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The Only Way Is Essex is a reality series which follows some people living in Essex, including a club promoter, a would-be model, a member of a girl band and two bar workers. Each episode features action filmed just a few days previously.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Only Way is Essex

S01E01 Episode 1 10/10/2010 New series. Reality series following a group of people in Essex, including a club promoter, a would-be model, a member of a girl band and two bar workers. With each episode filmed just a few days before transmission, they will find out exactly what other people in the show are saying about them as well as discovering secrets that will affect their lives.
S01E02 Episode 2 13/10/2010 The fallout from Lauren's party is revealed, Kirk's quest to win the heart of wannabe model Amy continues and club promoter Mark hosts a speed-dating event.
S01E03 Episode 3 17/10/2010 Kirk hopes his plan to woo Amy will pay off, while girl group Lola pursue their dream of becoming the next Girls Aloud. Reality series following a group of people in Essex.
S01E04 Episode 4 20/10/2010 Kirk hopes his date with Amy will seal their romance, Mark tries to cope with temptation and jealousy, and Lauren strives for independence. Reality series following a group of people in Essex.
S01E05 Episode 5 24/10/2010 Lauren tries to get over Mark by indulging in some serious dating, and preparations get under way for Essex Fashion Week.
S01E06 Episode 6 27/10/2010 The county hosts its Fashion Week, with Sam, Amy and Jessica striving to claim the title of the most glamorous girl in Essex.
S01E07 Episode 7 31/10/2010 It is VIP night at the opening of Mark's new club, and he hopes everything will go smoothly. Reality series following a group of people in Essex, including a club promoter, a would-be model, a member of a girl band and two bar workers.
S01E08 Episode 8 03/11/2010 Mark deals with the aftermath of the VIP night at his club, Amy's relationship with Kirk hits a rocky patch and James and Lydia try to give their romance another chance.
S01E09 Episode 9 07/11/2010 The gang celebrates Bonfire Night. Sam and Amy plan to add some glamour to the event, Harry dresses up for the occasion and Mark tries to ensure that his evening goes with a bang. Reality series following a group of people in Essex.
S01E10 Episode 10 10/11/2010 Mark's boxing event takes place in Romford and he throws down the gauntlet to Kirk. Reality series following a group of people in Essex.
S01E11 Episode 11 14/11/2010 Nanny Pat is given a makeover, and Lauren has to consider whether to accept her boss's offer. Meanwhile, Amy goes on a date and girl band Lola give an important performance
S01E12 Episode 12 17/11/2010 The night of Mark's boxing match with Kirk arrives, and there are questions over who will be there to support each fighter, and if Lauren can win back her man
S02E01 Episode 1 20/03/2011 Pop the Cristal and spray yourself a weird shade of mahogany: it's series two of the semi-staged docusoap that had the nation gawping last year. The stereotypical view of people from Essex as primped, yakking bozos was exposed by TOWIE as not having gone far enough: each week we scaled new lows of inanity as a gang of young people, steered by the show's producers and embellished by cruel editing, discussed their lives and loves. Sex, petty arguments and unpleasantly intimate beauty treatments were the dominant themes. It's filmed close to transmission to bring you the latest news from the county's night clubs and nail bars, but you can expect fallout from Mark's recent split from his glamour-model girlfriend, Amy's efforts to deal with fame and, most likely, some explicit vajazzling scenes.
S02E02 Episode 2 23/03/2011 Lauren's day proves eventful as she removes her tattoo of Mark's name, only for him to propose soon after and she accepted. Arg and Lydia are still debating whether to move in together.
S02E03 Epsiode 3 27/03/2011 Lauren decides whether to move in with her new fiance Mark after Lucy's revelations about having recently slept with him. Amy looks for a new assistant.
S02E04 Episode 4 30/03/2011 Arg decides whether to embark on a diet and Amy's new assistant Paloma tries to make a good impression at the salon. Kirk throws a party and Lauren's culinary skills are put to the test when the Wrights come for dinner
S02E05 Episode 5 03/04/2011 Lauren gives Mark's flat a makeover and Amy's new assistant tries to teach Harry some unusual dance moves
S02E06 Episode 6 06/04/2011 Lauren's wedding plans are moving ahead, but they may be too fast for Mark's liking, Lydia and Arg appear to have finally found their dream home and Lucy receives information about Kirk
S02E07 Episode 7 10/04/2011 Jessica goes through with her boob job. Arg tries to win Lydia back, but to no avail. Most of the cast attend Gemma's quiz night.
S02E08 Episode 8 13/04/2011 Joey takes Sam out on a date. The girls take part in a "botox party". Lauren and Mark discuss plans for their engagement party.
S02E09 Episode 9 17/04/2011 Mark meets up with Sam to discuss his new modelling agency, much to the annoyance of Lauren. Mark and Lauren host their engagement party.
S02E10 Episode 10 20/04/2011 Some of the cast go "glamping", while Arg and Lydia appear to go their separate ways following another argument.
S02E11 Episode 11 24/04/2011 Mark and Lauren face Amy and Arg in a game of tennis. Kirk hosts his 23rd Birthday party – a funfair in his back garden.
S02E12 Episode 12 27/04/2011 Kirk asks Lauren to move in with him. Joey launches the first night of 'Reem Parties' at Sugar Hut.
S02E13 Episode 13 01/05/2011 Lydia confronts Amy about her relationship with Arg. The Wrights celebrate the Royal Wedding, and Mark wants to get back into the promoting scene following Joey Essex's successful launch night.
S02E14 Episode 14 04/05/2011 Mark hosts a pool party, everyone is invited, apart from his own fiancée, Lauren. Last in series.
