Affiche The Old Guys
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Sitcom about the relationship between Tom and Roy, who live together. Tom and Roy believe there is life in the old dog yet - but it might just need a kick. Tom is a baby boomer who has never done anything much with his life, while Roy is a suburban pensioner who harbours the illusion that he may be one of the country's leading intellectuals. When Roy's wife left him, Tom moved in and, together, they are determined to go out in a blaze of glory. The pair lust after sexy neighbour Sally. Tom has a dreary daughter Amber who is having a relationship with a vicar, Phil.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Old Guys

S01E01 Sally's Party 31/01/2009 Sally's having a party and Tom and Roy are desperate to be invited. They offer to help Sally prepare for the party in the hope that this will secure them an invitation. Sally, meanwhile, is very keen for Amber, Tom's daughter, to meet her successful and available son, Steve. Tom approves as this could help his own efforts to ingratiate himself with Sally. Tom and Roy's efforts to get to the party are hindered when Tom joins Roy on his daily walk and falls and injures himself. Now Roy has to nurse Tom 24/7 and still help Sally with the party preparations. Even if they finally do get an invite, they realise they may have chosen the wrong day to have a competition to find out who has the strongest bladder...
S01E02 The Therapist 07/02/2009 Roy is feeling depressed. On Amber's suggestion, he goes to see therapist Ned. There Roy tells Ned all his secret dreams and fantasies about Sally but is horrified when Sally meets Ned and there is a mutual attraction. Meanwhile, Sally is standing in the local council election on the 'Save the Post Office' ticket. Roy volunteers to be her campaign manager in a bid to spend more time with her, but when Ned turns up, unannounced, at the post-results dinner party, Tom and Roy take desperate measures to stop Ned meeting Sally again.
S01E03 Marriage 14/02/2009 Amber attempts to impress her new boss Marianne. Roy attempts to teach Amber to cycle so that she can impress Marianne who is a keen cyclist. Tom discovers that if he was married he would be able to get a lump sum of money from his pension.
S01E04 Sally's Old Flame 21/02/2009 Tom and Roy are devastated when they discover that Sally has fallen in love with Mark, an old flame from her past.
S01E05 The Croft 28/02/2009 Tom and Roy decide to take up Sally's offer of a week in a Highland croft when they decide that they need to get away for a while. When Tom gets bored he invites Amber to come stay. Amber is surprised when she sees Sally with Steve when she goes to a pub with a local man and Tom tries to make sure that they don't meet.
S01E06 Courtesan 07/03/2009 Roy visits Katia, a Belorussian prostitute in Soho. Emboldened by his friend's actions, Tom decides to start seeing Katia as well.