22 Felix Remarries 07/03/1975 After being kicked out of his apartment five years earlier, Felix convices his ex-wife that they should remarry. She accepts and they are married. All of a sudden, Oscar Madison is alone, again.
S00E03 Gag Reel 00/00/0000
S00E04 Tony & Jack On Stage in 00/00/0000
S00E05 Emmy Presentation 00/00/0000 Jack Klugman - Outstanding Continued Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role - (1971)
S00E06 Together Again (TV Movie) 00/00/0000
S00E07 Tony And Me 00/00/0000
S00E25 Tony Randall on The Mike Douglas Show 00/00/0000 Interview with Tony Randall on the Mike Douglas Show before the premiere (on season 1, disc 1 DVD)
S00E26 Series Promo 00/00/0000
S00E27 Jack Klugman's Book Tour Home Videos 00/00/0000
S00E28 Dick Cavett Comedy Preview 00/00/0000