S03E01 Episode 1 25/09/2011 Brand new series of the true life soap. Join the Essex boys and girls and find out what has changed after a summer of fun.
S03E02 Episode 2 28/09/2011 Joey, Lydia and Debbie head to a car boot sale, whilst Harry and his brother Ronnie have a heart-to-heart after working on their fathers flower stall. Meanwhile, Gemma throws a singles party at the Sugar Hut and Kirk and Lauren Pope share a few feelings over a walk in the park with their dog Bozo. Mark meanwhile continues his celibacy pledge before interrupting Arg and Lydia on their dinner date after feeling lonely. Nicola meanwhile decides its time to confront Lucy about her part in Lauren and Marks break-up.
S03E03 Episode 3 02/10/2011 Arg sets out on a new career path, Mark and Mario have a run-in at the gym, Mick and Kirk catch up after the singles' night and the gang go paintballing for Lauren's birthday.
S03E04 Episode 4 05/10/2011 Jess prepares for her fashion show, Maria and Mick get friendly at a romantic dinner date, the twins model for Jess, Lucy shows off her curves, and Mario and Mark lock horns.
S03E05 Episode 5 09/10/2011 The aftermath of Maria and Mick's romantic date, Sam and Billie arrange a girls night in and Lydia and Arg have a double date with Mario and Lucy that ends in some confrontation and a shock allegation from Mark.
S03E06 Episode 6 12/10/2011 Lucy and Mario discuss the future of their relationship, Arg and Lydia's relationship is under threat again, Chloe considers more surgery, Georgio and Dino try to cheer Gemma up with a Greek night... and Lydia finally confronts Mark.
S03E07 Episode 7 16/10/2011 Chloe consults a plastic surgeon about her bum implants, as well as visiting Joey's new pool-pad, and Kirk holds a karaoke night at Sugar Hut. Plus, Lydia has another argument with Arg about Mark and Gemma teaches Harry how to drive. The episode ends with a cliffhanger though - who received the text from Mark asking them to meet him in his car outside the Sugar Hut?
S03E08 Episode 8 19/10/2011 Mark, Sam, Lydia and Arg go on a skiing double date, where Lydia and Mark make up and Sam and Mark discuss their relationship. At the same time Joey hosts an animal themed pool party, where he finds out about Sam and Mark for the first time from Lauren.
S03E09 Episode 9 23/10/2011 The fake tan is put away as Essex dons vintage in preparation for the grand opening of Lydia's shop, Bella Sorella. Cara and Billie get ready for a night out on the town, Kirk-and-Joey style. Mark woos Sam. Mario shows Lucy his Italian side.
S03E10 Episode 10 26/10/2011 In this episode, Mick and Kirk bond during a father-son fishing trip, Sam spends a cosy Sunday lunch with the Wright family and Arg tackles his body issues head-on - starting with his teeth.
S03E11 Episode 11 30/10/2011 'Jirk' get decidedly jerky when some unannounced visitors arrive, Lucy wonders whether giving Mario a free pass was a mistake and Sam gets a surprise. Meanwhile, Mark, Jess, Gemma and Arg head to bootcamp for some fat-busting workouts - and intimate revelations.
S03E12 Episode 12 02/11/2011 Mario's night of freedom backfires for Lucy. Lydia finds out that what happens at bootcamp does not necessarily stay at bootcamp. Meanwhile, everyone gets in the Halloween spirit - Nanny Pat goes trick-or-treating, and Sam and Billie host an action-packed party.
S03E13 Episode 13 06/11/2011 It is the morning after the night before and Lauren G and Sam are both reacting to the kiss. Mark gives Arg a makeover when the pair go shopping. Lucy realises that time is running out for her and Mario. While Chloe celebrates her 30th birthday in true wedding party fashion, a serious cat fight breaks out.
S03E14 Episode 14 09/11/2011 Last in the series of the reality show. Arg continues his quest for physical perfection and seeks fashion advice from Joey - with interesting results. After the row, Sam and Lauren contemplate their future. Lucy thinks that she has blown it with Mario. There is drama at the bonfire party.
S04E01 Episode 1 29/01/2012 Lauren reveals she has PIP implants during a discussion about breast surgery with Frankie and Chloe. A new girl arrives, Joey enjoys a night out with his best friend Diags, and Nanny Pat goes on a health kick. Mario talks to Lucy about the respect she has for his bachelor pad, Lydia hopes for a stress-free 21st birthday meal, while Billie and Cara try some new yoga moves - on their dogs.
S04E02 Episode 2 01/02/2012 Mario turns to his dad for relationship advice, Jess and Gemma tap into their spiritual sides, and Lauren Pope spills the beans on a past royal relationship. Joey holds a poker night for some friends, and Chloe jumps at the chance to style for the occasion, while there is a fright in store for the host when he is chased by Mick's chickens.
S04E03 Episode 3 05/02/2012 Following the previous episode's events, Cara visited Lucy to tell her about Mario's texts, which made Lucy even angrier with him. Mario, however, thinks he did nothing wrong and confides in his best friend Little Chris, who tells him he hasn't been himself for a while since being with Lucy. Meanwhile, Joey and Diags take Arg rollerskating to take his mind off Lydia, and Gemma has a gold facial treatment for her birthday party, which she pulls out all the stops for, including persuading Dino and Giorgio to paint themselves gold and stand outside the venue, acting as life-size Oscar trophies. Later on in the night, Gemma holds an award ceremony, aptly named the Gemmas, and awards Lydia "Best Dressed Female", and Joey "Best Dressed Male". Excusing themselves from the party, Georgina and Lauren P have a chat in the bathroom, with Georgina telling Lauren about how Mario has been calling her and asking her to go to dinner with him, despite him having a girlfriend, but turning him down. Then, Lucy came out of a toilet stall, said, "But still you're texting a guy who you know has a girlfriend," before leaving the bathroom, leaving Georgina and Lauren stunned. Lucy approaches Mario to talk to him about everything she's heard, but Mario defends himself. At the end, he gives her his new number, and she takes it, before walking away.
