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Conservationist Pete Bethune and his team are on a mission to expose harm being done to the planet. Bethune and his fellow adventurers travel the world in search of those people who are negatively affecting wildlife, natural resources and other ecosystems. In one of their first missions, they sneak into a guarded diamond mine in Namibia to capture footage of a seal-clubbing operation there that kills 90,000 of the seal pups annually. Other actions track illegal gold mining and target turtle poaching.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Operatives

S01E01 Death in the Diamond Mines 17/08/2014 Pete and Jack sneak into a heavily guarded African diamond mine to capture footage of the secret Namibian seal clubbing. Nothing could prepare them for the brutal ending in this dramatic pilot episode.
S01E02 Dawning of the Drones 24/08/2014 Using a military spy drone, the Operatives try and catch the captain of an illegal trawler vessel who has been destroying a local Marine reserve.
S01E03 Jungle Gold Robbers (1) 31/08/2014 Rich and Matt get into a gunfight tracking illegal gold miners. Jack and Bryce are sent out to train on a crazy flying machine and en up in a perilous crash.
S01E04 Jungle Gold Robbers (2) 07/09/2014 After spotting illegal miners from the sky, the team use a military helicopter to repel into one of the most intense rain forests on the planet. Matt and Rich end up in a second gunfight in as many weeks.
S01E05 Turtle Shell Hell 14/09/2014 The Operatives are sent out on a hunt to track down the illegal turtle poachers of Costa Rica. Pete meanwhile gets to witness one of the most extraordinary turtle events in history.
S01E06 Tag & Release (1) 21/09/2014 The team tries to sneak into the heart of illegal fishing in Costa Rica but the mission is much more challening than anyone ever envisaged. Pete ends up going missing at sea.
S01E07 Tag & Release (2) 28/09/2014 Using military rebreathers, the Operatives attempt to sneak into a dock run by the Taiwanese mafia to tag illegal shark finning vessels. After failure the previous week, the team is desperate for success.
S01E08 Hammerhead Hell: Cocos Island 05/10/2014 The Operatives track illegal shark finning vessels all the way to Cocos Island. The 300 nautical mile voyage is just the start of this horrendous mission that will be the toughest in the men’s lives.

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