S04E04 Episode 4 08/02/2012 Joey and Diags persuade Lauren Pope and Georgina to go on a night out, and Diags receives a crash course in personal grooming from Chloe Sims, who reveals her secret weapon for battling acne. Lauren Pope visits her cosmetic surgeon to discuss the removal of her breast implants. Lauren Goodger hosts a clairvoyant night with a twist, and she and Lucy also attempt to bury the hatchet.
S04E05 Episode 5 12/02/2012 Arg hopes a skinny-dipping trip to Walton-on-the-Naze with Joey, Diags and Mario will help take his mind off Lydia, who wastes no time rekindling a friendship with new guy Ricky while attending Sam's hot-tub party. Meanwhile, Lucy receives a Bruno Mars-agram at work, and Lauren, normally a super-confident ice-queen - breaks down at the prospect of donning a bikini for Sam's bash.
S04E06 Episode 6 15/02/2012 Lydia and Arg's relationship takes another unexpected turn. Billie and Cara hold an `EsSex and the City'-themed Valentine's Day party - and Billie bags herself a Valentine's kiss. Mario tries to get back into Lucy's good books with some surprise romantic treats, new boy Ricky adds to his female following by announcing that he is on the market, and Lydia goes house-hunting with her mum Debbie.
S04E07 Episode 7 19/02/2012 Never before has the word "cocksure" been said so much on national television, but then along came episode seven of TOWIE and a cheeky chappie called Ricky..
S04E08 Episode 8 22/02/2012 Nanny Brighton comes to stay in a bid to help lift Arg's spirits. Chloe, Lauren Pope and Georgina make pancakes - Essex-style - Cara and Billie have an awkward chat about Billie's feelings for Tom, and Arg confronts Ricky to uncover the truth about his relationship with Lydia
S04E09 Episode 9 26/02/2012 Lucy and Mario have a photoshoot with new puppy Bentley, while Joey, Diags, Arg and Frankie enjoy an action-packed afternoon rope-swinging and grass-sledging. Dr Russo pays Lauren Pope a visit as she recovers from her operation, Gemma goes on a date with a new mystery man, and Arg decides to get his nasal hair waxed in a bid to impress the girls
S04E10 Episode 10 29/02/2012 Mario throws a fancy-dress party to celebrate his birthday - and during the evening, Jess and Lauren come face to face. Gemma waits to see whether her date will arrive at the bash. Joey and Ricky settle their differences and Lauren Pope shows the girls her new breasts. Last in the series
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S05E01 Episode 1 15/04/2012 Joey moves into a bachelor pad with new flatmate Tom, and Lauren Goodger opens up about her weight struggles to Lydia. Arg unveils his latest look, and also throw a marathon benefit party with Billie and Cara. Plus, it remains to be seen whether Charlie and Gemma can keep their relationship on track after their surprise date.
S05E02 Episode 2 18/04/2012 Joey relaunches his Reem night with a bang, and Cara and Mick spend the day together. Gemma reveals what happened on her date with Charlie, while Arg trains for the London marathon.
S05E03 Episode 3 22/04/2012 Arg, Billie and Cara continue their marathon training with the help of Ricardo, while Mario and Ricky tease Little Chris over his failed attempt at chatting up Frankie. Elsewhere, Gemma launches a clothing line, Tom P asks Lauren G out to the pub with himself and the boys, and Ricky's mystery texter is revealed.
S05E04 Episode 4 25/04/2012 Arg, Billie and Cara take part in the London Marathon, while Bobby receives plastic-surgery advice from Chloe and Lauren P. Charlie has a heart-to-heart with Gemma after she is revealed as Ricky's mystery texter.
S05E05 Episode 5 29/04/2012 Billie, Cara and Arg recover after completing the London Marathon. Chloe's daughter Madison spends her birthday at the farm, and Lucy and Mario celebrate their one-year anniversary. Plus, Joey surprises Sam with a special date.
S05E06 Episode 6 13/05/2012 Mick celebrates his birthday with a Las Vegas themed birthday party at the Sugar Hut, Tom P asks Lauren P out on a wine tasting date.
S05E07 Episode 7 16/05/2012 Sam throws a dinner party, while Gemma reveals her new mystery man. Tom P and Lauren P go on a date at a vineyard and Cara and Billie go on the warpath with Arg over their argument with Jess.
S05E08 Episode 8 20/05/2012 The girl Tom K has been texting is revealed, causing some unhappiness. Joey is in trouble with Sam, and Nanny Pat gets new dentures. Plus, the gossip after Lauren P and Tom P's romantic moment. Reality programme following a group of people in Essex.
S05E09 Episode 9 23/05/2012 Gemma confronts Charlie in the ultimate showdown over Gemma confronting Charlie on his sexuality. Sam and Joey decide to give their relationship another go.
S05E10 Episode 10 27/05/2012 Lauren Goodger confronts Tom P about his lie to Lauren Pope and she also revealed she has reached out to Jessica to make amends and misses Lauren Pope's friendship. Also, during a diamond jubilee part, Arg and Gemma finally reveal that they love each other.
S06E01 Episode 1 22/07/2012 Arg and Gemma have a double date with Sam and Joey although things don't run smoothly with Arg insulting Gemma throughout the meal and Sam bumping into Lucy.
S06E02 Episode 2 25/07/2012 Lauren G agrees to go on a date with Tom P, whilst Mick holds an Essex-style sports day.
S06E03 Episode 3 29/07/2012 Joey holds an 80s themed party for his 22nd birthday. Lydia has a chat with Gemma about Arg's controlling ways which doesn't go down to well when Arg walks in on the conversation.
S06E04 Episode 4 01/08/2012 Sam and Joey go house hunting to find the perfect first home together and Arg tries to impress Gemma.
S06E05 Episode 5 05/08/2012 Bobby confides in best friend Lydia that he thinks he's fallen in love with Charlie; Sam and Lucy agree to meet and make up over the cheating accusations against Mario.
S06E06 Episode 6 08/08/2012 Everyone heads out to celebrate Charlie's birthday; sensing something is wrong with Bobby, Charlie tries to comfort his best friend although Bobby drops a bombshell. Jamie Reed makes quite an impression on a few of the ladies.
S06E07 Episode 7 12/08/2012 Sam hosts a garden party; Bobby confides in Gemma about his current situation with Charlie.
S06E08 Episode 8 15/08/2012 Gemma and Charlie come to blows once again over Gemma questioning his sexuality, which also causes Gemma and Bobby to fall out.
S06E09 Episode 9 19/08/2012 Lauren Goodger begins to have doubts about Tom, Arg takes Gemma for a surprise singing lesson, and Bobby celebrates his birthday at a funfair in Southend.
S06E10 Episode 10 22/08/2012 The series concludes with Lucy throwing a prom for her 21st birthday and Jamie apologising to Frankie.
S07E01 Episode 1 30/09/2012 Lucy is still having doubts about planning her wedding, Charlie and Danni start dating although Charlie wants to make them exclusive. Kirk returns to the series. Gemma confronts Diags to see if Arg cheated on her during their relationship.
S07E02 Episode 2 03/10/2012 Arg and Joey attend an appearance at a wedding, while Chloe opens up about her split with her boyfriend whilst bra shopping. Arg goes round to Gemmas to try and get his stuff back and officially end their relationship.
S07E03 Episode 3 07/10/2012 Mick and Kirk decide to start work on their new business venture whilst Lucy decides to make a drastic change to her appearance. Charlie ends things with Danni due to her not wanting to commit to a sexual relationship.
S07E04 Episode 4 10/10/2012 Diags takes Chloe out to cheer her up following her recent split from her boyfriend, Mario goes to visit brother in law Tom Fletcher for advice on his relationship with Lucy. Lydia goes to confront Arg at his home following the recent arguments between him and her current boyfriend. Lucy decides to call off her engagement with Mario telling him she feels too young to get married.
S07E05 Episode 5 14/10/2012 Mick starts recruiting for his "Sugar Hut Honeys", during interviewing one of the potential honeys they reveal they have been texting Mario.
S07E06 Episode 6 17/10/2012
S07E07 Episode 7 21/10/2012
S07E08 Episode 8 24/10/2012
S07E09 Episode 9 28/10/2012
S07E10 Episode 10 31/10/2012
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S08E01 Episode 1 24/02/2013 Lauren fears that she could be pregnant. Mario celebrates his 25th birthday without Lucy, meanwhile newcomer Amy reveals that the only reason Mario hasn't cheated on her was because she turned him down. Bobby announces he wants a "gayby". Diags, Tom and Arg help Joey decorate his new shop.
S08E02 Episode 2 27/02/2013 Gemma launches her new dieting club but is disappointed to hear that Arg and Jasmin are getting close. Lauren tells Kirk that she's taken a pregnancy test and it's negative. Lucy's upset continues as she tries to find out what really happened between Mario and Amy. Bobby finds out that Gemma disapproves of his plans for a "gayby".
S08E03 Episode 3 03/03/2013 Arg invites Jasmin round for dinner at Sam's where Sam and Jess question Arg's feelings towards Gemma. Joey holds job interviews for his new shop. Mario refuses to make the first move with Lucy after claiming he's not a cheat. Kirk gets emotional in front of Lauren.
S08E04 Episode 4 06/03/2013 Joey breaks down during a conversation with Sam about his mum. Lucy finds out what really happened between Amy and Mario, then agrees to give the relationship another go. Little Chris has doubts over Mario. Gemma and Arg continue to flirt.
S08E05 Episode 5 10/03/2013 Jasmin's friend, Abi, takes an interest in Tom as Diags reveals that she was a former love interest of his. Joey visits his mum's grave with Sam. Mario and Lucy decide to take a break from Essex. After a meeting about the surrogacy, Bobby realises he's not ready financially to be a dad.
S08E06 Episode 6 13/03/2013 Bobby and Charlie talk about their new business ideas. Ricky hosts a comedy night for everyone. Arg and Gemma discuss their situation with each other. Tom takes Abi fishing for their first date. Gemma and Bobby come to blows once again.
S08E07 Episode 7 17/03/2013 Arg hosts a St Patrick's Day themed party arranged by Bobby and Charlie. Abi and Tom go on their second date. Danny and Jasmin confront Ricky over what he's been saying about them. Gemma goes to see a hypnotist. Joey, Diags, Kirk, Sam, Chloe and Frankie go indoor skydiving.
S08E08 Episode 8 20/03/2013 Gemma attempts to clear the air with Bobby and Charlie but it leads to another argument as Charlie sides with Gemma. Frankie's nervous as she cooks a meal for Joey and Sam. Joey sticks up for Danny and stands up to Ricky.
S08E09 Episode 9 24/03/2013 Joey finally opens his new shop, Fusey, with the help of Sam. Bobby gathers his friends to say goodbye to his car before putting it in a car crusher. Abi, Jasmin, James and Dan agree to go on a double date. Chloe gets emotional trying to protect Joey from getting hurt. Mario returns.
S08E10 Episode 10 27/03/2013 Chloe confronts Sam about her arguments with Joey. Arg is thrown out of Gemma's dieting club. Bobby is forced to choose between Gemma and Charlie after she offers him a job. Dan, James, Abi and Jasmin go on their double date. Mario and Little Chris attempt to call a truce. Jess and Ricky discuss their future.
S08E11 Episode 11 31/03/2013 Joey tells Billie of his plans to propose to Sam in Dubai. Abi's not happy with James after seeing him talking to Lauren. Dan and James arrange a five-a-side football match, making Arg a little over competitive. Bobby tries to impress Gemma on his first day working for her. Lucy returns.
S08E12 Episode 12 07/04/2013 The day of the five-a-side football match arrives and Mario is there to support Arg's team leaving Little Chris and Ricky on the other team angry. Later, Little Chris and Ricky confront Mario and Lucy as they try to resolve their issues. This however leads to more arguments. Joey proposes to Sam in Dubai and she accepts. They then return to Essex for their engagement party.
S09E01 The Only Way Is Marbs 2013, Part 1 02/06/2013 As the group arrive in Marbs, Mario starts to enjoy single life. When Jasmin goes all out to impress him, Lucy gatecrashes the party. Wayne tries to charm Lauren by taking her on a date but gets angry when Chloe tags along. Arg gets chatting to a girl at the club but later finds out she's with Mario. Gemma ditches Bobby and Charlie K to join the others and is shocked when Arg opens up to her about his feelings, but she stands by the fact that she's over him. Ferne and Billie doubt Joey and Sam's relationship whilst Tom admits to fancying Lucy.
S09E02 The Only Way Is Marbs 2013, Part 2 05/06/2013 Mario asks new girlfriend Beth Wilson to come to Essex when they return home, and it's revealed that Lucy and Dan spent the night together. Arg is disappointed when Gemma's boyfriend Rami arrives in Marbs to see her. Ricky shocks Jess by asking her to move in with him but Lucy soon puts a spanner in the works with her negative thoughts. On a night out, Lucy and Mario clash before Lucy throws her drink at him, and after several arguments and both getting emotional over their relationship, Joey and Sam decide to take a break from each other.
S09E03 Episode 3 09/06/2013 Back in Essex, Lucy goes on a date with Dan, meanwhile Mario plots to find out who told Lucy the truth about him cheating. Arg hosts a BBQ and plans to get closer to Gemma but isn't happy when Rami gets in the way. Ferne and Charlie S' relationship is on the rocks after they're caught in the middle of Sam and Joey's problems, and Lucy apologises to Little Chris. Billie and Ferne take Sam to a spa to brighten her mood whilst Joey confides in his family. Mario finally confesses to his mum about cheating on Lucy, and Carol finds it hard to let go of Jess.
S09E04 Episode 4 12/06/2013 Wayne apologises to Chloe in an attempt to impress Lauren, whilst Charlie K and Bobby's meeting with a potential client doesn't go to plan. After a day with the boys in the zoo, Joey agrees to meet Sam but he suggests having another week to make a decision about their relationship. Diags admits to wanting to be more than friends with Abi. Mario continues to investigate who told Lucy about his cheating and confronts Little Chris about it, but then Dan reveals to James that Ricky is the guilty one.
S09E05 Episode 5 16/06/2013 Billie and Chloe clash over their family situation, whilst Ferne and Charlie S' relationship remains rocky when Ferne takes sides with Sam and Charlie sides with Joey. Mario confronts Ricky but he denies telling Lucy about him cheating and blames everything on Little Chris. Dan reveals that he's going to be a dad to his ex-girlfriend. Diags takes Abi out on a romantic date in a rowboat in the middle of a lake in an attempt to impress her.
S09E06 Episode 6 19/06/2013 Lucy meets up with Lydia to discuss the relationship with Dan and how it's now complicated with the father-to-be. Mario's accusations towards Ricky leave Jess confused over her feelings. Ferne and Charlie S' party causes tension between the Faiers family and the Essex/Sims family, but then Joey and Sam finally speak to each other but agree that the relationship is going nowhere with the constant arguing. Lucy gets emotional when she talks to Dan about their situation, and Ricky confesses to Jess about cheating.
S09E07 Episode 7 23/06/2013 As Joey celebrates being officially single, James tries to charm Sam and asks her out for a drink leaving Joey feeling jealous and betrayed. Abi goes all out to impress Diags and cooks a romantic meal for him. Lucy tells Jess that she already knew about Ricky's cheating, but it was more than once. A shocked Jess plots to find out the truth about Ricky's infidelity but doesn't get the answers she wants when Ricky's revelations don't match Mario's version of events. Gemma tells Bobby that her relationship with Rami has ended.
S09E08 Episode 8 26/06/2013 Jess remains upset over Ricky and is certain he's cheated more than once. Dan feels awkward after Lucy receives a text from Mario asking her to meet with him. Bobby tries to impress a man when him, Gemma and Charlie K hit Essex Pride. James attempts to charm Sam at the races and asks her out on a date with just the two of them. An angry Ferne clashes with Chloe after a confrontation with Joey over recent comments he's made towards her, leaving Charlie S in an awkward situation. Arg is convinced that Gemma wants him back.
S09E09 Episode 9 30/06/2013 Chloe enjoys her first day in her new job while Joey and Ferne clear the air at Charlie K's Michael Jackson themed party. Lucy agrees to meet Mario but it ends in arguments as Mario reveals Lucy made a sex tape with Dan in Marbella. James continues to annoy Joey as he pursues Sam. Chris confesses to Dan about telling Mario about the sex tape which causes bickering. As Dan and Lucy discuss the recent events, Dan announces he wants to meet with Mario. Ricky attempts to win Jess back by taking her to a spa.
S09E10 Episode 10 03/07/2013
S09E11 Episode 11 07/07/2013
S09E12 Episode 12 10/07/2013
S10E01 The Only Way Is Vegas, Part 1 06/10/2013 The gang arrive in Vegas, but news of Charlie getting close to Jasmin is on Ferne's mind. A girl's night out to the strippers has big consequences for Ricky and Jess as their relationship comes to an end. With Lucy considering reuniting with Mario, she discovers he's recently kissed Lauren. Jess' cousin, Elliot arrives in Vegas to surprise her, and Joey and Arg get competitive at a casino.
S10E02 The Only Way Is Vegas, Part 2 09/10/2013 Sam and Elliot's kiss has people talking, and Arg notices a connection between the pair during a meal together. Worried at how Joey would react, Arg questions Elliot over his future with Sam. Ferne forces Charlie to choose between herself and Jasmin, and it all ends in tears after she discovers he's seen her again. Ricky and Jess call a truce as he surprises her with a helicopter tour of Vegas, and news of Tom and Lucy getting together spreads, but she admits she's still in love with Mario.
S10E03 Episode 3 13/10/2013 Elliott makes his feelings known about Jess' decision to stay with Ricky causing a heated argument. Ferne confesses to spending the night with Charlie in Vegas, but claims she needs to forget about him and move on. Lucy and Tom's date is ruined when they bump into Lauren and Mario, and Lauren confronts Lucy over the rumours she's been spreading. As Elliott and Sam get closer, Joey reveals that she's been sending secret texts telling him she still loves him.
S10E04 Episode 4 16/10/2013 Sam has some explaining to do when Elliott questions her about her texts with Joey. Ferne and Jasmin come face-to-face and attempt to settle their differences. Jess forces Ricky and Elliott to spend the day together to bond with each other. Ferne struggles to accept the relationship is over with Charlie as he walks out on her. At Little Chris' party, Gemma asks Bobby to move in with her, Tom clears the air with Mario over his new relationship with Lucy, and Mario and Lauren agree to just be friends.
S10E05 Episode 5 20/10/2013 Arg and Diags go to a life drawing class in an attempt to meet girls. Joey and Sam meet up to discuss their situation, and as Sam admits she still has feelings for him, Joey tells her they both need to move on. Gemma is horrified to hear that Arg has been telling people that they slept together in Vegas and has no choice but to confront him leading to a big argument. Lucy feels anxious as Tom and Mario go to the pub together, and Sam tells Elliott she doesn't want a relationship with him.
S10E06 Episode 6 23/10/2013 With Gemma still denying anything happening in Vegas, Arg uses Bobby to try and get to the truth. Sam bumps into her ex-boyfriend Lewis and invites him to her wine and cheese party. Ferne gets relationship advice from Mario, leaving Lucy confused over his intentions, and Tom angry that he's gotten into Lucy's head again. Elliott urges Sam to be more brutally honest with her feelings towards Joey, and Arg makes an unwelcome apology to Gemma.
S10E07 Episode 7 27/10/2013 Abi and Jasmin become distant from each other leaving them both confused and upset. Ferne confesses to sleeping with Charlie again as Lewis admits he wants to get to know Sam again. James introduces his new girlfriend, Danielle. Bobby hosts a charity auction night, and Charlie is left hurt as Ferne wins her bid for Dan. Tom surprises Lucy by taking her for a romantic night, but as he asks her to be his girlfriend, she has her doubts. Sam is shocked when Joey turns up at the charity auction and wins the bid for her.
S10E08 Episode 8 30/10/2013 Jasmin gets jealous as Dan prepares for his date with Ferne, whilst Charlie admits he's also hurt by the pair. Gemma tells Elliott that she's considering getting back together with Rami. Debbie returns to give Lucy some relationship advice, but puts more doubts in her mind over Tom. At the Halloween party there's clear tension between Elliott and Lewis, and Lauren tells Mario that they need to avoid each other to stop the awkwardness. Joey and Sam attempt to rekindle their relationship, but decide to take things step-by-step.
S10E09 Episode 9 03/11/2013 Elliott and Lewis get competitive at 5-a-side bubble football. Lucy secretly confides in Mario over her feelings towards Tom, but as Tom catches them together, he decides to end things with Lucy. As Ferne and Dan go on a second date, she's not happy when he invites Danielle and James along too. Charlie announces that he's still sleeping with Ferne as Jasmin reveals she and Dan got cosy in Vegas. After the date ends in disaster, Ferne arrives at Arg's bonfire party to have a heated argument with Jasmin. Sam gives Joey an ultimatum.
S10E10 Episode 10 06/11/2013 Despite Lewis urging Joey to give things another go with Sam, he tells her that they can't be together. Charlie visits Ferne's Mum to apologise for hurting her daughter. Mario isn't impressed when Lucy and Tom continue to spend time together and isn't happy to hear that Lola has been dyed pink. With Gemma and Rami back together, she asks Bobby to move out and give them their own space. Charlie finally admits his true feelings for Ferne and the pair rekindle their relationship.
S10E11 Episode 11 10/11/2013 A flirty comment from Elliott towards Lucy angers Tom. Bobby and Gemma face an emotional goodbye as he moves out. Charlie and Ferne go on a double date with Mario and his new girlfriend, Pascal, who they are impressed with. Arg, Diags and Joey go to pop choir in another attempt to meet girls. With Tom and Lucy happy on a date, they're rocked as Elliott makes an appearance and starts to flirt with Lucy giving Tom no choice but to start a fight. Meanwhile, Lewis takes Sam out on a friendly date.
S10E12 Episode 12 13/11/2013 Lewis hosts an 80's themed party. Dan questions Charlie over one of his tweets about him, but it's Jasmin and Ferne who end up having the argument. Lucy finds it difficult as she comes face-to-face with Mario's new girlfriend, and doubts her feelings towards Tom. Following an honest discussion, Tom decides it's best to let Lucy go. Joey arrives to the party to say a final goodbye to Sam before leaving Essex. Elsewhere, Mario offers Lucy another chance to make their relationship work.
S10E13 The Only Way is EsseXmas 11/12/2013
S11E01 Episode 1 23/02/2014 Billie has some celebrating to do when she goes for a baby scan and discovers she's having a girl, but there's worries for Sam as she's diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Mario introduces his new love interest Grace and invites her to his birthday party, however he's unaware that Grace has another mystery man on the go. Following the split of Charlie and Ferne, Chloe tells Charlie that there has been rumours that Ferne cheated on him. Bobby and Gemma finally make peace, and Lewis is revealed as Grace's mystery man. Charlie angrily confronts Ferne over the rumours.
S11E02 Episode 2 26/02/2014 After Charlie and Ferne spend the night together, she finally confesses to cheating on him with Frank, a new boy in Essex. Danni and Lockie discuss buying a house, but it all ends in tears as Danni confides in Jess over rumours that Lockie has cheated. As Diags admits he has feelings for his new flatmate Fran, he's jealous when he sees her and Tom flirting with each other. Lewis tries his luck with Grace but is heartbroken when she goes on a date with Mario. Frank arrives at Gemma's party and offers Ferne a relationship.
S11E03 Episode 3 02/03/2014 Tom hatches a plan to get Diags to open up about his feelings towards Fran by deliberately making him jealous and taking her out on a date himself. Lockie isn't happy with Jess' advice towards Danni over the cheating rumours. Billie hosts a shake party for everyone to support Sam through her Crohn's disease. Tom's plan backfires as Fran wants another date. Grace backs off from Mario, and Lockie confesses to texting other girls causing Danni to realise she doesn't want to move in with him anymore.
S11E04 Episode 4 05/03/2014 Tom begins to feel guilty for hurting Diags and is forced to apologise to an angry Fran. Ferne announces that her and Charlie have cut all ties with each other to avoid temptation. As the girls all go to a spa together, Danni isn't impressed that Lockie has went on a boys night out. Bobby's questions about secrets in relationships raise Gemma and Jess' suspicions. A jealous Charlie comes face-to-face with Frank, and Diags continues to keep Fran in the dark over his feelings.
S11E05 Episode 5 09/03/2014 Charlie tweets screenshots of his texts to Ferne causing tension between her and Frank, and as she tries to explain herself the pair end up splitting. Tom asks Fran on another date, while Arg asks Diags out for dinner in an attempt to get them both together and talking. At the meal, Diags finally admits his feelings towards Fran. With Lockie trying to prove himself towards Danni, they're unaware that Bobby knows the truth about their relationship. As Bobby shows her proof that Lockie is a cheat, he's no choice but to confess leaving Danni devastated.
S11E06 Episode 6 12/03/2014 Fran admits to Georgia that Tom has made it awkward for her and Diags as she moves out, but a visit from Tom leaves her more angry over the situation. Danni questions Bobby further over the girl Lockie cheated with, but when things don't add up she sides with Lockie again. Arg hosts a food themed party where Frank has another confrontation with Charlie. Diags and Fran have a heart to heart as she admits she also has feelings towards him and asks to move back in. Danni and Lockie hit back at Bobby and Gemma causing another big argument at the party.
S11E07 Episode 7 16/03/2014 With everyone gossiping about Gemma and Arg spending the night together, Gemma realises that she has feelings for him. Bobby gives Danni the number of the girl who supposedly cheated with Lockie, but she decides to do nothing about it as she trusts her boyfriend. After Carol and Elliott make their feelings towards Ricky clear, Jess gets upset thinking that everyone wants her to break up with him. Diags takes Fran on a first date, whilst Grace and Lewis continue to flirt. Gemma takes matters into her own hands and confesses her love for Arg.
S11E08 Episode 8 19/03/2014 Jasmin is hurt to hear that Dan has been spending time with Georgia. Jess continues to get upset after comments from Carol and Elliott about her relationship with Ricky. Grace and Lewis go on their first date, and agree to see each other again. After thinking about all the recent events in her relationship with Lockie, Danni decides to end things. Ricky declares war with Elliott, and Charlie attempts to put an end to Mario's celibacy by taking him to a sex yoga class.
S11E09 Episode 9 23/03/2014 Chloe reveals that she's recently kissed Mario, as Charlie worries his friend might end up hurting his sister. Lockie isn't impressed to hear that Danni has gone on a singles night with the girls. The rivalry between Ricky and Elliott continues as their families get involved. Jasmin competes for Dan confusing Georgia of her intentions, and Lewis and Grace hit the rocks when his attention turns elsewhere. The Wright's civil chat with the Rayment's suddenly descends into an angry confrontation when Elliott and Ricky lose their temper.
S11E10 Episode 10 26/03/2014 Lauren gets emotional when it hits home that her best friend Chloe has betrayed her by going with Mario. Dan surprises Jasmin by offering to take her out on a date, and Grace is heartbroken to see that Lewis is talking to his ex-girlfriend Olivia again. On the night of the big fight, Ricky and Elliott call a truce, before Elliott takes to the ring with Lewis. Elliott wins the boxing match as Lockie finally confesses to Danni that he cheated. A guilty Chloe lets Mario down gently.
S11E11 Episode 11 30/03/2014 Jasmin implies that she has slept with Dan leaving him confused and Georgia jealous, but as they go on their first date together the pair get closer. There's a clear atmosphere between Ferne and Fran at Billie's baby shower, and Bobby admits that he's started seeing someone. Lockie surprises Danni by writing her an apology letter, and she considers taking him back. Mario's attempt to clear the air between Chloe and Lauren backfires as Lauren reveals some of his dirty secrets. Jess is delighted that her family have finally accepted her relationship with Ricky.
S11E12 Episode 12 02/04/2014 Bobby and Charlie take matters into their own hands in order to get Chloe and Lauren talking again. Dan tells Georgia that nothing is going on between him and Jasmin. Lockie continues to impress Danni in an attempt to win her back, whilst Diags and Fran finally make their relationship official. Sam gets emotional as she announces she's taking a break from Essex to focus on her health, and Lydia's shock return has huge consequences for Gemma's feelings towards Arg.
S00E01 Totally Vajazzled 08/12/2010 1 hour "Best-Bits" special
S00E02 The Only Way Is EsseXmas 2010 24/12/2010 Christmas special. Mark splits up with Lucy and tells Lauren he's not ready to be with her, before leaving a Christmas party in a taxi with Sam.
S00E03 I'm in Essex Girl 08/03/2011 The offical video for "I'm in Essex Girl" featuring the entire cast of the series which made it debut on ITV2 on 8 March 2011 promoting the second series.
S00E04 Ghosthunting with... The Only Way Is Essex 14/09/2011
S00E05 Reem All About It 21/09/2011 Different cast members relive some of their favourite moments and discuss how it feels to have their real lives being played out in front of the whole country.
S00E06 The Only Way Is EsseXmas 2011 20/12/2011 Jess and Joey are still reeling from the kiss and decide to go on a date and pursue a relationship much to Sam's disappointment. Arg throws a regal birthday party and asks Lydia to start looking for a place for them to move in. Mario, Joey, Chloe and the two Laurens take a trip to Santa's homeland, Lapland.
S00E07 The Essexercise Workout 31/10/2011 Features Essex favourites Sam, Billie and Lydia as they are put through their paces by one of the hottest dance choreographers on the UK scene - Glenn Ball, in a workout designed by Glenn together with fitness trainer and co-choreographer Deanne Berry.
S00E08 The Only Way Is Marbs 13/06/2012 The cast head to Marbella, Spain in this special episode of The Only Way Is Essex. Mario proposes to Lucy whilst enjoying a romantic cruise. The cast head to a champagne party. At the end of the episode, when Lucy and Mario return from their cruise to announce their engagement, Sam reveals there have been rumours going around about Mario's fidelity.
S00E09 The December Special 02/12/2012 Arg reveals he will be putting on a big charity event where all the cast will be showcasing their talents. Mick puts on a barn dance themed party to raise money for the event although Gemma and the Wright family are not invited.
S00E10 TOWIE Live 03/12/2012 The live episode centered around the Charity night event with members of the cast performing including Kirk singing and Chloe and Diags performing Barbie Girl, Joey doesnt know if he wants to propose to Sam due to their constant arguing and fear of her leaving him again. The cast performed their 2011 christmas single Last Christmas at the end of the episode.
S00E11 The Only Way Is Essexmas 2012 20/12/2012 Mark returns to get Arg back on his feet as it will be his first Christmas without Lydia in the past 4 years. Joey and Sams relationship problems continue, with Joeys sister Frankie and his cousin Chloe worrying that Sam will again break his heart and try to clear the air with Sam during a stay at a cottage in the countryside. Lydia moves into her new house, but also has a confession to make- she's leaving Essex. Elsewhere, cracks continue to appear in Mario and Lucys relationship as a trip to the London Eye doesnt end well when the couple argue about their futures, and Danni begins to get close to Charlie again.
S00E13 All Back To Essex Season 13 Special 08/10/2014 Mark Wright and Denise Van Outen present this special celebration of all things Essex, live from the famous Sugar Hut. Includes a look behind the scenes of the current series.
S00E14 The Only Way is Essexmas 2014 10/12/2014 The glam gang returns for the annual Christmas special of Britain's most talked-about reality series. How are Essex's most gorgeous citizens preparing for the holiday season?
S00E15 TOWIE - All Back to Essex 22/02/2015 Mark Wright hosts a celebration of all things Essex as the new series of Britain's most talked-about reality show gets under way. What is coming next for the reem guys and girls?
S00E16 TOWIE - All Back to Essex 3 04/10/2015 Mark Wright hosts a celebration of all things Essex following the first episode of the new series of the reality show, quizzing the cast and getting some exclusive gossip.
S00E17 The Only Way is Essexmas 2015 16/12/2015 Christmas edition of the real-life soap, in which Arg and Lydia organise a tinsel-fuelled trip away to a castle in Scotland for some festive fun and games.
S00E18 The Power of TOWIE 13/03/2016 Mark Wright explores the phenomenal success of the BAFTA winning reality series
S00E19 The Only Way is Essexmas (2017) 17/12/2017 Festive special of the reality series. The Essex crowd celebrate Christmas by travelling to Suffolk for Arg's 30th birthday party, but will he get a birthday kiss from Gemma?